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    • (12.29) Go here to see Cryptopsy's 'Phobophile' music video using Lego.
    • (12.27) Deranged is releasing a 5 track EP called "Morgue Orgy" in early 2013. Go here for a rough mix track from the album.
    • (12.26) In Flames frontman Anders Fridén says their next album won't be till 2014.
    • (12.23) Go here for the song 'Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut' off the new Deeds Of Flesh album.
    • (12.21) Message from Trigger The Bloodshed: "HOLD TIGHT for the future of TTB, we're all a bit busy at the moment, but we will finish another album."
    • (12.21) Broken Hope now has 11 new songs written for their new album to be released next year.
    • (12.21) Exhale have just signed with Pulverized Records.
    • (12.21) Go here and here for 2 previews of the new Hate album.
    • (12.21) The Omega Experiment has signed with Listenable Records.
    • (12.20) Entities new EP "Ether" will come out first of the year.
    • (12.20) Chimaira has 12 new songs demoed and will enter the studios in Feb to record a new album. With almost all new members save the vocalist, I suppose the big question is, will it be the same Chimaira?
    • (12.19) Voyager are writing music for their fifth album.
    • (12.19) Visceral Bleeding is recording an EP this January.
    • (12.19) Whorecore's new album will be called "Headless", go here for some music samples.
    • (12.19) Vomitous will record their debut in February.
    • (12.19) Saprogenic hope to have a new album out early next year.
    • (12.19) The Omega Experiment is writing music for their new album.
    • (12.19) Some Suture news: "Suture will be releasing an ep late November early December on UW records entitled "Prolific Inhuman Deformity"..It consists of of 4 tracks we recorded with Eric Park (Devourment) on drums back in 2004. Cover art will be provided once again by The mighty Toshihiro Egawa. It will be a limited pressing of 300, so once they are gone that's it..more info will be posted once we have them in stock."
    • (12.19) Satariel are busy recording their new album "White Ink".
    • (12.19) Suffocate Bastard are busy writing new songs for a new album.
    • (12.19) Pyrexia are busy recording their new album.
    • (12.19) Go here for the cover artwork to the new Devourment CD.
    • (12.19) Sphere's new album will be called "Primordial". Go here for the cover artwork.
    • (12.18) Disgorge are finally working on material for their new album.
    • (12.14) Go here for a track 'As Grace Descends' of the new Suffocation album.
    • (12.14) Devildriver have entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida to begin recording their upcoming sixth album for a tentative August 2013 release via Napalm Records.
    • (12.13) Issue #24 of Sickdrummer magazine is out, with interviews with Flo from Cryptopsy, Trey from Dying Fetus, Arttu from Aeon, and many more.
    • (12.12) Misery Index will release a live album, "Live In Munich", on February 19 via the French label Season Of Mist. The CD was recorded at Backstage in Munich, Germany on February 18, 2012 and it will be made available as a hand-numbered die-cut LP, strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.
    • (12.05) Go here to pick up Arsis' latest EP "Lepers Caress" for free.
    • (12.04) So apparently the session drummer for the new Carcass CD will be Daniel Wilding of Trigger The Bloodshed. And visit here to read a bunch of other news about the album from Jeff Walker.
    • (12.01) Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel had this to say on the subject of a new album: "After this tour, we want to get in and start writing. We've got a couple of things for next year, but for the most part we want to get in and hopefully start recording before the end of the year next year."
    • (12.01) Heaven Shall Burn have shot down as false rumors that their drummer, Matthias Voigt, is playing on the upcoming comeback album from reactivated British extreme metal legends Carcass. The band states on Facebook: "BLABBERMOUTH.NET is really cool, but sometimes rumors are just rumors. Matthias is 100% NOT playing for Carcass! Everybody in Heaven Shall Burn maintains the status as devoted Carcass fan and does not even dare to dream of being involved with this legend!"
    • (11.30) Go here for the cover artwork to the new Suffocation album by artist Raymond Swanland. The album will be out Feb 15th.
    • (11.30) Carcass are rumored to be putting the finishing touches on their first studio album in 17 years with producer Colin Richardson. The band has yet to secure a label home for the effort, which is expected in early 2013. Guitarist Michael Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, who have been touring with Carcass since the band's reunion was announced in 2007, are no longer involved with the group due to scheduling conflicts with their main band, Arch Enemy. Guitarist Bill Steer and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker are rumored to have been joined in the studio for the new CD recording sessions by drummer Matthias Voigt of German death metal and hardcore fusionists Heaven Shall Burn.
    • (11.30) Otep will release their sixth full-length studio album, "Hydra", on January 22, 2013 via Victory Records.
    • (11.29) Go here for Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher talking about his huge neck.
    • (11.22) Deftones' new album "Koi No Yokan", sold 65,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 11 on The Billboard 2020 chart. Their last album "Diamond Eyes" opened with 62,000 units to debut at No. 6. And their album before that: "Saturday Night Wrist", opened with 76,000 units to enter the chart at No. 10.
    • (11.20) Go here for an album teaser to the new Devourment album.
    • (11.20) Hate's new album "Solarflesh" will be out February 5, 2013. Go here to see the cover.
    • (11.20) Devin Townsend's new album "Casualties Of Cool" will have a bonus disk that should be the "Ghost II" material, which was originally going to get its own release.
    • (11.15) Guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn of Machine Head underwent successful surgery earlier on Wednesday Nov 14th at Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, Minnesota to repair his double inguinal hernia.
    • (11.14) The new Deeds Of Flesh album will have a cover of the Gorguts classic 'Orphans of Sickness'.
    • (11.13) Go here to listen to the entire new Devolved album streaming.
    • (11.13) Glass Cloud got into a van wreck the morning of Nov 11th. Thankfully the band is all right and their gear was salvageable, but the van is completely totaled. Read more about it here.
    • (11.13) Cryptopsy have a 'best of' album coming out which includes a few new tracks, go here to listen to 'Boden'. The album will be out Nov 20th.
    • (11.11) Some news from Dino Cazares on Divine Heresy: "Hello, Divine Heresy fans. I just wanted to give you the latest news on Divine Heresy. 'Cause there are a lot of rumors out there on whats going on with Divine Heresy. Well, only I can give you the truth. I have five songs written for the new CD. It's technical, brutal and melodic. Everything you would want from a Divine Heresy CD. I'm currently on tour with Fear Factory for the rest of 2012 And part of 2013. When I'm off, I will complete the writing process and I will let you know who will be performing on the new CD. I am currently shopping for a new record company and have some surprising offers." Bassist Joe Payne quit Divine Heresy back in January 2011. Drummer Tim Yeung is no longer a member as he's now the new drummer for Morbid Angel. And vocalist Travis Neal recently joined Dirge Within. So its unclear if any of them will be performing on the new album.
    • (11.10) Arsis have added Brandon Ellis as their new guitarist. He replaces guitarist Nick Cordle, who was recently replaced Christopher Amott in Arch Enemy.
    • (11.10) Pig Destroyer have re-signed with their longtime record label Relapse.
    • (11.09) The Amenta's new album "Flesh is Heir" will be out March 25th 2013.
    • (11.09) Go here to listen to the new Deftones album streaming in its entirety.
    • (11.08) Vocalist / bass player David Vincent of Morbid Angel spoke a bit about how drummer Pete Sandoval is doing 2 years after his back surgery: "You know, he still has some challenges. Obviously it's our hope that he continues to get better, but at this point, Tim Yeung is the drummer of Morbid Angel and he's doing an excellent job." When asked if the band would take Pete back once he's fully recovered, Vincent said: "Well, we really haven't discussed it because that has not been the case yet."
    • (11.08) Trent Reznor has stated there's likely to be some new Nine Inch Nails music in the future.
    • (11.04) Go here to listen to audio samples from all the songs on the new Deftones album.
    • (11.03) Jolie Carmadella, wife to Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence (who passed away on Thursday in a motorcycle accident), has made the following statement: "He was an alcoholic, and it's a been a big battle. I tried to stop him. I was in front of him begging him not to leave the house. Begging him. 'Just seriously, for us, don't leave.' And he did. And this is what happened. It's a wake-up call. He was an amazing man. He was a wonderful father and a great husband. And now he's gonna miss out on watching [his five-year-old daughter] Kenadee grow, because he decided to drink and ride. Just don't. Just think before you guys do something stupid. Please learn from this. Please."
    • (11.03) Classic Morbid Angel Drummer Pete Sandoval has released the following statement about his recovery from back surgery in 2010: "Just wanted to tell you that my recovery is almost 100%. I'm able to play drums, but I don't want to push it doing a tour just yet. However, I am working with Wolf and Kat on new songs for a new Terrorizer album, and I'm also recording drums for two Resistant Culture tracks that will be featured on their upcoming full-length release. Keep an eye out for it, it'll destroy!!!!"
    • (11.02) "Book Burner", the fifth-full length album from Pig Destroyer, sold more than 4,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 102 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 2 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
    • (11.01) Mitch Lucker, vocalist for Suicide Silence, has died from injuries incurred from a motorcycle accident. He was 28 years old. RIP dude, you left far too soon.
    • (11.01) Nile will be doing a special tour early next year. To commemorate their 20th anniversary, the band will tour the states and play two long sets with a brief intermission. They hope to play a lot of material that the audience hasn't heard live before. Supporting them with be 3 local bands, different for each host city. They'll be in San Francisco at Slim's on March 24th.
    Oct 2012
    • (10.31) For those who enjoy drama, here's Napalm Death's vocalist Barney Greenway responding to an interview head of Earache records Digby Pearson gave a few weeks ago where he slams Greenway for being hard to deal with.
    • (10.30) Arch Enemy will be working on a new Live DVD/Bluray for next year, and will then write a brand new album for a springish 2014 release.
    • (10.27) Suffocation vocalist Frank Mullen has made a new statement with regards to the upcoming tour, to clarify his previous statement: "I am not leaving Suffocation. Massive, one-month-long touring on my side cannot be done anymore, though. When the new album is released next year, I will be touring as much as possible to support the album as well as the following year in 2014. When I was asked that question in the interview, I was taken off guard and didn't really know what my schedule was going to look like next year and wanted to try and answer. I haven't given much thought to what our touring schedule would look like since we've been in the studio recording the new release. So I'm going to be getting out there as much as I can to support the album and get out there in front of the ones who have supported Suffocation over the years, the true fans. So we are going to be supporting this record as soon as it comes out. The rest of the band adds: "We have respected this decision that Frank has made, but by no means does this mean Suffocation will 'replace' him with new singer or stop touring. Death metal has been good to us, and we feel fortunate with the success we have achieved. For shows or tours he can't be a part of, there will be a well-respected, talented fill-in singer, so we as a band can continue to prosper and bring Suffocation to the fans. Bill Robinson (Decrepit Birth) is a good friend of ours and came through during the European tours when Frank was unable to make the shows, but he was just filling in those two times. The fill-in singer will be announced soon, and we promise that our fans will not be let down. We have been fortunate to make a great living playing music, and are willing to continue to give our fans what they want."
    • (10.27) The Reset have released their EP "Progenitor" for free. Grab it here. The band is working on material for their debut album.
    • (10.24) Suffocation vocalist Frank Mullen won't be able to make all the dates for their upcoming tour, and the band will use a replacement vocalist. Here's his words on the subject, "I can't really tour full time anymore. So when the album comes out, they'll probably set up about a month-[long] tour, or something like that, in the States. I'll only do about two weeks of it. There'll be a fill-in singer [doing the rest of the shows]. And then I'll probably do maybe a week, or a week and a half, over in Europe, and then any other touring they do for the rest of the year, wil probably have somebody else filling in [on vocals]. I mean, I'll do, like, spot shows here and there. Unfortunately, as you get older, death metal doesn't make tons of money, and I've got a good job, so… you know, you've gotta work. And that's pretty much what it is. I'm not a kid no more. At this point, you've gotta start thinking ahead in your life, you've gotta start thinking long-term goals and stuff And unfortunately, death metal, again, it's not the type of music where you're gonna make millions and where you can make a really good living on it. I mean, you can have fun with it, and some bands could have a steady life on it, but for the most part, you do it more or less for the fact that that's what you love — you love death metal and that's what you play. It's more or less that than trying to make a living." Sorry to see this happen, Frank is awesome live, but it's understandable. I wish things were different and more people could make a living from death metal.
    • (10.24) Go here for a really good interview with reformed Broken Hope discussing why the band broke up in the first place, what led to the reformation, the new members to the band and why some older members didn't come back, and the band's future.
    • (10.24) Go here to listen to the new song 'Still They Pray' from the new Aeon album.
    • (10.22) Devin Townsend and Gojira will be on tour together this winter, and will come to San Francisco on Jan 23rd at the Fillmore.
    • (10.17) Go here for the new song 'Embodiment' off the new Devolved album.
    • (10.15) Go here to see a video of Glass Cloud's guitarist Josh Travis showing how he plays some of the more difficult bits in their song 'She Is Well and Nothing Can Be Ill'.
    • (10.11) Broken Hope has just signed with Century Media Records, and will have a new album out in 2013.
    • (10.11) Go here to listen to the new track 'The Laughing Prophet Of Doom' off the new Arkaik album.
    • (10.11) Guitarist Jon Levasseur of Cryptopsy will be forced to sit out the band's dates in support of their new, self-titled album. Filling in for him will be former Cryptopsy member Youri Raymond. No word as to why he has to sit out, whether it's due to illness, visa issues, or maybe he's quit the band again.
    • (10.10) The bus Between The Buried And Me and Periphery were sharing while on tour in Europe caught fire in England. Thankfully there are no injuries and no equipment was damaged, and the incident will not affect the touring schedule.
    • (10.08) Congrats to Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson and his girlfriend Stacy Riley, who got married on Oct 5th.
    • (10.06) Go here for the new song 'Shadow Of Eternal Sin' by Thy Art Is Murder off their soon to be released album.
    • (10.06) Go here for the cover artwork to the new Deftones album.
    • (10.05) Go here for the full new Tesseract song 'Nocturne', featuring new vocalist Ashe O'Hara.
    • (10.05) Hate have completed work on their new album, "Solarflesh", for an early 2013 release via Napalm Records.
    • (10.04) The Amenta's new album "Flesh is Heir" is 100% mixed, and will be mastered this week.
    • (10.04) Cryptopsy will be releasing a 2-CD best-of collection called "The Best Of Us Bleed", featuring demo and live recordings as well as three exclusive new tracks (written with Youri Raymond and Eric Langlois). It will be out November 20 via Century Media. Go here for a track listing.
    • (10.04) Go here to listen to another new track, 'Tempest', off the new Deftones album.
    • (10.03) Guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli of Pestilence has issued the following update: "We are working our asses of to finish composing the last two songs for 'Obsideo'. Dave is making vids for the songs and we are looking at recording drums in February. We also will do some old-school shows with songs just from the first three albums!!!! Including songs like 'Twisted Truth' and 'Commandments'!!!!!"
    • (10.01) Ressurection will record a new album in 2013.
    Sept 2012
    • (09.28) Go here for a teaser from the new Man Must Die album.
    • (09.28) Nile drummer George Kolias' new instructional DVD "Intense Metal Drumming 2" will be out Oct 16th on Hudson Music.
    • (09.28) Arsis are putting the finishing touches on the mixes for their fifth full-length album, "Unwelcome", tentatively due in early 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records.
    • (09.26) An update from Deeds Of Flesh: "We are pleased to announce that Ivan Munguia (Arkaik, Braindrill) will be taking over bass duties for Deeds of Flesh. Ivans abilities on bass are regarded as one of the elite in the scene today and we are stoked to his addition to the band. Many thanx go out to Erlend Caspersen for his incredible work on "Of What's to Come"."
    • (09.25) Aeon's new album will be called "Aeons Black", and will be released November 20 via Metal Blade Records. Go here for the album cover artwork. Go here for the title track.
    • (09.25) Go here for the new song 'Reign Of Darkness' by Thy Art Is Murder off their soon to be released album.
    • (09.25) Hanzel Und Gretyl's new album "Born To Be Heiled" will be out Nov 27th. Go here for the cover artwork.
    • (09.25) Go here for a trailer to the new Tesseract song 'Nocturne', featuring new vocalist Ashe O'Hara.
    • (09.25) Anthrax's album "Worship Music" has just passed the 100,000 albums sold mark in the US.
    • (09.25) Here's a new song, 'Square and Compass', off the new Elitist album that has been released today.
    • (09.21) Suffocation's new album "The Pinnacle Of Bedlam" is now due due in February/March 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records.
    • (09.21) Former Synthetic Breed vocalist Callan Hughes has rejoined the band. They plan on recording a new album in 2013.
    • (09.20) Go here for the official trailer to Nile drummer George Kollias' new instructional DVD, "Intense Metal Drumming 2", which will be released later this month through Hudson Music.
    • (09.20) Go here to listen to the new track 'Leathers' off the new Deftones album.
    • (09.19) Go here for some high quality video of Vile playing in Holland Sept 14th 2012. Click through his other videos for other songs from the show.
    • (09.19) Go here for an interesting interview with Chuck Billy of Testament discussing how he beat his cancer. Not sure I believe the whole story, but certainly makes for an interesting point of view.
    • (09.18) Go here to watch a video for the new song 'Tyrannical Decay' off the new Pathology CD.
    • (09.18) Suffocation's new album will be called "The Pinnacle of Bedlam", it will be released in 2013 with a bonus DVD.
    • (09.14) Thy Art Is Murder's new album will be called "Hate", and will be out Oct 19th.
    • (09.14) Sphere have announced on their Facebook page that their vocalist Jon Bergan has left the band. They have already recruited Isak Haugan to replace him. Furthermore, they have uploaded three updated tracks with the new vocalist to their SoundCloud page.
    • (09.13) Correction, Cryptopsy's new album is out now in both digital and CD formats. Check it out here.
    • (09.11) Go here to see a performance clip of Nile drummer George Kollias' new solo album. George's new instructional DVD, "Intense Metal Drumming 2", will be released later this month through Hudson Music. Kollias states, "This new DVD stands on the same concept as 'Intense Metal Drumming' did back in 2008. There is A LOT of educational stuff for beginners and more advanced players, many killer concepts and exercises that will help everyone. The quality of the new DVD is crazy; we used eight video cameras, 26 audio channels and there is a lot of bonus material that everyone will enjoy!"
    • (09.11) Follow these links to see several live songs from recently "reunited" Broken Hope, including 'Swamped In Gore', 'Pitbull Grin', 'Felching Vampires' and 'Remember My Members'.
    (09.08) Go here to listen to a new track 'True North' off the new Devin Townsend record "Epicloud".
    • (09.07) News from Tesseract: “We have found our new singer. He fits our vision for the stage and studio perfectly. Thank you for your patience over the last few months, but as the new single will attest, we feel it was worth the wait. The new single, entitled ‘Nocturne’ will be released through Century Media Records on October 12th."
    • (09.06) Release of Cryptopsy's new album has been pushed back to Nov 20th.
    • (09.06) A Des Moines doctor has been charged with eight counts of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly prescribing large amounts of narcotic painkillers to patients who later died of overdoses, including Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, who died May 24, 2010.
    • (09.02) Go here for a new track, 'Unto The Sun', off the forthcoming Elitist album "Reshape Reason".
    • (09.02) Drummer Kerim "Krimh" Lechner has left Decapitated. He explained in a statement, "Too many personal differences and other difficulties made me decide like this." He added, "I appreciate the good times we had together and what we could achieve in more than two and a half years. Even if our ways are dividing, I wish the band to keep going. However, it's time for me to move on. I don't know what will be next, but I would like to stay in this business. I love to write and play music for you guys. This is my life and this is what I want to continue." Decapitated has reportedly recruited former Vader drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz as Lechner's replacement.
    • (09.02) Go here to listen to a new track 'Type Zero Civilization' off the new Malignancy album. The album will be Out Oct 8th.
    Aug 2012
    • (08.31) Pig Destroyer's new album Book Burner will contain 19 songs, and will come in regular and Deluxe versions. The Deluxe version n comes with a 2nd CD that contains a bunch of punk covers, and a short story, titled "The Atheist", written by front man JR Hayes.
    • (08.31) Go here for audio samples of all the songs off the new Devolved album.
    • (08.30) Deftones' new album will be called "Koi No Yokan" and will be out Nov 13th.
    • (08.30) The Reset's new EP "Progenitor" will be out September 16th.
    • (08.27) Go here to get a new track called 'Exaggerated Torment' from band Insision. The song should be oon their new album due in 2013.
    • (08.27) Go here for a discussion with Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess about their recent live show in Argentina that was recorded for a forthcoming live DVD.
    • (08.26) Anders Friden from In Flames had this to say about new album plans: ""We'll probably continue touring for whole next year, and then we're gonna think about what we're gonna do. I mean, we already have some stuff in our heads, but the actual writing process is something that we do when we get off the road; we need to focus on that."
    • (08.25) Here's the cover artwork off the new Between The Buried And Me album "The Parallax II: Future Sequence".
    • (08.24) Go here to get a free copy of the latest Disentomb promo. Fans of Disgorge should check these guys out.
    • (08.24) Vader will start working on their new album next year, and it is tentatively called "Straight To Hell".
    • (08.23) Devin Townsend has stated on his twitter feed that he may not complete "Ghost II", and instead take the best parts and incorporate them into "Ziltoid 2". Here's the full tweet: "I tried to finish Ghost 2 the other day, but it's not solid enough. Doesn't engage. Going to use the best bits and art for elements of Z2."
    • (08.23) Go here to listen to another track, 'The Golden Square Mile', off the new Cryptopsy album, now due on Sept 14th. Really impressive song, this release is getting better and better.
    • (08.17) Go here for a statement from Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter on all of the changes the band has undergone in the past year, and the future direction of the band.
    • (08.16) George Kollias, drummer for Nile, is featured on the cover of the latest issue of DRUM! magazine. In his extensive interview, he discusses Nile's "At The Gate Of Sethu" release, his solo album, his new instructional DVD, and his early influences, among various other topics.
    • (08.16) Immolation have finished recording their new album.
    • (08.16) Go here to listen to 2 new tracks from Cryptopsy, 'Two Pound Torch' and 'Red-Skinned Scapegoat'. Sounds really impressive (very "And Then You'll Beg"), nice to have songwriter/guitarist Jon Levasseur back in the band. The album should be out sometime around Sept 11th.
    • (08.15) Otep should have a new album out January 2013.
    • (08.14) Volumes is writing a new album.
    • (08.14) Go here for a guitar playthrough video of Sphere's new song 'Shock And Awe', which will be on their new album due later this year.
    • (08.14) Go here for a new song from Humanity's Last Breath called 'Animal', which will be on their new album to be released next year.
    (08.09) Pig Destroyer have set "Book Burner" as the title of their fifth-full length album, due on October 23 via Relapse Records.
  • (08.09) "Dark Roots Of Earth", the new album from Testament, sold more than 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No, 12 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on July 31 via Nuclear Blast Records. Testament's previous studio album, "The Formation of Damnation", opened with 11,400 units back in May 2008 to debut at position No. 59.
  • (08.08) Go here to listen to a preview of a track off the new Obscenity album.
  • (08.08) And go here for the cover art to Arkaik's new album.
  • (08.07) Go here to listen to the new track 'Soliloquies Of The War Machine' off the new Arkaik album.
  • (08.04) Go here for 4 minutes of clips from the new Devin Townsend's album "Epicloud".
  • (08.02) Go here for the new song 'Supremacy Enforced ' off the new Devolved album.
  • (08.02) Apparently that EP of covers by Anthrax won't be an EP, but instead the songs will be used as bonus songs on rereleased albums and tribute CDs.
July 2012
  • (07.28) Arsis have set "Unwelcome" as the title of their fifth full-length album, due in the fall via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (07.28) Go here for the cover artwork to Devin Townsend's new album "Epicloud".
  • (07.27) Patrick Mameli of the band Pestilence has issued the following update: "We are very pleased that we can officially announce that David Haley (Psycroptic) will replace Tim Yeung for the upcoming Pestilence album and upcoming shows. Bassist Stefan Fimmers (ex-Necrophagist) already joined Pestilence for the new album, 'Obsideo', and live performances. Although Tim was really excited to join Pestilence, it was because of his conflicting tour schedules with Morbid Angel (and other projects), that made it nearly impossible for Tim to tour with Pestilence. But we (guitarist Patrick Uterwijk, Fimmers and Mameli) weren't really too disappointed by this unfortunate development because of our talks with David soon after. The new material will fit David perfectly. He is such an amazing drummer and a really cool guy as well!!! We all welcome him into the Pestilence camp."
  • (07.27) Periphery's drummer is seen here playing the track 'Ji' off the new album. Impressive stuff and well filmed.
  • (07.23) Devin Townsend has told his twitter followers that he'll be working on one new album, "Casualties Of Cool", before working again on "Ziltoid 2".
  • (07.22) Malignancy will release their new album, "Eugenics" on October 9 via Willowtip. Go here for the cover artwork.
  • (07.22) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Devolved album.
  • (07.19) Obituary, Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, Junglerot and Encrust wil be at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Septemer 26th.
  • (07.18) Krisiun have re-signed with Century Media Records.
  • (07.17) Go here for the cover artwork to the new The Faceless album.
  • (07.17) The next Between The Buried And Me album will be called "The Parallax II: Future Sequence", and will be out Oct 9th.
  • (07.17) The Faceless' new album "Autotheism" will be out Aug 14th 2012.
  • (07.15) Obituary are going to finish recording a 3 song EP after their current tour. And hope to have a new full length album out by January.
  • (07.14) Go here to watch a clip from Pete Sandoval's upcoming DVD.
  • (07.14) Go here to watch a 3 minute trailer for the new Cryptopsy album. Thankfully, no singing, lets hope it stays that way for the whole album.
  • (07.13) The new Devolved will be called "Reprisal" and as previously reported, should be out Nov 20th.
  • (07.13) Go here to listen to another new track, 'Native Blood', off Testament's "Dark Roots Of Earth".
  • (07.12) Broken Hope are reuniting, and will celebrate their return by joining forces with Obituary on the Carnival Of Death tour! Since the bands former vocalist Joe Ptacek passed away in 2010, Damian Leski of Gorgasm will be on vocal duties. Lets hope we get a new album from the band next year!
  • (07.12) Cryptopsy's new album should be out in September.
  • (07.12) "Periphery II: This Time It's Personal", the 2nd album from Periphery, sold nearly 12,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 44 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • (07.12) "At The Gate Of Sethu", the seventh full-length album from Nile, sold 3,800 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 131 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 2 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart. Nile's previous album, "Those Whom The Gods Detest", opened with 3,500 units back in 2009 to enter The Billboard 200 chart at No. 160.
  • (07.11) 19 years since their last appearance on stage, the "Screams Of Anguish" lineup of Brutality (Scott Reigel, Jeff Acres, Don Gates and Jay Fernandez, as well as our new addition Earl "Maddog" Zambella on
    drums) will reunite for an October 13 performance at the Brass Mug in Tampa. This is the annual Metal Meowlisha show (the charity operated by Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and his wife Heather) where all proceeds go to benefit our friendly felines. Commented Brutality: "It's an honor to have this show as our comeback event and we look forward to everyone's support for such a great cause. We as well will have merchandise to auction off for the benefit. Please show your support by coming out and having a great time. This is guaranteed to be a night for all to remember."
  • (07.10) Pig Destroyer have entered the studio to record their fifth full-length album. A late 2012 release via Relapse Records is expected.
  • (07.08) Go here for a really good interview with Karl Sanders of Nile about the new album.
  • (07.07) Deeds Of Flesh's new album "Portals to Canaan" will be out January 29th, 2013.
  • (07.07) Hate have entered Sound Division Studio in Warsaw to begin recording their new album, "Solarflesh", for a January 2013 release via Napalm Records.
  • (07.07) Ytsejam Records, the independent label that was responsible for releasing numerous live shows and demos from Dream Theater, is very much alive. With drummer Mike Portnoy's departure, who was the main person behind the record label, it's existence was questionable, but apparently vocalist James LaBrie has taken over and promises there will be future releases on the label.
  • (07.06) Dream Theater's August 19 and August 20 concerts at Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina will be professionally filmed and recorded for the band's next live DVD, to be released sometime next year.
  • (07.06) Pathology will release their new album, "The Time Of Great Purification", on September 25 via Victory Records. Go here for the cover artwork.
  • (07.05) Obscenity will release their eigth studio album, "Atrophied In Anguish" on September 14 as a digipak and as a digital download via Apostasy Records. Go here for the album cover.
  • (07.05) "L'Enfant Sauvage", the fifth album from Gojira, sold almost 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 34 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "The Way Of All Flesh", opened with 4,200 units back in 2008 to land at No. 138.
  • (07.01) Deftones has set a tentative October 9 release date for its seventh album.
June 2012
  • (06.30) Arkaik's new album "Metamorphignition" will be out Oct 9th. Go here for an album teaser.
  • (06.29) Recent message from Devolved: "All tracking for the new DEVOLVED Album is done! Mixing and Mastering will be completed in the next few weeks. CD title, Artwork and Tracklisting to be announced soon. Album in stores World-wide Nov 20th!"
  • (06.29) Go here for an interview with Dream Theater bassist John Myung.
  • (06.29) Adam 'Nolly' Getgood has joined Periphery as their new fulltime bassist.
  • (06.28) Andrew Haug, the former host of Triple J Australia's "The Racket" radio show, has just unveiled plans to launch Australia's first-ever dedicated 24/7 rock and metal online radio station via
  • (06.28) Go here for an interview with former Divine Heresy vocalist Tommy Vext where he discusses his split with the band all those years ago.
  • (06.28) Go here for an interview where Dino from Fear Factory defends his use of a drum machine on the new album.
  • (06.28) Devildriver have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The band's next album is tentatively scheduled for a release in 2013.
  • (06.27) Go here to listen to the new track 'New American Hate' from Testament.
  • (06.26) Go here to listen to Glass Cloud's new album streaming in its entirety.
  • (06.23) Reformed Massacre will be releasing a new 7" later this summer, followed by their 3rd full length album early next year.
  • (06.21) Anthrax will release an EP of cover songs in September. According the drummer Charlie Benante: "It started out as what I call 'The '70s EP'. It's made up of some cover songs from our favorite bands — consisting of Rush, Thin Lizzy, Boston, Journey … We're still working on it now, but I think it's gonna be really cool."
  • (06.20) Devourment has entered the studio to record their new album and first for new label, Relapse Records. The album will be recorded at Mana Recordings in St. Petersburg, FL with Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel). The album should be out early 2013.
  • (06.20) Go here to listen to the new Gojira album "L'Enfant Sauvage", streaming in its entirety. The CD will be released on June 26 via Roadrunner Records.
  • (06.20) Go here to listen to the 2nd new track, 'The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh', off the new Nile album.
  • (06.19) Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is showing signs of improvement after being diagnosed with pneumonia, according to a post by his family at the One Love For Chi web site.
  • (06.19) Go here to listen to the new track 'If He Dies, He Dies' off the new Glass Cloud album.
  • (06.17) Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in a semi-concious state for the past 3 years since a car accident, has contracted pneumonia. He's currently in Intensive Care )can't this guy ever catch a break?)
  • (06.16) Suture are back after a long hiatus, and have plans to re-record their 2002 debut full-length, "Carnivorous Urge To Kill", for release later this year.
  • (06.15) Go here for a preview of the new Mnemic song 'Junkies On The Storm'.
  • (06.14) Release of Glass Cloud's new album has been pushed back to July 10th.
  • (06.14) Release of the new Mnemic album has been pushed till June 19th
  • (06.14) "The Industrialist", the new album from Fear Factory, sold 9,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Mechanize", opened with 10,000 units back in February 2010 to land at No. 72. Fear Factory's 2005 CD, "Transgression", registered a first-week tally of 19,000 back in August 2005 to enter the chart at No. 45. "Archetype" sold 32,000 copies back in April 2004 to debut on the Billboard chart at No. 30.
  • (06.14) Arsis entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida on June 7 with producer Mark Lewis to begin recording their fifth full-length album for a fall release via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (06.13) Tesseract have parted ways with vocalist Elliot Coleman less than a year after he joined the band as the replacement for Dan Tompkins. He leaves on good terms, as the band describes, he just wasn't a good fit.
  • (06.12) Decapitated are seeking a new bassist. Interested parties can contact the band at
  • (06.12) Go here to listen to clips of all the songs off the new Periphery album.
  • (06.09) Go here to see the cover artwork to Cryptopsy's new self-titled album.
  • (06.07) Go here for an interview with Fear Factory on the new record, including some discussion on their decision to use a drum machine.
  • (06.06) Drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, Death) suffered a ruptured achilles tendon several days ago while training for the "Death To All Tour 2012". He is rehabilitating and hopes to still play the tour, although he may get more drumming help from other drummers scheduled to make appearances like Gene Hoglan and Danny Walker.
  • (06.05) Go here to listen to the new Periphery track "Make Total Destroy" off their new album.
  • (06.05) Go here to listen to the new Fear Factory album in its entirety.
May 2012
  • (05.31) Periphery's new album will be called "Periphery II: This Time It's Personal", and will be out July 3rd 2012 on Sumerian Records.
  • (05.31) "Undead", the new album from Six Feet Under, sold around 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 183 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 5 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
  • (05.30) Slipknot are putting together demos for their next album, which they hope to record next year.
  • (05.28) Go here to watch quality footage of Fear Factory's entire Sacremento show on May 21st 2012.
  • (05.27) Guitarist player "Big" Steeve Hurdle (Ex-Gorguts, Ex-Negativa) passed away on May 20th after post-surgical complications. He was a big part in the sound of Gorguts' third album, "Obscura", a pretty revolutionary and experimental death metal album, even by today's standards. I remember when I lived back in Montreal, a buddy who worked at Rock En Stock (the local death metal cd shop) told me he had heard the new Gorguts album, and it was going to revolutionize the genre. I thought to myself "Really? I mean, they're a good band, but they don't seem like the type to do that." Then I heard "Obscura", and was like "What the hell? This CD is insane!" It was possibly a little too far out there for my tastes, but as time went on, I kept coming back to that album again and again, because there was something fresh and new there. And over time, I came to respect the album greatly, and agreed that it did indeed revolutionize the genre, not because it has been well copied and imitated since, but because it was something so different that it helped show the audience what the style could do, all you needed was to be brave enough to step outside the box. Steeve will be greatly missed.
  • (05.26) Synthetic Breed will release a new 5 song EP, "Zero Degrees Freedom", on May 29 via Rogue Records America. The digital-only release will be available for purchase through Amazon, Bandcamp, and other digital retailers.
  • (05.25) Go here to listen to the new Nile track 'The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased'.
  • (05.24) Go here to listen to audio previews of all the songs off the new Mnemic album "Mnemesis".
  • (05.24) Nile's new album "At The Gate Of Sethu" will have a digipack version that will contain two bonus tracks, instrumental versions of songs off the album.
  • (05.24) "Fire From The Sky", the new album from Shadows Fall, sold around 10,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Retribution", opened with 13,000 units in September 2009 to land at No. 35.
  • (05.23) Devin Townsend's new "By A Thread" Live CD/DVD boxset will be out June 19th 2012.
  • (05.21) Here's an update on the band Martyr, who have been pretty inactive these past few years. "After 14 years of great musical adventures, drummer Pat Hamelin has decided to leave the band Martyr due to personal reasons. We all wish him well. The remaining members of Martyr are unsure about the future of the band, as there has been a lot of undergoing tensions through the last years that was not taken care of, thus resulting in a frustrating negative vibe that would stagnate creativity and motivation. Martyr is on hold for now. More news to come later. Thanks for your support over all these years!!"
  • (05.20) Visit Amazon to listen to audio samples from the new Fear Factory album.
  • (05.19) Go here to see a trailer for Devin Townsend's new "By A Thread" Live CD/DVD boxset.
  • (05.16) The new Testament album will come in a regular version, and a Deluxe CD/DVD that contains 3 extra cover songs and an extended version of one of the album's tracks.
  • (05.15) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Testament album, due out July 27, 2012 (Europe) and July 31, 2012 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (05.15) Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci has contributed a guest guitar solo to the forthcoming Periphery album, which should be out July 3rd 2012 on Sumerian Records.
  • (05.11) Behemoth will release a new album in 2013. They've already started writing a few riffs and other bits and pieces.
  • (05.10) Glass Cloud's debut album "The Royal Thousand" will be out on Basick Records July 2nd in Europe and one day later in North America.
  • (05.09) Devolved continues to record their new album for release later this year.
  • (05.09) Man Must Die are recording their new album.
  • (05.09) After a hiatus, Koldborn are back working on their 3rd album.
  • (05.08) Go here to listen to another new track ('Divide And Conquer') off the forthcoming Shadows Fall album "Fire From The Sky".
  • (05.04) Go here for an interview with Burton from Fear Factory on a number of subjects, including their new album and also the recent lineup changes.
  • (05.04) Go here for the song 'I've Been You' off the new Mnemic album.
  • (05.03) Cryptopsy's new album will be self titled. And here's a live performance of a track off the album, but note, the sound quality is horrible, so it's probably not worth watching.
  • (05.03) Prong's new album, "Carved Into Stone", sold around 1,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 13 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
  • (05.02) Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman will sit out the band's European tour to continue his recovery after an almost fatal spider bite last year. Exodus' Gary Holt will fill in.
  • (05.01) Whitechapel's new self-titled album will be out June 19th. Go here to listen to their first single, 'Hate Creation'.
Apr 2012
  • (04.28) Obscenity have finished recording their eighth full-length album, "Atrophied In Anguish", for an August release via Apostasy Records.
  • (04.28) The title track from Gojira's new album "L'Enfant Sauvage" is available for streaming at
  • (04.27) Go here to see the cover artwork too Nile's new album.
  • (04.26) Go here to listen to another new track ('The Unknown') off the forthcoming Shadows Fall album "Fire From The Sky".
  • The album "Al Azif" of THE GREAT OLD ONES band (French Ambient / Post Black Metal) will see its release Saturday, April 27. Acclaimed by the press, you will be the unique judges. Listen 2 titles and see all the reviews here:
    (04.25) Dream Theater have started writing music for a new album.
  • (04.25) Here's what Trevor Perez of Obituary had to say about new album plans: "It's pure Obituary, you know. It's what every fan would expect from us — fast, slow, in between, brutal… John Tardy going [imitating growling sound]. He added, "We're actually in the middle of writing new stuff now. We've been, actually, writing for probably a year. We've got a bunch of songs. When we get home from this trip, we're gonna record three songs, and we're probably gonna release a seven-inch two songs, and then one song is probably gonna be digital release only, through our web site. We're talking to Century Media about possibly doing a deal with them. That's still in the works. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have the full-length album out."
  • (04.25) The Amenta will release a new EP called "Chokehold" mid-May via Listenable Records. The EP features two brand new songs from the band, the title track "Chokehold" and a cover of the Godflesh track "Christbait Rising". The EP also features two live tracks taken from the bands 2011 "V01D" Australian tour as well as a remix of the track "V01D".
  • (04.25) Go here to get a preview of a new Fear Factory track off the new album "The Industrialist".
  • (04.25) Nile will release their new album "At The Gate Of Sethu" on July 3 via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (04.24) Gojira will release a new DVD/Blu-ray, "The Flesh Alive", in Europe on June 4 via Mascot. The three-disc set (including one CD) will chronicle the making of the band's 2008 album, "The Way Of All Flesh", and the touring activity that followed the CD's release.
  • (04.23) Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake is featured on the cover of Drum! magazine's May 2012 issue #191.
  • (04.20) Fear Factory will use Mike Heller (Malignancy, System Divide) as their new touring drummer.
  • (04.20) Slayer will release a 3 or 4 song EP of new music before they go in to record their next full length album.
  • (04.19) Go here to see the cover artwork to Gojira's new album "L'Enfant Sauvage".
  • (04.19) "Demonocracy", the new album from Job For A Cowboy, sold 4,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 87 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • (04.19) Behemoth is slowly working on new material, but they state it's still very early on.
  • (04.19) Mnemic's new album will be out June 8th in Europe.
  • (04.16) Devin Townsend's new album "Epicloud" will tentatively be released Sept 24th.
  • (04.14) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Tesseract EP.
  • (04.14) Dream Theater will be performing at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on July 1st.
  • (04.13) Vocalist / guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) has left Bloodbath. The band has a new as yet unnamed vocalist. Here's Mikael's statement: "Bloodbath, for me, was never a serious project, it was just something I did for fun. We did a few songs on the last North American tour, we did two songs at the very last show because we were touring with Katatonia, so the whole Bloodbath band was there. It's still fun, you know? But I think that some of the other guys in Bloodbath want to take it to the next level, which I don't really want to do because I'm so busy anyways. He added, "It doesn't really have to do with anything with my screaming vocals, it's just that it's not a progressive project for me. It's just paying tribute to death metal and I've done it for such a long time. And when it stops being fun, I don't really want to participate. We do things so rarely it's always been fun. The shows we've done have been fun, but I don't feel the need to do it."
  • (04.12) Go here to listen to the song 'Ammunition' off the new Prong CD.
  • (04.09) Go here to listen to the new Dying Fetus track 'Subjected To A Beating'.
  • (04.07) Arsis have recruited Shawn Priest as the full-time replacement for recently departed drummer Mike VanDyne. Priest, who has toured with the band in the past, will be behind the kit for the band's upcoming fifth studio album.
  • (04.07) Go here to listen to the new Job For A Cowboy album streaming in its entirety.
  • (04.06) Jim Marshall, who invented the Marshall amplifier, has died at 88. So many metal artists owe him a debt of gratitude, as a Marshall owner myself, I can't say enough great things about his amplifiers. His contribution to the metal world is huge, and he'll be missed.
  • (04.06) The new Deftones album is now scheduled for an Oct release.
  • (04.05) Gojira have set "L'Enfant Sauvage" as the title of their fifth album, due on June 26 via Roadrunner Records. That's french for "Savage Child".
  • (04.05) Mike Van Dyne, drummer and founding member of Arsis will be leaving the band. He's decided to focus on his career fulltime.
  • (04.05) "Koloss", the new album Meshuggah, sold 18,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 17 on The Billboard 200 chart. Their last CD "obZen" opened with 11,400 units to debut at No. 59. And "Catch 33" sold 7,000 copies in its first week of release to enter the charts at 170.
  • (04.02) Buy the latest issue (#226) of Total Guitar for an interview with Dream Theater's John Petrucci and Periphery's Misha Mansoor about each other's music, and their Wembley Arena show in London.
  • (04.01) The Deftones will enter the studio July 9th, and hope to have their new album out by the end of the year.
  • (03.31) Tesseract's "Perspective" EP will be out in Europe May 21st.
  • (03.30) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Fear Factory album.
  • (03.30) New song 'Fire From The Sky' off the new Shadows Fall album is available sttreaming here.
  • (03.27) The new Shadows Fall album has been pushed back to May 15th. Go here for the cover artwork.
  • (03.27) Go here to see the cover artwork to Dying Fetus' new album "Reign Supreme", and here for a 1 minute teaser for the album. It will be released June 17th.
  • (03.24) Go here to listen to an interview with drummer Dave Culross about his return to Suffocation.
  • (03.24) "Incurso", the third full-length album from Spawn Of Possession, sold around 700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD debuted at position No. 63 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
  • (03.23) Added a review to the Spawn Of Possession's "Incurso" album.
  • (03.23) "Torture", the twelfth studio album from Cannibal Corpse, sold 9,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Evisceration Plague", also opened with 9,600 units to land at No. 66. That was more than 50 percent higher than the opening tally of their 2006 CD, "Kill", which entered the chart at No. 170 after shifting more than 6,000 copies.
  • (03.23) Go here to see the cover artwork to Devin Townsend's new DVD.
  • (03.22) Glass Cloud have just released 2 tracks off their debut album on iTunes. Go here for more info. They hope to release the full album this summer. Fans of Periphery may want to check these guys out (with mild shades of deathcore).
  • (03.21) The current working title for the new The Faceless album is "Autotheism", and should be out by summer.
  • (03.21) The current working title for the new The Faceless album is "Autotheism", and should be out by summer.
  • (03.21) Go here to listen to another new track, 'I Am Colossus', off the new Meshuggah album.
  • (03.20) Go here to listen to the new Job For A Cowboy song 'Black Discharge'.
  • (03.20) Tool drummer Danny Carey said that the band hopes to enter the studio in June/July to begin recording its new album.
  • (03.20) Devildriver is currently looking for a new label while they continue to work on their 6th album.
  • (03.20) Go here to listen to a demo of a new Arsis song: 'Choking On Sand'.
  • (03.19) Added a review to the Cannibal Corpse's "Torture" album.
  • (03.16) Coming to a city near you, the "DEATH To All" Tour, a tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner, featuring just about every musician Chuck worked with including Gene Hoglan, Sean Reinert, Steve DiGiorgio, Scott Clendenin, Paul Masvidal, Shannon Hamm and Bobby Koelble. Go here for more info.
  • (03.14) Go here to read an interview with Mike Smith about leaving Suffocation. He seems pretty pissed off.
  • (03.13) Mnemic have set "Mnemesis" as the title of their fifth album, due later in the year via Nuclear Blast Records. See the cover artwork here.
  • (03.12) Go here to listen to the entire new Spawn Of Possession album streaming for your listening pleasure.
  • (03.11) Vital Remains have written 20 songs, and will record a new album this year.
  • (03.10) Gene Hoglan will not be playing drums on the new Fear Factory tour. No reason has been given.
  • (03.08) Nile have set "At The Gate Of Sethu" as the title of their new album, due in late spring/early summer via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (03.08) "Utilitarian", the 14th studio album from Napalm Death, sold around 2,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The CD debuted at No. 14 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart. Their previous album 2009's "Time Waits For No Slave", opened with around 1,800 units to land at No. 19 on the Heatseekers chart.
  • (03.07) Go here to see some high quality live footage from this year's Neurotic Deathfest, including songs by Suffocation, Origin and Gorguts.
  • (03.06) Guitarist Christopher Amott has left Arch Enemy. He leaves on goood terms, he's just decided to focus on his solo career. He will be replaced with Nick Cordle from Arsis. Christopher's brother, guitarist and founder of Arch Enemy Michael Amott, remains in the band.
  • (03.05) The Faceless have parted ways with guitarist Steve Jones and replaced him with Wes Hauch. This is the second person leaving in recent history, they parted ways with vocalist Derek Rydquist in May 2011 and replaced him with Geoff Ficco.
  • (03.03) Rob Zombie will begin work on a new studio album in June.
  • (03.01) Bolt Thrower will play a very special 25th-anniversary show, Boltfest, on Saturday, April 7 (Easter Bank Holiday weekend) at the HMV Forum in London, England. Joining them will be Autopsy, Discharge, Benediction and Vallenfyre.
  • (03.01) Fear Factory's new album "The Industrialist" will be out June 5th in North America.
  • (02.29) Thy Art Is Murder is busy writing their new album. Click here to listen to a demo from the album of the song 'In|Finite Forms'.
  • (02.29) Go here for a demo version of a new Devolved song called 'Systematic Avenger'.
  • (02.28) Go here for some more info on Mike Smith leaving Suffocation. The long story short, Dave Culross is the new permanent drummer for the band. I'll miss Mike, but I've seen Dave perform with Suffocation several times and he is fantastic, not to mention he was the drummer on their EP "Despise The Sun". So I'm sure he'll do a great job now that he's back.
  • (02.28) Go here to listen to audio samples from every track on the new Meshuggah album.
  • (02.28) Job For A Cowboy will release their new album "Demonocracy" on April 10 via Metal Blade Records. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (02.25) Nile have finished recording their new album and are scheduled to begin mixing it this weekend.
  • (02.25) "Utilitarian", the new album from Napalm Death, is available for streaming in its entirety at
  • (02.24) Go here to listen to the track 'Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion' off the new Meshuggah album (must have a Facebook account).
  • (02.23) Added a review to the Goatwhore's "Blood For The Master" album. The album sold around 3,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at No. 4 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart. The band's previous album, 2009's "Carving Out The Eyes Of God", opened with around 2,700 units to land at No. 16 on the Heatseekers chart.
  • (02.23) Patrick Mameli of Pestilence has released the following statement to "Recently, bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling and drummer Yuma van Eekelen have decided to work more intensively on their main projects.Therefore, bassist Stephan Fimmers (Necrophagist) and drummer Tim Yeung (Morbid Angel, Devine Heresy, Hate Eternal) will join Pestilence for the upcoming new album, 'Obsideo', and live performances. [I] would like to thank Jeroen Paul Thesseling and Yuma van Eekelen for their hard work and great musicianship on the 'Doctrine' album and live shows and we wish them both good luck in the future with their projects."
  • (02.23) Suffocation have reportedly parted ways with drummer Mike Smith. Although his exit from the group has not yet been officially confirmed, the band played a couple of East Coast shows this past weekend with former member Dave Culross once again sitting behind the kit. Also Mike wrote a rather cryptic message on his Facebook page on the subject.
  • (02.21) Release of Coldworker's new album "The Doomsayer's Call" has been pushed back to March 13th 2012.
  • (02.21) Man Must Die has announced the addition of drummer Todd Hansen (The Berzerker) to the group's ranks. The band is currently seeking a new label home following its split with Relapse Records, which released the group last album "No Tolerance For Imperfection".
  • (02.18) The new Devin Townsend DVD Live set called "By A Thread" will apparently have 10 discs. In Devin's words: "We're going to do the four DVDs, four audio discs, one of bonus footage, and because the shows are too long to fit the encores on the audio discs, we have a disc of just the encores. . . There's bonus material from 'Ghosts' and 'Deconstruction'. We did a bunch of Punky Bruster stuff and for "Addicted" we did a bunch of old catalog stuff, just to flesh it out." Devin is already working on his next album "Epicloud", which "goes between melodic hard rock to schizophrenic heavy metal to country to really ambient stuff".
  • (02.18) 'Do Not Look Down', a brand new song from Meshuggah, can be streamed here.
  • (02.18) Shadows Fall's new album will be called "Fire From The Sky", and will be released on May 8 via Razor & Tie.
  • (02.17) Nasum, as part of their farewell tour (reported on a few month ago), will be in Oakland California at the Oakland Metro May 28th (with Exhumed).
  • (02.16) Go here for a Polish news report (with video) on Adrian "Covan" Kowanek, former vocalist for the band Decapitated, who has been left terribly injured after a bus crash 4 years ago. Click on the CC button to get english subtitles. Seeing him in this state is just so sad, my heart really goes out for the guy. If you have any extra cash around, I highly recommend supporting the band or the family directly, for info and links, see the description of the youtube clip, or visit
  • (02.16) The new Devin Townsend 4 DVD Live set will be called "By A Thread", and should be out this summer.
  • (02.14) Fear Factory have announced that Matt DeVries (Chimaira, Six Feet Under) has joined the group as their new bass player.
  • (02.14) Go here to listen to the new track 'Bodiless Sleeper' by Spawn Of Possession from their new album.
  • (02.13) Cryptopsy continues to work on their new album.
  • (02.12) Gortuary have a new song 'Dieties Of Disease' on their myspace. No idea if this is from a new album or just a demo.
  • (02.12) Vile is seeking a bassist and lead guitarist for future shows in California and eventually a European tour.
  • (02.11) Fear Factory have finished recording their new album, "The Industrialist".
  • (02.10) Cannibal Corpse's new album will be out March 13th.
  • (02.10) Prong's new album will be out April 24th. Here's the cover artwork.
  • (02.09) An update on Blabbermouth on Deftones bassist Chi's condition: "According to The Pulse Of Radio, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is showing more signs of emerging from a semi-comatose state to a semi-conscious state, over three years since he was gravely injured in a November 2008 car crash. Cheng is now able to move his leg on command (see video below), but is still otherwise unable to move or speak aside from grunting noises that he began making in October. Cheng required surgery after the car accident to remove part of his brain, but his recovery was strong enough that he was taken off life support seven months later. Over the course of the past two years, Cheng has emerged from his coma for brief intervals. He opens his eyes and apparently can see and hear things going on around him, but cannot respond verbally. Nevertheless, Cheng's family is running out of money. He is staying in a special facility in New Jersey and lost his insurance just months after the accident. His family reportedly has just $17,000 out of the total $250,000 needed for his full course of treatment and recovery."
  • (02.09) Mnemic are now in the studio recording their new album.
  • (02.08) Devin Townsend's "Deconstruction" album has been nominated for a Juno award (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy's).
  • (02.07) Slayer hope to enter the studio in March to record their new album.
  • (02.07) Go here to listen to a second track off the new Cannibal Corpse album.
  • (02.06) Monstrosity will release their "Live Apocalypse" DVD on March 13. The DVD includes their performance at the Brutal Assault festival in Josefov Czech Republic.
  • (02.05) Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante's mother passed away yesterday. Our thoughts go out to him and the entire Benante family.
  • (02.05) Shadows Fall have finished recording their seventh album.
  • (02.03) Vocalist Chuck Billy of Testament, when asked about Gene Hoglan who is currently the band's tour drummer, and whether he'd become the band's new permanent drummer, said: "We'd like him to be, but I think right now we're just taking it tour by tour. We don't know yet. We just kind of unexpected had to do this tour before the record came out, so we haven't really thought about it yet."
  • (02.02) "Global Flatline", the seventh studio album from Aborted, sold around 1,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 27 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
  • (01.26) Whitechapel have enetered the studio to work on their 4th album.
  • (01.26) Fear Factory's new album will be called "The Industrialist" and will be out this year in Europe via AFM Records and in the U.S. through Candlelight.
  • (01.25) Tesseract are working on an acoustic EP, tentatively titled "Perspective", for a spring release via Century Media Records. The album will contain reworked versions of tracks from the band's debut album, "One", plus "a very special" cover version. Once they're done, they'll continue writing their next full length album.
  • (01.24) Go here to listen to the song 'Collapse In Eternal Worth' from the new Goatwhore album.
    (01.18) In a recent interview, Gojira guitarist/vocalist Joe Duplantier said that the long awaited "Sea Shepherd" EP will get finished shortly after they finish recording their new album.
  • (01.18) Go here to see the cover artwork to Meshuggah's new album.
  • (01.18) Go here to listen to a new track 'Where Angels Go Demons Follow' from the new Spawn Of Possession CD.
  • (01.17) Bassist Olivier Pinard (Neuraxis) has officially joined Cryptopsy.
  • (01.17) Go here for the cover artwork to Cannibal Corpse's new album, and here for the track 'Demented Aggression' off the album.
  • (01.14) Lost Soul have announced the addition of drummer Paul Jaroszewicz (Christ Agony, ex-Vader) and guitarist Marek Golas (Sammath Naur) to the group.
  • (01.14) According to the webstore of Nuclear Blast Records, Meshuggah have set "Koloss" as the title of their new album.
  • (01.13) Suffocation are working on material for their new album, tentatively due this summer via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (01.12) Cannibal Corpse will release their twelfth studio album, titled "Torture", in March via Metal Blade Records.
  • (01.12) Beneath The Massacre will release their new album, "Incongruous", in the U.S. on February 14, in the U.K. on February 20, in mainland Europe on February 24 and in Canada on February 28 via Prosthetic Records. Go here to listen to the song 'Symptoms', and here to listen to the song 'Left Hand'.
  • (01.11) Prong have set "Carved Into Stone" as the title of their new album, due later in the year via Long Branch Records/SPV.
  • (01.08) Obscenity have inked a deal with Apostasy Records. The band is preparing to enter Soundlodge Studio in Rhauderfehn, Germany to begin recording its eighth album, tentatively titled "Atrophied In Anguish", for a June release.
  • (01.07) Go here to listen to a new track off the soon to be released Napalm Death album.
  • (01.05) Meshuggah's new album should be out March 27th.
  • (01.02) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Deeds Of Flesh album.
  • (01.02) Devin Townsend's recent 4 concert event in London, where he played all 4 of his recent albums live, was recorded and will surface as a 4 DVD set coming this July.

  • ++
    Oceano, The Carrier, Defiance, Waking The Dead, Bare Infinity, Celesty, Constraints, Subversion, Dry Eye Cascade, Anterior, Elis, Rev 16:8, Pangea, 8Control, DesDemon, Dead And Divine, Averse Sefira, Akkadian, A Plea For Purging, Ashka, Surfaces, Life After, Unearthly Trance, Sledgegrinder, Muleta Smiles, After The Spire, Sledgegrinder, Face Of Ruin, In The Midst Of Lions, We The Martyr, Laconic, Pat The Human, HYDRA HEAD RECORDS, One Without, Conteched, Romeo Must Die, The May 4th Massacre, call it quits.

    Thinning The Herd drummer passes away.
    New Interview Online With Heavens Basement
    Josh Doyle Premieres Everyone's Alone Live Acoustic
    Honor By August Signs With Rock Ridge Music
    Buckcherry To Release New Album "Confessions" in February
    Fatal Smile "my Private Hell" -Video Trailer Released
    Pierce The Veil Announces 2013 Spring Headline Tour
    Biffy Clyro "Black Chandelier" Video Premiere
    Bad Books Announce 2013 Tour Dates News
    Eyes Set To Kill To Host Stickam Session Today
    In Flames Announces Additional Tour Dates For 2013
    Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Announce "Good Light" release
    Atlas Genius Announce Release Of Debut Album
    Spreading "La Epidemia": Ill Nino Announces New Tour
    Last Call's "Dog Years" Now Streaming On Purevolume
    Lacuna Coil To Embark On 2013 Us Tour With Sevendust
    Rocky Loves Emily Releases New Video For "Oil & Water..."
    Hollywood Undead Reveal Album Artwork
    New Album From The Fold
    Eve 6 Releases "Curtain" Music Video
    Hollywood Undead Select Clown To Direct "We Are" Video
    U2 Releases "From The Ground Up" Tour Package
    Boys Like Girls Need Your Help To Unlock A New Song!
    Rachael Yamagata Kicks Off North American Headline Tour
    It Boys! Releases New Music Video For "Start The Part
    The Richest Lead Singers In The World List Published
    Thursday's Geoff Rickly Release Free Solo Material
    Charlie Simpson Updates Fans On World Record, Tour
    Sleeping At Last Release Free Download Of Live Song
    Mean Creek Premiere New Single, "Come On, Before It's gone
    Jon Bon Jovi's daughter hospitalized and charged after heroine overdose.
    TCOYN charged with producing child porn.
    SUICIDE SILENCE Vocalist Mitch Lucker Passes Away at Age 28 due to a bike accident.
    Man Overboard Announce Lost Tape Collective Holiday
    Upon This Dawning's Debuts At #9 On The Billboard chart
    Listen To "non-State Actor" From Soundgarden
    Futures To Play Farewell Show On December 12th
    Europe Follow One Show Appearance With "Bag Of Bones"
    Blood On The Dance Floor Announce "Anthem Of The Outcast EP
    Hollywood Undead Premiere New Single "We Are"
    Modern Rock Act Makeshift Prodigy To Release Debut Ep
    Flyleaf's New Album New Horizons Out Today
    Download Joshua James's "Build Me This" For Free

    Anthropologist Sam Dunn and Banger Films have documented the history and evolution of rock’s ugly cousin, heavy metal. “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” (2005) broke down metal’s various styles in a heavy metal family tree, and explained through exhaustive research and interviews, the construction and progression of each style. Although the film played on network television outlets such as VH1 Classic, an hour-and-a-half film is a mere scratch on the shield of heavy metal history.

    After releasing a stint of award-winning films such as “Iron Maiden: Flight 666,” and “Rush: Behind the Stage,” Banger Films returned to metal lineage, this time securing a contract with VH1 Classic to release a season of “Metal Evolution: The Series.” Each week Sam and his crew presented an hour-long segment focusing on a single sub-genre. Dunn documented everything from the prototype bands that influenced metal’s loud and raucous nature to Black Sabbath’s rise, eventually landing on newer styles such as Nu Metal and Power Metal (‘80s German to modern Finnish symphonic).

    Even though Banger Films released eleven episodes, there were still major holes in the series. Viewers reached out to the film company and asked why the network didn’t release episodes on extreme metal branches such as black metal, death metal and grindcore. The simple answer is none of the networks felt those topics were suitable for television.

    Now Dunn and Banger Films have set out to create “The Lost Episode,” a segment devoted to extreme metal. Metal called Sam Dunn to discuss how he and his crew plans to write, film, finance and release “Metal Evolution Episode 12: The Lost Episode, Extreme Metal.”

    German progressive metal band Beyond the Bridge announced the devastating loss of keyboardist/guitarist Simon Oberender today. The cause of death was not announced. Less than two weeks ago, Oberender performed with the band at ProgPower USA in Atlanta as part of the band's first ever performance in the United States.
    Metallica teams up with Vans shoes.
    Beta Wolf Releases Official "Domino" Video
    Trapt With New Single Out In "Love Hate Relationship"
    New Single From The Wedding In "Heartbreak In Melody"
    Chino (Deftones) And Isis Members Starts New Project Palm
    New Stone Sour Music Video For "Gone Sovereign"
    Dropkick Murphys Announce January 8 Release Of Forthcoming album
    Arjen Lucassen Begins Work On New Ayreon Album
    Black Sabbath Currently Recording New Album
    Sharks Reveal Video For "Luck"
    Deftones Release First Official Single Off New Album
    Dave Grohl Confirms Foo Fighters Hiatus
    The Starting Line's "The Early Years" To Be Released soon
    Heavens Basement Unleash Official Video For Fire, Fire
    Papa Roach Releases "The Connection" Now
    Underoath Announce Plans To Disband
    Black Oxygen Fall Dates With Taproot, Hurt & Smile, etc.
    Vans And Metallica Join Forces
    Muse "The 2nd Law" Out Now

    Mortiis has teamed up with Norwegian filmmaker Reinert Kiil for a film short, titled "Vardøger," including "Geisteskrank" by Mortiis, which will debut at the BUT film festival in Breda, The Netherlands, on September 8th. The debut will be followed by a showing at Oslo Fright Fest on September 22.

    The mini film "Vardøger" and soundtrack "Geisteskrank" will be made available to everyone via as a free download starting October 1st 2012. “Vardøger" will be shown in conjunction with Kiil’s full-length films, “Hora” and “Inside the Whore.” This is Kiil’s first musical collaboration.

    Dominican death metallers Archaios just published on their Facebook page an official statement about the murder of one of their peers, Exsanguination Throne's drummer Jose Carlos Hernández, on September 2nd while the band was playing at a local concert. This vile and violent affair only adds more trouble to the cloud of controversy that has surrounded the band and the Dominican Metal scene for more than two decades.

    It's been over year since IWrestledABearOnce announced the band would be releasing "A Beary Scary Movie," a feature film starring none other than the members themselves. "A Beary Scary Movie" is now scheduled for release on November 6th, 2012.

    IWrestledABearonce has teamed up with to premiere the official trailer for the film, which can be viewed right here or in the player below.

    "A Beary Scary Movie" was written and directed by Justin Beasley of KOTK Productions and features the musical stylings and acting debut of IWrestledABearOnce. The horror-comedy follows the tale of Shreddy - the deranged guitarist from legendary 80's hair metal band White Vulture - who comes straight from hell murdering bands one by one by hacking them to pieces. Now it's up to Steven, Mikey, John, Krysta and Ricky to make it out alive. The film also features a cast including M. Shawn Clown Crahan, Larry Parks, John Dillion, Phillip Wright, Jim Babel, Charlie Huffman and Kelly Keodara, with a special appearance by Jake Busey.

    The Goodnight Announce Release Of New Ep Keep Control
    Indie Pop Band Kingsfoil To Release New Album Sept 25
    Dispatch To Stream Sold Out Radio City Music Hall Concer
    Green Day Premiere Music Video For "Kill The Dj"
    Debut Album From Chris Wallace Available Now
    Field Report Streaming Debut Record Via Billboard
    AxeWound: Debut Album "Vultures" Out 10/2
    These United States Explore "Maps" In New Animated Video
    Walk Off The Earth To Release R.e.v.o. Ep October 30
    Authorities say a New Hampshire woman has been arrested four times in 26 hours for blasting the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell" and other loud music from her home.

    In a recent "Debunktion Junction" video clip covering claims about Tampa, Florida during the Republican National Convention, liberal political commentator Rachel Maddow discusses the city's status as a famous death metal gathering place.

    Check out the clip below (the part about death metal bands starts at 3:50, but if you want to hear about claims of the city being the strip club capital of the U.S. start at about 2:30) which also features a brief music video segment from Deicide. You can also check out the clip over at here.


    Born of Chaos Records has issued the following statement about a bomb threat being called in prior to the label's showcase last night:

    "As many of you may or may not know, there was a bomb threat sent in to the police, the news and the Trocadero in Philly last night prior to our Born of Chaos Records label showcase at the historic venue. While the police and F.B.I. determined that it was a hoax after sweeping the building with dogs, the e-mail itself was rather threatening.

    "I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to our show last night to show their support, all of the bands who still played in light of the threat as well as the extra time it took to search everyone’s gear and person more thoroughly before getting in, the staff of the Trocadero who were absolutely amazing as well as the Philadelphia Police Department and the F.B.I. who did a wonderful job searching the building and allowing the show to continue with very minimal delays. In this day and age threats like this cannot be taken lightly.

    "To our friends who opted to stay home because of this threat, much respect to you as well for ensuring your own safety, we’ll catch ya at another gig down the line. At Born of Chaos Records we believe in the family aspect of heavy metal and the true (and not just spoken) support of our metal scene. While we have had to reject bands from being on the label, that is the nature of the beast (hey we’re still new and completely self financed) we support bands from all over and even put entire tours together with complete line-ups of non-label bands that don’t yield us a cent, just to help others in the metal scene get added exposure.

    "I just hope that is does not turn out to be someone in our scene that is trying to fuck up what a group of people are dedicating their lives to succeed in. We are aiming for the top, but we want everyone to come with us."

    A news story about the bomb threat can also be read over at here.


    The Slovenian Bay area thrash metal maniacs Panikk just finished the recording of their upcoming album which is scheduled to be released in early 2013 on Metal Tank Records under the name of Unbearable Conditions.


    The band comment: we finally finished the recording of Unbearable Conditions. The overall recording went smoothly, in fast mood and with no dramatic issues. We already heard the very final result and the entire crew is both excited and thrilled about what months of recording gave birth to: a lethal dose of fast, old school and untamed thrash metal. We are pretty sure that all of you enjoying tunes from legendary acts such as VIO-LENCE, EVILDEAD, SEPULTURA, DEMOLITION HAMMER, FORCED ENTRY and ACID REIGN will dig our latest effort at 100%.


    Below you can preview "Panic Attack", the first single taken from the album.


    Panikk - Panic Attack:


    Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, who is no stranger to controversial statements and has repeatedly stated he doesn't believe President Obama was born in the United States, has now said he believes Obama staged the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin to "pass a gun ban." Video of Mustaine making the statement can be viewed below. Dave says:

    "Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these, these murders, like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border, Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there, and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."
    Nikki Sixx has called Mustaine a fucking asshole after learning about this statement.


    Anthrax's music has been played at New York's Yankee Stadium, in Moscow, Warsaw, Australia, Japan, and at Castle Donington in the UK. But now, thanks to NASA, Anthrax is the first metal band to ever have its music played on Mars. As Anthrax's Scott Ian put it, "Yes, there will be moshing on Mars."

    "Got The Time," from the band's 1990 Gold-certified "Persistence of Time," was one of several songs on NASA's wake-up playlist for the Mars Rover, Curiosity, that touched down on the Red Planet August 5th. "Got The Time" woke Curiosity up on Day Six, along with "Echelon" by 30 Seconds to Mars. Since Curiosity's Mars landing, the playlist has also included The Beatles' "Good Morning Good Morning," the theme from "Star Wars," and Wagner's "The Ride of the Valkyries."

    Next on Anthrax's Planet Earth agenda is a Fall co-headline tour with Testament, with Death Angel supporting. This will be Leg Three of the Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel hat-trick, and will mark Anthrax's first tour of Canada in support of the band's most recent release, "Worship Music."

    The biggest rock band in the world, KISS, is launching the largest rock book ever to be published, 'KISS Monster Book', standing 3 feet high by 2.5 feet wide and 2 inches thick, with a special appearance at the Viper Room on Tuesday, August 21 from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

    The 'KISS Monster Book' offers a larger-than-life journey through 40-years of KISS with an intimate collection of 127 photographs by world-renowned rock photographers, including rare and never-before-seen images sourced from the band's own archives. The massive book is a collector's goldmine, with just 1,000 copies available and individually signed, dated and numbered by the four members of the current line-up. Printed in high-definition links by one of the world's finest limited-edition and large format printers, each copy has been hand stitched-and-bound in Italy, by the same binder used by The Vatican.

    Eleven different covers with matching signature pages have been produced, and anyone buying the book can choose their cover when they place their order. The pictures inside include unseen gems, old 35mm slides, famous moments and brand new pictures that bring the band right up-to-date. Coupled with the sheer size and quality of the images, this book is a photographic monument that chronicles the cultural phenomenon known as KISS. It's an up-close-and-personal view of the most globally-recognized band in rock history, bringing the epic KISS experience alive.

    Paul Stanley comments: "This book is way beyond my expectations. The photos are incredible at this size. It's not a coffee table book, it's a coffee table!"

    KISS has worked closely with the publishers, carefully choosing the best and rarest images to illustrate every decade of their glorious history. The photos selected for the 'KISS Monster Book' capture the absolute essence of being in-and-around a KISS concert, with incredible work by some of the greatest rock photographers of all time, including Richard Aaron, Fin Costello, Bob Gruen, Ross Halfin, Tom Hill, Steve Jennings, Andrew Kent, Barry Levine, Eric McKenna, Evan Mover, Michael Putland, Denis O'Regan, Chip Rock, Al Soluri, Mark Sullivan, Mark Weiss and Neil Zlozower. The result is an explosion of giant photographs showing KISS alive, with a stunning recreation of the KISS live experience that leaves you with the smell of pyrotechnics in your nostrils, the sound of the music in your ears, and a sense of danger in your belly. Many of the close-up photographs are literally the closest any fan could ever get to their rock heroes without an All-Access pass. The 'KISS Monster Book' is the ultimate rock book experience.

    KISS is massively influential on a global platform. The band is widely acclaimed for their elaborate live performances, which includes face paint, flamboyant stage outfits, fire-breathing, blood-spitting, smoking guitars and pyrotechnics. Formed in NY in the early 1970's, KISS has broken box office records set by The Beatles and Elvis and is America's #1 Gold Record Award-winning group of all-time (RIAA certified). The band's KISSOLOGY Volume I, Volume II and Volume III have sold an amazing 20 times platinum in just North America alone. The band has sold more than 40 million albums U.S.; 20 million RIAA certified, and worldwide sales exceeding 100 million. KISS is currently on tour.

    For more information, please visit and official website

    Caspian Posts New Song "Halls Of The Summer"
    Robert Smith (The Cure) Records Song For Tim Burton F
    Insane Clown Posse Pursue Legal Action Against Fbi
    Sick/Sea Announce Fall Tour Dates Leading Up To new Release
    August Burns Red Announce "Sleddin Hill',
    Journey's Neal Schon To Release New Album
    UFO To Return To North America This Fall
    John Hampson Of Nine Days Releasing New Album In September
    Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons Join Norah Jones
    WildEye Releasing and Mind Engine Productions presents 'Tight', a hilarious 'mockumentary' about four adult performers who create the all-girl rock band Tight, and hit the road to promote their music, meet new fans and learn about friendship, perseverance and the insanity of the rock & roll lifestyle. For the first time ever, the lives of an all female adult star rock band is documented for the world to see.

    Tight, available on DVD September 25, follows Monica Mayhem, Tuesday Cross, Alicia Andrews and Layla Labelle as they temporarily take leave of the adult industry and try to make it as rock musicians, sweating it out in the clubs under the management of one of the biggest names in the adult industry, and former Charlie Sheen Goddess, Bree Olson.

    "The biggest challenge a porn star band faces is being taken seriously," says Bree Olsen. "These are very talented musicians but not everyone is willing to give them a chance."

    Tight (the band) competed and won on Howard Stern's XXX Factor talent competition back in April, and a new lead singer, Kelley Jean, recently replaced Mayhem, adding a new dynamic to the quartet. Tight is headed on tour soon, just in time for the release of Tight (the movie) as well as the band's new single 'Down to the Bottom'.

    The passion and spirit of the performances shine through in the film, which The New York Post declared "the best mockumentary since Spinal Tap!" Tight is a powerful force of raw energy that pierces the screen in Tight, making it a delirious spectacle for the senses.

    Tight is loaded with extras, including deleted scenes, bonus videos, unseen concert footage, sexy image galleries, trailers and four pages of liner notes, and is already receiving raves: James King of the Phoenix New Times notes that "'Tight has all the components of a perfect reality series".

    For more information, please visit:


    Following the unveiling of the packaging and track listing of the "I Get Wet" 10th Anniversary deluxe edition last week, Andrew W.K. has given details of a super limited 500 double-disc autographed edition.

    In addition to a special autographed 20-page booklet that accompanies the two discs, the 500 double-CD copies will include very unique personal items from the party king himself. These items, inserted at random, may include a piece of Andrew W.K.'s own personal, stage-worn and filthy white Levi's 501 jeans that were cut into 496 pieces. Three of the remaining limited packages will contain a lock of W.K.'s unwashed hair, while one lucky purchaser will receive an autographed airplane ticket stub that W.K. used to fly from Prague to New York City. Out of consideration for the recipients of his dirty jeans and hair, a Bloody Nose Air-Freshener will be included in all packages to help with any potential odors contained in the CD case.


    It was recently revealed that the alleged Wisconsin shooter, who reportedly wounded and killed several people at a Sikh temple, was a member of white supremacist band End Apathy. Since then CNN has posted an opinion piece about white power bands written by Lonnie Nasatir, who is the director of the Anti-Defamation League's Upper Midwest Region.

    In the article Hatebreed was included in a list of white power bands, which is a charge the group denies. CNN apparently realized the error or was contacted by people upset about the claim, as Hatebreed's name has now been removed from the list and the bottom of the article includes the following update:

    A previous version of this commentary incorrectly included the band Hatebreed in a list of white power bands. Hatebreed is a self-described "hardcore metal" band. CNN regrets the error.

    The retraction came after Hatebreed posted the following message on Twitter:

    "Again @CNN loses all respect. First they ignore the #FREERANDYBLYTHE story now they slander us. We demand a retraction & an apology. #hacks"

    Read the full article at CNN.

    Green Day Reveal Live Video Of New Song "Let Yourself....
    Lostprophets Announce Late Summer Headline Tour
    New Album Out With Robert Tepper
    Stream Robert Cray's New Single
    Ministry's Al Jourgensen Collapses Onstage In Paris
    Garrison Starr On The Road Through The Fall
    Dogbane guitarist David Ellenburg passes away at 47.
    No Use For A Name's singer Tony Sly dead at 41.
    Steve Vai's "John The Revelator" Premieres On Rolling Stone
    Boys Like Girls Announce Co-Headlining National Tour ....
    Mean Creek Announce New Album Titled "Youth Companion....
    The After Party Kick Off The Boys Of Summer Tour With....
    Of Mice & Men Deluxe Reissue Out Today On Rise Record....
    The Gaslight Anthem Releases New Album, "Handwritten,....
    Atlas Genius Joins Silversun Pickups On North America....
    Liana Conway Premieres Lyric Video For "August Rush"

    Napalm Records has issued the following announcement about Grave Digger releasing its own shampoo:

    "In cooperation with natural cosmetic expert Rutano, Germany’s power metal legends Grave Digger releases their very own 2-in-1 shampoo / shower gel.

    "This combination has been especially created for the 'It-has-to-be-done-quick' moments in life. The product will be manufactured as a first-class aluminum finish and will soon be available at the Grave Digger online shop!

    "Beside the practical 2-in-1 use, the major focus was on finding the right partner for this unique cooperation. Since their beginning, Rutano has been working only with non-animal-tested ingredients. Moreover, all products are completely vegan. In addition, social commitment is a major part of the company’s basic principles.

    Former Deep Purple keyboardist, Jon Lord, who was with the band from 1968 until 2002, has passed away at the age of 71, after succumbing to pancreatic cancer.

    According to, a hardcore show featuring Sick of it All, Cro-Mags and Vision Of Disorder, had to be cancelled tonight when Harley Flanagan, founding (and former) bass player of the Cro-Mags, reportedly entered the VIP Lounge with a knife and stabbed current Cro-Mags bassist Mike Couls in the chest. An excerpt of events reads as follows:

    "Cops quickly appeared and took him away in cuffs. Not before he had already stabbed some dude in the chest (said victim left the scene with a bandage over the wound). Because of the violence the rest of the show was canceled. The remaining bands promised to reschedule the show. To be fair, Webster Hall security contained the situation professionally. Lots of drunken, pissed off hardcore fans were on edge after the cops shut down the show, but the scene was cleared without further incident."

    Read the full article at

    Rob Zombie is working on his new movie "The Lords Of Salem".
    Paul Di' Anno announces retirement in 2013.
    Ex-Sorrowseed drummer passes away.
    Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe appeared before court Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Czech time to address charges that he caused the death of a fan two years ago after a May 2010 show. The judge, believing Blythe to be a flight risk, imposed bail at $200,000 (4 million Czech koruna). Blythe claimed that the amount was more than he makes in a year. Randy will be remanded into custody until Monday when the banks open to make the payment. Blythe's lawyer, Vladimir Jablonski, echoed that Randy Blythe had no idea that after that Prague concert the fan had died two weeks later as a result of his injuries. Read the full article via translator here.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Premiere Video For "Brendan's Death Song.
    James Iha To Release Solo Album + New Song
    Mumford & Sons Announce Summer Tour Dates
    The Hives Announce U.s. Tour Dates This September
    Shiny Toy Guns To Release "Iii" October 2012
    Dispatch Release Lyric Video For Single And Title Track
    The All-American Rejects Premiere Walk Over Me Video
    New Dave Matthews Band Studio Album Out 9.11
    Muse Unveil New Single "Survival"
    The D.o.t.'s Rob Harvey And Mike Skinner Release New Ep
    Head Automatica Announce New Uk Dates
    Jared Leto, Zach Braff, Maria Bello, Darren Aronofsky and David Fincher are among those co-hosting a "Gen44" event for Obama on June 29 in Los Angeles
    Former American Recording Artists Manmade God Are Reforming for a Bay Area appearance
    Kyle Patrick Premiers New Song "Go For Gold"
    Details Revealed For The Flaming Lips 24 Hour Tour
    Green Day Forced To Cancel "Secret" Free Burbank Show
    New Interview Online With Cary Brothers
    The Dirty Heads Cabin By The Sea Out Now
    Eye Empire Release Impact As A 2cd Set
    Artisan News service has posted a video clip online of Rob Zombie discussing his nearly completed new movie The Lords of Salem, which follows his previous films The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and Halloween II.

    Metallica's Kirk Hammett announced today that he will publish his first book, "Too Much Horror Business - The Kirk Hammett Collection," this October via Abrams Image. Documenting Kirk's love of all things horror, and the legendary collection of horror memorabilia he has amassed over the years, TMHB is a 228 page hardback, large format coffee table book featuring well over 300 full color images from Kirk's private collection and exclusive set photography by Mark Leialoha and Joe Gibbs.

    There will be three extensive conversations with writer Steffan Chirazi covering the importance of collecting in Hammett's life from childhood, plus written captions by Kirk for many of the items displayed in the book.

    "This is my gift to all the other horror nerds out there who are just like me," says Kirk, "it's been made with great love for all the many characters and movies which guided me through childhood, into adulthood and which still keep me on track today."

    On June 23rd - 24th, at Orion Music + More, the new annual festival founded by Metallica and taking place in Atlantic City, NJ, fans will see a preview of what's to come in "Too Much Horror Business." Hammett will be hosting Kirk's Crypt and offering fans an extraordinary glimpse into his collection. More information on Kirk's Crypt and Orion Music + More can be found by visiting this location.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd New Album Be Released August 21, 2012
    Stream Smashing Pumpkins New Album This Week On Itunes
    Shane Harper Releases Dancin' In The Rain
    Ryan Adams Announces Mysterious 'live After Deaf box set
    Blood On The Dance Hot Topic Full Album Stream
    Mastodon Wins Kerrang! And Metal Hammer Awards
    Purulence and Negativa, and ex-Gorguts' guitarist Steeve Hurdle has passed away.

    Marduk has issued the following statement about having the band's appearance in Minsk, Belarus cancelled due to the band being "an affront to Christian values:"

    "The Prosecutor General’s Office has banned Swedish black metal band Marduk from playing a show in Minsk, Belarus.

    "Pavel Radzivonaw, a departmental head at the Prosecutor General’s Office, told reporters on Monday that Marduk’s concert, scheduled for May 22, would not take place. 'The band preaches Satanism, which has nothing to do with art,' he says. 'This is an affront to Christian values, they preach the ideas of death, of the Third Reich.'

    "The other bands that were scheduled to appear with Marduk at the Re:Public club — including Kataklysm and Vader — will be allowed to perform. Radzivonaw warned the show may be stopped if the performances involve violations of laws.

    "I wonder who's really pushing for the Third Reich ideas here..."

    You can also read the original news story reporting the issue at In other Marduk news, the band will be releasing new album "Serpent Sermon" on June 5th in North America and in Europe on May 28th, 2012.

    Crescent Shield vocalist dies.


    Earache Records is celebrating 25 years of bringing extreme metal to the masses and, as part of the celebrations, has released the "World's Shortest Album," striking fear into the hearts of radio DJs everywhere.

    Earache is no stranger to world records, having previously claimed two official Guinness World Records, for the world's shortest single with Napalm Death's "You Suffer," as well as the world's shortest music video with Brutal Truth's "Collateral Damage."

    Now, Earache is taking the idea of "shorter, faster, louder" to the extreme, with the shortest, fastest and loudest album around. "Earache: World's Shortest Album" celebrates brevity as an art form, featuring 13 extreme, straight-to-the-point tracks totalling just 87 seconds, smashing the previous 121-second record held by Canadian dance group Chromeo.

    The attempt at setting the new record for the world's shortest album has been rejected by Guinness however, which no longer recognizes "world's shortest" records, explaining:

    "The nature of competing to make something the 'shortest' by its very nature trivialises the activity being carried out, and Guinness World Records has been forced to reject many claims of this kind. As such, we have been forced to cease listing records for the shortest song, shortest poem and indeed the shortest concert."

    "Earache: World's Shortest Album" is still available to the public however, and is out now on iTunes at this location.

    The full track listing and times for the album are as follows:

    01. Napalm Death - You Suffer (00:04)
    02. Napalm Death - Dead (00:05)
    03. Napalm Death - Your Achievement (00:06)
    04. Wormrot - False Grind Sodomy (00:04)
    05. Wormrot - You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem (00:04)
    06. Brutal Truth - Collateral Damage (00:04)
    07. A.C. - Howard Wulkan's Bald (00:09)
    08. Lawnmower Deth - Be Scene Not Heard (00:07)
    09. Painkiller - Trailmarker (00:08)
    10. Brutal Truth - Blockhead (00:07)
    11. Morbid Angel - Bil Ur-Sag #2 Lava (00:06)
    12. A.C. - Windchimes Are Gay (00:10)
    13. Insect Warfare - Street Sweeper (00:13)

    Total running time - 01:27

    Sixx:a.m. Joins Ryan Seacrest, Vince Gill And Sugarland To Support City Of Hope, a research center against HIV, diabetes, etc.
    Black Oxygen On Trek Of Dates With Saliva
    The Flower Kings Launch Album Trailer;
    Rocky Loves Emily Hit The Road With Sparks The Rescue and Aristo
    Joe Bonamassa's "Driving Towards The Daylight" Released by Provogue recs
    He Gaslight Anthem To Perform Two Intimate Shows This Week
    Cherri Bomb's Debut Album This Is The End Of Control
    Ben Howard Confirms U.s. Tour This Fall
    Hoobastank Ready To Fight Or Flight This Summer
    Robert Schwartzman's "Second Chances" Video Premiere
    The Offenders guitarist Tony Johnson passes away.
    Season of Mist Records reported that guitarist/vocalist Trondr Nefas of the Norwegian black metal band Urgehal has died suddenly at the age of 35.
    Lita Ford Premieres New Song
    A Silent Film - New Song + Tour Dates
    Evanescence With New International Tour Dates
    Mat Kearney; Behind The Scenes Video
    The Word Alive Unveils 'life Cycles' Cover Art and tracklist
    The Wallflowers Return With Highly Anticipated New Album
    The Dirty Heads And Matisyahu Announce Co-Headlining tour
    Cory Lamb Releases Official Video For Safe In Your Arms
    Stars In Stereo To Hit The Road With The Used
    Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi: Whocares To Release A Full Album Of new music, classics and rarities
    BEASTIE BOYS Adam "MCA" Yauch Dead at Age 47; R.I.P.

    Manowar and After Dark Films announced today that a track from the new, forthcoming Manowar album will be the theme song for the After Dark Action franchise film, "El Gringo," an action Western starring Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2, The Bourne Ultimatum), Christian Slater and Yvette Yates (Without Men).
    Saskatchewan born Rob "Smiley" Doherty suddenly passed away, the cause of which is not yet announced. Doherty was a former guitarist with Canadian based band Into Eternity. He played on the band's LP "Buried In Oblivion," as well as guest starred on the band's latest singles "Fukushima" and "Sandstorm" providing death vocals. Doherty released his one man band project Final Darkness at the end of 2011.
    Alanis Morissette Brings 'havoc,' Her 7th Alb....
    Black Oxygen To Hit The Road For A Trek Of Dates With Saliva
    Awolnation Release Sail Remix Ep
    Scouts Debut Skeleton Video
    Catchy Pop/rock In Lawson
    Glass Cloud Releasing Debut Album On July 3rd
    Night By Night Giving Away New Track
    Motion City Soundtrack Releases "Go" On June 12th
    The All-American Rejects Unveil Montreal And Toronto clips
    The Gaslight Anthem Premieres New Single, "45,"
    At The Drive In Reunion Is On With Dine Alone Records
    Loaded, New Studio Album From Mickey Avalon Out Now
    Greg Laswell'S New Album "landline" Out Now
    The Hives Announce North American Tour In June -
    The Cult Release New Official Video For "for The animals
    Pre-order Lostprophets Upcoming Album \'Weapons\' Out
    For All Those Sleeping Announce the track list and cover art for their upcoming full-length Outspoken, set to release on June 19, 2012. Fans can stream the new single "Mark My Words" today on
    Tracer Release New Single To Coincide With Uk Tour
    Incubus Limited Edition Hq Live Box Set Pre-order
    Van Halen Release She'S The Woman On 7-inch Vinyl
  • Mark Huff was hired on as lead singer for Quiet Riot in September of 2010, and it was no easy feat to take over the frontman role that was previously held by the late charismatic 'big mouth' Kevin DuBrow. To his credit, Huff didn't try to replace DuBrow -- he simply wanted to do the music justice.
  • All seemed to be going well within the Quiet Riot camp. The band was playing live consistently, and by all accounts the performances were very favorable. Then Mark Huff suffered a serious health condition -- he required brain surgery! As Huff awaited the much needed surgery he received word that he had been relieved from his position as singer in Quiet Riot. The firing didn't take place via phone, nor was it face it face -- Huff found out online!
  • "I've never had any problems like this in my life," Mark Huff tells's Ruben Mosqueda. "I woke up on January 1st (2012) and I had a seizure. I woke up in the hospital actually. I was told that I had an AVM, which is arteriovenous malformation, in my brain. I was told that it was something that needed to be taken care of right away, but I would make a full recovery. I contacted the guys in Quiet Riot and let them know. In the coming days no one from Quiet Riot came down to see me. I had to find out through the internet that I had been fired from the band."

  • ++
  • A deal between America's premier adult entertainment super power Déjà Vu and Motley Crue front man Vince Neil created Las Vegas' newest adult entertainment spot. The deal constructed by celebrity deal maker Michael Politz, married the two brands into Neil's 1987 mega hit "Girls Girls Girls". The club name is based on the band's 1987 album of the same name paying homage to hard-living lifestyle, their love of riding fast, large motorcycles, drinking whiskey, and spending long nights at strip clubs.
  • It was almost inevitable that one of the Motley Crue band members would eventually open a strip club with the same name. Neil has promised that it will provide an "edgier" strip club experience, 'Girls Girls Girls' will be a "rock 'n' roll strip club" and Neil has said all his entertainers will look like they've "stepped out of a music video. Bringing back the vibe of the Sunset Strip in the days he ran the streets. Tattoos, Hot, provocative and edgy," Neil also claimed: "I know what guys want in sexy girls, and we’ll have more than enough of that. I’m going to orchestrate the sexiest girls in town. I’ve always wanted to have a strip club, and this one is going to be the best there is. I’m going to be there to guarantee that. There won’t be any house or generic strip club music. This will be full on rock ’n’ roll. It will be a blast from start to finish. Yeah, we’ll even play a little Mötley."
  • A grand opening black carpet event will take place on Friday April 13th at 11PM - showtime is 8PM. Vince and his celebrity friends will walk the black carpet posing for pictures for the opening of his first strip club in America at Girls Girls Girls on 4740 South Arville Rd in Las Vegas, NV 89103.

  • ++
    The Hives Announce Top Secret Show In Nyc On 4/26
    Serj Tankian To Release New Studio Album, Harakiri
    Demon Hunter's True Defiance Cracks Billboard Top
    Hellyeah & Volbeat Announce Initial live dates
    Metric's New Record, Synthetica, Out June 12
    Rise Against Release Satellite Digital Ep April 17th
    Imagine Dragons Debut "It's Time" Video
    Redlight King Announce Us Tour Dates With Buckcherry
    Awolnation Cryptic Trailer For Knights Of Shame Film
    Barcelona Is Back With A New Album May 8th
    Living With Lions Gear Up For 2012 Warped Tour
    He Lumineers Self-titled Debut Album Lands At #43 On Billboard
    Garrison Starr On Tour With David Berkeley
    Alex Band Working On New Ep
    Cherri Bomb Unveils Teenage Rock Diaries Entry #2 With Nia
    Vampires Everywhere! To Release New Album
    Before Their Eyes' Redemption (invogue) Makes Impressive debut
    The Safety Fire Streams New Album, "Grind The Ocean",
    La Buzzband Caught A Ghost Puts A New Spin On Soul
    Philip Anselmo, known as heavy metal’s most notorious vocalist, is releasing several ringtones for fans to grace their cell phones with.
    Former Dictators and Twisted Sister star Richard Teeter has died at the age of 61.
    Joe Bonamassa Releases New Album "Driving Towards The daylight"
    Butch Walker "Out Of Focus" Documentary Debut
    Mayday Parade Premieres New Music Video For "Stay"
    The Cult Tour North America (with Support From Against me
    Twin Atlantic's Music Video For "Free" Lands
    Casey Shea Makes Impressive Video Debut With "In Your head
    Taproot Post Video For "No Surrender" From New Album
    The Devlins Re-releases Debut With Extra Stuff
    The Beatles 2? James Mccartney Hints At New Band
    Canada's Manafest Fights Back With New Release

    Come one, come all and feast your eyes as we debut the official theatrical poster for The Devil's Carnival below. The Devil's Carnival, which features Shawn "Clown" Crahan of Slipknot, will be hitting the cities and theaters listed below. For more information and to view the official trailer, visit this location.

    The Devil's Carnival is an exclusive nationwide road tour featuring special personality meet & greets, a Q&A forum, sing-a-longs, costume contests and more. On screen crowds will get to enjoy never-before-seen Repo! The Genetic Opera behind the scenes footage and bonus features, and most notably, an exclusive viewing of The Devil's Carnival. Keep in mind, The Devil's Carnival can only be seen on this exclusive tour, so you must attend a showing to witness the madness.


    In a move that should surprise nobody, Dave Mustaine has joined the California 31st Field Force. Claims Mustaine,

    “After four years of America moving towards a UN-run communist dictatorship, I'm taking a stand for our freedom. No more will we allow the institutions of the church and family be hijacked by the globalist plot to control us. These people who controlled the banks in ancient Israel were responsible for the death of Jesus and then interbred with all European royalty. They're scared by democracy and want to regain all their lost power by having UN peacekeeprs land on US soil with Obama's blessing. I'm proud to say that I'm now a full fledged member of the California 31st Field Force. I'm currently going through medical training with them since when the invasion hits, I want to tend to the wounded among us when the shit hits the fan. Besides, how cool would it be to say that you got CPR from the singer of Megadeth? I'll still be touring so don't worry about my militia brothers taking up too much of my time.”

    Read the full article at this location.

    Cherri Bomb Perform Let It Go For Buzznet Series
    Moving Mountains "Alleviate" Video Premiere
    Hidden Hospitals Announce Dates For Short East Coast tour
    Silversun Pickups Announce New Record
    Listen To A New Tune From Beta Wolf
    Awolnation's Hit Single "Sail" Goes Platinum
    A Silent Film To Release New Album + New Song & Tour
    Cherri Bomb Perform Raw. Real. For Buzznet Sessions
    Austrian death metal/grindcore veterans Mastic Scum has announced that their former vocalist Will passed away last Friday (March 23rd,) reportedly as a result of an automobile accident.

    According to Courthouse News Service, Great White singer Jack Russell plans to sue his former bandmates, who are continuing with their own version of the band, for trademark infringement and unfair competition. Among those Russell is suing are guitarist Mark Kendall, drummer Audie Desbrow, guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Michael Lardie and talent agency Bigg Time Entertainment.

    "In August of 2010, plaintiff was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery for a life threatening condition. While he recuperated from this surgery, other singers filled in for him during the band's live performances, however, it was undisputed that plaintiff's absence was temporary, and that he retained his position in the band's lineup and would resume singing with the band upon his recuperation," the federal complaint states.

    Read the full article at Courthouse News Service.

    Greg Laswell Announces North American Spring Tour Dates
    The Tour Of 2012: Motley Crue & Kiss
    The Static Jacks Announce U.s. Tour With The Wombats
    Cake Fans Create New Video For "The Winter"
    Motionless In White Featured On The Cover Of Kerrang
    Awolnation Launch Indaba Remix Contest For "Not Your Fault
    Cory Lamb Releases Safe In Your Arms Ep, Listening Party available
    The All-american Rejects Release Album Trailer Video
    Imagine Dragons Unveil Us Tour Dates And It's Time video
    New Single Online With Kill The Alarm
    Redlight King Unveil Something For The Pain Acoustic
    Killcode Update! Live At Bowery Ballroom 3/24
    Pierce The Veil To Play Main Stage Slot On Entire Vans Warped tour
    Rocky Loves Emily Premiering New "Secrets Don't Make friends
    The Fray Release New Video Out Now!
    Rocky Loves Emily To Release Debut Lp On Tooth & Nail
    Blood On The Dance Floor To Launch 'the Fight To Unite Tour
    Hands Like Houses New Album "Ground Dweller" Out Now
    Dropkick Murphys Release "Going Out In Style: Fenway Park bonus
    Say Anything's "Anarchy, My Dear" Out Today
    Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine has sat down for an exclusive interview with controversial radio host Alex Jones for Jones' website, which will be aired this Thursday, March 15. A preview clip can be seen below. Dave will reveal to Alex never before heard insights into Metallica, Megadeth, life on the road, politics, spirituality and his new album "TH1RT3EN."
    Spineshank Signs Deal With Century Media Records; Announces new album
    Vanaprasta Partners With Spotify For Exclusive Ep Release
    Failsafe (uk) Sign To Hawthorne Heights' Label Cardboard Empire
    I Call Fives To Release 'someone That's Not You 7"
    Primus Announces Spring Tour; Releasing Limited Edition 10" soon
    Middle Class Rut Confirms April Headline Tour
    Imagine Dragons Added To 2012 Mtvu Woodie Awards Festival
    Graffiti6 Strip Down For Vh1
    Matt Nathanson To Tour In Europe
    Lovedrug's "Wild Blood" Out Now
    The long-running fathers of southern sludge metal EyeHateGod were filmed for an upcoming episode of HBO’s “Treme.” The show follows the recovery of New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer strived to make a true-to-life portrait of the lives of people living close to the historic Treme (pronounced Tre-may) neighborhood in New Orleans. They decided to involve as many local actors and real locations as possible; including filming many musicians like Dr. John, rapper Juvenile, bounce artists Big Freedia and Katey Red, and brass bands Rebirth Brass Band, Hot 8 Brass Band, and the Dirty Dozen. “Treme” has produced two seasons and will premiere the third season, containing the episode with the metal band, this fall. The episode including EyeHateGod was filmed at Southport Hall on February 15th and is set in January 2008.
    Europe Unveil New Album "Bag Of Bones" With Guest Appearance
    Mxpx Premiere Their First Single, "Far Away," And Music Video
    Lovedrug "Wild Blood" Out March 6
    New Green River Ordinance Album Out Today
    Mona, Nashville's Latest Addition To The Church Of Rock
    Eve To Adam Announce Tour Dates Supporting Creed
    Awolnation Announce Series Of April 2012 Pacific Nortn coast
    Keane Takes You To Strangeland On May 8th
    Kings X Drummer Jerry Gaskill Suffers Heart Attack
    Graffiti6 Can't Live Without Hot Sauce

    In an interview that came out today in L.A. Weekly, Dave Mustaine made some smart comments we already asserted years ago about African women who have too many children on Western countries' shoulders. Below is an excerpt from that interview conducted by reporter Linda Leseman, the Megadeth frontman has the following comments:

    "There's so many houses without a dad that it's just terrible. I mean, you know how they used to say there should be a license to have a baby? Well, as far-fetched as that sounds, I really think that, if the parents aren't going to stick together, they shouldn't make that kind of commitment to life. I watch some of these shows from over in Africa, and you've got starving women with six kids. Well, how about, you know, put a plug in it? It's like, you shouldn't be having children if you can't feed them."

    Mustaine also discusses how Bible prophecies are coming true, how he watches cooking shows and how Rick Santorum is the classiest of all the Republican candidates. Read the full interview by going here.

    Chicago's Hidden Hospitals Announce Tour Dates
    Ryan Monroe (band Of Horses) - Solo Debut
    Awolnation Premiere Live "Soul Wars"
    Warped Tour Announces Breathe Carolina
    Amanda Marshall Makes Her Much-anticipated Return
    The Last Vegas To Support Guns 'n Roses
    Chickenfoot Different Devil Tour 2012
    Never Shout Never Announce Spring Headlining Tour
    Greg Laswell Releases Free Download Of New Single "Come back down
    Get Ready For A "Curve": Our Lady Peace Announces New album & tour
    A Montreal freelancer writing for the Brooklyn based magazine and website, The Big Takeover (named after a Bad Brains song,) has labelled Toronto punk rock 'n' roll band, Maximum RNR, nazi sympathizers and homophobes in a record review published on the magazine's website on February 5th, 2012.
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Announced For Vans Warped Tour
    Fearless Records Annouces Official Sxsw Showcase 2012
    The Melodic Net Best Of 2011 Result Is Here
    Coheed And Cambria To Support Iron Maiden
    Tonight Alive Debut Album Out Now
    Hellyeah Announces New Album Band Of Brothers
    Wig Wam To Release New Single On Feb 24th
    Beth Hart To Play The Isle Of Wight Festival
    Finnish heavy metal outfit Lordi has announced that drummer Tonmi Lillman, also known as "Otus," has passed away at the age of 38. The cause of death is presently unknown.
  • You can download Wall of the Eyeless's full demo in mp3@320 format together with the band info sheet and cover artwork scans here:
  • The links to our Facebook, MySpace and Bandcamp pages just in case (you can stream the entire demo there, too):;;

  • ++
    Legendary Alice Cooper Group Drummer Neal Smith Unleashes new clip
    Automatic Static Number Iv Ep Out In March
    A Statement To The Press By Original Yes Vocalist / Songwrit....
    Demon Hunter To Release Sixth Album, True Defiance, April 10th
    Moving Mountains To Release New Light Ep On April 24th
    Daylight Us Tour Starts Today; Uk/euro Tour Starts March 9
    The Word Alive Announces Tour With Attack! Attack!
    Chi From Deftones Slowly Emerging From Coma
    Escape The Fate And Attack Attack! Announce Co-headlining tour with This World Is Ours
    Killcode Featured In New Documentary, "Dressed"

    NY's Choke On Your Ego has issued the following announcement about more changes to the band's lineup:

    "Choke is going through more changes. As we grow, We change to meet our needs. This comes in the wake of the arrest of vocalist, James Ronk.

    "On Jan. 30, 2012 NY State Police charged James B. Ronk, 43, of Catskill with second degree menacing, a class A misdemeanor, resisting arrest, a class A misdemeanor and fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon, a class A misdemeanor. Ronk was remanded to the Greene County Jail without bail.

    "We hope all works out for James however, our management and ourselves feel that we need to look towards others for the Vocal support that our band needs. We have several options that we are looking into at this time. We wish James all the best and hope things work out for him, as James was responsible for the 'Choke On Your Ego' name we will be changing this shortly. We will keep all of you posted!


    A rally for Republican Party nominee Newt Gingrich in Las Vegas on Thursday morning was interrupted by local Nevada grindcore band Traumatic Anal Devastation. Apparently the band members showed up outside the rally, plugged their instruments in, and generated what Gingrich staffer Terry ‘The Stick’ Foley called “the sound of a tank driving through a minefield.”

    Police showed up and pulled the plug on the band after about five minutes (twenty songs). Singer for the group Chip “Gravelthroat” Corbin said the impromptu performance was a political statement based on the band’s agenda for equal rights, animal rights, and support of anti-war movements across the world. When asked how his band’s name reflected its political beliefs, Corbin stated “Traumatic Anal Devastation is obviously metaphorical for the way the government and capitalism has continually raped the public at-large.”

    When asked how people were supposed to understand the political nature of the lyrics given the undecipherable delivery of them, Corbin responded “Huh? What do you mean?” No reports of hearing loss or more than usual psychological damage from the Gingrich supporters who were present.


    Westfield, Massachusetts based metalcore outfit Killswitch Engage has announced that the band has reunited with former vocalist Jesse Leach, following the recent departure of singer Howard Jones owing to his struggle with type 2 diabetes amongst other reasons. The band is currently recording a new album and will be performing in Europe this Summer.

    Leach was a member of the band from 1999 to 2002, during which time he performed on the band's self-titled debut album and the subsequent sophomore effort, "Alive Or Just Breathing."

    MaterDea's promo album "Satyricon" is out featuring 10 tracks of Melodic metal. More info at:
  • Sarcofagus main man, Kimmo Kuusniemi tells:
  • "Last year I was approached by Australian Brutal Ballet if they could include our music into their upcoming Ballet "Out Of The Darkness". I was more than happy to have Sarcofagus as part of this production. Sarcofagus has and always will be looking into creating experimental and progressive productions.
  • As a film maker I had a Classical Ballet dancer in the music video we made for the Polish Death Metal band Vader for song "Dark Age" in 1992. Even back then I thought Classical Ballet goes well with Metal Music.
  • The track "Black Contract" Brutal Ballet chose from Sarcofagus 1980 "Envoy Of Death" album is a very dark experimental song about what happens when you sell your soul to Lucifer. It is a perfect song for Classical Ballet.
  • I would urge anybody who wants to experience something different from the norm to go and see the Brutal Ballet "Out Of The Darkness" show at Sello Sali in Espoo, Finland, 7.2.2012."
  • Here´s the Press release for the "Out Of The Darkness" show:
  • Brutal Ballet is Australia´s premiere metal ballet company, doing classical ballet to the genres of heavy metal music. Founder, choreographer and dancer, Bridie Mayfield´s unique performance style, bringing the separate sides of the dark beauty of ballet and metal together has been previously described as `a captivating visual extravaganza that would titilate an audience regardless of musical accompaniment... music and ballet comparing and contrasting with remarkable sophistication.´
  • Out Of The Darkness is a journey through the various genres of metal, from the dark and brutal to the classic and melodic, featuring music from some of the best metal bands in the world, including dance pieces to Meshuggah, Arch Enemy, Slipknot, In Flames, Metallica, and Dimmu Borgir, as well as Finlands HIM, Children of Bodom and the founders of Finnish metal, Sarcofagus.
  • Duration ca. 80 minutes (no intermission)
  • Tuesday 7th February at 19.00
  • Sellohall (Sellosali), Espoo, Finland
  • For tickets and more info:

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    Stirling Road Working With Kenny Scott On New Ep
    Awolnation To Play Kroq's Big Game Party At Unive....
    The All American Rejects Release Official Video
    Eve To Adam To Play Rock On The Range 2012
    Dragonforce To Release New Album
    Prog Rock Records To Release Highly Anticipated Second Album....
    Lou Reed Announces "From Vu To Lulu" European Tour
    Twin Atlantic Premiere "Ghost Of Eddie" Live Clip
    The All American Rejects Release Behind-the-scenes Photos of video shoot
    No Justice Releases New Single "Shot In The Dark"
    The Agonist singer wins Peta2 award.

    If there's one thing that hits a sour note with Alissa White-Gluz, the powerful voice of Québécois metal band The Agonist, it's animal abuse. The singer uses her voice to raise awareness about animal suffering every chance she gets, and that's one of the reasons why she's snagged a Libby Award in the category of Breakthrough Artist from peta2, PETA's youth division. The sixth annual Libby Awards ("Libby" is for "liberation") honors animal-friendly people and products.

    White-Gluz took a stand against the annual seal slaughter in her native Canada by shooting a striking peta2 ad that shows her above a photo of a baby seal who is about to be clubbed and reads, "Bang Your Own Head, Not a Seal's." She also sat down for an exclusive interview with peta2.

    "The seal hunt is something I'm so ashamed to even be remotely associated with," says the Canadian-born vocalist, who also discusses how grateful she is that she was raised vegetarian and has since gone vegan. "I'm shocked that it's still going on and still encouraged by the government."

    Jeremy Deacon, the former bassist of Florida extreme metal band Wykked Wytch has succumbed to lymphoma. Deacon was 33 years old.
    Dillinger Escape Plan Frontman Greg Puciato was recently hospitalized over the weekend following a trip with psychedelic mushrooms.
    Spike Cassidy, a founding member and guitarist of Houston-based crossover legends D.R.I. was admitted to an undisclosed hospital due to complications from a colectomy surgery.
    Fan-filmed footage has made its way online featuring Machine Head performing its single "Aesthetics of Hate" with a 13 year old boy on lead guitar. The footage was captured during the band's January 29th appearance in Buffalo, New York when frontman Robb Flynn invited the kid on-stage after seeing the boy's sign which read "Machine Head, Let this 13 year old play Aesthetics of Hate with you.
    Halestorm's "Hello, It's Mz. Hyde" Ep Is Now available
    Mastodon Team Up With Noted Fine Artist Tim Biskup On new video Dry bone valley.
    Girlschool Set To Release Three Versions Of Hit And Run revisited
    Joan Osborne Releases 'bring It On Home', Kicks off US tour
    Middle Class Rut Announces Winter Tour With Chevelle & Janus
    New Video From Mona + Tour!
    Killcode Releases New Album In March
    Ringo Starr To Release Ringo 2012 On January 31st
    Charm City Devils With New Single Out
    Green River Ordinance Releases "Under Fire"
    Listen To A New Tune From Nonpoint
    New Crowfield Album On Kickstarter
    Vampires Everywhere! Begin Working On New Album
    Famous Last Words Debut Ep "Pick Your Poison" Out Now
    Abandon All Ships Announce New Album Title
    Graffiti6 Impress Jay On The Tonight Show
    James Mccartney - Additional Us Dates Added
    Death Cab For Cutie Announces North American Tour With The Magik Orchestra
    Say Anything Announce North American Headlining Tour
    Young Statues Premiering "Spacism" Video On Spinner
    Riot guitarist and founding member Mark Reale passed away yesterday (January 25th) due to complications from Crohn's disease. He was fifty seven years old. He had been in a coma since January 11th as a result of a subarachnoid hemorrhage. He had battled the disease for most of his life, and was bravely attempting to practice to perform with the band at their scheduled shows, before his condition worsened.
    Ex-Diamond Head drummer Robbie France passes away.
    Riot founder/guitarist Mark Reale has been admitted to the hospital due to complications of Crohn's disease.
    From the band that created a musical revolution and a legion of fans across the world, comes Living Breathing Film-a new film and television production company specializing in mystery, suspense, horror and the dark side of life. A collaboration between the Grammy-winning Slipknot visionary and percussionist M. Shawn Crahan and Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor -Living Breathing Films is heading to the Sundance Film Festival to announce projects on tap in 2012.
    Legion of the Damned is going to re-release the band's debut album "Malevolent Rapture" in memory of former bassist and friend Twan Fleuren, who unfortunately decided to take his life last year.

    Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the blood that develops in the lymphatic system. Black Sabbath made the following post on its official Facebook Page:

    "With the news that Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma, his bandmates would like everyone to send positive vibes to the guitarist at this time. Iommi is currently working with his doctors to establish the best treatment plan--the “IRON MAN” of Rock & Roll remains upbeat and determined to make a full and successful recovery.

    "This comes as Black Sabbath--Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums)--are writing and recording their first album in 33 years in Los Angeles (still set for release this fall) with producer Rick Rubin. They will now go to the UK to continue to work with Tony. Further information will be released as it becomes available."

    More news on Iommi's condition is expected shortly.


    The latest in the saga of "metal made me do it" stories, this one is pretty far out there:

    Christina Paz, 29, was arrested after starting a fire that seriously damaged her father's home in Cileo Vista in Texas last week and is now facing a felony charge of arson.

    The El Paso Times claims that court documents show that Paz told investigators she wanted to burn down the house as revenge on her parents, who she believed were trying to kill her. On December 27 she allegedly poured flammable super glue on a bed in one room before lighting it, and then entered another room to set fire to the curtains.

    The court papers report that Paz was angry at her parents "for trying to kill her on Christmas Day, that they had planned to sodomise her and chop her up with the help of a neighbour".

    When asked how she knew her parents wanted to kill her, Paz replied that she had become aware "through the music of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails."

    Read the full article at NME.

    Vocalist D. Randall Blythe of the metal act Lamb of God has released his first advertisement for his Presidential bid.

    Stefan Björnshög of Swedish act Destiny has issued the following announcement about former vocalist Therese Hanserot passing away:

    "Therese Hanserot 1964-01-16 2012-01-17

    "Yesterday Therese Hanserot, the original lead singer in Destiny, passed away only 48 years old. Therese joined Destiny in the fall of 1982, just 18 years old, and she left the band in the summer of 1983. During this time she recorded six songs for the first ever Destiny demo as well as performing with the band on their first ever gig (at the rock club RPM). After leaving Destiny she sang in a couple of cover bands before quitting singing for good.

    "At my 30th birthday party in 1990 we reconnected again, this time as friends. We realised that we had so much in common that never came to the surface in the band. For about two years we hanged out together before life once again took us in different paths.

    "Last year, 18 years later, in August, we reconnected through Facebook. And it didn't take long before we where engaged and in a wonderful loving relationship. Therese planned to start playing keyboards again and even agreed to sing a small part on one of the songs for the 30th anniversary album. Now that will not happen and I will forever carry the memory of Therese in my heart.

    "My sorrow is endless and the hurt is unbearable. I love you Therese!"

    For more on Destiny and to leave a message for Stefan, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

    Mapex Drums' Drummer Of Tomorrow contest is gearing up for the United States Final round, being held at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA on January 19th! The performance is scheduled to take place at the Anaheim Hilton in California Pavilion C & D and begins at 8:00pm.
    Nicole Bogner, former Visions of Atlantis singer from 2000-2005, has passed away at 27 years old after fighting a "severe disease over a long period of time." Bogner sang on the band's first two releases "Eternal Endless Infinity" (2002) and "Cast Away" (2004).
    Wormrot members arrested by Malaysian religious authorities.

    Former Incantation bassist Joey "Fingers" Lombard died on January 3, 2012. He was 42 years old. Lombard played with Incantation from 2001-2005 and played on the following releases: "Blasphemy" (2002), "Decimate Christendom" (2004) and "Primordial Domination" (2006).

    Former live Incantation bassist Roberto Lizárraga, who immediately stepped in when Lombard departed in 2005, posted a statement, which the band re-posted on its Facebook Page


    The Pierces Build On Uk Fame And Coldplay Collaborati....
    Joey Summer Sign With Perris Records
    Site Down Between 2.00 - 7.00 This Night
    Van Halen Announces 2012 North American Tour And New ....
    Richard Marx Shares His Stories With Billboard
    Michael Schenker Announces "Temple Of Rock" Uk Tour
    Chickenfoot Brings Road Test Tour To The Uk Next Week....
    Apocalyptic Youth From Casablanca To Drop On March 16....
    Killswitch Engage Part Ways With Singer Howard Jones
    The Used Premiere New Single
    Black Country Communion To Record 3rd Studio Album
    Van Halen Release Tattoo On Jan 9th
    Train Release New Single On Jan 9th
    Shinedown To Release "Amaryllis" On March 27th, 2012
    Concordia New Cool Band; Working With Sahaj Ticotin O....
    Biffy Clyro Recording A Double Album
    Me Talk Pretty Headlining Tour With Hawthorne Heights
    Paul Mccartney To Release Kisses On The Bottom On Feb 7th


    Barry Clayton, the London actor/narrator and man behind the iconic intro to the Iron Maiden song "Number of the Beast," has passed away at the age of 80 due to causes unknown at this time. His deep baritone voice became indelibly etched into several radio shows and movie trailers, and Clayton was also known for his role in black television and radio. He produced the pioneering radio show "Black Londoners" from 1974-88 and also narrated the children's show "Count Duckula." His sinister intro on the Iron Maiden song is something almost every metalhead knows by heart:

    "Woe to You Oh Earth and Sea
    For the Devil sends the beast with wrath
    Because he knows the time is short
    Let him who have understanding
    Reckon the number of the beast
    For it is a human number
    Its number is six hundred and sixty six."

    Clayton had lived the past 40 years in the Greater London suburb on Islington.

    Besides drumming for Obituary, Donald Tardy has other interests of a more altruistic nature. He and his wife Heather established the "Metal Meowlisha" as a way of aiding over 130 feral cats a day. Metal Meowlisha has the following mission statement, and you may go to it's website to learn more.
  • Closure will stream their debut album "The silent witness march" in his entirely during this week-end ! ! !
  • "The silent witness march" was recorded by Gerald Jans (Noise Factory studio) and produced by Mikey Doling (Channel Zero, Snot, Soulfly) during April 2011. The mix and mastering were handled by Logan Mader (ex Machine Head, Devildriver, Gojira,...) during May-June 2011.
  • Here is the tracklisting of the album:
  • 01 - Caught in lies
  • 02 - Revolution (Available for free on Soundcloud)
  • 03 - Black Demons Army
  • 04 - Syberian Bride
  • 05 - Reliance
  • 06 - Psalm
  • 07 - Mother Earth
  • 08 - Green Addiction
  • 09 - My funerals
  • The "Silent witness march will be listenable on and on the official facebook's page of Closure during all the week-end ! ! !
  • ALSO, the band has a new video clip for the "Syberian Bride" 's song and it will be avaible during February on Youtube, Closure's website and Closure's Facebook

  • ++