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  • Agalloch, Anchor, Avoral, Bury Thy Kingdom, Dead Aeon, Equalizer, Forcentury, Hackneyed, Harmony Disorder, Kreepmaster, Manowar, Stream Of Passion, To Set Ablaze, Weekend Nachos, Wodensthrone called it quits.

    Ex-Black Crowes keyboardist Eddie Harsch died at 59 on November 5.

    Iron Chic guitarist Rob McAllister died on Jan. 13th.

    21st Aug.: ex-3 Doors Down guitarist Matt Roberts found dead at 38.

    Alex, singer of Hoods Up died on Jan. 29th.

    Musician Jon Bunch passed away on Sunday, January 31 at the age of 45.

    Former Budgie guitarist John Thomas has passed away at the age of sixty three on March 3rd.

    On May 7th John Stabb of Government Issue passed away.

    The popular vocalist who over his decades-long career, fronted such beloved bands as Reason To Believe/Sense Field and Further Seems Forever, and more recently War Generation L.A. and Lucky Scars.

    May 5th: Dying Fetus is currently on the road headlining the "Metal Alliance Tour" with support from The Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate and rotating openers Reaping Asmedia and Nylithia.

    Feb 21st: Progressive rock act Riverside announced that guitarist Piotr Grudzinski passed away this morning at 40.

    Jan 24th: Ex-Dio bassist Jimmy Bain passes away at 68.

    Jan 15th: After Wayne Static of Static-X passed away back in 2014, his widow Tera Wray Static has now followed him. Michael Fattorosi, an adult entertainment attorney, posted this string of messages via Twitter:

    "I'm so sad today. My client & friend Tera Wray, former Pornstar and the widow of Wayne Static committed suicide yesterday. Tera is once again with the love of her life, Wayne, & will be forever. May they both find peace together for all of eternity. Godspeed Tera."

    The couple met in 2007 and were married the next year, with Tera working in the adult entertainment industry prior from 2006 through 2008.

    Feb 8th: Valleys vocalist dies in car accident.

    * "Black Metal: Into The Abyss" from writer and photographer Dayal Patterson will be released on May 31st and is now available for pre-order here.

    The new book includes 300 pages and 21 chapters of brand new and exclusive material, with long, detailed and definitive interviews featuring four Pagan Records acts: Sacrilegium, Furia, MasseMord and Mord’A’Stigmata.

    During the May 3rd Illinois stop of the tour, the band received what they considered a very interesting request. One of the band's biggest fans recently passed away and as a final wish, he had asked that his ashes be scattered on stage during their show. When the band ripped into Nick's favorite song "Homicidal Retribution," the band honored his wish and did just that.

    "We just scattered nicks ashes in the pit for his favorite song, 'Homicidal Retribution,' may he RIP. Rest in the pit \m/", commented the band on Twitter.

    On May 11, Keith Emerson of EL&P killed himself in his California mansion age 71.

    Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey passed away at 67.

  • (12.20) Origin will enter the studio in Feb to record their 7th album, for release summer 2017.
  • (12.18) Kim Lantto will be the new bass player for Soreption.
    (12.17) Nine Inch Nails will release a new five-song EP, "Not The Actual Events", on December 23.
  • (12.17) To listen to the new song 'The Venomous' from Nightrage, visit:
  • (12.15) Drummer Luis Martinez has left The Zenith Passage to dedicate his time and energy to his newborn son. Replacing him is drummer Matt Paulazzo.
  • (12.15) Immolation will release their new album "Atonement" on Feb 24th 2017. Their first single 'Destructive Currents' can be seen here:
  • (12.13) Nightrage will release their new album "The Venomous" in early 2017.
  • (12.11) To listen to the song 'Deeper Than Hell' off of the new Gutted album "Martyr Creation", visit
  • (12.09) To listen to the new song 'I Am The Enemy' from Sepultura, visit:
  • (12.06) Check out the Pessimist facebook page for the cover artwork to their new album:
  • (12.05) Hadal Maw's new album "Olm" will be released Feb 3rd 2017. To listen to the first single 'The Olm', visit
  • (12.01) Carcass expect to have a new album out in late 2017.

  • Nov 2016
    (11.02) The new Antropofagus will be out spring 2017.
  • (11.02) Obituary are almost finished their new full length album and expect to release it in March.
Oct 2016 Sept 2016
  • (09.28) Malignancy will release a new EP called "Malignant Future" Oct 11th, to listen to the new song 'Antiquated Vernacular', visit
  • (09.28) Volumes' new album is currently being mixed.
  • (09.26) The Kennedy Veil welcome their new vocalist Monte Barnard, and will enter the studio in late November.
  • (09.26) Gutted have finished recording and are now mixing their new album.
Aug 2016
  • (08.29) Nightrage will enter the studio next week. An early 2017 release date is expected for the new album.
  • (08.26) Hate will start recording their new album next week. The album will be released April of 2017.
  • (08.26) Auras will release their new full length album "Heliospectrum" on Sept 30th. Visit to listenn to the first song from the album, 'Waterstone'.
  • (08.25) To listen to the new Meshuggah song 'Born In Dissonance', visit
  • (08.24) Obituary have announced "Ten Thousand Ways To Die", a special EP to be released October 21 with a pair of brand new studio tracks plus a bonus live set of twelve classics recorded in eleven different cities during the band's 2015 "Inked In Blood" world tour. To listen to the new song 'Loathe', visit A new album will be released spring 2017.
  • (08.23) To listen to the new Vader song 'Prayer To The God Of War', visit
  • (08.23) Skinless are writing their new album, to be released in 2017.
  • (08.22) Deranged's new album will be called "Struck By A Murderous Siege", and will be released Oct 28th. Visit to listen to a clip from the new album.
  • (08.20) To listen to the new Devin Townsend song 'Secret Sciences', visit
  • (08.19) Gutted have signed with Xtreem Music and are currently recording their 4th album "Martyr Creation".
  • (08.18) The new Broken Hope album will be called "Mutilated & Assimilated", and will be out before the end of the year.
  • (08.12) Check out the cover artwork by Eliran Kantor to Testament's new album:
  • (08.12) Deranged are in the studio. Expect an autumn release.
  • (08.12) Pathology vocalist Matti Way is in the studio recording vocals for the new album.
  • (08.12) Vader are releasing a teaser EP called "Iron Times", which will contain 2 songs off their forthcoming album, and 2 covers.
  • (08.12) Arch Enemy are working on a new album.
  • (08.05) To listen to the new Devin Townsend song 'Failure', visit
  • (08.04) The new Morta Skuld album is finished and has been handed to the label.
  • (08.04) Cyranoi are writing music for their debut full length album.
  • (08.04) Morbid Angel have signed with UDR Music. They are still working on their new album, for a 2017 release date.
  • (08.03) Replacing Mike Hamilton in Deeds Of Flesh will be Darren Cesca (Goratory, ex-Arsis). He has written all the drums parts for the new album.
  • (07.29) Meshuggah will release their new album "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" on Oct 7th.
  • (07.28) Some sad news from the Deeds Of Flesh camp. Drummer Mike Hamilton has decided to leave the band. Here's his statement: "The time has come for me to step down as the drummer of Deeds of Flesh. I'm So Very proud of my career with DOF and I am honored to have been a member of such a Great Band that has always been at the forefront of Extreme Metal. I want to first thank Erik Lindmark for always believing in me and pushing me to be the best drummer I could be. I would also like to thank Craig Peters, Ivan Mungia, past members of DOF, my Family, Friends and all the Fans that have supported me and DOF over the years. This was a personal decision and by no means an easy one. I wish DOF all the Best in their future endeavors!" The band wishes Mike well and says they will always remain great friends, and they will continue to work on their new album without him.
  • (07.27) Nightrage have added guitarist Magnus SAoderman and drummer Lawrence Dinamarca to their ranks.
  • (07.26) Gortuary will start recording their new album in September.
  • (07.23) Antropofagus are hard at work on their new album.
  • (07.20) Disgorge are still working on their new album, and have posted a rough demo of one of the songs that will be coming up:
  • (07.14) To listen to the new Neurogenic song 'Spirited Bloody Emesis', visit
  • (07.14) To listen to the new Periphery song 'Motormouth', visit
  • (07.12) Devourment are working on material for their 5th album.
  • (07.11) To listen to the new Periphery song 'Marigold', visit
  • (07.09) To listen to the new Unmerciful song 'Habitual Savagery', visit

  • (06.29) At least for now, Wormed will continue on, even with the exit of their founding member.
  • (06.29) Morbid Angel are about to enter the studio to record their new album.
  • (06.28) Testament's new album "The Brotherhood Of The Snake" will be out Oct 28th.
  • (06.26) To listen to the new Brain Drill song 'Aberrant Mutation', visit
  • (06.26) Disentomb are almost finished working on album number 3.
  • (06.26) To listen to the new Periphery song 'Flatline', visit
  • (06.18) To listen to the new Brain Drill song 'Infinite Oblivion', visit The album will be out July 2nd.
  • (06.17) To listen to the new Gojira album "Magma" streaming in its entirety, visit
  • (06.17) Vader's new album has been pushed back to a Nov 4th release date.
  • (06.14) To listen to the new Unmerciful song 'Unmerciful', visit
  • (06.14) To listen to the new Gojira song 'The Shooting Star', visit
  • (06.14) Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has made a public statement that he is afflicted with the rare condition transverse myelitis, which stopped him from being able to play the drums for a time. This was one of the reasons for the split for Slipknot. Best of luck to Joey, a chronic illness is a horrible thing, and I hope he's able to keep it under control so he can continue to drum.
  • (06.13) Wormed founding member and guitarist J Oliver has left the band. He states he just doesn't have time for both the band, fulltime work and family, and something had to give. No word yet on what will happen to the band.
  • (06.12) To listen to the new Gardenjia song 'Tilikum', visit The new album "Arkestral" will be out June 20th.
  • (06.10) Vader's new album "The Empire" will be out September 23rd.
  • (06.10) To listen to the new Despised Icon song 'The Aftermath', visit
  • (06.06) For an interview with Pathology founding member David Astor about their new album, and why they missed their usual yearly release schedule, visit
  • (06.05) Brain Drill's new album will now be called "Boundless Obscenity". See the cover artwork:
  • (06.05) Abhorrent Decimation have parted ways with original Guitarist Dave Mckinney.

  • May 2016
    • (05.27) Unmerciful's new album "Ravenous Impulse" will be out July 22nd 2016 on Unique Leader Records. To see the cover artwork, click
    • (05.26) Kadinja's new album will be called "Ascendancy".
    • (05.26) The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner has declared the death of Nick Menza to be of natural causes, specifically, hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
    • (05.25) To listen to the new Periphery song 'The Price Is Wrong', visit
    • (05.24) Hollow World will start recording their new album next week.
    • (05.22) Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza died last night from a heart attack while performing with his band OHM. He was 51. Nick played on many of Megadeth's most classic album, including his spectacular work on "Rust In Peace", and he will be greatly missed. For more info, visit
    • (05.20) To listen to the new Gojira song 'Silvera', visit
    • (05.20) To listen to the new Despised Icon song 'Beast', visit
    • (05.18) Gardenjia's new album "Arkestral" will be out June 20th.
    • (05.18) Monstrosity are in the final mixing stage of their new album.
    • (05.17) Devin Townsend's new album "Transcendence" will be out Sept 2nd. To see the cover artwork, visit
    • (05.17) Legendary artist Dan Seagrave has started work on the new Decrepit Birth album cover.
    • (05.16) The new Periphery album will now be out July 22nd, two weeks earlier than originally scheduled.

    • (05.13) Meshuggah will have a new album out this fall:
    • (05.11) Lost Soul announces the departure of 3 members of the band, guitarist Marek Gołaś, bassist Damian Czajkowski and drummer Jonathan Garofoli. They leave for various reasons including personal, logistical problems, and health problems. Remaining member and founder Jacek Grecki will announce soon info on future plans for the band.
    • (05.11) Abhorrent Decimation have signed with Prosthetic Records, and should have a new album out early 2017.
    • (05.11) Recently reformed Morta Skuld will release a new album in September on Peaceville records called "Wounds Deeper Than Time".
    • (05.10) To listen to some Skinlab preproduction recordings for their new album (low quality), visit
    • (05.09) Vader is recording a new album called "The Empire".
    Apr 2016
    • (04.27) Soreption has begun preproduction on their new album.
    • (04.27) Periphery's new album will be called "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", and will be out August 4th.
    • (04.26) Periphery will be playing the Fillmore in San Francisco on Aug 14th.
    • (04.24) Joe Bonnett (guitar) and Jeremy Suckling (drums) have both decided to leave Dawn of Azazel. Founding member Rigel Walshe isn't sure about the future of the band, but will see how it goes.
    • (04.22) To listen to the new Gojira song 'Stranded', visit
    • (04.19) Despised Icon's new album "Beast" will be out July 22nd.
    • (04.19) Voyager have started writing their 6th studio album.
    • (04.19) To listen to the new Aborted song 'Cadaverous Banquet', visit
    • (04.19) To listen to the new Putrid Pile song 'A Necrophiliac's Pastime', visit
    • (04.18) Obscenity's new album "Retaliation" will be out May 27th.
    • (04.17) Baphomet / Banished have returned to the studio after 23 years. You may remember (or not) they released 2 records, "The Dead Shall Inherit" and "Deliver Me Unto Pain". Fantastic records both, can't wait to hear what the band does now.
    • (04.15) Gojira have set "Magma" as the title of their brand new studio album, due on June 17 via Roadrunner Records.
    • (04.15) To listen to The Zenith Passage's new album "Solipsist" full album stream, visit
    • (04.14) Despised Icon have signed with Nuclear Blast Records to bring their new album "Beast" out this summer after a 7 year hiatus. For a short teaser of new music, visit
    • (04.08) Devin Townsend has written a memoir about his life and career, you can puirchase the book by following this link:
    • (04.08) To listen to the new Aborted track 'Divine Impediment' visit
    • (04.06) Deranged has inked a record deal with Agonia Records, with plans to record a new album this summer for a winter release.
    • (04.05) To listen to the track 'Besieged' off of Gorguts' new album, visit
    • (04.05) To listen to the track 'Hearts/Wires' off of Deftones' new album, visit
    • (04.04) Vader will be doing a reissue of their debut album "The Ultimate Incantation". The packaging contains all new artwork by Dan Seagrave (who did the art for the original release) and contains a second CD that has an original album session done by Thomas Skogsberg in Sunlight Studios. Release is June 3rd.
    • (04.04) To listen to the track 'The Rise of the Great Devourer' off of Xenomorphic Contamination's new album, visit
    Mar 2016
    • (03.31) Chaos Inception is proud to announce the addition of Jason Flippo (Quinta Essentia, ex-Blood Stained Dusk, ex-Fleshtized) on vocals and Garth Lovvorn(ex-Fleshtized, ex Spinecast) on bass. They continue to work on a new album.
    • (03.27) Hadal Maw welcomes Sam Dillon as their new vocalist.
    • (03.23) Unmerciful has stated that despite the decade wait between albums 1 and 2, they're already working on number 3 and hope to have it out very soon.
    • (03.22) To listen to the track 'Bremen' off of Novembre's new album, visit
    • (03.21) Found an awesome old video from 93 of Dying Fetus playing a live show with original members Rob Belton and Brian Latta. Looks like they're in like a church basement playing to 7 guys. We all start from humble beginnings:
    • (03.18) For a great discussion on how to achieve that famous Swedish death metal buzzsaw guitar tone (think Entombed, Dismember, etc), visit
    • (03.15) To watch 3 high quality drumcam videos of Flo Mounier from Cryptopsy, visit
    • (03.14) To listen to the new The Zenith Passage song 'Deus Deceptor', visit
    • (03.14) The new Brain Drill will be called "Endless Iniquity".
    • (03.14) Deivos have addded guitarist Jakub "Diego" Tokaj to their ranks, and they are busy writing a new album they hope to release at the end of the year.
    • (03.09) Humanity's Last Breath's new album "Detestor" will be out April 5th. To listen to some sample tracks, visit
    • (03.08) To listen to the new track 'Retrogore' off the new Aborted album, visit
    • (03.07) Anthrax's new album, "For All Kings", sold 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. Anthrax was last in the top 10 back in 1993 with "Sound Of White Noise", which debuted and peaked at No. 7.  The band's 2011 album "Worship Music" peaked at No. 12 with 28,000 sold in its first week.
    • (03.04) Deeds Of Flesh are 2 tracks away from finishing their new album. They hope to release it before the end of the year.
    Feb 2016
    • (02.26) Aeon have started working on a new album.
    • (02.25) Dream Theater will be playing their new album "The Astonishing" in its entirety at the Fox Theater in Oakland California on May 8th 2016.
    • (02.25) Sepultura have started writing for a new album due later this year.
    • (02.25) Fear Factory will be performing their "Demanufacture" album in its entirety at Slim's in San Francisco on May 3rd 2016.
    • (02.25) To listen to the new track 'Breathing Lightning' off the new Anthrax record, visit
    • (02.24) Gorguts will release their new one-track EP, "Pleiades' Dust", on May 13 via Season Of Mist. The first excerpt, "Wandering Times", can be streamed here:
    • (02.24) Cattle Decapitation have resigned with Metal Blade Records.
    • (02.22) Unmerciful's new album has been sent off to their label, and they hope for a late May / early June release.
    • (02.22) Soreption is working on their new album.
    • (02.21) Gojira have finished mixing their new album for a spring release.
    • (02.17) To listen to the instrumental pre-production track 'Command Cordyceps' off of Misophonia's new album, visit
    • (02.17) To listen to the track 'Umana' off of Novembre's new album, visit
    • (02.13) Aborted's new album will be called "Retrogore", and will be out in April.
    • (02.13) Fear Factory will embark on a U.S. tour starting next month, where they will play their "Demanufacture" album in its entirety celebrating the album's 20th anniversary.
    • (02.09) To see the cover artwork to Obscenity's new album, visit
    • (02.09) Internal Bleeding vocalist Keith Devito and bassist Jason Liff has left the band due to career and family obligations. They will be replaced with vocalist Joe Marchese and bassist Shaun Kennedy.
    • (02.08) Testament have tentatively titled their new album "The Brotherhood Of The Snake".
    • (02.04) To listen to the new song 'Prayers/Triangles' from Deftones, visit
    • (02.01) Periphery are recording their 4th full length album, and hope for a summer release.
    • (02.01) Guitars and bass have been fully recorded for the new Brain Drill album.
    Jan 2016
    • (01.29) To listen to the new Prong song 'Cut And Dry', visit
    • (01.29) Insision's new album "Terminal Reckoning" should be out Feb 26th.
    • (01.28) The new Deftones album will be called "Gore", which is probably the last title I would have expected from the band. Guess they're death metal now.
    • (01.23) The new Deftones album will be out April 8th.
    • (01.22) Despised Icon have decided to reform and do shows and a new album.
    • (01.22) Xenomorphic Contamination's debut album "Colonized From The Inside" will be out this spring. See the cover artwork:
    • (01.22) Devin Townsend will enter the studio March 27th to work on his next DTP album "Transcendence" for a tentative Sept release.
    • (01.22) To listen to the new Aborted track 'Vestal Disfigurement Upon The Sacred Chantry' visit
    • (01.22) To listen to the new Dream Theater track 'Moment Of Betrayal' visit
    • (01.20) To listen to The Zenith Passage's new song 'Holographic Principle II: Convergence' visit
    • (01.19) To listen to the new Wormed song 'Pseudo-Horizon', visit
    • (01.18) Drummer Jason Payne has announced he will no longer be part of Vital Remains, and has decided to go back and fully concentrate on his project Hiss From The Moat.
    • (01.15) Aborted guitarist Danny Tunker's permanent replacement will be Ian Jekelis (ex-God Dethroned, ex-Abysmal Dawn)
    • (01.14) The new The Zenith Passage album will be called "Solipsist" and will be out April 15th. For the cover artwork, visit:
    • (01.13) Rivers Of Nihil welcome Dylan Potts as their new drummer.
    • (01.13) Brain Drill has finished tracking all of the drums for their new album.
    • (01.09) Thira has gone on hiatus while the band members embark on some new musical adventures. The band may reform one day.
    • (01.08) The new Xenomorphic Contamination album is done. Release date to follow.
    • (01.07) The new Unmerciful album has been fully mixed, and has been sent off for mastering.
    • (01.05) The release date for Putrid Pile's 5th full length album "Paraphiliac Perversions" will be May 26th 2016.