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  • Agathodaimon, All That's Left, Ancient Wind, As They Burn, By The Patient, Close To Home, Cold Cold Ground, Conducting From The Grave, Côte d'Aver, Demoraliser, Disfigured Dead, Disigma, Divine Infamy, Final Prayer, Heart In Hand, Korotory, Laid in Stone, Lay Down Rotten, Malice In Wonderland, More Than A Thousand, Rotting Out, Scarred By Beauty, Survival, Waking The Cadaver, Wasted Shells, xRepentancex, called it quits.

    (As of today, July 21, 'Spirit Driven', a new track from The Finite Beings never appeared elsewhere is available for free here:
    March, 21, 'Stairway to Hell', a Christian parody of Led Zeppelin's classic off The Finite Beings is available for free on their website for a limited amount of time)
    . Check here:

    Tony Van Frater (Cockney Rejects/Red Alert) died at 51 on Oct. 30th.

    Leatherface guitarist Dickie Hammond died on Nov. 4th.

    John "Brad" Bradbury, drummer of Ska/Punk Band The Specials died at 62 on Dec. 29th.

    On 4th Dec. Scott Weiland of  Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver has passed away.

    On Dec. 29 Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer and bassist of Motörhead and a heavy metal icon for six decades, passed away Monday after a battle with cancer. Kilmister turned 70 on Christmas Eve. The band's official Facebook confirmed Kilmister's passing, "There is no easy way to say this… our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer."

    Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland dies on Dec. 3rd. at 48.

    On Oct. 19, former Obituary bassist Frank Watkins (also known as Bøddel of Gorgoroth) passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was only 47-years-old.

    On Oct. 7 Nunslaughter drummer Jim Konya (artistic name Jim Sadist) died after a stroke.

    On Sep. 15, REO Speedwagon Guitarist Gary Richrath died at 65.

    On Jan. 1, ex-Amberian Dawn Tommi Kuri passed away.

    Dragonsfire announced that vocalist/bassist Torsten Thassilo Herbert has passed away on January 8th at the age of 24.

    Ricolf Cross, founding member and guitarist of Vamp, passed away on January 3rd, 2015.

    Former Lillian Axe guitarist Jon Ster passed away on Nov. 29th, 2014.

    Black Tusk's Jonathan Athon was involved in a vehicle accident and died at the beginning of Nov. 2014.

    Wayne Static died on Nov. 1st, 2014.

    Tyson Stevens - formerly the vocalist of the disbanded group Scary Kids Scaring Kids - passed away on Oct. 22nd, 2014.

    On Oct. 16th, 2014:
    A gigantic iceberg has been turned into the most unlikely of gig venues in the Greenland Sea, as U.K. metal band The Defiled performed on top of the floating platform for the Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig – which sees artists put to the test as they perform in unconventional, ice cold conditions.

    Braving freezing temperatures and fast flowing ice, the group performed the special set to a host of locals from the nearby town of Kulusuk, who ventured out to the ice field to watch this once-in-a-lifetime experience from an array of fishing boats and leisure craft.

    Prior to taking to the icy-stage, Frontman Stitch D, along with keyboard player The AvD, bassist Vincent Hyde and drummer Needles spent time getting to meet local musicians and watching them perform their own traditional music, before inviting them and other residents to come and witness this unique one-off performance. The Defiled played a 30 minute set featuring tracks from latest album "Daggers."

    In the lead up to the gig, the team scoured the area for several days on the search for the perfect berg – one that was large enough and thick enough to take the band and all the equipment. All of the instruments, sound equipment and the band members themselves were ferried onto the gig stage with the help of local experts who have lived and worked amongst these impressive ice floes for generations.

    On Sep. 13th, 2015, UK's Invocation's drummer Alex Todd-Weller died at 21.

    Dec 2015
    • (12.27) Long, long, long, long delayed Brutus' album "Murwgebeukt" will finally be released Jan 8th 2016. Here's the update from Willowtip Records: "Willowtip is pleased to announce that it will release the long-awaited and much-anticipated new album from Dutch death metal band Brutus. Over 10 years have passed since Brutus' debut album "Slachtbeest" was released and much has happened inside the Brutus camp. As fans of the band already know, the driving force behind Brutus, Maarten "Ploegbaas" Luysterburg, tragically took his own life in 2006. Since then the band has had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that the fuel had gushed from the machine. But after taking some time off, the remaining members of Brutus decided to continue on, building off the blueprint that Ploegbaas started for a new Brutus album. "Murwgebeukt", the band's first release since 2004, is a triumphant feat in death metal, a 54 minute overwhelming force dealing with the life and misery of an entity that is cheated into mortal existence… burdened, afflicted and finally martyred by it. Ploegbaas was fully responsible for the lyrics and artistic concept of "Murwgebeukt". The furious vocals are delivered atop an intense slab of double bass driven death metal of the heaviest kind, grooving its way through one classic riff after another. Ferocious bottom end brutality not easily compared to any other act in the genre. Distilling diversity from monotony. Brutus' "Murwgebeukt" will be released January 8th, 2016 on CD/Digital."
    • (12.18) To watch Napalm Death's entire Paris set from Nov 23rd 2015 (in decent quality), visit
    • (12.18) Dream Theater will play their new double CD concept album in its entirety on their upcoming North American tour, tickets go onsale today.
    • (12.14) To listen to the new Sensory Amusia demo track 'Beast', visit
    • (12.11) Visceral Bleeding will start recording guitars for their new album in January.
    • (12.10) To listen to the track 'Shapeshifting' off the new Insision album, visit
    • (12.05) Brain Drill will begin drum tracking in January for their new album.
    • (12.04) Novembre have finished their new album, and hope to see it released March or April of next year.
    • (12.04) Visit to see the Aborted video of the song 'Termination Redux' from their upcoming EP.
    • (12.04) To read an extensive interview with John Petrucci about Dream Theater's new album, visit
    • (12.03) To listen to the new Dream Theater track 'The Gift Of Music', visit The album will be out Jan 29th.
    • (12.02) To see the cover artwork to Dream Theater's new album, visit
    • (12.01) To listen to Sanzu's new album streaming in its entirety, visit
    • (12.01) Looks like Dream Theater are doing something in the vein of "Scenes From A Memory" again: Double album, ohhhh my.
    • (12.01) Added the Reader's Poll for best albums of 2015. Check it out and vote!
    Nov 2015
    • (11.30) Hadal Maw has finished tracking drums for their new album.
    • (11.29) Brain Drill welcomes Alex Bent (Arkaik, Decrepit Birth, Battlecross) as their new drummer.
    • (11.24) Pathology have returned to Comatose Music. They are working on a new album for release summer of next year. This will be the first year in the band's history where they have not released an album.
    • (11.24) Devin Townsend's "Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall" will have a special edition that contains an Artbook, 3CDs, 2DVDs and 1 Bluray which should ship around Dec 31st of this year from InsideOut Music. The label's online store will be the only place to get the concert on Bluray that's region free. Check here to pre-order:
    • (11.21) Volumes part ways with vocalist Michael Barr due to creative differences.
    • (11.19) Devildriver will release their new album "Trust No One" on May 13th 2016.
    • (11.18) A quote from Flo of Cryptopsy I am glad to read: 'The Unspoken King taught me that our fans want a bare minimum of change and like the brutality,' says Mournier. “Even though every band after that did clean singing and got away with it, we’re not doing any more clean signing. Even though Matt is aptly capable to do so very well, we won’t be doing any of that for any future Cryptopsy albums.” Read more here:
    • (11.13) Release of Prong's new album has been pushed back till Feb 5th 2016.
    • (11.10) Aborted will release a digital EP celebrating their 20th anniversary called "Termination Redux", and it will contain 3 new songs and one old one. They start recording the new full length album in December.
    • (11.09) Unmerciful is working hard recording their new album, and expect an early 2016 release date.
    • (11.05) Broken Hope have started preproduction on a new album.
    • (11.04) Abysmal Torment have started recording their new album.
    • (11.03) Anthrax's new album  "For All Kings" has now been given an official release date of Feb 26th 2016.
    • (11.02) Kadinja should finish recording their new album this year, for an early 2016 release.
    • (11.02) Dream Theater's new album will be called "The Astonishing", and will be out early next year. Before its release, the band plans on performing the album in its entirety during its european tour.
    • (11.01) Anthrax's new album will be called "For All Kings" and will be out in March of 2016.
    Oct 2015
    • (10.30) Insision's new album will be called "Terminal Reckoning" and should be out soon.
    • (10.30) The Zenith Passage's debut album will be out early 2016.
    • (10.24) To listen to Lost Soul's new album "Atlantis: The New Beginning" streaming in its entirety, visit
    • (10.19) Former Obituary bassist Frank Watkins has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 47 years old. For more info visit
    • (10.19) The writing process for the new Brain Drill is now completed.
    • (10.13) The new album Disgorge have been working on has basically been rewritten from scratch, and will now be called "Hymns Of The Fallen". It should be out in 2016.
    • (10.13) Wormed's new album will be called "Krighsu" and will be out March 18th 2016.
    • (10.08) Visit to listen to the new Arkaik song 'That Which Lies Hidden'.
    • (10.02) Devildriver have started recording their new album.
    • (10.02) Prong will release a new studio album, "X (No Absolutes)", on January 29, 2016 via Steamhammer/SPV.
    Sept 2015
    • (09.30) Devin Townsend will release a new live Blu-ray / DVD / CD package called "Live At The Royal Albert Hall". The package comes out Nov 13th. Visit for more info.
    • (09.28) Visit to listen to the new The Faceless song 'The Spiraling Void'.
    • (09.25) For the new Arkaik song 'Awaken The I' visit
    • (09.25) For the new Cryptopsy song 'Detritus (the one they kept)' visit
    • (09.23) The new Devin Townsend Project CD has been tentatively titled "Transcendence".
    • (09.22) The new Wormed album is mixed, mastered and delivered to label Seasons Of Mist. It's expected to release in 2016.
    • (09.21) Cryptopsy's new 4 track EP in a series of EPs, "The Book of Suffering Tome 1", will be out Oct 30th.
    • (09.21) Slayer's "Repentless" debuted at No. 4 on The Billboard 200, having shifted 50,000 equivalent album units in the week ending September 17, their highest chart rating ever. Their previous album, "World Painted Blood", registered a first-week tally of 41,000 to land at No. 12. The band's 2006 CD, "Christ Illusion", premiered with more than 62,000 units to enter the chart at No. 5. Their 2001 album, "God Hates Us All", opened with 51,000 copies to debut at No. 28, while 1998's "Diabolus In Musica" sold 46,000 units in its first week, landing at No. 31. Their 1994 release "Divine Intervention" reached No. 8 after moving 93,000 copies of that album in its first week.
    • (09.19) After three years, guitarist Danny Tunker has decided to leave Aborted. Combining a normal life and day job became too stressful to combine with the band's heavy schedule. The band is already auditioning for a replacement.
    • (09.19) For the song 'The Docking Dead' off the new Broken Hope live CD/DVD, visit And here's the trailer:
    • (09.18) Bolt Thrower drummer for the last 20 years Martin "Kiddie" Kearns has passed away at the age of 38. He died peacefully in his sleep after feeling sick at rehearsal.
    • (09.13) Lost Soul new album "Atlantis - The New Beginning" will be out Oct 30th.

  • (09.13) Suffocation has 8 or 9 songs written for a new album.
  • (09.07) Visit to listen to the new Sanzu song 'Those Who Sleep In The East'.
  • (09.06) The Zenith Passage have finished recording their new album.
  • (09.03) Visit to listen to the song 'Survival' from Tesseract's new album.
  • (09.02) Apparently drummer Tetsu Watanabe will be doing the drum performance on the Anomalous re-recording of their original EP "Cognitive Dissonance", not Marco Pitruzzella like was originally presumed.
  • (09.02) Iconic Vivisect will play their last show of the year Oct 11th in Australia before getting serious with album #2.
  • (09.02) The Zenith Passage is tracking drums for their new album.
Aug 2015
  • (08.29) Sanzu's debut album will be called "Heavy Over The Home" and will be out on December 3rd 2015.
  • (08.28) Arkaik's new album will be called "Lucid Dawn", and will be out in October 30th on Unique Leader Records. Visit for the cover artwork.
  • (08.25) Century Media will be acquired for $20 million by Sony Music Entertainment. Former Century Media owner Robert Kampf will continue to serve as CEO of the Century group.
  • (08.22) Shattered Skies is sad to announce they have parted ways with vocalist Sean Murphy. They will do auditions for a new vocalist, in the meantime, they have their 2nd album written and still plan to release it in 2016.
  • (08.21) Deftones' new album has been pushed back to November.
June 2015
  • (06.24) The new Cattle Decapitation album will be out Aug 7th 2015.
  • (06.23) Visit to listen to the new Hate Eternal track 'The Stygian Deep'
  • (06.23) Severe Torture have finished writing 6 songs for their new album.
  • (06.20) Its official, David Vincent is no longer in Morbid Angel. Here's his statement: "I had good communication with Trey yesterday and we agree that there are incompatibilities with regards to us working together. Trey and I have accomplished amazing things together over the past 30 years and I wish him the best with his future projects. Out of respect for the legacy of these accomplishments, I encourage Morbid Angel fans to not take sides, because I am not. I look forward to sharing my new endeavors with all of you in the near future. Until then, stay Morbid!"
  • (06.19) Morbid Angel guitarist Destructor has also left the band, so he can focus his energies on a new Myrkskog album.
  • (06.17) Visit to listen to the new Fear Factory track 'Soul Hacker'.
  • (06.16) Drummer Tim Yeung has left Morbid Angel due to "financial differences". Morbid Angel founder Trey Azagthoth has also announced that Steve Tucker, former vocalist/bassist for the band, will be rejoining the group, although current vocalist/bassist David Vincent has denied he has been asked to leave the band. Sounds like a lot of lineup turmoil, we'll see how this all plays out.
  • (06.16) Visit to see the new Slayer album cover.
  • (06.12) Krisiun's new album "Forged In Fury" will be out August 7th.
  • (06.10) Gojira's new album has been pushed back till early 2016.
  • (06.09) Gortuary have signed with Amputated Vein Records. They hope to start recording their new album soon.
  • (06.03) Visit to listen to the new Hate Eternal track 'Pathogenic Apathy'. Visit for the cover artwork.
  • (06.02) Severe Torture are busy writing music for the new album.
  • (06.02) Volumes will start production on their third album this summer.
  • (06.01) Decrepit Birth are recording their new album, guitar tracks are almost done and the rest of the band will record this summer.
May 2015
Apr 2015
  • (04.15) TesseracT's live album "Odyssey And Scala" will be out May 19th.
  • (04.15) To listen to Skinless' new song "Serpenticide" visit
  • (04.15) Ingurgitate is writing a new album.
  • (04.14) Auras will release their new EP "Crestfallen" on May 5th.
  • (04.13) Orginal band bassist Brandon Giffin has rejoined The Faceless. He will perform on their new album tentatively titled "In Becoming A Ghost".
  • (04.13) Abysmal Torment is working on material for a new album.
  • (04.08) Visit to listen to Nightrage's new song 'Stare Into Infinity'.
  • (04.07) Slayer's new album should be out in August.
  • (04.07) Defloration's new album "Created To Kill" will be out May 29th.
  • (04.07) Gojira have entered the studio to record their new album.
  • (04.07) Testament hope to have their new album done by the end of the year.
  • (04.06) Obscenity's new album will be called "Retaliation". Expect it to be released this fall.
  • (04.06) Defloration and Vocalist Uwe have parted ways. The band welcomes new vocalist Erik (Rogash).
  • (04.01) Dawn Of Azazel's new album will be called "The Tides of Damocles", and will be out April 27th. It can be preordered here: Visit to listen to the track 'Vassalplasty'.
  • (04.01) To listen to the new track 'Beware' from Humanity's Last Breath's upcoming EP, visit
Mar 2015
  • (03.27) Spawn Of Possession are working on a new album, but they assure us it's gonna take a long time before its done :)
  • (03.26) Former Morbid Angel drummer Pete Sandoval speaks about his conversion to christianity:
  • (03.25) Decrepit Birth is almost done the last few pre-pro tracks for their new album.
  • (03.24) Severe Torture are working on a new album.
  • (03.24) Aeon guitarist Ronnie has left the band due to the difficulties of touring on his health. The band is now looking for a replacement.
  • (03.24) Guitars and Bass will be recorded mid next month for the new Putrid Pile album.
  • (03.24) Myrkskog are reportedly rehearsing new material.
  • (03.24) To listen to the new track 'Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead' from Nile's drummer George Kollias' solo album, visit
  • (03.24) For a drum playthrough of Decrepit Birth's "The Infestation", visit
  • (03.23) Guitarist Bill Steer of Carcass is hoping to get some work done writing a new album in the next few months.
  • (03.19) Entities are now on infinite hiatus, as the various members of the band's lives are going in separate directions and they don't have the time to continue the band.
  • (03.19) Tesseract will be releasing a new live CD/DVD called "Odyssey And Scala".
  • (03.19) Insision have entered the studio to record their new album.
  • (03.18) Lost Soul's new album "Atlantis - The New Beginning" is finished and waiting release from their record label.
  • (03.18) Meshuggah hope to have their new album ready by 2016.
  • (03.17) Brain Drill have finished writing their new albun, recording is next.
  • (03.17) Obscenity have enetred the studio to record their new album.
  • (03.17) Skinless' new album will be called "Only The Ruthless Remain" and will be out June 2nd. Check out the covere artwork:
  • (03.16) Devin Townsend's "Ziltoid 2" album won this year's Juno award for "Metal / Hard Music ALbum Of The Year". Congrats Devin!
  • (03.12) Mick Thomson of Slipknot apparently got into a drunken knife fight with his younger brother Andrew. Mick suffered a stab wound to the head, but has since been released from the hospital.
  • (03.05) Hackneyed's new album will be called "Inhabitants Of Carcosa" and will be out May 15th.
  • (03.05) Bassist Martin Vogel has left Fumes Of Decay.
  • (03.05) Malevolent Creation have completed work on their 12th album "Dead Man's Path", to be released later this year.
  • (03.04) Original Broken Hope drummer Ryan Stanek has passed away at age 42. Visit for a tribute to the late drummer from Broken Hope founder Jeremy Wagner.
  • (03.04) Visit to listen to the new track 'Desperate Vows' off the new Nightrage.
  • (03.03) Krisiun just entered Mana Recording Studios in Florida to start the recording of their new album.
  • (03.03) The new Hate Eternal album has been fully recorded and mixed.
  • (03.03) The new Cattle Decapitation album has been fully recorded and is being currently mixed.
  • (03.02) Update from Visceral Bleeding: "Sorry for the lack of updates from the VB camp. We've been waiting for the appropriate time to hopefully bring you some good and exciting news but unfortunately the last three years (well, seven years actually) have only been filled with setback, after setback, after setback. At this point we really don't know if we will ever be able to get the new album recorded and released to be honest. We haven't given up though and we still might have one last trick up our sleeves but we really can't give any promises anymore. So we thought it would be best to be straight with you all about this, since we know a lot of people have been wondering what's happening with the new album. So there you have it. Just wish us luck, keep your fingers crossed and keep up the support.".
Feb 2015
  • (02.27) Shattered Skies has started pre-production on a new album.
  • (02.26) The Zenith Passage guitarist / Songwriter Justin McKinney has joined The Faceless as second guitar player. They claim his new gig won't affect his role in The Zenith Passage, so hopefully both bands can happily co-exist.
  • (02.24) The Omega Experiment hope to have their new album out before the end of the year.
  • (02.23) Hadal Maw have parted ways with vocalist Aaron Grice. Sam Dishington (Separatist, Départe) will taking over vocal duties for the time being.
  • (02.21) Rolling Stone actually has an article about Periphery's new album:
  • (02.21) Putrid Pile have signed a new contract with Sevared Records and are in the studio recording their 5th album "Paraphiliac Perversions".
  • (02.17) George Kollias, drummer for Nile, will release his first solo record "Invictus" on Seasons Of Mist on May 18th.
  • (02.13) Nile are busy recording their new album, with an expected June release date.
  • (02.13) Cryptopsy are working on their new album.
  • (02.10) To listen to the new Psycroptic track 'Cold', visit
  • (02.09) Uneven Structure's new album will be called "La Partition".
  • (02.06) Napalm Death's new album debuted at No. 113 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.
  • (02.06) Periphery debut at No. 15 and No. 16 on Billboard Top 200 chart with dual "Juggernaut" albums".
  • (02.03) Hour Of Penance announces their new drummer Davide "The Bomber" Billia. He replaced James Payne who left to play with Vital Remains.
  • (02.02) The new Prophecy album will be called "The Beginning".
Jan 2015
  • (01.26) Deftones are putting the finishing touches on the songwriting for their new album, and expect to go into the studio next month.
  • (01.22) The new Skinless album will be out in May.
  • (01.22) To listen to the new Deivos song 'El Shaddai' visit
  • (01.14) Cattle Decapitation have started recording their new album.
  • (01.14) To listen to the new Clutter song 'The Dread' visit
  • (01.14) Putrid Pile have finished writing the music for their new album.
  • (01.13) Defloration's new album "Created To Kill" is done and will be released soon.
  • (01.13) Psycroptic's new album will be out March 13th.
  • (01.09) To listen to the new Napalm Death track 'How The Years Condemn' visit
  • (01.09) To listen to the new Hate track 'Valley Of Darkness' visit
  • (01.09) Dream Theater will enter the studio in February to work on their new album, for a tentative fall release date.
  • (01.07) The new Skinless album has been mastered and will be out in a couple of months.
  • (01.06) Misophonia (one of last years top 10) is writing music for their debut album.
  • (01.06) Fumes Of Decay are working on new material.
  • (01.06) The new Hate Eternal album is currently being mixed.
  • (01.03) See what were my Favorite Albums Of 2014!
  • (01.01) Shattered Skies' new album "The World We Used to Know" will be out Jan 12th.

  • Progressive-melodic-death metal band Tantal has announced that their original vocalist Sofia has rejoined the group. With her comeback Tantal has prepared some new stuff ­ it’s cover version of the famous Black Sabbath song ­ “Die Young”.