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  • Amagortis, Hark, Sleeping Giant, In Dying Arms, called it quits.

    -Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine lends his voice to a new horror film called "Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!", which basically appears like a "Saw" spin-off with some slight variations.

    -Scott Mitchell Putesky, more famously known as Daisy Berkowitz, the co-founding guitarist of the Marilyn Manson (originally Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids,) and later of Jack Off Jill, has passed away on Oct 22, and Celtic Frost Martin Ain, too.

    -Former Vital Remains frontman Scott Wily, who was with the group from 2008 to 2012, has passed away on Nov 1.

    -Democrat Danica Roem earned a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates. Despite the fact that Roem fronts a metal band (Cab Ride Home) and now sits on a U.S. state’s legislature is notable, Roem is also the first ever openly transgender person elected to such a position in the country.

    -American Head Charge bassist Chad Hanks died at 46 on Nov 11.

    -Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley has passed away at the age of fifty seven due to an OD on Nov 10.

    Super 7 have been pairing the "M.U.S.C.L.E" toy franchise with various properties lately, including "Masters Of The Universe", "Mega Man" etc. Now Iron Maiden's band mascot Eddie looks to be next in line. Some early sculpts of Eddie can be seen below. The new Eddie line is expected to be out in stores this December.

    -Kiss bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has been banned from appearing on Fox News again after he disrupted a meeting at the station in November. Simmons was there to promote his new book, "On Power: My Journey Through The Corridors Of Power And How You Can Get More Power," when he reportedly barged into a staff meeting and shouted, "Hey chicks! Sue me!" before lifting up his shirt, telling jokes about Michael Jackson and paedophilia, hurling insults and tapping people on the head with his book. He was reported to the human resources department and promptly banned from the building for life.

    -AC DC founder Malcom Young dies at 64 on Nov 17.

    -Amon Amarth have released their own mobile video game titled ‘Amon Amarth‘. The game is available now through this location. The retro themed video game was developed in partnership with Ride & Crash Games AB.

    -Former Float Face Down singer Ron Gilbert passed away on Nov 25.

    -Nervochaos guitarist Cherry passed away on Dec 4.

    -Dark Avenger singer Matio Linhares died on Dec 22.

    -Warrel Dane, the lead singer of Sanctuary and Nevermore, has passed away at the age of only 56 after suffering a heart attack during the night on Dec 13.

  • Dec 2017
    • (12.19) Pestilence has unveiled the new artwork for their new album, after it turned out the artist who did the original artwork for the album plagiarized the art from other people's work. See the new artwork here: And visit to listen to the new track 'Multi Dimensional'.(12.13) Cyranoi have started recording their new album.
    • (12.13) Kadinja are recording vocals for their new album.
    • (12.13) The members of Decapitated have been released from jail until their January 16th trial date on charges of rape. They must stay in the Washington area until their trail date.
    • (12.11) Dream Theater have signed with Inside Out music (A Sony sub label).
    • (12.08) Napalm Death will release a compilation CD in March called "Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs" that will contain 31 rare songs from their 2004-2016 period.
    • (12.04) Splatterpuss' album "Labyrinths of Dark Energy" will be out Feb 19th 2018. To listen to the new track 'Lucid Vexations', visit
    • (12.04) Bloodbath hope to record a new album at the end of January.
    • (12.03) Fumes Of Decay have added vocalist Coen Tabak to their ranks, replacing Nico.
    Nov 2017
    (11.20) Aborted are in the middle of writing new songs for their new album.
  • (11.17) Machine Head's new album will be out Jan 26th 2018. To listen to the new track 'Beyond The Pale', visit
  • (11.08) Once the vocals are done, the new Deeds Of Flesh will be complete.
  • (11.08) Ozzy Osbourne can't decide if he wants to do a brand new album or just release a few singles.
  • (11.08) Indecent Excision have released a new Promo 2017, you can buy it here (name your price):
  • (11.08) The Omega Experiment have finished tracking keyboards for the new album.
  • (11.08) Abysmal Torment have almost finished recording their new album.
  • (11.06) Gods Of Eden has decided to postpone upcoming tours so they can focus on personal matters and writing their new album.
  • (11.02) To listen to the song 'Scavenger Consuming Death' from the new Cannibal Corpse album, visit
Oct 2017
  • (10.31) For the track 'Digging The Grave' off the new The Faceless album, visit
  • (10.25) It has come to Pestilence's attention that the artwork that was made for their new album includes numerous stolen elements from other artwork. The band has returned the artwork to the artist, and will have new artwork made for the album from a new artist.
Sept 2017
  • (09.27) Gortuary have finished their new album and it's been handed to the label.
  • (09.19) To listen to the song 'Code Of The Slashers' from the new Cannibal Corpse album, visit
  • (09.19) Blood Duster are calling it quits (again, I think they broke up a few times in the past). We'll see if it sticks this time.
  • (09.19) Machine Head will release their new album "Catharsis" in January.
  • (09.19) While Napalm Death have started recording a few ideas, Barney says a full new album isn't likely until later next year.
  • (09.12) More details on the Decapitated arrest, apparently they are now being charged with sexual assault. More on the story here:
  • (09.10) All members of Decapitated have been arrested in California for suspected kidnapping. They are suspected of kidnapping a woman after their show in Spokane, Washington on August 31. A lawyer for the band has stated "There is another side to this. We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit band of her own free will and left on good terms."
  • (09.08) Cannibal Corpse's new album will be called "Red Before Black" and will be out Nov 3rd. Go here to see the cover artwork:
  • (09.07) Rivers Of Nihil are in the studio recording their new album.
  • (09.07) To listen to the song 'First Day In Hell' from the new Arch Enemy album, visit
  • (09.06) Skinless will start recording their new album this weekend.
  • (09.01) To listen to the song 'Baphomet ' from the new Belphegor album, visit

  • Aug 2017
    • (08.29) Disavowed have started recording drums for their new album.
    • (08.25) To listen to the song 'The Eagle Flies Alone' from the new Arch Enemy album, visit
    • (08.24) The Kennedy Veil's new album "Imperium" will be out Oct 20th. For the track 'Flesh of the Sun', visit
    • (08.24) Napalm Death are now in the studios recording their new album.
    • (08.16) To listen to the song 'Futile State' from the new Arkaik album, visit
    • (08.14) The new Pestilence album has been pushed back to early 2018.
    • (08.09) To listen to the song 'Occultivation' from the new Arkaik album, visit
    • (08.04) Spawn Of Possession have decided to call it quits, they just doesn't feel they have the time anymore to keep the band going. They will be missed!
    • (08.04) Periphery bassist Adam "Nolly" Getgood has left the band. He wants to devote more time to his studio projects and do less touring. No replacement has been announced yet.
    • (08.01) Unmerciful have added drummer Trynt Kelly.
    • (08.01) Dream Theater will start working on a new album in spring of next year, for a release by the end of the year.
    • (08.01) Skinless have finished writing their new album, and will go into the studio in September. Album to be released in 2018.
    • (08.01) Antropofagus welcomes new vocalist Paolo Pabs Chiti (Devangelic) to the group's ranks.
    • (08.01) Decrepit Birth's "Axis Mundi" album marked the band's highest first week sales and debuted at no. 9 on the Top New Artist/Heatseekers, no. 11 Hard Music, no. 37 Rock Music and no. 107 Top Current Albums.

    July 2017

  • (07.26) Arkaik will release their new album "Nemethia" on Sept 29th. Here's the cover artwork: Visit for the first song 'Occultivation'.
  • (07.25) Cannibal Corpse have completed work on their new album, due out this fall.
  • (07.24) Vocalist Tya has decided to leave Antropofagus due to creative differences. He leaves on good terms. No replacement announced yet.
  • (07.19) For the track 'One Eyed Nation' off the new Decapitated visit
  • (07.14) To listen to the new Abhorrent Decimation track 'Granted Indulgence', visit
  • (07.14) For the track 'The World Is Yours' off the new Arch Enemy album visit
  • (07.12) "Unparalleled Universe", Origin's recently released 7th album debuted at no. 3 on the Billboard Top New Artist / Heatseekers chart, no. 8 on the Current Hard Music Albums chart, no. 35 on the Current Rock Albums chart and no. 108 on the Top Current Albums chart.
  • (07.11) For the track 'Divide And Conquer' off the new Prong album visit

    • (07.07) Disentomb are working on their new album, a release date of 2018 is expected.
    • (07.06) Nile has 5 songs finished for their new album, tentatively due in early 2018. They are considering using Erik Rutan to produce.
    June 2017
    • (06.25) Tesseract have released a new single called 'Smile'. Check it out here: and if you like it, follow the link on the youtube video to purchase it.
    • (06.23) For the track 'Fallacious Crescendo' off the new Aborted EP visit
    • (06.23) Gortuary's new album will complete the mixing process on their new abum this weekend.
    • (06.22) To see the cover artwork to the new Arch Enemy album, visit:
    • (06.22) Back in the day Chimaira would do a Christmas show every year in their hometown of Cleveland. Well, after the original lineup broke up seven years ago, all original members are reuniting for a single show Dec 30th at the Agora Theater in Cleveland. Check it out if you're going to be in the area.
    • (06.20) Suffocation's new album "...Of The Dark Light", has debuted on the U.S. Billboard charts at #3 Hard Music, #5 Heatseekers, #11 Independent Albums, #17 Rock Albums and #46 Top Current Albums.. That's more sales than their previous album "Pinnacle of Bedlam" did in the same time period.
    • (06.20) For the track 'Earth Scar' off the new Decapitated visit

    * Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died in Detroit Wednesday night May 17 after hanging himself at 52. He leaves a wife and 3 children behind.

    *Leicester-based alt-prog band Final Coil are pleased to announce that they havesigned with WormHoleDeath records for the release of their debut album"Persistence of Memory".

    Phil Stiles  statement

    "The label is the perfect home for us. Although they’re known for heavier acts they have an amazing wealth of experience and they’ve been incredibly supportive of the musical direction we wanted to take on this album. That support included a huge number of conversations between label and band as Final Coil sought to develop the ambitious musical and lyrical themes of "Persistence of Memory". Thanks to [label manager] Carlo, we went into the studio fully prepared and confident that this was the best record we could possibly make. Carlo didn’t interfere at all, but he offered careful guidance and his help was invaluable to us. The collaboration between WormHoleDeath and Final Coil will allow the band to reach a global audience whilst benefiting from the support and experience of a label that prides itself on its independent spirit and the close relationship it forges with its artists. You hear so many horror stories about unscrupulous labels, but Carlo has taken exceptional care of us from the moment we first got in touch. We’re very pleased to have an opportunity to work with a label who are so friendly and respectful and we can’t wait to share our debut album with fans around the world.”


    Release dates
    Digital release date : 23rd June 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
    U.S.A : 14th July 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
    CD release date : 22nd September 2017 (Aural Music Group) 
    Japan : TBA (Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion) 

    Asia's John Wetton died on Feb. 1 after a battle with cancer.

    Geoff Nicholls, Black Sabbath’s longtime keyboardist, died Saturday (Jan. 28) following a battle with lunch cancer. He was 68.
May 2017
Apr 2017
Feb 2017
  • (02.27) The new Voyager album will be called "Ghost Mile".
  • (02.26) Soreption are in the studio recording their new album.
  • (02.24) For the track 'Incube' off the new Uneven Structure album, visit
  • (02.23) Pestilence is no longer on hiatus, and will release a new album called "Hadeon" later this year.
  • (02.17) For the track 'In Judgement' off the new Morta Skuld album, visit
  • (02.17) For the track 'Fostering the Divide' off the new Immolation album, visit
  • (02.16) Arch Enemy's new album has been writtten and partially recorded.
  • (02.14) The long awaited and often delayed "La Partition" by Uneven Structure will finally be out April 21st via Long Branch Records.
  • (02.14) Hate will release their new album "Tremendum" on May 5th.
  • (02.13) Long time Nile guitarist / vocalist Dallas Toler Wade has left the band. He leaves on good terms and will be replaced by Brian Kingsland. The band are working on a new album to be released early 2018.
  • (02.13) New Antropofagus album "M.O.R.T.E. - Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration" will be out on May 12th on CD via Comatose Music.
Jan 2017
  • (01.20) To listen to the song 'Cast The First Stone' off of the new Hour Of Penance, visit
  • (01.18) For the track 'Sentence Day' off the new Obituary album, visit
  • (01.11) For the track 'Dust of the Universe' off the new Deivos album, visit
  • (01.11) Morbid Angel have recruited second guitar player Dan Vadim Von (Vadimvon) to play on their new album.
  • (01.11) Obituary will release its tenth studio album, which will be self titled, on March 17th. It will include 10 songs.
  • (01.09) Morbid Angel have recruited drummer Scott Fuller (Annihilated) to play on their new album, which is being recorded right now at Mana Recording with producer and former Morbid Angel guitar player Erik Ritan.
  • (01.08) Spawn Of Possession say they won't be releasing an album in 2017, but are still working on new material for the future.
  • (01.05) Abhorrent Decimation welcome drummer Dan Danby to the band.
  • (01.05) Its been over a decade, but looks like Anata have finally worked out whatever legal issues needed to be worked out and will release their "new" album early this year. If you've never heard of the band, check out their masterpiece "The Conductor's Departure".
  • (01.02) The new Morta Skuld album will be out Feb 2017.
  • (01.02) Darkwater's bass player Simon Andersson is currently fighting cancer. Best of luck to him, kick Cancer's ass!