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  • (12.30) Chimaira have announced the addition of Matt Szlachta (Dirge Within) on guitar and Jeremy Creamer (Daath) on bass. So here's the full lineup, all new members with the exception of vocalist Mark Hunter: Mark Hunter on Vocals, Matt Szlachta on Guitar, Emil Werstler on Guitar, Jeremy Creamer on Bass, Sean Zatorsky on Keyboards and Austin D'Amond on Drums.(12.24) Go here to listen to the new track 'The Origin Of Disease' off the new Aborted album.
  • (12.24) Go here for an audio preview of the new Satariel album "White Ink".
  • (12.24) Goatwhore has set "Blood For The Master" as the title of its new album, due on February 14 in North America via Metal Blade Records.
  • (12.22) Go here for a new Coldworker track called 'Flesh World".
  • (12.21) Go here for the cover artwork to the new Spawn Of Possession album, and it will be available March 13th 2012.
  • (12.16) The Amenta will start recording their new album "Flesh is Heir" in January.
  • (12.16) Dying Fetus new album will be called "Reign Supreme" and will be released mid-2012 via Relapse Records.
  • (12.16) Go here to listen to the new track 'Carriers Of The Plague' from the new Psycroptic album.
  • (12.14) Go here to read more on Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman recovery from necrotizing fasciitis, or more commonly known as "flesh eating disease".
  • (12.14) Go here to listen to a demo of Devolved's new song 'Collateral Damage' which should be on their new album in 2012.
  • (12.13) Today is the 10th Anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner's passing. He died December 13, 2001 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor. We miss you Chuck, your music will always be inspirational!
  • (12.13) Go here to listen to a preproduction teaser for Deeds Of Flesh's new album "Portal to Canaan".
  • (12.10) Dying Fetus have entered Wrightway Studios in Baltimore with longtime producer Steve Wright to begin recording their new album for a mid-2012 release via Relapse Records.
  • (12.10) 33 bands from the Polish rock and metal scenes will take part in a charity tour, "Covan Wake The Fuck Up Tour 2012", to help former Decapitated singer Adrian "Covan" Kowanek. For more information, go to
  • (12.10) Guitarist-turned-bassist Youri Raymond of Cryptopsy is leaving the band. Here's his statment: "I am officially announcing my departure of the band Cryptopsy. At this time, we feel it's in the best interest of both the band and I to part ways. As a musician, moving from guitar to bass was a great challenge, but honestly, I never really felt comfortable in that position and my motivation in general was stagnating. I'm now moving forward and will release an album in 2012 on guitar/lead vocals with my band, Unhuman, and I hope Jon, Matt, Chris, Flo and the new guy who will fill in in the bass spot the very best with the upcoming album and what might be the 'real' Cryptopsy coming back! Thanks again, fans and friends, for your endless support!"
  • (12.08) Here's the cover artwork to Psycroptic's new album.
  • (12.07) Sadly, TripleJ Radio in Australia have canceled their "The Racket" show hosted weekly by Andrew Haug (he's hosted the show for close to 10 years now). It was a great show that I listened to on a weekly basis to keep informed on new Australian metal, and I really appreiated Andrew's knowledge and interviews. Sorry to see you go mate, they've made a big mistake. Andrew has promised he will return to the airwaves one day soon, although I assume different airwaves, you can keep in touch with him through his Facebook page.
  • (12.06) Nile have finished recording the drums for their new album for an early 2012 release.
  • (12.05) Mnemic will enter the studios in February to work on their new album, due out June 2012.
  • (12.03) Spawn Of Possession have completed work on teir third full-length album, "Incurso", for a spring release via Relapse Records.
  • (12.02) Drummer Paul Bostaph has left Testament. The split is amicable, he just wants to have a little more creative control over his music and so decided to part ways. The band is now looking for a new fulltime drummer.
  • (12.01) The Amenta are working on a new album, to be titled "Flesh is Heir". They hope to release it it early 2012, and they say it is a crooss between their first two albums in style.
  • (12.01) Beneath The Massacre's new album is done, and is being mastered for an early 2011 release.
  • (12.01) Vocalist Peter has left Exhale. He just didn't feel like he could give the band the commitment that it deserved.
  • (12.01) Enochian Theory are recording their second album.
  • (12.01) The new Pyrexia album will be called "Feast Of Iniquity", and should be out this winter.
  • (12.01) 7th Nemesis are recording their 2nd album "Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow" right now.
  • (12.01) Vomit The Soul have decided to split up.
  • (12.01) Trigger The Blood have released a new Digital Only EP called "Kingdom Come". To get it, go and like the band's facebook page.
  • (11.30) Dream Theater's song 'On The Backs Of Angels' from their new album has been nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" category.
  • (11.30) Colderworker's new album "The Doomsayer's Call" will be released Feb 13th 2012.
  • (11.18) Go here to read a really fascinating "review" (more like analysis) of the Metallica / Lou Reed collaboration "Lulu" done by Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick.
    (11.16) Bassist Tom Murphy has left Periphery. He says in a statement, "I have had so many unforgettable experiences and have met so many wonderful people while playing with the band and just want to say thank you to all the fans for making that possible. I am leaving to pursue something new." He will be replaced on the upcoming tour with Adam 'Nolly' Getgood from Red Seas Fire.
  • (11.16) Go here to listen to the new song 'Violent Society' from Coldworker.
  • (11.16) Go here for an interview with Dream Theater's John Petrucci where he at first waffles like a politician, and then finally claims their new album is not a reworking of "Images And Words".
  • (11.13) Sepultura have announced the addition of drummer Eloy Casagrande (Gloria, Andre Matos) to the band, replacing Jean Dolabella as the band's full-time percussionist. Jean leaves the band on good terms to focus on his own projects.
  • (11.12) Prong have signed with Long Branch Records/SPV. The band's new album is due in the spring.
  • (11.11) Guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries will be leaving Chimaira at the end of 2011. While the band hasn't officially "called it quits" (the only remaining member is the vocalist), I can only assume this means the end for the band. So if you can catch them live anytime before the new year, this will probably be your last chance.
  • (11.11) Psycroptic's new album will be called "The Inherited Repression", and will be released Feb 10th in Europe.
  • (11.09) Roadrunner Records have signed French band Gojira. The band will release their 5th album next year on the label.
  • (11.05) Napalm Death's new album will be called "Utilitarian", and it will be released on February 27 in Europe and February 28 in North America. Go here for the cover artwork.
  • (11.04) What's with Decapitated and transportation accidents? The band has canceled their performance at the U.K.'s Damnation Festival this weekend after surviving a crash landing. The musicians were flying back to Poland from the United States when the plane they were on landed on its belly at Warsaw airport after trouble opening its landing gear. None of the 230 people aboard were hurt in Tuesday's accident, which caused the closure of Fryderyk Chopin Airport to arrivals and departures for more than 30 hours. So glad too hear the band and everyone else is ok.
  • (11.03) Devin Townsend will release "Contain Us", a box set for his recent 4 album Devin Townsend Project ("Ki", "Addicted", "Deconstruction" and "Ghost"). The set, along with the 4 albums, will also contain two bonus DVDs and CDs. The DVDs have one featuring live performances and all the Devin Townsend Project promotional videos while the other has audio commentary for all four albums, live audio tracks, song stems for remixing and more. One of the audio CDs features all the bonus tracks from the Devin Townsend Project sessions with the other having the Devin Townsend Project session demos.
  • Oct 2011

    • y the Blood of the Rose Productions has recently released Martyrd's The Mortal Coil. More info at:
      (10.30) Quite a big lineup change in Mnemic the past few months. The band has lost its second guitarist, bass player, and drummer. All 3 have now been replaced. Here's the current lineup: Guillaume Bideau (Vocals), Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Guitar), Victor-Ray Salomonsen (Guitar), Simone Bertozzi (Bass), Brian Larsen (Drums). So the only remaining original member is Mircea, and the only two current members who were on their last album is Mircea and Guillaume.
    • (10.28) Go here to see the video for the Tesseract song 'Eden'. This is a rerecorded version of the song that features their new vocalist.
    • (10.28) Obituary hope to have a new album out by Spring of 2012.
      (10.27) Gorguts expect to have their new album out in 2012.
      (10.27) Nasum will reconvene for a limited number of farewell performances in 2012. Founding member and vocalist/guitarist Mieszko died in 2004 in a tsunami, which lead to the end of the band. For these shows, vocal duties will be handled by Keijo Niinimaa, vocalist in Finnish band Rotten Sound.
      (10.26) Go here to listen to the new track 'Global Flatline' off the new Aborted album.
      (10.25) A few more details about James Murphy's tumor, where he explains that it's not cancerous, but a mass that left unchecked could grow, putting pressure on surrounding tissue (which is what happened 9 years ago), which can lead to dire consequences.
      (10.21) Go here for an update on James Murphy's condition, overall, it's not as bad as he feared, but the tumor has grown slightly, requiring a new medication to try and shrink it back down.
      (10.21) Release of Testament's new album has been pushed back to April/May.
      (10.19) Periphery has announced the addition of guitarist Mark Holcomb to the group's ranks. Holcomb previously had a project with Periphery's founder Misha Mansoor called Haunted Shores and was the fill-in guitarist on their "Frak The Gods" tour.
      (10.19) Aborted's new album "Global Flatline" will be out Jan 24th 2012. Go here to see a trailer for the album (The music starts about 3 minutes in).
      (10.18) 'Rise And Confront', a brand new song from Krisiun, is available for streaming on the band's Facebook page.
      (10.17) Dismember have decided to call it quits after 23 years of music. (10.12) Razor & Tie has announced the signing of Shadows Fall to a multi-album, North American deal. The band entered Zing Studios in Westfield, Massachusetts to begin recording its new album for a spring release.
    • (10.08) Dying Fetus will release their first-ever tab on November 25 for their album "Descend Into Depravity". It contains the tablature for all the albums rhythm and lead guitar parts as well as bass guitar parts for each song. It also includes a digital download of "Descend Into Depravity" plus isolated guitar and bass tracks to play along to.
    • (10.07) James Murphy, guitarist for bands such as Death, Testament and Disincarnate, has announced that the cancerous tumor he managed to beat almost a decade ago, may be on it's way back. He's scheduled for an MRI next week. For more info, as well as info on how to donate to help pay for his medical bills, please read the entire article here.
    • (10.07) Go here to download the title track off Immolation's new EP "Providence".
    • (10.06) "Unto The Locust", the new album from Machine Head, sold more than 17,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 22 on The Billboard 200 chart, the first time the band has gotten into the top 25 in their 17 year history.
    • (10.05) Immolation will release a new digital EP called "Scion A/V Presents: Immolation - Providence EP", and it will be released for free from It will also be released on CD for sale on Immolation's next tour. Go here for the cover artwork.
    • (10.04) Whitechapel's new EP "Recorrupted", will include a brand new track titled "Section 8", a cover of Pantera's "Strength Beyond Strength", an acoustic version of "End OF Flesh", and remixes of "Breeding Violence" by Big Chocolate and "This Is Exile" by Ben Weinman from The Dillenger Escape Plan.
    • (10.03) Go here for an interview with Pete Sandoval, former drummer for Morbid Angel and current Terrorizer drummer, who states among other things he doesn't care for the industrial type songs on the newly released Morbid Angel album.

    Sept 2011

    • (09.30) "Worship Music", Anthrax's latest album, sold 28,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at #12 on the Billboard charts. The band's previous album "We've Come For You All", opened with just under 10,000 units to debut at No. 122.
    • (09.29) "Section 8", a brand new song from Whitechapel, can be streamed on the band's Facebook page. The track will reportedly appear on the band's "Recorrupted" digital EP, which is expected on November 8 through Metal Blade Records.
    • (09.29) Go here for an interview with Dream Theater's John Petrucci and John Myung on subjects ranging from former drummer Mike Portnoy, to recording their new album, to gear and guitar technique.
    • (09.28) Arch Enemy have announced that their show in Cologne on December 13 will be filmed for a future DVD release.
    • (09.25) Job For A Cowboy have entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida to begin recording their next album for an early 2012 release via Metal Blade Records.
    • (09.25) Shadows Fall will enter the studio in October to begin recording their new album for an early 2012 release.
    • (09.24) Napalm Death will release their new album via Century Media Records in early 2012.
    • (09.23) Experimental death metal band Krokmitën have released their album, "Alpha-Beta", for free on the web. Visit their website to listen to the 46 minute album, or order a CD if you're interested.
    • (09.23) Willowtip Records will be releasing the new Vile album on November 15th.
    • (09.22) "Worship Music", the new album from Anthrax, sold 28,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 12 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD "We've Come For You All", opened with just under 10,000 units to debut at No. 122.
    • (09.22) "A Dramatic Turn Of Events", the new album from Dream Theater, sold 36,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to enter The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 8. The band's previous CD, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings", opened with 40,000 units to land at No. 6. The album before that, "Systematic Chaos", sold 36,000 copies to enter the chart at No. 19. The CD before that, "Octavarium", sold 27,000 copies in its first week to debut at No. 36.
    • (09.21) Aborted have completed work on their seventh studio album, "Global Flatline", for a January 2012 release via Century Media Records. The label will release a digital single of the title track, "Global Flatline", on October 15th. The regular jewel-case edition of "Global Flatline" will include 12 tracks while the limited-edition digipack will have 14 tracks.
    • (09.18) Go here for a really good interview with former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy about the reasons he left, and how he sees the band now, and their new album.
    • (09.17) Nile will be releasing an early demos EP entitled "Worship The Animal - 1994 The Lost Recordings", which features the original Nile lineup of Karl Sanders, Chief Spires and Pete Hammoura. It will be out on October 11 via Goomba Music.
    • (09.15) Suffocation are hard at work on material for a new album next year.
    • (09.14) Hate have signed with Napalm Records. The band is already working on material for a new CD.
    • (09.09) Krisiun will release their 8th album, "The Great Execution", on October 31 in Europe and November 1 in North America via Century Media Records. Go here for the cover artwork.
    • (09.07) Cannibal Corpse have begun recording their twelfth studio album at Sonic Ranch studios in Texas with producer Erik Rutan.
    • (09.06) Go here for the new track 'Hate Turns Black' off the new Nightrage album.
    • (09.03) The Rotted will release its new album, "Ad Nauseam", on October 31 via Candlelight Records.
    • (09.03) Go here for a 6 minute preview of songs off the new Textures album.
    • (09.02) Deranged vocalist Martin Schönherr has left the band due to "personal reasons".

    Aug 2011

    • (08.31) Go here to listen to a 7 minute preview of the new Vader album.
    • (08.31) Tesseract are in the studio for the first time with new vocalist Elliot Coleman. The band is re-recording the song 'Eden', which was originally featured on the group's debut album "One", with Coleman on vocals and will also release a music video for the track.
    • (08.27) Chimaira's new album "The Age Of Hell" sold more than 7,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 54 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "The Infection", opened with 15,000 units back in April 2009 to land at No. 30, and the band's previous album to that one, "Resurrection", shifted 16,000 copies in its first week to enter the chart at No. 42.
    • (08.27) Coldworker has inked a deal with Listenable Records. The group's third album, "The Doomsayer's Call", will be released this winter.
    • (08.26) Devin Townsend will be performing 4 concerts on 4 consecutive days Nov 10-13 in London. Each night he will perform one of his Devin Townsend Project albums. The concerts will be filmed for an eventual DVD release.
    • (08.25) Devolved have parted ways with guitarist Brett Noordin, the split is amicable. His replacement will be Mark Hawkins from Robots Pulling Levers. Drummer John Sankey says he hopes to make the next album more brutal and more death-metal like.
    • (08.24) Tesseract vocalist Dan Tompkins has decided to leave the band to pursue other life priorities. He leaves on good terms. Replacing him will be vocalist Elliot Coleman (Omnom, Sky Eats Airplane, Zelliack). The band is already working on a follow-up to their debut album.
    • (08.24) Go here to listen to the new song 'Reaching Home' off the new Textures album.
    • (08.23) Job For A Cowboy are putting the finishing touches on the pre-production demos for their upcoming studio album, tentatively due next year.
    • (08.23) The Blu-ray edition of Dream Theater's 2004 concert video "Live At Budokan" will be released Oct 18th by Eagle Rock.
    • (08.16) Go here to listen to all of Chimaira's new album streaming.
    • (08.15) The new Testament album should be out in February.
    • (08.13) The new Napalm Death album is done, just waiting for release (hopefully this November).
    • (08.11) "Mosh 'N' Roll", the new album from Bury Your Dead, sold around 3,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 141 on The Billboard 200 chart.
    • (08.10) Candlelight Records has announced the signing of The Rotted.
    • (08.06) Seems like the band Oblige have decided to call it quits. No details were given.
    • (08.06) Deivos' new album "Demiurge Of The Void" will be out September 27th. Go here to see a small version of the cover artwork.
    • (08.06) Go here to listen to a pre-production track, 'Hiding In Plain Sight', from the new Man Must Die album.
    • (08.04) Fear Factory is starting to demo music for a new album.
    • (08.04) Decapitated will be doing a headlining tour of the US this fall, and will come to San Francisco on Oct 11th at the DNA Lounge. Opening acts include Decrepit Birth and Rings Of Saturn.
    • (08.02) Chimaira's new album "Age Of Hell" will be out August 16th.
    • (08.02) Dream Theater will be performing in San Francisco at the Warfield September 24th.
    • (08.02) Metal drummer Richard Christy (Charred Walls Of The Damned, Control Denied, Death), currently working on the "Howard Stern Show", married his longtime girlfriend Kristen Jenco July 30th in New York City. July 2011
    • (07.30) Goatwhore are in the middle of recording their new album.
    • (07.30) Gojira's "Sea Shepherd" EP is done except for the guest vocalists, and that's what's holding up the release right now. The band hopes to go into the studios in October to record their new album for an early 2012 release.
    • (07.29) Periphery plans on releasing two new albums in the near future (probably early 2012), the first will be more song based, similar to their current material. The second is dubbed "Juggernaut" and will be more experimental and a concept album.
    • (07.29) Go here to see the cover artwork to Machine Head's new album.
    • (07.26) Devin Townsend will be headlining at Slim's in San Francisco October 25th 2011.
    • (07.22) Pathology have completed work on their new album, "Awaken To The Suffering", for a September 13 release. Go here for the cover artwork.
    • (07.21) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Nightrage album.
    • (07.21) "Carnival Is Forever", the fifth studio album from Decapitated, sold around 2,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 11 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
    • (07.21) "Kairos", the new album from Sepultura, sold around 2,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The band's previous CD, "A-Lex", opened with around 1,600 units back in January 2009.
    • (07.21) "The Black Crown", the new album from Suicide Silence, sold around 14,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "No Time To Bleed", opened with 14,000 units in July 2009 to land at No. 32 on The Billboard 200 chart.
    (07.20) Meshuggah are writing their new album, and they hope to have it released next March.
    (07.14) Textures new album, "Dualism", will be released in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia on the 23th of September and in North America on the 27th of September via Nuclear Blast Records. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (07.14) Testament have set the title to their new album to be "The Dark Roots Of Earth", tentatively due in October via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (07.13) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Anthrax album.
  • (07.07) Guitarist Alex Bois is no longer with Periphery.
  • (07.05) 'Come And See My Sacrifice', a brand new song from Vader's new album, is available for free download here (e-mail sign-up required).
  • (07.01) Spawn Of Possession are now in the studio working on their new album for a fall release.
  • (06.30) Nightrage have set "Insidious" as the title of their fifth album, due in the US on September 27 via Lifeforce Records.
  • (06.30) The 20th-anniversary reissue of Death's legendary fourth album, "Human", sold 1,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release. "Human" is the best-selling Death album of the SoundScan era, having shifted 95,000 copies in the United States since its October 1991 release.
  • (06.30) Here's the first week sales figures for Devin Townsend's two new albums. "Deconstruction" sold 3,500 units, which gives it a billboard chart position of #165, and heatseekers position of #5. And "Ghost" sold 2,200 units to give it a heatseekers position of #12.
  • (06.30) "Sounds Of A Playground Fading", the tenth album from In Flames, sold around 14,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart. Their previous album "A Sense of Purpose" opened with 20,000 units to land at No. 28. This was slightly less than the opening tally of "Come Clarity", which shifted just under 24,000 copies in February 2006 to enter the chart at position No. 58.
  • (06.29) Go here to listen to the track 'Homo Sum' off the new Decapitated album.
  • (06.29) Go here to listen to the track 'Bluebeard' off the new Bury Your Dead album.
  • (06.28) Roadrunner will be streaming a song from the new Dream Theater album June 29th at 11am EST on their Youtube channel.
  • (06.26) Dying Fetus will enter the studio in November to begin recording their new album for an early 2012 release.
  • (06.25) Go here to listen to the new Anthrax song 'Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't', off their new album, coming soon.
  • (06.23) Machine Head have set "Unto The Locust" as the title of their new album, due on September 27th via Roadrunner Records.
  • (06.22) Two brand new songs from Chimaira: 'Trigger Finger' and 'Born In Blood' have been made available through iTunes. Both songs come off Chimaira's new album, entitled "The Age of Hell", which will be released August 26 in Germany and August 29 in the United Kingdom, Australia and the rest of Europe via Long Branch Records. The CD will be made available in North America through eOne Music.
  • (06.22) Testament have just entered the studio with British producer Andy Sneap to begin recording their new album for a late 2011 release. Due to a "serious injury," drummer Paul Bostaph is unable to take part in the new CD recordings but will rejoin Testament for future touring activities. Playing drums will be Gene Hoglan.
  • (06.22) Seems that Synthetic Breed have added a new vocalist to the group. Here's the statement: "It is with great regret that we feel it necessary to let you all know long time vocalist, Cal Hughes, will not be fulfilling upcoming tour commitments and furthermore continuing with the band. This has come as a sudden shock to all of us but Cal has relinquished his vocal duties from the band due to personal reasons. However, after an extensive search we’re thrilled to announce that we would like to welcome Mares Refaeleda to Synthetic Breed. Mares brings an inspiring, fresh and new approach to Synthetic Breed and we’re sure she will win your approval when you see us live!"
  • (06.22) Misery Index have signed with label Season Of Mist.
  • (06.22) Vader will release their new album, "Welcome To The Morbid Reich", on August 12 via Nuclear Blast Records. Go here for the cover artwork.
  • (06.22) "Khaos Legions", the ninth studio album from Arch Enemy, sold around 6,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to enter The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 78.
  • (06.22) "Illud Divinum Insanus", the new album from Morbid Angel, sold around 3,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to enter The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 141. Some previous album stats: "Heretic" opened with around 3,900 units back in October 2003, and has sold a total of 31,000 copies to date. "Domination" has sold 99,000 units so far. 1993's "Covenant" has shifted nearly 153,000 copies to date.
  • (06.22) Go here to listen to a preview of Decapitated's new album.
  • (06.15) Sick Drummer magazine is hosting a 5 day drum camp about an hour north of San Francisco in early October. Teachers / guests will include George Kollias (Nile), Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal), Sean Reinert (Cynic), Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation), Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) and many more. Go here for full details.
  • (06.15) Follow the links to watch high quality footage of Morbid Angel's recent concert in Tilburg Netherlands on June 12th 2011, which includes several songs off their new album and a lot of old favorites. Go here to watch the entire concert: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
  • (06.09) Machine Head's new album will be out September 27th. Go here to listen to a 30second rough mix of the song 'Locust'.
  • (06.09) Hackneyed will release their third album, "Carnival Cadavre", on August 22 in Europe and August 30 in North America via Lifeforce Records. Go here for the cover artwork.
  • (06.08) Go here to listen to Dying Fetus covering Bolt Thrower's 'Unleashed Upon Mankind', which will be on their new covers album "History Repeats…".
  • (06.08) Dream Theater have set "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" as the title of their new album, which includes 9 tracks, and is due on September 13 via Roadrunner Records.
  • (06.03) "Worship Music", the long-awaited new album from Anthrax (their last album came out in 2003), is tentatively due in the U.S. on September 13 via Megaforce Records (one day earlier in Europe through  Nuclear Blast Records). The album was originally written and recorded for a 2009 release which featured Dan Nelson on vocals, the album has since been rerecorded, with many of the songs tweaked and a few heavily modified, and will feature classic Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna.
  • (05.27) Cannibal Corpse Bassist Alex Webster has posted the following message on Twitter:  "Writing for the new Cannibal album is going great. We've completed music for eight songs and have several more in the works as well."
  • (05.26) Pathology will enter Lambesis Studios in the band's hometown this summer with producer Daniel Castleman (Impending Dooom, As I Lay Dying) to begin recording its new album for a fall release.
  • (05.26) Lead guitarist and songwriter Jon Levasseur has rejoined Cryptopsy. Youri Raymond, who had been playing guitar, is now handling bass duties following Levasseur's return and previous bassist Eric Langois' departure from the band. The band is working on new material foor a release later this year.
  • (05.25) A few more details about the new Devin Townsend CDs "Ghost" and "Deconstruction", in addition buying the CDs seperately, and the "Deconstruction" and "Ghost" 2CD package, fans can get their hands on one of the 500 "Special" bundles that contains both of the albums along with a limited-edition seven-inch single titled "The Calm & The Storm" plus four digital songs from the already completed "Ghost II" album. For the hardcore Devin fans, there are also 500 of the "Ultimate" bundles which contains everything from the other packages along with a patch and an exclusive t-shirt. All of these are available now at
  • (05.25) Bury Your Dead, who have reunited with their original vocalist after a few lackluster albums, has posted a new song 'Slaughterhouse Five' off their new album here. The new abum "Mosh & Roll" is scheduled for release on August 2 via Mediaskare Records.
  • (05.24) Arsis are busy writing a new album, go here to listen to a demo of the song 'Since The Shadows' from the band.
  • (05.23) Devin Townsend has set "Epicloud" as the title of his next album. According to Devin, the CD's musical direction will be "big, heavy, romantic kind of melodic stuff. Pretty, ethereal and simple."
  • (05.23) "You Only Live Once", a new song from Suicide Silence, is available for streaming on the band's Facebook page (you must "like" the track in order to hear it).
  • (05.21) Relapse Records has announced the signing of Spawn Of Possession. The band is currently writing material for its new album for a fall release.
  • (05.21) The Faceless have parted ways with vocalist Derek Rydquist. In a statement to Lambgoat, Rydquist said about his exit from the group, "As you Internet sleuths have deduced, I have left The Faceless. I left the band a couple months ago, and we were waiting until they had everything sorted out on their end before saying anything about it, but I guess I'll take it upon myself to break the news. I am no longer emotionally or artistically fulfilled by being the vocalist for the group, and that's how I arrived at my decision. Touring's luster has worn off, and I have found myself reconsidering the role I would like to take in creating and presenting music. Also, being a 'professional musician' was kind of ruining my love for music because when you rely on this stuff to make you money, as with anything, it is easy to become bitter towards it. Not that it was all bad — I had the best times I will ever have being in this band — but it is time for me to move on. I'd like to thank the band and the friends I've made through the band for making this not only a life-altering experience, but a life-shaping one. There is an immense amount of talent in this band, and the new vocalist they have is doing a great job, so please keep supporting THE FACELESS. I can now join you in anticipating the new album." Geoff Ficco (Kamikabe, Orgone) has been taking over the vocal duties for the band at several recent shows.
  • (05.21) Go here to listen to the track "Kairos" from Sepultura's new album.
  • (05.20) Dream Theater will begin mixing it's new CD in a week from now.
  • (05.19) "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes", the new album from Hate Eternal, sold around 1,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 14 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. Their previous albu, "Fury & Flames", sold 2,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release.
  • (05.18) Suicide Silence will release their new album, "The Black Crown", on July 12 via Century Media Records. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (05.18) Rob Zombie is busy writing new music, which he says will be more like his earlier material.
  • (05.18) Brian Petrowsky, former vocalist/guitarist of the defunct Danish band Iniquity, passed away at the age of 37. Petrowsky was featured on INIQUITY's debut album, "Serenadium" in 1996.
  • (05.16) Nile drummer George Kollias is writing and recording a solo album in between drum clinics and touring cycles. The CD will be out in September, and includes George playing drums,  guitars, bass, keys, and vocals, and it will also feature a DVD of the recording process.
  • (05.13) Here's a really interesting interview with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater about Mike Portnoy leaving the band, and his attempting to rejoin them later.
  • (05.12) Go here to listen to samples off the new Morbid Angel album.
  • (05.12) Go here to listen to a prepro track 'The Eidolon Reality' off the new The Faceless album.
  • (05.12) Go here to listen to a track 'Eyes Of Black' off the new Unearth album.
  • (05.12) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Decapitated album.
  • (05.10) Decapitated's new album will be called "Carnival Is Forever" and is due later in the year via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (05.09) Unearth will release their new album, "Darkness In The Light", in Europe on July 4 via Metal Blade Records.
  • (05.08) Disgorge are hard at work on their fifth full-length album, "And The Weak Shall Perish", for a late 2011 release via Unique Leader Records. Here's the band's current recording lineup: Levi Fuselier (Vocals), Ricky Myers (Drums), Erik Lindmark (Deeds Of Flesh) (Guitar), and Derek Boyer (Suffocation, Decrepit Birth) (Bass).
  • (05.07) Job For A Cowboy's new EP "Gloom" will be out June 7th.
  • (05.07) Dying Fetus will release a limited-edition mini-Ep called "History Repeats…", which will be a set of cover tunes from the band's influences. The EP will also contain  a brand new Dying Fetus track. Here's the track listing: 1) "Fade Into Obscurity (Dehumanized cover)", 2) "Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death cover)", 3) "Gorehog (Broken Hope cover)", 4) Rohypnol (Original song exclusive to this release)", 5) "Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower cover)", 6) "Twisted Truth (Pestilence cover)", 7) "Born In A Casket (Cannibal Corpse cover)". The EP is limited to 5,000 copies worldwide and set for a July 19 North American release through FYE stores and Relapse mailorder exclusively.
  • (05.06) Go here to see the cover artwork to Sepultura's new album.
  • (05.06) Otep's new album "Atavist" sold 7,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 61 on The Billboard 200 chart. OTEP's previous CD, "Smash The Control Machine", opened with 10,400 units back in August 2009 to land at No. 47.
  • (05.06) Napalm Death have entered Parlour Studio in Kettering, U.K. with longtime producer Russ Russell to begin recording their 14th album for a tentative October release via Century Media Records.
  • (05.03) Sepultura will release their new album "Kairos" on June 24 in Europe and July 12 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (05.03) Deftones have started work on a new album, which they hope to have available early next year.
  • (04.30) Deeds Of Flesh have parted ways with guitarist Sean Southern due to "personal reasons" and have replaced him with Craig Peters (Arkaik), who will also be doing backup vocals. The band also adds vocalist Corey Athos (Flesh Consumed) to their ranks, who will be handling lead vocals, giving the band "a three-person vocal assault". They will record their new album this summer.
  • (04.29) Dream Theater have announced that Mike Mangini (Extreme, Steve Vai) is their new drummer. The band is working hard on their new album.
  • (04.29) Visit Origin's Facebook page to listen to the track 'Expulsion of Fury' from their new album.
  • (04.26) 'Depraved And Zombified', a brand new song from Deranged, is available for streaming in this YouTube clip. The song comes off the band's eighth full-length album, "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve", which is scheduled for release in May via Sevared Records.
  • (04.25) Behemoth will return to the live stage in October, the band's first show since guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski was diagnosed with leukemia last August.
  • (04.23) Relapse Records will issue a collection of early Morta Skuld demos on July 5th. The collection, "Through The Eyes Of Death: The Early Demos", combines the band’s two 1990 demos "Gory Departure" and "Prolong The Agony" on one disc. 
  • (04.23) "The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues", the new album from Between The Buried And Me, sold 10,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 54 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • (04.21) Producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Arch Enemy)  recently stated that he will enter the studio this summer with Testament to begin work on their new album. A late 2011/early 2012 release is expected.
  • (04.19) Skinless is calling it quits. Visit their blog for a full statement.
  • (04.16) After all the recent departures, Chimaira has revealed their new lineup: Mark Hunter (Vocals), Rob Arnold (Guitar), Matt DeVries (Guitar), Emil Werstler (from Daath, on Bass), Sean Zatorsky (from Daath, on Keyboards/Samples) and
    Austin D'Amond (from Bleed The Sky, The Elite, on drums). Drums on their new album were handled by the CD's producer, Ben Schigel. Their new album is due in August.
  • (04.16) Unearth have set "Darkness In The Light" as the title of their new album, tentatively due this summer via Metal Blade Records.
  • (04.15) Behemoth have set "Abyssus Abyssum Invocat" as the title to the band's expanded repackaging of their early 2000's EPs "Conjuration" and "Slaves Shall Serve". Set for release in the U.S. on June 7 via Metal Blade Records, "Abyssus Abyssum Invocat" features both EPs remastered and includes bonus tracks, new artwork, and new liner notes.
  • (04.14) Chimaira Drummer Andols Herrick has announced his departure from the band. Go here for his complete statement. That's 3 members of the band leaving in the last 6 months, for those counting. Plus 2 others who are touring with Six Feet Under for awhile, but who have not officially left the band.
  • (04.14) Bassist Tomas "Obeast" Koefoed has left Mnemic. The split is amicable.
  • (04.14) Go here to see the cover artwork to In Flames new album.
  • (04.14) Machine Head will enter Jingletown Studios in Oakland, California this Saturday, April 16 to begin recording their as-yet-untitled seventh album for a late summer release via Roadrunner Records.
  • (04.13) Job For A Cowboy's new EP "Gloom" should be released late spring / early summer this year. Go here for a preview of the song 'Misery Reformatory'.
  • (04.13) Go here to see the artwork to Devin Townsend's "Deconstruction" album.
  • (04.10) Release of Pestilence's new album "Doctrine" has been pushed back a week to April 24th.
  • (04.08) Skinlab entered Different Fur Studios last week to begin recording an EP, "Fleshwounds... Under The Influence", containing one new song and covers songs from abnd like Nailbomb, Acid Bath, Crowbar, Level and Machine Head.
  • (04.08) The Faceless have announced the addition of bassist Evan Brewer (Animosity, Reflux) to the group.
  • (04.08) Suicide Silence have set "The Black Crown" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in July via Century Media Records.
  • (04.07) Keyboardist/programmer Chris Spicuzza has left Chimaira. "The choice was extremely tough and stewed around in my mind for quite awhile. Many things led to this decision. The situation in Chimaira had ultimately become a negative environment that I had to get out of. Secondly, the music industry is completely fucked and honestly, I became concerned for my future. The amount of work and stress I took on got the best of me. I guess if you're not happy or having fun, what's the point? As far as the new Chimaira album, I have not contributed to it. There is no doubt in my mind that Chimaira's sound will not suffer minus my presence. The demos I heard showed great potential and I’m sure the album will melt faces. I'm proud to say I was on five Chimaira albums and wish those guys the best."
  • (04.07) Goatwhore will enter the studio in late July to begin recording their new album for a late 2011 release.
  • (04.02) Origin will release their new album, "Entity", on June 7 in North America and June 10 in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (04.01) Decapitated have finished recording their new album.
  • (04.01) The new Arch Enemy album will be out May 30 in Europe and June 7 in the U.S.

  • (03.31) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Morbid Angel album.
  • (03.30) Bassist Jonathan Miller of Devildriver has left the band. Miller has had drug and alchohol problems in the past, and entered a rehab clinic earlier this year.
  • (03.29) Go here to listen to a new track 'Haunting Abound' off the new Hate Eternal album.
  • (03.29) In Flames have signed a deal Century Media Records. The band's tenth album, "Sounds Of A Playground Fading", will be released on June 21st in North America.
  • (03.29) Aborted will enter Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark in June with producer Jacob Hansen to begin recording their 7th album, "Global Flatline", for a late 2011 release via Century Media Records. The band will record 15 songs, 12 of which will be on the regular album, the other 3 will be bonus tracks.
  • (03.28) Devin Townsend's two new albums "Deconstruction" and "Ghost" should both be out June 20th in Europe.
  • (03.26) Deivos is currently recording their new album "Demiurge of the Void" which should be out this summer.
  • (03.26) Go here to listen to the new track 'Universal Collapse'  by Abraxas off their new album.
  • (03.25) "Global Evisceration", the fourth DVD from Cannibal Corpse, sold around 900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 17 on the Top Music Videos chart.
  • (03.24) Go here to see the cover artwork to Devin Townsend's "Ghost" album, and here to see the slipcase cover artwork.
  • (03.23) Go here to listen to a new song 'Awakening' off the new Devolved album "Oblivion", due May 24th. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (03.22) Go here for a short preview of the song 'Drunk On The Blood Of Saints' off the new Otep album.
  • (03.22) Vile have completed work on their new album "Metamorphosis", and has a current release date of Sept 20th 2011. Download a copy of the new song 'Prophetic Betrayal' here.
  • (03.22) Vader drummer Pawel "Paul" Jaroszewicz has decided to leave the band due to "family matters". He will still lay down tracks for the band's new album, "Welcome To The Morbid Reich", and taking part in the group's already confirmed concerts in May, June and July. His replacement will be 21-year-old English musician James Stewart (Divine Chaos). Bass duties will falll to newcomer Hal (Hermh, Dead Infection, Abused Majesty).
  • (03.22) Napalm Death have contributed a brand new track called 'Legacy Was Yesterday' to Decibel magazine's monthly flexi disc series. Go here for a listen.
  • (03.18) Go here to see the cover artwork too the new Pestilence album "Doctrine".
  • (03.16) Vader have entered Hertz Studio Poland to begin recording their new album, "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". The band is recording 12 or 13 songs for the CD, which will be mixed and mastered in May for a tentative late 2011 release.
  • (03.16) As well as releasing their Sea Shepherd EP in the near future, Gojira are also about halfway done writing a brand new album.
  • (03.16) Hate Eternal will release their new album, "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes", on May 10 via Metal Blade Records. Go here for the album artwork.
  • (03.15) Devin Townsend plans on perfomring all 4 of his new albums in their entirety live in London this November, to be released on a special Live CD and DVD.
  • (03.13) Otep will release its new album, "Atavist", on April 26 via Victory Records.
    (03.11) Hackneyed have inked a new deal with Lifeforce Records. The band is currently in the studio working on its third album for an August release.
  • (03.10) Origin have announced the addition of vocalist Jason Keyser (Skinless) to the group.
  • (03.10) Nightrage have completed pre-pro work on their 5th studio album (15 songs in all), and will begin recording in June.
  • (03.09) Morbid Angel's new album will be called "Illud Divinum Insanus", and will be released in Europe on June 6th, and the 7th in the USA.
  • (03.09) The Red Chord have parted ways with original drummer Mike Justian. The split is amicable. The band will use Jon Rice (Job For A Cowboy) for their upcoming tour.
  • (03.08) In Flames have officially recruited Niclas Engelin (Engel) as their new second guitarist.
  • (03.08) The new Morbid Angel album is scheduled to come out in June.
  • (03.08) Go here to see the cover artwork to the new Arch Enemy album "Khaos Legions".
  • (03.05) Sepultura have set "Kairos" (an ancient Greek word signifying a time in between, a moment of undetermined period of time in which something special happens) as the title of their new album, tentatively due late spring/early summer via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (03.03) "V01D", the new EP from The Amenta, will be released free of charge on March 8 via exclusively.
  • (03.03) 'Eden', a new song from Tesseract off their forthcoming debut album, is available for streaming on the band's Facebook page. (won't work for non-facebook members)
  • (03.03) Pestilence's new album "Doctrine" should be out April 16th 2011. They have a new song 'Sinister' for streaming on their myspace page.
  • (03.03) Go here for an interview with guitarist Rob Arnold about joining Six Feet Under, and the new Chimaira record that's still on the way.
  • (03.03) "Beast", the fifth album from Devildriver, sold a little over 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 42 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • (03.03) Bloodbath will release of an all-new live DVD, "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock", on April 25 via Peaceville Records. The album will feature Bloodbath's August 2010 performance from the U.K.'s Bloodstock festival. The full package will also include a 16-page booklet, bonus footage taken from Germany's Party.San Open Air festival in 2008 and band member interviews.
  • (03.02) Apparently the reason for Slayer vocalist / bassist Tom Araya's trip to the hospital in Australia was due to "vertigo due to extreme dehydration and lack of rest." He has since been released and is looking forward to performing in the Melbourne show on March 4th.
  • (03.01) Between The Buried And Me's new album will be out April 12th. It will contain 3 songs, and be 30 minutes long. Go here for the album cover.

Feb 2011

  •  (02.28) Rob Arnold of Chimaira and Kevin Talley of Daath (and formerly of Chimaira) will be joining Chris Barnes in Six Feet Under for their latest tour, and will also participate on the band's new album.
  • (02.28) Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails won the 2010 Academy award for best score for his work on the soundtrack for "The Social Network".
  • (02.27) Slayer vocalist / bassist Tom Araya has been admitted to a hospital in Australia where he will be kept overnight for an unknown ailment, forcing the band to cancel its appearance at the Sydney, Australia stop of the Soundwave festival.
  • (02.27) The reissue of Death's "The Sound Of Perseverance" album sold around 1,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release.
  • (02.26) Go here to listen to a snippet of a song off the new Between The Buried And Me album.
  • (02.26) Gorguts is in the studio right now doing pre-production for their new album, due later this year.
  • (02.25) Krisiun will enter Stage One Studios in Bühne, Germany in May to begin recording their eighth full-length album for a fall release via Century Media Records. The CD will once again be produced by Andy Classen, who previously prodeuced the band's other albums: "Conquerors Of Armageddon", "AssasiNation" and "Southern Storm".
(02.25) Deeds Of Flesh will enter the studio in May/June to begin recording their ninth album, "Portal to Canaan", for a late 2011 release via Unique Leader Records. Raymond Swanland will again be doing the album artwork.
  • (02.22) Between The Buried And Me has signed with Metal Blade Records. The group will release it's new album, "The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues" in April.
  • (02.22) Arkaik have started work on their 2nd album, "Metamorphignition", due in early 2012 via Unique Leader Records.
  • (02.20) Devildriver's entire new album is available for streaming on their myspace page.
  • (02.17) Bassist Tomasz "Reyash" Rejek has left Vader for "personal reasons".
  • (02.16) Prong has finished demoing 14 new songs for the band new album due in 2011.
  • (02.15) Devin Townsend has made a five-song live EP available for free download by spreading the word about this page at on Twitter and Facebook (Or do a direct download from here: ). The EP contains the tracks "Supercrush", "Kingdom", "Truth", "Om" and "By Your Command". His next two albums should be out in June.
  • (02.15) Job For A Cowboy have entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof to begin recording an EP of all-new material.
  • (02.10) Coldworker's new album will be called "The Doomsayer's Call" and will be out by end of summer.
  • (02.09) The Amenta's "V01D" EP will be out March 8th.
  • (02.09) The Facless will start recording a new album in March for a summer release on Sumerian Records.
  • (02.08) Go here for a clip off of Cannibal Corpse's new DVD, where the band runs into Jesse Jackson at the airport while they're on tour.
  • (02.08) Bury Your Dead's new album will be called "Mosh & Roll".
  • (02.05) "Deconstruction" and "Ghost", the third and fourth in a series of albums from Devin Townsend as The Devin Townsend Project will likely be released in the summer. And the free live EP has ben postponed till Feb 9th.
  • (02.05) Jonathan Huber has joined Pathology as their new fulltime lead vocalist. In addition, the band has welcomes back guitarist Tim Tiszczenko, who will perform alongside current guitarist Kevin Schwartz.
  • (02.03) Adam "Nergal" Darski of Behemoth has been readmitted to the hematology division of Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne in Gdansk because he developed an infection six weeks after he underwent his bone marrow transplant procedure. No word yet on whether this will affect the transplant.
  • (02.03) Release of Anomalous' new album has been pushed back to March 15th, and release of the new Gorgasm record has been pushed up to March 15th, both on Brutal Bands records.

  • (01.31) Testament hope to enter the studio in March to record their new album.
  • (01.31) French death metal band Mercyless, whose album "Abject Offerings" was released in 1992, have reformed, and are working on material for a new record.
  • (01.30) Cannibal Corpse are working on their new album, to be recorded in September, for an early 2012 release.
  • (01.29) Video footage of Despised Icon's very last show (which took place December 5, 2010 at Club Soda in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) can be viewed at
  • (01.29) 'Coldblooded', a brand new song from Devildriver's forthcoming fifth album, "Beast", is available for streaming on
  • (01.27) Devin Townsend will make a new live EP available for free download next week via Century Media Records' web site. More details will be released in the coming days.
  • (01.27) Devolved will release their new full-length album, "Oblivion", on May 24 via Unique Leader Records.
  • (01.27) Periphery will release a new EP, "Icarus Lives", on April 19 via Sumerian Records. This CD features a brand new unreleased track, a series of remixes and video clips. Here's more details directly from the band: "We like to think of ['Icarus Lives'] as a supplement to our first album. It will contain a version of 'Icarus Lives' with newly recorded vocals and the fantastic music video by Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci of Killswitch Productions, alongside several remixes of the song by the band, winner of our 'Icarus' remix contest (Pete Graves from the U.K.) and a special guest to be named at a later date. We have also included a tweaked version of our song 'Jetpacks Was Yes' and the brand new music video by Eric Haviv at FUGO studios. In addition, the songs 'Captain On' and 'Eureka' (available only through digital download until now) will be made available in physical format with newly re-recorded vocals. To sweeten the deal, we have added a new song, 'Frak the Gods', to give our fans a taste of whats to come as we enter the studio later this year to record our second full-length."
  • (01.27) Divine Heresy bassist Joe Payne has left the band to persue a lead guitar spot in his friend's band Pain After Death.
  • (01.27) Textures has just entered the studio to record their 4th album.
  • (01.26) In Flames have finished recording their 10th studio, "Sounds Of A Playground Fading", to be released May 13th 2011.
  • (01.25) Chimaira have signed with eOne records, and are busy working on a new album to be released on the label.
  • (01.23) Decrepit Birth have been rejoined by original bassist Derek Boyer as a new permanent member. Derek will continue as a full-time member of Suffocation.
  • (01.22) Decapitated will enter RG Studio in Gdansk, Poland on February 9 to begin recording its fifth studio album for a late 2010 release via Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (01.21) The Rotted have entered Parlour Studios to record the follow-up to 2008's "Get Dead Or Die Trying". A mid to late 2011 release is expected.
  • (01.20) Psycroptic will enter the studio in Feb to record their new album, which has already been written.
  • (01.20) Adam "Nergal" Darski, vocalist for Behemoth, has left the hospital after his bone marrrow transplant. He is in good spirits, and says he has left the hospital "victorious". He will be resting up for the next several months, but is hopefully to start performing with the band again soon.
  • (01.19) Arch Enemy have set "Khaos Legions" as the title of their new album, due in May via Century Media Records.
  • (01.19) Suicide Silence are preparing to enter the studio, their new album to be released this summer.
  • (01.18) Vocalist Myke Terry has announced his departure from Bury Your Dead. The band, on hiatus since last April, recently began work on a new album, with the group's previous vocalist Mat Bruso. A late 2011 release via Mediaskare Records is expected.
  • (01/14) Go here for an interview with artist Travis Smith as he discusses why he decided to update the cover artwork to the re-issue of Death's "The Sound of Perseverance".
  • (01.11) Tesseract will release their debut album, "One", on March 22 via Century Media Records. The CD will also include a bonus DVD that features the "Concealing Fate" EP being performed live in the studio. Also of note, half of the new CD will be a re-recording of their "Concealing Fate" EP, the rest being brand new songs.
  • (01.11) 'Dead To Rights', the first single from Devildriver's forthcoming fifth album, "Beast", is available for free download at (free e-mail sign-up required).
  • (01.09) Deranged will enter Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden in February to begin recording their eighth full-length album, "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve", to be released via Sevared Records.
  • (01.07) Two new songs are available for streaming from the new Lazarus A.D. album "Black Rivers Flow", which is scheduled for release on February 1, 2011 via Metal Blade Records. Listen to 'The Ultimate Sacrifice' here and 'Black Rivers Flow' here. The CD was recorded in July and August 2010 at Belle City Sound with Chris Wisco and was mixed and mastered by James Murphy at Safehouse Production.
  • (01.06) Napalm Death Guitarist Mitch Harris has posted the following messages on his Facebook page: "NAPALM DEATH has just confirmed a studio date later this month for a mystery song! I will give more details when I have official clearance to do so" followed by "It's nothing to do with the new album" and "it's not a cover song either"
  • (01.06) More info on the Cannibal Corpse DVD. According to the label, the set will contain approximately two hours and 49 minutes of material, including footage from the May 3, 2010 concert at Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colorado and the May 8, 2010 performance at Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The DVD will also include bonus performances and extra segments, as well as behind-the-scenes footage covering the "Evisceration Plague" tour cycle.
  • (01.06) A note about who will be drumming on the new Unearth CD from the band: "We wanted to let everyone know that tracking for the new album has officially begun! We're currently at Zing Studios in Westfield, Massachusetts tracking drums with our sit-in drummer for the album, Justin Foley of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE/BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED. ... As we said before, we're aiming at a mid-to-late June release for the album, followed by massive world touring."
  • (01.06) Go here for extra info on the Sinister Boxset, including the cover and what all the CDs will contain as far as Bonus Tracks.
  • (01.05) Neuraxis has released a new song 'Asylum' streaming at this location. The song comes off the band's sixth album, "Asylon", which will be released in North America on February 15, 2011.
  • (01.05) Whitechapel has parted ways with drummer Kevin Lane and has reportedly replaced him with Ben Harclerode of the Glendale, Arizona band Knights Of The Abyss. Lane is said to have returned home to Kingsport, Tennessee and is planning to go back to school.
  • (01.05) Cannibal Corpse are tentatively scheduled to release a new two-disc DVD set, "Global Evisceration", on March 15 via Metal Blade. The band filmed two shows in May 2010 for the DVD.
  • (01.04) Dream Theater have just entered the studio. Still no word on who their new drummer is, perhaps they want to try him out in a studio/writing situation to make sure they like him before making an announcement.
  • (01.03) The re-issue of Death's "The Sound Of Perseverance" album will include a remixed cover by original artist Travis Smith. The differences between the two covers are causing quite an argument on Blabbermouth. Go here to see the two covers, new and old.
  • (01.02) See what were yours and my Favorite Albums Of 2010!
  • (01.02) Morbid Angel's drummer Pete Sandoval, who underwent back surgery for a deteriorating disc problem last year, it recovering nicely. Check out this video of him back on the drums shot Dec 19th 2010.

  • ++
    Sargagantas, Imagika, Bloody Sign, Call To Preserve, God Dethroned, Machine Men, On Burning Shores, Zushakon, Human Scum, Hostile Cell, Five Star Prison Cell, Skinless, Tools Of Torture, Devian, Silhouettes, Disarm, Subversion, Carnal Forge, Cataract, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, Gorematory, call it quits.

    Slumber, Detente, Hostility, Re-Vision, The White Stripes, Oceansize, Breaking The Fourth Wall, King Cobra The Famine, Elexorien, Charon, Dark Forest Of North, Crown The Lost, Hell Within, Battlelore, Storming Normandy, Dismember, Handshake Murders, Symphorce, As We Fight, Eventide, Thursday, Sovereign Strength, call it a day.


    Evil Masquerade vocalist/guitarist Henrik Flyman has released a new track "Let's Unite in Rock" under the moniker The MFC Dragon Slayer All Star Project to benefit the charity Metal for Cancer. The song can be purchased at this location and all proceeds will be donated to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

    The MFC Dragon Slayer All Star Project consists of:

    Henrik Flyman - guitar (Evil Masquerade)
    Peter Wildoer - drums (James LaBrie, Darkane, Arch Enemy)
    Thor Jeppesen - bass (Evil Masquerade)
    Artur Meinild - keyboard (Evil Masquerade)

    The following musicians appear as guests on the track:


    Mats Leven (Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen)
    Snowy Shaw (Therion, Mercyful Fate, Dream Evil)
    Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica, Northern Kings)
    Apollo Papathanasio (Evil Masquerade, Firewind, Spiritual Beggars)
    Tony Mills (TNT, Shy)
    Silvio Massaro (Vanishing Point)
    Richard Ofsoski (Ofsoski, Sedition)
    Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade)
    Lance King (Avian, Pyramaze)
    Dagfinn Joensen (Fate)

    Lead Guitars:

    Glen Drover (Megadeth, Testament, Eidolon)
    Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade)
    Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden)

    Earache Records has reported that David Gold, frontman of Canadian doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES, was killed in a car accident last night. He was 31 years old.

    Suicide Silence has released a video clip online of the band buying Christmas presents for children, which can be viewed below. Suicide Silence also commented:

    "We sold the shirt Mitch wore in the 'You Only Live Once' video and spent all of the money on toys for less fortunate kids. A very special thanks to the Variety Boys & Girls Club: Pueblo Del Sol Unit in Downtown Los Angeles for all of their cooperation. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"

    For more info on Suicide Silence, head over to the band's official Facebook profile at this location.


    Arizona's Vektor has issued the following announcement about appearing in a trash metal documentary now available online:

    "Some of you may know already... our friend Joe Coleman made a movie last year about the newer thrash bands called 'Thrash: A Living Legacy' which we did an interview for. Well now the whole thing is available to watch online so check it out!"

    Check out the opening segment for the documentary below, or find each of the clips from the movie at this location.

    Bandhappy will change the music world beginning in 2012. Scheduled to launch in early 2012, the Bandhappy online music community, founded by Periphery drummer Matt Halpern, will reshape how music teachers and students connect in a first-of-its-kind music community. Bandhappy will offer either in-person lessons or online lessons anywhere on the planet via a custom-built, in-house video chat system.
    El Caco Deliver Hatred, Love And Diagrams On Jan 27th
    New Album From Industrial Rockers Eisbrecher Coming soon
    Symphonic Metal Band Xandria Release New Album
    Worth Dying For Release Live Album In February
    Red Fang Announces European Tour With Mastodon
    Cult To Follow Release New Single
    Fightstar Members Form New Band Called Gunship
    Platinum-selling recording artists Our Lady Peace have announced an early Christmas present for their fans. On Tuesday, December 20, 2011, the song, "Heayweight," was made available on iTunes in North America.
    Alter Bridge Live At Wembley On Cd And Dvd
    New Album From Sent By Ravens Out In Feb
    Underworld Awakening Soundtrack Out On Jan 17th
    Melodic Net Wishes You All A Merry Christmas
    Listen To Our Lady Peace's New Single
    The Devin Townsend Project's "Contain Us" Box-set out
    Crazy Lixx Announce New Album Title Riot Avenue
    Jeff Scott Soto Near Completion Of Damage Control
    Rush Finally Done Recording The New Studio Album
    Mad Max Release New Album In March
    Dark New Day Release New Album In February
    Paul Mccartney Premieres First Single "My Valentine" From New album
    U2 Named Highest Grossing Touring Act
    Adam Lambert Arrested In Finland
    The Hotel Year And Young English Announce January Tour
    Bleeding Through Is Back With Their 6th Full Length
    Every Avenue To Co-headline Spring Tour With We Are In The Crowd
    Rise Records Signs Palisades


    Kiss has announced it's foray into the outdoor entertainment business by planning to open a mini golf course across the street from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The scheduled opening date will be March 15th, 2012, which will correspond with the anniversary of the "Destroyer" album release. Kiss By Monster Mini Golf will feature an indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, an arcade, the largest Kiss gift shop in the world, a Kiss gallery, “Hotter than Hell” wedding chapel, a private VIP room and Kiss themed event rooms, and “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” Cafe. In a joint statement delivered by Kiss’ Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, both spoke of their reasons for undertaking this project:

    “When the idea of a Kiss mini golf course was presented to us, we immediately knew that everyone would want to go to a Kiss-themed amusement attraction,” they said. “There is nothing like Kiss mini golf anywhere… It has everything you could ask for: great Kiss music, fun games, affordable entertainment in one of the greatest cities in the world, and of course, Kiss. A hole in one? One can only dream. Try your luck at the Kiss By Monster Mini Golf.”

    Go to this location for more updates on this venture.

    Vocalist/bassist Alan Robert from Life of Agony, known for his comic book series "Wire Hangers" and "Crawl to Me," has been confirmed to star in the season two premiere of TLC's show "NY Ink."
    Kataklysm vocalist Maurizio Iacono has joined forces with his longtime agent and journeyman promoter Stephan Mellul, with the backing of Century Media, to launch a New World counterpart to Europe's "Rock The Nation" booking agency, christened "Rock The Nation America."
    Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine joined Metallica on stage on Saturday, December 10, 2011 to perform three classic songs, one of which was "Metal Militia." Fan footage of the performance can be seen below. The performance was part of the week long Metallica 30th Anniversary event in San Francisco, which has seen a multitude of guest performances including Biff Byford (Saxon), Lou Reed, John Bush (Armored Saint), members of Mercyful Fate (including King Diamond) and Dave Mustaine.
  • Today the music world is undergoing many changes. The music needs our strong support to try to let the world know and appreciate the groups that have long sacrificed their lives to publicize their music. Few bands dare to do the style they like and they try to do something more commercial to get more sales but there are bands that survive this and strive to make themselves known. All these groups have sacrificed so much we give them our support and our congratulations with this great idea. Wolfhound Compilation Radio is international support for these 80 bands chosen by the public.
  • Now you can enjoy completely free of this collection of bands in our official website where you can download this compilation of bands in the "Download Center".
  • - BANDS:
  • CD I:
    Histeria - Gritaras (Spain)
    New Disorder - Love Kills Anyway (Italy)
    Wölflaut - Cölt (Usa)
    Sonic Prophecy - Lady in the Flame (Usa)
    Excellion - Mourning Raven (Mexico)
    Tasty Smokers - Odd Brain (France)
    3Fold Pain - Into your Depths (Greece)
    Evhay - Alza Tu Alma (Venezuela)
    Liberty Slaves - Devil In Me (UK)
    Echovolt - Catch My Breath (Spain)
    Seven Thorns - Liberty (Denmark)
    Vox Humana - Everytime (Usa)
    Zeroking - Kings of Self-Destruction (Usa)
    Hyperión - Mi Voz, Tu Motor (Argentina)
    13Down - War (Usa)
    Calatrilloz - Z The Psychopath (UK)
    Stainless - Man Eat Man (Belgium)
    Azrael - Decirte Adiós (Spain)
    APVTH - Horus, Vengeance is Mine (Canada)
    Replosion - Turn The Page (Italy)
    CD II:
    Destructive - Pogo (Turkey)
    Ekho - Frail Lie (Israel)
    Legäcy - Fist Assault (Italy)
    Smash Hit Combo - Etat Second (France)
    Overdry - Instinto (Spain)
    Disarmed - Rise and Fight (Spain)
    Alkira - Power Trip (Australia)
    Nitro - Suicide Trip (Turkey)
    Thunderhell - Hate (Venezuela)
    Homo Sapiens - Light Leading Maze (Greece)
    Fraktal - Red Hot Ragged (Spain)
    Existing Threat - Beyond the Dark (Ireland)
    As My World Burns - The Sound of the Waves (Spain)
    Legacy of Disorder - Lucid Screams (New Zealand)
    Nuclear - On Killing (Chile)
    Grungy Morphins - I.T.N.O.T.G. (India)
    Kill Ritual - Law Of The Land (Usa)
    Mad Hatter 2.0 - This is a War (UK)
    Reveeler - Betrayal (Usa)
    Screaming Factor - Welcome Pieces (Indonesia)
  • CD III:
    Stribog - Rusalka (Croatia)
    Satanized - Terror Prophecies (Turkey)
    Thallium - Revenge (Germany)
    Umbra Summi Nobis - The Enchanted (Venezuela)
    Ammonal - Blood From The Sky (Italy)
    Red Sky - La luna bacierà le tue lacrime (Italy)
    Factory of Dreams - Obsessical (Portugal)
    Scandelion - Ghost of Your Soul (Spain)
    Trollband - Nidhoggr (Canada)
    Celtachor - In the hall's of Nuada (Ireland)
    Cruadalach - Pramen Epony (Czech Republic)
    Tengwar - The Bearer's Choice (Argentina)
    Vanir - Særimners Kød (Denmark)
    Denun - Distant Memories (Chile)
    Tersivel - As Brothers We Shall Fight (Argentina)
    Svartby - Skogens Ursinne (Russia)
    Psilocybe Larvae - Sleepwalkers (Russia)
    My Last Suicide - Seven Years of Affliction (Bosnia)
    Frosthammer - You Don't Know the Meaning of Cold (Canada)
    Katergon - I Am the Sea (Switzerland)
    CD IV:
    Sovacon - Mentes Oscuras (Colombia)
    Auticed - Another Day Another Victim (Indonesia)
    Malanoctem - Vitrei Presagi (Italy)
    Formless Terror - Immaculate Dominance of Iniquity (Macedonia)
    Fedra - The Queen of Darkness (Colombia)
    Avgrunn - Torments Hammer (Spain)
    Exhumed Day - From nun to slut (Spain)
    Sacristía - Tan solo pa Vivir (Spain)
    Aegnor - Aegnor (Turkey)
    Warocracy - War of the Mortals (Italy)
    Blaast - Warriors Destiny (Bulgaria)
    The Obscene - Embrace Oblivion (UK)
    Decrepancy - Cryptic Torment (Serbia)
    Anlipnes - The Empty Skies (Turkey)
    Flatulated - Spiritual Rape (Usa)
    Dark Desolation - Futile Dogma (India)
    Noctem - Invictus (Spain)
    Hatebrazen - Corruption (Colombia)
    Prion - The End is Near (Argentina)
    Satani Infernalis - The Lament of The One (Usa)
  • Thanks so much to the bands, the listeners and all the sponsors who supported this new project.
  • Created by Wolfhound Metal Radio,
  • Where The Music Never Sleeps!

  • ++
    Thirty Seconds To Mars, in partnership with VyRT and Ustream, announced today a groundbreaking system that brings fans around the world to the first ever, Virtual Social Concert Experience. On Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET, individual ticket buyers will experience Thirty Seconds To Mars' live, interactive and 300th performance, setting a new Guinness World Records title.
    Motley Crue to become first Las Vegas metal House band.

    Coinciding with two shows show in their hometown of Berlin, Germany, Rammstein was celebrated with a mausoleum. In front of the O2 World, Berlin’s biggest indoor arena, fans congregated for a procession including a horse-drawn hearse, which delivered the original death masks (as seen on the cover of the band's new career retrospective) of the six band members to the mausoleum.

    Inside the black cubic building the busts were carefully placed amongst candles and a book of condolence and could be visited by fans in appropriate reverence.This event took place to commemorate the release of the album “Made In Germany 1995 – 2011’” which reflects the band’s career in 16 tracks and – in a special edition – in addition 17 remixes of their body of work.


    During a performance of Machine Head's classic track "Davidian" at a recent show in Brussels, guitarist Phil Demmel became yet another victim of an unidentified heckler wielding an airborne missile - in this case, a shoe. Demmel promptly exited the stage following the incident, while his bandmates played on as a three-piece.

    Demmel (and, oddly, bassist Adam Duce) remained conspicuously absent for the bow at the conclusion of the band's set.

    'Black Line White Lie' is the long overdue book featuring over 275 black and white images by artist Derek Hess. This book covers over 20 years of his black and white drawings from images of his earliest flyers to some of his more recent works like Cancer Of The Soul and Valentine. Derek dedicates this huge 300 page book to his fans which also includes a chapter of over 70 tattoos that people have done of his works.
  • and Fox News are reporting that a Them Crooked Vultures fan stabbed himself to death after developing tinnitus from attending a concert. The report reads:
  • Robert McIndoe, 52, was unable to sleep for three months after seeing Them Crooked Vultures at the Brixton Academy, London.
  • His psychiatrist, Dr Helen Stinson, said: “He accepted death as a side-effect of stopping the noise.”
  • Them Crooked Vultures is a supergroup featuring music icons Joshua Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones.
  • Read the full article at

  • ++

  • Norwegian black metal act Koldbrann has issued the following statement about the recent death of former guitarist Jonas R. Christiansen (Slavia):
  • "In memory of a fallen comrade:
  • "In the aftermath of Jonas R. Christiansen's death, we want to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to his family and those who stood him near. Jonas was diagnosed with cancer just 3 months earlier, but sadly lost the fight on 17th November 2011.
  • "Jonas was a member of our band at an early stage, and participated on the first concerts and the debut album. He is missed, but his memory will persist, and his music shall live on.
  • "Styrke og Visjon!"

  • ++
    2011 has been a landmark year so far for Corey Taylor. Known worldwide as the dynamic lead-singer for two multi-platinum rock groups-Slipknot and Stone Sour-the Grammy Award-winner this year added two more impressive credentials to his resume: best-selling author for his 'Seven Deadly Sins…' book as well as Oxford University official guest lecturer. This fall, Corey will launch his first-ever solo tour "An Evening With Corey Taylor." It begins November 14th in Anaheim and wraps December 13th in Orlando.

    According to the New York Post, former Anthrax vocalist Dan Nelson has filed a $2.65 Million lawsuit against his ex band mates, as a result of the way his departure from the thrash metal veterans was handled in 2009.

    The singer maintains that he was fired from the band while other members have repeatedly said that he quit suddenly. Nelson says his ex-bandmates’ "intentional defamation" has caused him a loss of income and damaged his reputation.

    The Manhattan federal court filing further charges that Nelson co-wrote the tunes on the band’s latest album, "Worship Music," but hasn’t gotten his fair share of the profits.

    Read the full article at NewYorkPost.

    In a recent interview with 107.7 The Bone's Nikki Blakk, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy frontman Max Cavalera revealed that he is currently working on his autobiography with journalist Joel McIver, who has previously written books about such bands as Motorhead and Metallica. Cavalera also revealed in the interview that the foreword to the book will be written by Foo Fighters frontman/former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl.
    Awolnation has announced the "Fall Harvest Tour," a headlining concert tour in support of their debut album 'Megalithic Symphony' (Red Bull Records), with Middle Class Rut and Twin Atlantic to support. Throughout the tour the band is working with local community food banks to establish a food drive at each show, benefiting area families in need.

    GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot found dead.
    Danzig played a short set at Fun Fun Fest on November 4th, 2011. The ex-Samhain/Misfits crooner scheduled an hour-and-a-half set of Danzig, Misfits and Samhain material, but only played two Misfits songs. On Fun Fun Fun Fest's Facebook page, Graham Williams, the festival booker, comments on what may be the concert fiasco of the year

    Ohio power metal band Axemaster announced that music from the band's 1987 classic "Blessing in the Skies," as well as video footage for the song "Slave to the Blade" from said album, is scheduled to be featured in the upcoming horror movie entitled "Metal Maniac."

    Producer Susan Kapostasy commented on addition of Axemaster, "Metal Maniac is my tribute to all things horror and heavy metal, which is why I'm so excited to include Axemaster in the soundtrack."

    "Metal Maniac" is currently in the filming stage with no official release date.

    Other bands to be featured on the soundtrack include Manilla Road, Nasty Savage, Deceased, Oz, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Black Death, Borrowed Time, and more.


    Former lead vocalist of Gorgoroth and God Seed, Kristian Espedal, perhaps known better by his alias, "Gaahl," has been confirmed to appear in a new Norwegian action film entitled, "Flukt," (which means, "Escape" in English.) Gaahl will portray the character, Grim in the film, which is being directed by Roar Uthaug and is expected to be released in Norway in October 2012. The movie stars famed Nowegian actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in the role of Dagmar, the leader of a group of outlaws living in the Norwegian mountains in the 1300s.

    More information on, "Flukt" will be revealed as soon as it becomes available.


    The 2011 Fearless Friends Tour has announced several food bank donation opportunities that will be taking place at numerous tour stops. Fans will be able to make a donation in support of local food drives in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, New York City, NY, and Tempe, AZ! All donations will go directly to local area food banks.

    Additionally, blessthefall will be giving away special signed drumheads to lucky winners in the aforementioned markets. Moreover, the drumhead giveaway will include TOMS Sunglasses in Los Angeles, Lost and Loveless t-shirts and a Jedidiah Clothing jacket in San Diego, and a $50 Vestra Visa gift card from Tempe Marketplace in Tempe! More prizes are set to be announced soon.

    The 2011 Fearless Friends Tour, which includes headliners blessthefall and supporting acts The Word Alive, Motionless In White, Tonight Alive, and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk is presented by Peter Says Denim, and is sponsored by Converse, Good Fight Entertainment, MerchNow, Tilly’s and WHOOZNXT. The tour is set to blaze through North America this November / December.


    Polish technical death metal band Decapitated have pulled out of the upcoming Damnation Festival in Leeds and the Aalborg Metal Festival due to a plane crash. Apparently, the band was on a flight back to Poland from the U.S. and was forced to make an emergency landing in Warsaw when landing gear failed. Miraculously, no one was killed.

    Ulver has agreed to fill in by extending the band's set to 90 minutes.


    According to Buffalo's WIVB-TV, Sons Of Azarael guitarist Tony Lorenzo was shot in an armed robbery, which took place on Wednesday the 26th of October in the city's Elmwood Village area and is now paralyzed from the waist down, after a bullet was lodged in his spine.

    Lorenzo's friend, Alex Artemas, said, "Him and I were just walking to a friend's house, and it was just a complete random hit, came from behind, never saw it coming."

    "The kid asked me, he said, 'Give me what you got.' And before I could even get my wallet out, he just shot me," said Tony.

    Initial reports were that the victim may have known his attacker.


    Triptykon and ex-Hellhammer and ex-Celtic Frost frontman Tom G. Warrior (a/k/a Thomas Gabriel Fischer) announced that elements of his "Antecedent Death" death mask sculptures will be on display at the Last Rites Gallery in New York City.
    The announcement reads:
    "For the third time in 2011, elements of Triptykon singer/guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior's celebrated 'Antecedent Death' death mask sculpture project will be on display as part of an exhibition.
    "Warrior's work will be featured in 'The 13th Hour', an annual group exhibit held by New York's acclaimed Last Rites Gallery. 'The 13th Hour' will run from October 28 through November 27, 2011.
    "Featured artists Include: Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Jason D’aquino, Pedro De Kastro, Tom Gabriel Warrior, HR Giger, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori, Michael Hussar, Joka, Sarah Joncas, Aunia Kahn, Eli Livingston, Michael Mararian, Chris Mars, Annie Owens, Chris Peters, Anthony Pontius, Dan Quintana, Matt Rota, Paul Rumsey, Beau Stanton, David Stoupakis, Jasmine Worth, and more.
    From the gallery's press release:
    'In its annual exhibit, Last Rites sets out to present a broad-spectrum representation of Dark Surrealism. Held during Halloween weekend, the show is the gallery’s largest group exhibit, and features renowned artists from around the globe - working in an array of mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. From gothic elegance to finely crafted grotesquery, the beauty within the darkness is embraced and brought into the spotlight.'
    "Warrior's death mask sculptures were previously on public display during "Antecedent Death I" (solo exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland, February/March 2011) and "Terminus" (group exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland, June/July 2011)."

    The Last Rites Gallery is located at 511 W 33rd Street in New York City.

    Forbidden guitarist & columnist Steve Smyth has posted the following message on his websites in regards to the recent passing of Steve Jobs:
    “I wish to convey my deepest condolences for the loss of Steve Jobs, a visionary and in my opinion, the most forward-thinking genius of our lifetime so far.
    “I'll remember him most for his undeniable contributions to the computing world, changes that led me away from being an ordinary PC user to a staunch Apple products user, who is still learning to find the boundaries of seemingly limitless capability that these products serve in my everyday life, from personal to business.
    “As a professional musician and music teacher, I use his G4 laptop, MacBook Pro, iPod, or mobile phone every day in my music business on some level, whether it be creating, recording, playing back demos/takes/mixes, or teaching, transcribing, and writing.
    “None of the ease, I have come to find - with Mr. Job's wonderful and forward-thinking contributions - could ever be found in any comparable product. Apple was always the first, the innovator in all-areas media in recent times. A feat I hope they are able to continue into the future as well.
    “Rest In Peace Mr. Steve Jobs, and know that the very goal you set out to accomplish has been achieved. The world is indeed a better place because of your efforts.”

    Forbidden has issued the following announcement about the band's tour manager being attacked and seeking donations to help cover medical bills:
    "Calling ALL Forbidden fans. Our guitar tech/tour manager and friend, Dane Wolf, was attacked by a group of thugs after the Death Angel/Testament/Anthrax show in Denver on Wednesday night.
    "Dane has a cracked skull and other serious injuries. He was working Death Angel and had to drop off of the tour. We need your help to cover his hospital expenses. Please donate whatever you can. It all helps!"
    Donations to help cover Dane's medical and travel expenses can be made by heading over to this location.

    Austrian black metal band Belphegor have been forced stop all band activities. Frontman Helmuth Lehner underwent an undisclosed "serious and difficult operation" on concluding the band's South American tour earlier this year. All upcoming live dates through May 2012 have been subsequently cancelled.

    Polands's State TV has announced that they have removed Behemoth frontman Nergal, aka Adam Darski, from it's talent show, The Voice Of Poland, after much pressure from the Catholic Church, claining that they will not replace him with another "death metal rock star."
    "In connection with press reports about Adam Darski's behavior during a recent Warsaw club concert... his provocative behavior showed a lack of respect for religious convictions, as well as for the sick and handicapped," Polish TV's president, Juliusz Braun, said on 13 October.
    The incident Braun is refering to is a recent concert in Warsaw, Poland, where Darski dressed up as a priest and pretended to cure a handicapped person.
    Read the full article at ENI News.

    The latest entrant into the realm of Pantera memoirs is former bassist Rex (Rockhead) Brown, who will team up with De Capo Press to put out "Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera" about his life in the band. This comes a year after Phil Anselmo announced he would be writing a book as well. Former Grim Reaper guitarist and Guitar World writer Nick Bowcott is also writing a book about the life of Dimebag, and so far it's the only one to receive the blessings of Vinnie Paul Abbott and the rest of Darrell's family.

    Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst has been confirmed to star in a new sitcom which will air on CBS, tentatively entitled, "Douchebag." The program will be written by Matthew Carlson, who has previously worked on such shows as Malcolm In The Middle, and will centre around a high profile rock star who is trying to trying to juggle both fame and family.

    Guitarist James Murphy, known for his work with metal heavyweights such as Testament, Obituary, Death and others, has announced that he will be selling some rare Testament lyric books, which feature Testament lyrics in both English and Farsi. This is to help pay for his medical costs as he undergoes treatments to determine whether a cancerous tumour has returned. A message from Murphy reads as follows:
    "If anyone wants one of these, I'm selling them, signed, for $15 via PayPal in the US, $25 to the EU. Just message me with the subject 'Testament Farsi Book'. It's a unique collectors item that compiles all of Testament's lyrics from the first several albums in both English and Farsi. I have a couple boxes of them, and I'll be using the proceeds for my prescriptions."
    To contact James Murphy about the books, check out his official Facebook page.

    Red Seas Fire has posted a video clip online discussing the band's use of an 8 string guitar.

    At a public ceremony in Surrey, B.C. last Friday October 21st The legendary Paul Rodgers was sworn in as a Canadian Citizen. A statement from Paul: "It may not be my native land but Canada is surely now my home. While I'll always be an Englishman, Canada has given me so much for which I am grateful. My wife, your former Miss Canada Cynthia Kereluk, a new and extended family and the chance to be truly free in a country that with its quiet strength combines the best of so many worlds."
    DRIVE A Announces Tour Dates; Release Short Horror Film Featuring PAPA ROACH, BUCKCHERRY and P.O.D.
    Salt Lake City, October 8th 2011. Las Vegas rock band Panic! At The Disco arrived at Gallivan Plaza in downtown Salt Lake to headline the X96 FM Big Ass Show without their lead vocalist, Brendon Urie. Urie, who with the rest of Panic! At The Disco had recently returned from a tour in Indonesia, had a fever of 105 degrees, and doctors at the Los Angeles hospital where he was being treated warned the singer against travelling, fearing malaria.

    ++ has reported that the body of Cipher drummer Daniel Bobis, who went missing while surfing, was discovered on July 28th by search crews.

    Varg Vikernes of Burzum has posted a blog entry online detailing his thoughts on the recent terrorist attack in Norway, in which a government building was bombed and at least 76 people were killed at a youth camp. Anders Behring Breivik is the primary suspect in the attack, and he is currently in custody. News reports have cited Breivik's anti-Islamic and anti-immigration stances as possible motives in the attacks.
    Vikernes had the following to say:
    "Many argue that Mr. Breivik was in fact executing orders from Mossad, to punish the Palestine-loving Marxist-governed Norway, but first and foremost to create a false banner for misinformed right-wing extremists to unite under, and that what he was doing was a "false flag" operation.
    "His manifest is vast, some 1500 pages, and he is pretty thorough in both what he says and what he did. There are a few facts that don't make sense to me. How can he list all the problems caused by different Jews in our history and yet fail to mention even one of them with a single word in his manifest? He attacks the symptoms of the disease Europe is suffering under, but not the cause of the disease.
    "He is a Freemason too, and that certainly doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Freemasonry is international Jewry at it's worst; they too are working for a de-construction of all nations on Earth, and to build a global Hebrew temple, enslaving us all under the will of the Jews and their servants, the Freemasons. Well, this explains why he doesn't say a word about the creators of all the different religions and ideologies now set up to fight against each other.

    "He is a Christian too. Now, in a sense that does make sense, but why does it make sense? The Jews created Christianity as a religion for non-Jews to follow, so that they too would become worshippers of their Hebrew false 'God,' so that the unruly Pagan Europeans would become servants and a powerful tool for the Jews. Whether the Jews created Islam too, or whether they just saw an opportunity coming when it was created is not known, but we do know that the Jews have always promoted conflict between these two religions and indeed they still do. When the Christians grow too strong the Jews support the Muslims to weaken the Christians. When the Muslims grow too strong the Jews support the Christians to weaken the Muslims. They often support both sides too, if both sides are too strong, and they often do in secret. Christians then kill Muslims, and vice versa, whilst the Jews laugh safely in the background, profiting from it all.

    Death of Desire has checked in with the following announcement about appearing on the upcoming "Out of the Black" black metal documentary:
    "Death of Desire will appear in the 'Out of the Black' documentary by Blackstation Productions. The producers of the project plan on making a full independent release sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2011.
    "The project will partially focus on the roots of black metal and the influence of American death metal and thrash."

    You can find more information on the documentary by heading over to the "Out of the Black" website at this location.

    Portugal’s Thanatoschizo, Finland’s All Fall Dead, Jag Panzer , Ludicra, Alexisonfire, Dawn Of Retribution, Heideroosjes, Crystalic call it a day.
    News has been circulating since yesterday of a terrorist attack in Norway on a youth camp along with a bombing, which has left at least 80 people dead. News reports have identified Anders Behring Breivik as the police's main suspect, and have cited his extreme right wing Christian views as a possible motivation for the attacks.
    Several bands have since reacted to the news, with Bison B.C. stating:
    "Our thoughts go out to our Norwegian brothers and sisters and to their friends and families. We hope you are all safe and well. Our condolences to those affected by the senseless actions. Glad to hear that our old tour mates and friends in Kvelertak where not in Olso when the attacks occurred. XOXO."
    Defect Designer also added, "Words 'Norway' and 'Terrorism'... we did not think they can be used in same sentence. As we live in Russia, we understand you.. Hold on..."
    Eternal Gray stated via a Facebook post, "To all our friends in Norway, we are sorry for your loss. Sometimes it's just so hard to believe this beast came from within us, human-kind. Inconceivable. Be strong, we send you our condolences."
    Norwegian act Leprous added, "We would like to express our deepest sympathy with everyone involved in yesterdays shocking events in our hometown, Oslo. This is a day for unity, compassion and grief."
    Arch Enemy's Facebook page included the following status update: "Watching the news with heavy hearts. Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Norway. What a horrifying attack. It is hard to believe what happened :-("
    An update from Iced Earth also stated, "Our hearts go out to the people of Norway. The loss of life is horrific, nearly too much to contemplate. (After killing seven people in a bomb blast, a lone gunman killed over 80 people, some as young as 16, in a summer youth camp.) Please join us in sending prayers, positive thoughts, and sincere condolences to the friends and family members affected by this tragedy."
    Enslaved commented: "Our deepest condolences and thoughts go out to everybody touched by the fathomless tragedy that struck Norway yesterday. This is indeed a day for afterthought."

    According to The Associated Press, Behemoth frontman Adam "Negal" Darski was found innocent today in a Polish court, after being on trial for ripping pages out of a Bible and labelling it, "a deceitful book" at a concert in 2007. He was being charged for the crime of insulting religious feelings, an offense which can carry a sentence of two years imprisonment in the predominantly Catholic country of Poland. Darski was cleared of the charges when he explained that the show where the tearing took place was a closed event in which only those who had purchased tickets attended and knew what to expect, a statement held up when questioned audience members stated that they were not offended by Darski's actions or comments.

    With the initial report coming under fire, followed by Tony Iommi's comments of disappointment but not refuting the claims, the truth behind the Black Sabbath reunion is up in the air to many.
    While it was not lost on us that Tony Iommi did not directly deny the statements or quotes attributed to him, his manager, Ralph Baker, now confirms that Iommi “was not saying that it wasn’t true.”
    Interest in the news that the original Sabbath line-up plans to reunite for an album and tour brought his website to a crawl.
    When asked whether Iommi considered the story in the Birmingham Mail to be untrue Mr Baker said: “No, he doesn’t say that.” To which he added: “We haven’t got anything in place. He’s not denying that the guys have been talking but there’s nothing in the way that’s been implied in the statements that you made.”
    Once again, that last statement is way too vague and only muddies things, not clarifies them. The follow up article on The Birmingham Mail, while shedding some light on how the rumor mill gained momentum due to a post on MetalTalk, generally confuses the matter even more by recounting additional quotes and events in a jumbled up manner by the end of their piece.
    I stand by our assessment of the initial article, however: While Iommi may feel betrayed by the article, the quotes are a little too specific - unless completely fabricated, which he did not contend - to deny the reunion is taking place.
    The real question now is what “We haven’t got anything in place” really means. Does it mean they haven't done the formalities such as signed contracts to make it official? To say that “He’s not denying that the guys have been talking” leave a large gap between that and the specifics that have been reported such as the band writing new material and rehearsing for a tour. While vague comments in both "denials" may suggest that the reports exaggerated the details of the supposed reunion, it would make sense to deny the more specific pieces of the report if they were, in fact, false.

    Read the full article at Birmingham Mail.

    Former Warrant vocalist Jani Lane was reprtedly found dead at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, California yesterday evening (August 11th.) He was only 47 years old. So far, no cause of death has been confirmed. More information will be revealed as soon as it becomes available.
    Lane was born in Akron, Ohio and would find fame singing with Warrant, with whom he recorded seven albums, before releasing a solo album entitled, "Back Down To One." He also had stints with the bands Saints Of The Underground and Great White, who helped out by performing as a touring vocalist while their singer Jack Russell was ill.
    Former Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord, one of the group's founding members who left in 2002, has announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer. A message from Lord reads as follows:
    "I would like all my friends, followers, fans and fellow travelers to know that I am fighting cancer and will therefore be taking a break from performing while getting the treatment and cure. I shall of course be continuing to write music – in my world it just has to be part of the therapy – and I fully expect to be back in good shape next year.
    "God bless and see you soon, Jon."

    In a recent interview with German metal magazine Metal Hammer, Mayhem bass player Necrobutcher (aka Jørn Stubberud) revealed that he will be taking part in a new reality show for Norwegian television station NRK, in which he will travel to Arizona to meet with a Christian preacher, who will supposedly exorcise the demon within him.

    In the ever-expanding universe of themed Monopoly boards, rock legends AC/DC have now gotten their very own version of the game, which can be seen below. The band also commented on the game:
    "There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' when you experience one of the world’s best-selling bands teaming up with the world’s most popular board game bringing you the ultimate AC/DC experience. The AC/DC Collector’s Edition of Monopoly celebrates The Rock N Roll Dream with some of the greatest rock music of the 20th century and beyond. This completely customized game features the band’s most popular albums and locations including Black Ice, Stiff Upper Lip, AC/DC Lane and more, allowing fans to build their own AC/DC empire. Includes 6 custom tokens: Cannon, Bundle of Dynamite, Bell on Fire, Lightning Bolt, Angus’s School Boy Hat, Stacks of Cash."

    The AC/DC edition comes after the release last month of a Metallica version of Monopoly, with full details available here.

    Andrew 'Mac' McDermott, the former lead singer of British heavy metal outfit Threshold, passed away yesterday in England. A condolence page has been set up for the vocalist, which you can visit by clicking here. McDermott has reportedly been suffering from "serious health problems" for a while, which resulted in him leaving the band Powerworld in June. The cause of death is presently unknown.
    McDermott was best known for his tenure as the vocalist for Threshold, a position he held from 1998's, "Clone" album to 2007's, "Dead Reckoning." He also spent time with German metal band Sargent Fury in the early 90's and most recently was part of the band Swamp Freaks.

    The Rotting Christ song "Demonon Vrosis," which is taken from the band's latest album "Aealo" , has appeared on the trailer for the horror movie Moriturisю

    Bradlee Dean, president of the "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" Christian ministry, who describes himself as a "heavy metal preacher" and "a renowned hard metal rocker who came to Christ after suffering a hard life as a young boy," is suing political commentator Rachel Maddow for $50 million. Dean is a member of the band Junkyard Prophets, which is the official band of the ministry.
    According to the complaint from Dean, which can be read here, he is suing Maddow for defamation when she quoted Dean's views on homosexuality, Christianity, and Islamic Sharia law, which was taken from a radio show Dean took part in.
    The complaint alleges Maddow and other news stations are attempting to discredit him in order to harm the presidential campaign of Michelle Bachmann, stating "This explains the malicious attacks on Bradlee Dean and his ministry, which are being used to harm the presidential campaign of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is a conservative Christian."
    The quote in question from Dean is as follows, and the television segment in which Maddow discussed the issue can be viewed below (the section about Dean starts at 1:40):
    "Muslims are calling for the execution of homosexuals in America. They themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible, the Judeo-Christian God, but they seem to be more moral than the American Christians do. Because these people are livid about enforcing their laws. They know homosexuality is an abomination. If America won't enforce the laws, God will raise up a foreign enemy to do just that."

    A statement from Dean regarding his remarks and the news commentators that have reported on it can be found here. has reported that the body of Cipher drummer Daniel Bobis, who went missing while surfing, was discovered today by search crews. An excerpt from the article follows:
    Local fisherman in Indonesia on Thursday discovered the body of a popular Long Island surfer and teacher who vanished after wiping out on a wave on Sunday morning. Search crews in West Lampung, Sumatra, said the fishermen pulled the body of Daniel Bobis from waters about 20 miles from the remote break he was surfing when he went missing.
    Bobis, 32, allegedly fell off his surfboard after colliding with another surfer while riding a 10-foot swell. His leash broke, sending his board washing ashore.
    The Long Beach High math teacher was on a monthlong trek though Sri Lanka and Indonesia with his wife and a friend.
    The trio was due back in the U.S. in mid-August, and friends said Bobis and his wife, Rachel, had planned to start a family.
    Cipher also posted the following brief message online: "Thanks to all that send condolences for the loss of our brother. We'll keep you all updated. We're all supporting each other, both current and past members of Cipher. Thanks for the genuine love and care. Danny will remain in all of our hearts."
    You can find additional details on the band and listen to music available for streaming by heading over to the official Cipher Facebook page.
    Read the full article at NY Daily News

    Bleeding Through bassist Ryan Wombacher has launched Hellmerica Customs, a brand new company serving the motorcycle and extreme sports communities. A longtime Harley enthusiast and skateboarder, Wombacher has combined his passions for these endeavors into Hellmerica which boasts a line of uniquely hand-painted helmets, boards and more.

    Century Media and its associated labels InsideOutMusic, Superballmusic, Ain't No Grave Records, Hollywood Waste and People Like You have decided to pull their repertoire from Spotify in an attempt to protect the interests of their artists.
    On July 25th, 2011, LG and Jane's Addiction invited fans to Terminal 5 in New York to take part in the World's first user generated 3D concert film. One hundred fans in the audience used the new 3D glasses-free LG Thrill 4G to capture the entire Jane's Addiction performance, which has been edited into one continuous full set available to view now.
    Not many people can say that they opened for Alice Cooper and the Ramones, recorded with the Cars, was a fashion model/Playboy Playmate, penned a New York Times best-selling autobiography 'Rebel Heart' and has been praised by such rock icons as Steven Tyler, Joey Ramone and Lemmy Kilmister. But Bebe Buell has managed to obtain all of these lofty accomplishments, and will undoubtedly add further highlights to her music career, with the impending release of the Bebe Buell Band's new album, 'Hard Love.'

    Former Skid Row vocalist and solo artist Sebastian Bach has revealed that his house in the state of New Jersey, which he has lived in for twenty one years, has suffered massive damage as a result of the tropical storm Irene, which has been sweeping across the East Coast of America and left at least twenty people dead. A message from Bach posted on his Facebook page reads:
    "I am numb, in shock, and devastated to report that my home of 21 years, my house featured on MTV Cribs, has been destroyed, condemned, and deemed uninhabitable due to the extreme flooding courtesy of Hurricane Irene. In the two decades I have lived in this home, there has never been a single drop of water in the basement or anywhere else in the structure. Now Irene has overflowed the reservoir adjacent...

    "Somewhere under this water is a KISS pinball machine and two gargoyles from the Dynasty tour. If you see them floating past your house, they're mine. Or at least they were…

    MVD Entertainment Group has announced they will be releasing two classic cult films, "House Of The Damned" and "Lust For Vengeance", by director Sean Weathers to be released on DVD October 25, 2011.

    After 78 days of backpacking Europe and investigating every subculture possible, Ryan Bartek has returned to the USA with nearly 100 hours of interviews for my new book 'Fortress Europe' (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II). It was a grueling adventure - London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Milan, Venice, Ljubljana, Bologna and Brussels.

    Everyone that participated gave face-to-face interviews, and Ryan can now proudly unveil some of the many names who will appear in the book: Laibach, Wolfbrigade, Rotting Christ, Killing Joke, Funeral Winds, Enochian Crescent, Moonsorrow, Fondlecorpse, Defeated Sanity, First Blood, Hello Bastards, Armed Response Unit, Panthiest, Abortion, Deranged, Beherit, Dehuman, General Surgery, Grind The Enemy, Dickless Tracy, Birdflesh, Excavated, Feastem, Hate, Fides Inversa, Arkangel, Repulsione, Flowers of Flesh And Blood, Knuckledust, Chiens, Vanguard, Pyramido, Fen, Black Breath, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Dis, El Schlong, Brian Jonestown Massacre, & legendary Detroit writer/60's radical Mr. John Sinclair…

    'Fortress Europe' will also feature a bonus section called "Uncharted Territory" packed with interviews from various bands/artists/freaks Ryan was unable to meet on the road but were very enthusiastic about the project. This list is quite fantastic as well & will be announced in due.

    For more information, please visit:

    As reported on page ten of today's New York Post, Brooklyn, New York's Black Water Rising have filed a multi-million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against the New Jersey Devils. The text of the article can be found HERE.

    BWR guitarist and front man Rob Traynor released the following statement on the matter: "Around September 2010 I received a text message from a friend of mine who was at a New Jersey Devils game informing me that the team was using our song "Rise" as their entrance/introduction music. I immediately assumed that this was a random play probably spun by the stadium DJ and really thought nothing of it. I gave my friend a return call and he explained the context in which it was used so I decided to do some investigating."

    "First, I posted the news on Facebook and got a bunch of responses from Jersey fans that informed me they too witnessed the same at a Devils game. It seemed that "Rise" was being used as their 2010, 2011 intro music for their "Devil's Army Rise Up!" campaign to rally the fans and team. The band and I were excited to say the least, but we were also a little shocked because no one ever reached out to the band to inform us that they were interested in using the song. I am well aware of the laws of copyright and being a member of ASCAP I know about "blanket licenses" that are given to large public venues like the Prudential center where the Devils play, who pay a yearly sum of money to play music from the ASCAP catalogue of which BWR is a part."

    "The music gets played and ASCAP pays the artist a royalty for the public performance of the music, this is basically how it works. But, upon further investigation into the matter I found a video on their official website that also used the song to promote the team, and it was this promotional video that was playing above the ice on giant screens every night the game began, and gave the band no credit at all. This type of usage is not covered under any blanket license and needed to be cleared by the copyright holder, me."

    "The use of a song in a video/movie format needs to be covered by what is called a sync license for a "dramatic performance." The song "Rise" is being used as part of their marketing campaign of which they make millions of dollars without so much as a phone call to ask if BWR wanted to be a part of it! This constitutes blatant copyright infringement. Besides total disregard for permission to use the song, the band was not even given credit in the stadium, so no one but a few fans knew who the music was by. Hence, BWR had nothing to gain from its use and this upset me to say the least."

    "Yes, I was excited and honored that a big corporation would want to use my music. But, I was angered that it was used without my permission, in defiance of copyright law, and for monetary gain. I guess they assumed that since we weren't a famous band they could do what they wanted with the song and us little saps would scurry away with our tails between our legs, just happy that they were using it. Wrong!"

    "At first, we decided to approach this situation in a positive way by trying to reach out to the Devils camp and by putting out a press release letting people know they were using the song "Rise." After all, they weren't even giving us credit in the stadium and we wanted people to know who the song was by. I attempted to reach out to the NJ Devils camp in good faith with numerous phone calls, but got the runaround over and over again. Finally, after about a month and a half of phone calls I decided to get a lawyer involved who served their legal department with our complaint (cease and desist). To this, they responded. I was put in contact with one of their attorneys and we discussed how we could make this a mutually beneficial situation. After agreeing on what seemed at the time a "fair promotional package" for the band, I was told that their marketing department needed to review the terms and they would draft a license within the week for me to review."

    "One week turned into two, two into a month, one month into two months, and so on. All the while still using the song and ignoring the numerous phone calls I was leaving trying to find out where this "agreement" was. The hockey season was drawing to a close with still no response. After 10 months I decided to get another attorney (Wallace Collins ) involved and this time took the situation to another level by filing a suit to defend my copyright."

    "My music was basically stolen and put to work by a corporation for their monetary gain. They used my song to rally their team and fans before every home game and didn't even bother to credit the band. They dismissed and ignored my honest attempts to rectify the situation in the hopes that I would just go away. They banked on the hope that I would become discouraged and lack the means to file a suit against them, and they would get a free song out of the deal."

    "To me this is actually rather sad, that a corporation as big as the New Jersey Devils would show such blatant disregard for the copyright of a struggling artist and treat us as if we were insignificant pests, unworthy of their attention, after they basically stole my music. I wonder if Metallica would have a problem like this? It seems to me just another example of corporate greed. I'm not going away and I will defend my rights."

    "The ironic part about this whole thing is that the song "Rise" is about standing up to those that would hold you down. Life imitating art? We would also like to make it clear that this statement is in no way directed at the players of the New Jersey Devils team who we are sure had absolutely no involvement or knowledge concerning this matter. We appreciate the support of our fans and wanted to make a personal statement on this matter as it goes to the press and the public."

    For more information, please visit:

    Jason Lekberg, frontman for New York City's prominent unsigned metal band Ikillya has come together with Uniting Thru Music to help promote an Anti-Bullying campaign called Musicians Opposed to Bullying. In the powerful PSA, Lekberg explains what led to his wanting take a gun to his school, his feelings towards the people in his hometown, Howard Stern's reaction to when he called into his live show, and most importantly the realizations that helped him to make the right choices and move on with his life.

    According to The Vancouver Sun newspaper, a 44-year-old Appleton, Wisconsin man was arrested on charges of unlawful use of computerized communication systems and disorderly conduct after requesting a Megadeth song via the chat room function on a Windsor, Ontario, Canada-based hard rock and metal Internet radio show.
    Trevor Fenton and Pat Ryan, hosts of "The MeltDown Show" on HardRockRadioLive, were taking song requests on Tuesday afternoon when a listener logged into the station's chat room as, "Watch_The_National _new_tomorrow_ I_am_going _to_go _a_ shooting_spree_ in_Appleton_WI." The listener proceeded to ask the hosts to play the Megadeth track "Killing Is My Business . . . And Business Is Good", adding to his comment that it would be, "good music to go postal & kill a bunce of people to."
    "We had to take that threat seriously, we couldn't ignore him. That was something we just couldn't ignore and not report," said host Pat Ryan. "It could have been a prank. But if he was serious and something happened, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself."
    Fenton contacted the Appleton Police Department and helped an officer identify the man by tracking an IP address to a computer at a public library. Online court records indicate the same man was convicted in 2000 of two misdemeanor offenses involving unlawful use of computerized communication.
    "I think you would have to agree that in the day and age we're living in, any time there are threats made like that we need to take them seriously," Appleton Police sergeant Pat DeWall said. "Even if this person doesn't have a violent past, you have to always assume the worst, and hope for the best."

    Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey of Uh Huh Her offer this statement for Southwest airlines incident: "We have always promoted tolerance, openness and equality both as a band and as individuals. We both come from loving homes where our parents not only love and accept us, but are also proud of who we are. We believe everyone has the right to live openly in this society as equals. In no way were our actions on Southwest Airlines excessive, inappropriate or vulgar."

    Gigantic Pictures announced today that 'Fix: The Ministry Movie', a documentary film about the scariest and most extreme band ever, is confirmed to screen at the CMJ Music Festival on October 19th, 2011. Directed by Douglas Freel, this screening tells the tale from the bands 1996 "Sphinctour" as a both cautionary tale and an insider's look at life on the road with the most excessive and creative industrial band of all-time.
    The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival and tour headliners Avenged Sevenfold teamed with The Rock 106.9 WCCC in Hartford, CT to raise $11,000 in recognition of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Checks for $5500 were presented to both the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund onstage at the September 11 Uproar show at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford, CT.
    On the night of the 9th September, Jonas Bergqvist a.k.a. 'B', founding member, main composer, and guitarist of Lifelover, died unexpectedly. The cause of his death is still unclear and has yet to be established.
    Mushroomhead's Jeffrey Nothing and Waylon Reavis will make their feature film debut in the upcoming horror movie "13th Sign", which was directed by Michael Bryant. The film is scheduled for a fall 2011 release.
    In his new book 'Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy', rock legend Ozzy Osbourne embraces his status as a medical marvel to tell incredible stories, offer advice as only he can and shed light on his seemingly superhuman ability to stay alive. Due out October 11th, 'Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock's Ultimate Survivor' by Ozzy Osbourne With Chris Ayres (Grand Central Publishing) is the follow-up to 2010's New York Times bestselling memoir 'I Am Ozzy'.

    Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA posted video showing behind the scenes footage on the making of the newest attraction for the theme park's Halloween Horror Nights 2011: Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare" Maze. The video has Creative Director John Murdy as well as Alice Cooper discussing the attraction.

    A description was posted with the footage: "Enter the gruesomely twisted mind of shock rock legend, Alice Cooper, as he takes the stage in what is sure to be your final performance. Find your way through a labyrinth of razor-sharp guillotines, smell the burning flesh rotting upon electric chairs, and face off against deadly boa constrictors, demonic dolls and more!"

    According to, Rose Tattoo singer Angry Anderson is angry about the carbon tax and has joined the National Party of Australia with the intention of running for a seat at the next federal election.
    "If between the party and I, we can agree, I feel I can best serve the Australian people on the national stage," the 63-year-old rock singer told The Sunday Telegraph.
    "I've always liked big stages. We're in discussions at the moment - listen to me, all of a sudden I sound like a politician" he laughs.

    Read the full article at

    Nattdal, the vocalist of Swedish black metal band Lifelover, otherwise known as "B," has reportedly passed away. The band has issued the following statement:
    "On Friday morning, September 9th, B didn’t wake up from his sleep. He didn’t take his own life nor was he victim of any apparent action. The authorities in charge are still examinating his body to find the exact cause of death.
    "We, the remaining members of Lifelover have decided to lay the band to rest. This would be the only right thing to do considering B was the main composer of Lifelover.
    "Therefore, we won't be performing at our coming, planned shows. We are very sorry and hope that all of the fans that had been looking forward to seeing Lifelover play live will understand. The concerts in Belgium and Holland were the last concerts of Lifelover. We want to thank everybody that was present and helped out, especially Rob "Svograth" Polon of Monads and the members of IXXI.
    "These last days have been very hard for us and everybody that knew B. We want to thank all of our fans for being so respectful, dedicated and understanding and, most of all, for supporting Lifelover during all these years.
    "Kim, Henrik, Felix, Johan, Rickard and Kral"
    Lifelover's latest album, "Sjukdom," was released worldwide February 14th, 2011 by Prophecy Productions.

    Rabid music fans often look at what their favorite record labels are releasing to discover new music. Building on this relationship, has announced a partnership with over 30 independent labels to create a digital newsstand where, every week, the site will offer users a free filtered environment to play and download new songs weeks in advance of release.

    Bruce Moore to release new book “Metal Missionaries” into mainstream consciousness.
    New York City natives PUi performed their "Army Of Slaves" video filming stunt this past Thursday, October 6th to a stunned and pleasantly surprised crowd of New York City onlookers. The band performed atop a 32nd Street building at the intersection of 6th Ave and Broadway overlooking Herald Square in front of an Apple iPad 2 billboard. PUi performed for 12 minutes, playing their tracks "Army Of Slaves" and "One". Over an hour later, the band was lead away in handcuffs in reaction to their surprise stunt.
    Young Circles are excited to release their new single "Ninety-Nine Percent". The track is a tribute to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement, with all proceeds from the single being donated directly to OccupyWallSt. The single is available for a $1 or higher donation, packaged with both the SLDGHMR remix and album version of their track "2012", off their recently released album 'Jungle Habits'.
    Forbidden guitarist and GuitarWorld columnist Steve Smyth has posted the following message on his websites: "I wish to convey my deepest condolences for the loss of Steve Jobs, a visionary and in my opinion, the most forward-thinking genius of our lifetime so far."
    The 2011 Style Weekly reader poll's Best Tattoo Artist in Richmond winner, Amy Black, is the owner of Trademark Tattoo in Carytown, and founder of the Pink Ink Fund. Pink Ink Fund was established to help provide financial assistance to breast cancer survivors hoping to restore self-esteem by having reconstructive tattooed nipple re-pigmentation.

    Closure : New Song “Revolution” Available for streaming


    "Revolution", a brand new song from Belgian alternative metal CLOSURE, can be heard online. The track comes off the band's first full-length album, "The Silent Witness March", which has not yet a release date. The band is still looking for a distribution deal or a signing deal. The CD was produced by Mikey Doling (Channel Zero, Snot, Soulfly) and engineered by Gerald Jans.

    The mix and mastering was done by Logan Mader (Devildriver, Gojira, Soulfly).


    Comments from the band: “The song is about our feelings on what happens in Belgium since we don’t have a government.

    We’re not taking part of any political colours or else.

    It’s just a report of what our 11 millions citizens should do”.


    You can listen to the song at :


    More information can be found at:

    Ex-Queens Of The Stone Age Nick Oliveri invloved in a standoff with L.A. area SWAT officers.

    Cerebral Bore members mistakingly arrested and then released in NY.
    CoheedAnd Cambria arrested for robbery.
    Ex-Motorhead guitarit Michael "Wurzel" Burston has passed away.

    On Wed. July 6th, Tim Carley, guitarist with The Rotted, severed the top of his finger when a 180kg flight case fell on it from a van. Tim received treatment at a hospital to remove the damaged parts of the finger, including the nail and torn flesh. The doctors then sewed the remaining parts back together. The incident has left the top of Tim's bone unattached to the rest of his finger, which the doctors have said in time will heal in at least 10 weeks. He'll be playing Obscene Extreme, Dong Open Air and Bloodstock with 3 fingers.

    Italian thrashers MadMaze have inked a record deal with italian label Punishment 18 Records. The band's new album will be released before the end of this year.


    Dolk, vocalist for Norwegian black metal act Kampfar, has announced that he will begin his new book looking at the history of the black metal genre. Dolk commented on the project by saying;

    "This was not supposed to be revealed yet. But I decided to do so through my personal [online] profile. Even my bandmates don't know this yet. But I have now finally started my longtime plan to do/write a book. This has been an idea I had for ages now, due to all the questions I get from the 'media' about this theme/topic/period of time.

    "I have been so tired, in a way, to tell parts of this story without being able to tell the whole story. So the book will be about the early years in black metal and about my side of the story of it all. This book will step on someone's toes, that's for sure. But it's my side of the story. This book is for those who are interested (and it's some sort of a soul and mind surfer for me personal). To the rest…Well, I don't give a fuck! It's all very early in the process yet. But I have decided to go all the way now.

    "Anyway…This has been a long process for me and a big step to make it official. Besides my woman, you are the first ones to know this at all.

    Swedish old school power/thrashers PORTRAIT are streaming all of their new album Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae at

    The band offers hard "no bullshit" old school blend of power metal, speed metal and influences from Thrash, as done by the likes of Helloween (pre 2006).

    British thrashers Evile have unveiled a brand new track, titled "Eternal Empire", and you can be among the first people to hear it!

    This incredible new track comes off the band's highly anticipated new album, "Five Serpent's Teeth", which is due to be released on September 26th!

    Go and check out the blistering new track now at

    The Greenery
    THE GREENERY recently posted the track "Crimewave," from their debut full-length, "Spit & Argue," out July 19, exclusively at The song is also available as part of a free sampler available for download at Prosthetic's Facebook page.

    In other GREENERY news, Prosthetic Records has launched the pre-order at their webshop. The album, the cover art for which can be viewed above, will be available digitally, on CD and on LP; packages for both physical formats are available along with two different exclusive shirt designs. Anyone who pre-orders any of the items gets a 4" by 4" band logo patch, and is instantly entered to win a pair of custom Converse All-Star "Chuck Taylor" Shoes:

    THE GREENERY recorded "Spit & Argue" at BuzzBomb Studio in Orange, CA now with Paul Miner (Terror, H2O, Death By Stereo). The band, who has several US tours, as well as appearances at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest and Jamboree Fest, under their belts, are on the road for a full US tour with Kids Like Us and the Mongoloids.

    Enemy Of The Sun
    ENEMY OF THE SUN, the thrash metal band of producer icon Waldemar Sorychta, welcomes a new member to the family:

    A young Greek named Eirini, who has made herself a name under the pseudonym "Absinthe Green" playing bass in the band Random Walk, has joined the band as new bassist.

    She made her live debut with ENEMY OF THE SUN in Dortmund at the Rock in den Ruinen Festival on April, 30th.

    The band is currently working on new material; a new album can be expected spring 2012.

    Suicide Silence
    SUICIDE SILENCE will release their highly anticipated new album “The Black Crown” on July 15th, 2011 in Europe and July 12th, 2011 in the US.

    As very special guests the album features appearances by singer Jonathan Davis and SUFFOCATION frontman Frank Mullen, see below for the exact track-listing:

    SUICIDE SILENCE "The Black Crown":
    01. Slaves To Substance
    02. O.C.D.
    03. Human Violence
    04. You Only Live Once
    05. Fuck Everything
    06. March To The Black Crown
    07. Witness The Addiction (feat. Jonathan Davis)
    08. Cross-Eyed Catastrophe
    09. Smashed (feat. Frank Mullen)
    10. The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
    11. Cancerous Skies

    Shotgun Justice
    Toronto based thrash metallers Shotgun Cure have announced the addition of second guitarist Stefano Makuz to the group’s ranks. With a full lineup now set in place the band looks to take their sound to a new level of precision and solidity. Vocalist and lead guitarist Harut Savchenko comments, “we’re all very happy and excited to have Stefano on board, being the very skilled second axeman that he is it is very refreshing to have him fill that void, at the same time he has also committed himself 100% and that is exactly what we were looking for. As a band we feel very complete with our current lineup, and are very eager to shred the nations this upcoming year!”

    The band is currently demoing for a new full length album set to be released in late 2011, as well as arranging tour dates for the coming summer. Stay tuned for more updates!

    Purchase the "Depravity Unleashed" EP and other merchandise here:
    Visit the MySpace and Facebook pages to stay up to date with everything Shotgun Cure!


    Harut Savchenko (Vocals, Lead Guitar)
    Kyle Lecourt (Drums)
    James Tulloch (Bass)
    Stefano Makuz (Guitar)

    Dutch thrashers NUESTROS DERECHOS are currently recording their first full-length album at Bunt's Studios in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The band has already finished the drum parts for all 12 tracks and is now recording guitars, bass and vocals. Mixing will be done in August. The album, yet untitled, is slated for a release later this year.
    NUESTROS DERECHOS have posted the first studio pics on facebook:
    Like their previous release, 2008's ep "Struggling With the Dark", Menno Bakker (DONOR, BORN FROM PAIN, INSULT, NO TURNING BACK, SIN DIOS, NRA) will be at the helm as studio engineer and producer.
    Mastering duties were handled by Alan Douches (KVELERTAK, WHITECHAPEL, MALEVOLENT CREATION, SHADOWS FALL, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN) at West West Side Music.


    Vivid Remorse
    VIVID REMORSE recently released their debut album entitled "The Seed of Malaise". Recorded at well-known spanish recording studios AXtudio (Aggression, Vidres a la Sang, Setge) in July 2010, the album consists of 13 short tracks, diverse, powerful and dynamic, with original riffs and aggressive but melodic voices. VIVID REMORSE shows through this release why they'rei considered one of the most original and promising metal bands in Spain, devoloping their own and particular style, a Thrash without prejudices.

    Formed in 2006, VIVID REMORSE is an unconventional band. Based on a mixture of both classic and modern Thrash with some groove, Hardcore and even Death Metal influences, the result is a very distinctive and unique style and a particular sound, which combines the classic and the melody of bands such Metallica or Death Angel with the modernity of Machine Head and Pantera and the speed of Slayer and Sepultura, all mixed with huge personality.

    Monopoly Metallica officially released.

    Al Shall Perish offering condoms with new album.
    Otep confronts rabid crowd in Springfield, Va.
    Jeremy Wagner launched new site for his novel 'The Armageddon Chord' scheduled to appear at the horror writer's association's Stoner Weekend ( )
  • Following speculation around the net it has finally been confirmed through Anal Cunt's publicist Kim Kelly that the band's iconic and extremely controversial frontman Seth Edward Putnam has passed away. The singer, who was age 43, succumbed to a suspected heart attack with no other details being released to the press at this given time. Kim Kelly commented on the passing of Seth Putnam by saying:
  • "Yes, it's true. Seth Putnam, one of the most infamous musicians that extreme metal has ever seen, the grindcore GG Allin, has passed away due to a heart attack.
  • "I handled all the promotion for Anal Cunt's last album, 'Fuckin' A,' and Seth was always happy to oblige any request I sent his way. The band had been working on a new album before his passing, so chances are his musical career's epitaph has yet to be inscribed.
  • "I want to remind everyone that no matter how outrageous and controversial his musical career has been, Seth was still a human being with friends and family that loved him. I'm hoping that the Internet will remember that. This is a very sad and trying time for those that knew him, and the last thing they need to see is an outpouring of message board hate. The man lived and died by his own rules; if anything, respect him for that."
  • Throughout Seth Putnam's career he has played in 17 separate bands, performed guest vocals on Pantera's "The Great Southern Trendkill" and released 10 studio albums with his trademark band Anal Cunt. A new Anal Cunt record, titled "Wearing Out Our Welcome," was set to debut this year but the status of the album is unknown at this time.
  • Anal Cunt finished a North American tour in April, and Metalunderground managed to snag an interview with the band's hilarious/ultra-offensive vocalist. There are several interviews in which Seth talked cock rock and leopard pants fun and worthy being red on the Internet.
  • Humorously enough, Anal Cunt tracks managed to make their way into both our pro-love and anti-love Valentine's Day articles this year. Anal Cunt also recently released a tribute to cock rock titled "Fuckin' A"

  • ++
    Mastodon's Brent Hinds stars in Elmyr Atlanta bar commercial.
    Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Ron Thal involved in car accident.
    A must-see, refreshing surprise for horror fans, 'Rammbock: Berlin Undead' follows its successful theatrical run with a nationwide DVD and VOD release June 28th, 2011. Called "a story of love set against a zombie apocalypse," this is one "romance" flick that the guys in the relationship will be begging to watch on date night.
    Ozzfest 2011 cancelled.
    Accept guitarist hospitalized for punctured lung after show accident.
    AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson has announced that he will be setting out on a book signing tour for his new book release "Rockers And Rollers: A Full Throttle Memoir." The new 224-page hardcover book by the AC/DC singer will be made available for the first time in the United States on May 24 through It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.
    In a report posted by TMZ, former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent (real name Vinnie Cusano) was arrested today under assault charges. He was arrested by the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department in Tennessee and held on a $10,000 bond, which he posted.
    Dutch death/thrash metal outfit Legion Of The Damned has announced that their former bass player, Twan Fleuren has commited suicide.
    Paul Di Anno released from jail after serving 2 months for benefit fraud.

    Enemy Of The Sun
    ENEMY OF THE SUN, the thrash metal band of producer icon Waldemar Sorychta, welcomes a new member to the family:

    A young Greek named Eirini, who has made herself a name under the pseudonym "Absinthe Green" playing bass in the band Random Walk, has joined the band as new bassist.

    She made her live debut with ENEMY OF THE SUN in Dortmund at the Rock in den Ruinen Festival on April, 30th.

    The band is currently working on new material; a new album can be expected spring 2012.

    Swedish old school power/thrashers PORTRAIT are streaming all of their new album Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae at

    The band offers hard "no bullshit" old school blend of power metal, speed metal and influences from Thrash, as done by the likes of Helloween (pre 2006).

    British thrashers Evile have unveiled a brand new track, titled "Eternal Empire", and you can be among the first people to hear it!

    This incredible new track comes off the band's highly anticipated new album, "Five Serpent's Teeth", which is due to be released on September 26th!

    Go and check out the blistering new track now at

    The Greenery
    THE GREENERY recently posted the track "Crimewave," from their debut full-length, "Spit & Argue," out July 19, exclusively at The song is also available as part of a free sampler available for download at Prosthetic's Facebook page.

    In other GREENERY news, Prosthetic Records has launched the pre-order at their webshop. The album, the cover art for which can be viewed above, will be available digitally, on CD and on LP; packages for both physical formats are available along with two different exclusive shirt designs. Anyone who pre-orders any of the items gets a 4" by 4" band logo patch, and is instantly entered to win a pair of custom Converse All-Star "Chuck Taylor" Shoes:

    THE GREENERY recorded "Spit & Argue" at BuzzBomb Studio in Orange, CA now with Paul Miner (Terror, H2O, Death By Stereo). The band, who has several US tours, as well as appearances at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest and Jamboree Fest, under their belts, are on the road for a full US tour with Kids Like Us and the Mongoloids.


    MALEFICE, are currently readying to unveil Awaken The Tides, the third full-length from one of the most exciting modern metal acts to come out of the U.K.

    Set for release in Europe on July 15, the UK July 18 and North American on August 2 via Metal Blade Records, the 10-track long player was recorded at The Face studios in Reading with drums laid down at Fortress Studios in London. All tracks were mixed and mastered by Justin Hill.

    Frontman Dale Butler comments: "And so the time has finally come, we've been locked away for 6 months working on this record, a release that's going to take your fucking head off. We promised something different, a bigger production, and a slightly different look on the genre. We've found our sound and it's going to bring a whole new level to our live show, something we all felt was missing. We've come back a new band, confidant and more of a unit than we've ever been. This is our next step; make sure you're around to see it!"



    SKELETONWITCH entered a Los Angeles studio today with producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Machine Head, Kreator) to begin recording the follow up to 2009's burner "Breathing The Fire." The as-yet-untitled album, expected to be released this fall, features the track "The Infernal Resurrection," the demo version of which appears as the B-side on the soon-to-be-released final 7-inch of a limited-edition vinyl trilogy. This will mark the first recording with their new drummer, former DEMIRICOUS skin-pounder Dustin Boltjes.

    American metal demons SKELETONWITCH have announced the details of the final installment of their 7" trilogy. Part III will be on gray vinyl and will feature a recently re-recorded version of "Onward To Battle," a track that originally appeared on the band's self-released debut album, "At One With The Shadows." The B-side, meanwhile, is a demo version of a new track, "The Infernal Resurrection," which the group recently debuted on their tour with 3 Inches of Blood. This is the first official taste of SKELETONWITCH's new album, which will be released this fall.


    According to the bands website, Mythosis will be releasing a new ep titled "Mind Built Prison" on May 31st 2011. The band will also be launching a video for the new single "My Own Savior" on May 23rd.
    Brazilian thrashers Deathraiser have just released their debut full length, entitled "Violent agression". The music reflects the cover art. What you get is no bullocks fast forward Thrash Metal.You can order your copy through extreemmusic.comFacebookMySpace

    New Feature film 'Hasher' inspired by the late Cliff Burton out.
    Green skinned death metal act A Band Of Orcs, which covered the Type O Negative song "Green Man" for our digital Type O Negative tribute album, will soon be releasing a line of 28mm fantasy miniatures.
    Meliah Rage
    Metal On Metal Records has announced the signing of the Boston power/thrash veterans Meliah Rage . The band is currently putting the finishing touches on its seventh studio album, entitled “Dead To The World” , for a July release to coincide with the band’s first in 21 years visit in Europe

    Canadian heavy metal heroes and by many considered by one of thrash metal forefathers, Anvil, has posted  new song online from their forthcoming new studio album, "Juggernaut Of Justice." You can check out the track, "FuckinEh!" below. "Juggernaut Of Justice" will be the fourteenth studio album from the group and will be released through The End Records on May 10th.


    It's been a long ride, but the forthcoming Stormwarrior studio opus Heathen Warrior is finally completed. Lars and Yenz have returned after spending some time at the Jailhouse Studio in Denmark, where the album was mixed by Tommy Hansen.

    Heathen Warrior is now scheduled to be released on 27 May 2011 through Massacre Records.

    The track listing is:

    01. ...Og Hammeren Hæves Til Slag...
    02. Heathen Warrior
    03. The Ride Of Asgård
    04. Heirs To The Fighte
    05. Bloode To Bloode
    06. Fyre & Ice
    07. The Returne
    08. Wolven Nights
    09. Ravenhearte
    10. The Valkyries Call
    11. And Northern Steele Remaineth

    The European digipak and the Japanese version will contain different previously unreleased bonus tracks, and Massacre Records will be releasing the album as a limited gatefold vinyl edition as well.

    In the near future the Stormwarrior rune stone will be undergoing somewhat of a transformation to match the Heathen Warrior universe. We shall strive to optimize and improve this site and generally make it worthwhile for you to follow the tidings of battle.

    Sonic Unyon Metal is extremely proud to announce the confirmed upcoming release of a live album from the almighty VOIVOD! Voivod
    Late in 2009, VOIVOD released their live Tatsumaki DVD, filmed the previous fall when they toured Japan for the first time ever. To celebrate its release of the DVD, VOIVOD performed in front of a sold-out crowd on December 12th, 2009 at Club Soda in their adopted hometown of Montreal, Quebec. It was their first headlining show in the city of Montreal in more than ten years and it was celebrated in grand style. It was a fitting end to a busy year that saw them named Metal Band Of The Year at the 2010 Indie Awards in Canada. The show was recorded for posterity and is now being released as the fifteen-track Warriors Of Ice, the first official VOIVOD live album to feature original band members Denis ‘Snake’ Belanger on vocals and bassist Jean-Yves ‘Blacky’ Theriault, as well as new guitarist Dan “Chewy” Mongrain. Set for release on June 21, 2011, Warriors Of Ice highlights the classic period of the original VOIVOD lineup as well as a few new songs, all raging with the band’s notorious live energy. Containing songs from their classic albums, spanning from 1984’s War And Pain right up through 1991’s Angel Rat, as well as two songs from their 2009 Infini LP, the album is built of VOIVOD’s signature songs, from “Voivod” and “Nuclear War” to “Tribal Convictions” and “Astronomy Domine.” The cover art for Warriors Of Ice was designed by drummer Michel Langevin, a.k.a. Away, as always.

    Warriors Of Ice Track Listing: 01. Voivod
    02. The Unknown Knows
    03. The Prow
    04. Ripping Headaches
    05. Ravenous Medicine
    06. Tribal Convictions
    07. Overreaction
    08. Panorama
    09. Global Warning
    10. Treasure Chase
    11. Tornado
    12. Nothingface
    13. Brain Scan
    14. Nuclear War
    15. Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd cover) The 15-track set captured on Warriors Of Ice is undeniably packed with VOIVOD fan favorites, making it an absolute must-have release for diehard fans and a great starting point for the uninitiated as well. This is the main set VOIVOD ravaged their audiences with on their 2010 US tour alongside Kreator, and at their headlining slot at the 2010 Scion Rock Fest. VOIVOD are currently touring Europe, and will begin to assault the North American masses again this May when they are scheduled as one of the top headliners of the 2011 Maryland Deathfest. Stay tuned for more North American tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Review copies of Warriors Of Ice as well as interviews with the members of VOIVOD will be available to U.S. writers and outlets in the coming weeks. In Canada contact Indica Records for more info and promos. VOIVOD is:
    Denis “Snake” Belanger – vocals
    Jean-Yves “Blacky” Theriault – bass
    Dan “Chewy” Mongrain – guitar
    Michel “Away” Langevin – drums

    Metallica have commemorated their first-ever U.S. Big 4 show by releasing their headline set as a downloadable album. The show, which took place at Indio, California on April 23, featured a rare run-through of the Cliff Burton instrumental Orion, which originally featured on the band's seminal 1986 album, Master Of Puppets. It was the first time the band had ever played the song in its entirety in the U.S.. Metallica also brought out members of Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax to perform a cover of Diamond Head's 1980 classic Am I Evil?. Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Scott Ian, Rob Caggiano, Chris Broderick, David Ellefson, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, Shawn Drover, Dave Lombardo, and Joey Belladonna all took part in the all-star jam. The headline set is now available from the band's official site The Big Four will play Sonisphere at Knebworth on July 8.


    Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to its roster; Detroit Michigan’s very own BATTLECROSS. Incorporating many elements of extreme thrash, death and tech metal, creating a precise blend of fist pumping brutality, intensity, and drive, BATTLECROSS satisfies both the technical metal snob and the knuckle-dragging metal jock alike.

    “We are extremely honored to join such a respected label and humbled by their belief in our music. We’re stoked to be part of a label that has a great roster of bands we all admire and respect!” says guitarist Tony Asta. Hiran Deraniyagala (guitarist) adds, “We understand the hard work and pavement pounding that is required of a Metal Blade band and we are going to work our asses’ off to show the world what we’re about.”

    “We have been keeping our eyes on BATTLECROSS for some time now and watching the band grow into quite a beast. We feel confident that metalheads across the world will enjoy the ferocity and dedication that BATTLECROSS will be bringing forth on their debut album as well as the stage,” comments Kelli Malella of Metal Blade Records.

    The band’s Metal Blade debut is expected this summer followed by a grueling tour schedule that will bring a face melting thrash metal assault. Hide your pizza - hide your beer, because BATTLECROSS wants it all!

    Check out the following video of BATTLECROSS to get a taste of what’s to come.

    More information on album title, release date, and shows will be coming soon.

    Kyle ‘Gumby’ Gunther-Vocals
    Tony Asta-Guitar
    Hiran Deraniyagala-Guitar
    Mike Kreger-Drums
    Don Slater-Bassist

    Keep up-to-date with BATTLECROSS at the following locations:

    Heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne has posted some backstage footage from his recent concert appearance in Panama City, Panama. The video features Osbourne meeting Panama president Ricardo Martinelli.
  • Paul Reed Smith guitars has announced the addition of Opeth's Fredrik Akesson to its lineup of signature artists. A press release from the company reads:
  • "Paul Reed Smith Guitars is proud to welcome Fredrik Åkesson – guitarist and backing vocalist for the landmark prog metal band Opeth – to the PRS family of SE signature artists. His new signature model, the SE Fredrik Åkesson, [was] unveiled in Frankfurt, Germany during the Musikmesse 2011, April 6 – 9. Model features include a single cutaway maple top with quilted maple veneer and thick mahogany back, a 24.5” scale length, 22 fret wide fat mahogany neck with ebony fretboard and PRS bird inlays, and a Tone Pros adjustable stoptail bridge. Forntida Brun, Swedish for “Ancient Brown,” is the exclusive finish option for Åkesson’s signature model electric guitar.
  • "Veteran of the bands Talisman, Krux, and Arch Enemy, Åkesson has been described by Opeth’s frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt (also an SE signature artist) as, 'an old-school shredder.' This background along with Åkesson’s knowledge of theory and scales has allowed him to reinforce Opeth’s trademark sound with fast riffs and virtuoso playing."
  • You can view a photo of the guitar plus read more about its specifications on the official Paul Reed Smith website: .

  • ++
    Catholic conservatives have After The Burial's video release delayed for legal reasons.
    Such Gold's singer recently stabbed.
    Norway's TNT keyboardist Dag Stokke has passed away.
    Abstract Spirit "Horror Vacui"
    (release date 25/04/2011)

    abstract spirit image

    The new creation of the funeral doom metal masters Abstract Spirit, the album «Horror Vacui» combines ideas of two previous band albums. Epic compositions are filled with the black atmosphere of insanity and despair expressed by performance of live choirs, wind funeral orchestra, keyboard passages and powerful guitar riffs. Another feature of all compositions is represented by unique growl by A.K. iEzor (also appearing in Comatose Vigil). «Horror Vacui» confirms the status of Abstract Spirit as one of the leading Russian funeral doom metal bands.

    Take some time to check the updated website Pyretta's Lair Gothic Clothing at the following:
    Metal Blade Records has announced that members of Knoxville, Tennessee death metal act Whitechapel were detained in Germany following an incident at their hotel on 4/20 that included mattresses being thrown out of windows and fire extinguishers and alarms being set off. The band has since been released and reportedly fined, and the group was back on the road in time to make the next date in Amsterdam.
    Judas Priest's guitarist and founder KK Downing retired before end of Farewell Tour due to inner contrasts with the other members.
    Meliah Rage
    Metal On Metal Records has announced the signing of the Boston power/thrash veterans Meliah Rage . The band is currently putting the finishing touches on its seventh studio album, entitled “Dead To The World” , for a July release to coincide with the band’s first in 21 years visit in Europe


    Yesterday, several metal news site reported that Infernaeon had parted ways with vocalist Brian Werner. In a situation similar to the Gorgoroth debacle where two sides of the band insisted the other had been fired, other sources are now claiming that Werner is carrying on the band's name and the bassist and keyboardist have actually been fired.

     The following statement from an Infernaeon Facebook profile was quoted by several sites yesterday:

     "After much forethought, Infernaeon has decided to part ways with our singer Brian Werner. He was planning on leaving the band after our appearance at the Babylon Rising Festival in Puerto Rico, and it was decided afterwards that it would be beneficial if he carried out those plans. Infernaeon is in no way breaking up, and we thank our fans for their continued support."

     Another Facebook profile bearing the same name, and apparently run by Brian Werner himself, has now been updated with the following string of messages:

     "Infernaeon fires bassist and keyboardist for unprofessionalism after the show in Puerto Rico.

     "In response to this page being hacked that is definitely NOT the case, certain member that were recently fired are just starting unneeded drama instead of having some integrity. Fact is i do find it funny how a group of people who werent even on every album or where never on ANY record contract feel they have a right to a name that was well established before they ever joined the band!

     "Contrary to a bullshit press release that went out yesterday i in fact will not be quitting the band by any means. That press release was sent to blabbermouth by terminated members who have 0 legal standing to use the name Infernaeon of ANY kind. Fact is I am the sole owner of ALL intellectual property rights, artwork, merch, lyrics, music and I am the only member to appear on every release."

     Additional details on the status of Infernaeon and who actually remains in the band will be announced as they are made available.


    Besides handling bass duties for Life of Agony and heading up Spoiler NYC, Alan Robert has also recently formed the Wasted Talent Entertainment production company to make a live-action version of the New York City based Wire Hangers horror comic series.(

    Check the following link to see Robin George's contribution to support Japan's tsunami/quake/nuclear devastation victims:
    German thrash metal favourites Kreator has announced that they are planning to begin working on their next album in May, the follow up to 2009's, "Hordes Of Chaos."
    A message from frontman Mille Petrozza reads as follows: " I have 5 songs more or less ready and ideas for at least 5 more. We are really looking forward to get back into the creative process again. We know that our fans only expect the best from us and we, as a band, will make sure that none of you will be disappointed. I am very aware that some of you don`t like the fact that Kreator is releasing a new album only every 3-4 years, but let me tell you that it will be worth the wait! "Keep an eye our Homepage, Facebook, and Myspace. We'll be posting some stuff from the rehearsals soon."

    Akrya will be releasing their debut full length album on the 9th May on Glasstone Records. Akrya describes themselves with theese words:
    "Modern music genres have become crowded, boring and predictable with an endless amount of artists that all sound the same. Akrya set out to push the boundaries of modern music to create something, fresh, heavy and listenable. “Punctuated with excellent percussion, raw, exciting riffs, winding solos and a barrage of growls. There is a real freshness and sense of energy in their music that distinguishes it as something special”.

    Downtown Brown
    Detroit metal/punk/freakazoid crossover act DOWNTOWN BROWN have announced a full-scale USA tour, lasting from March 25th – April 23rd. This new campaign supports the trio’s latest full length “GRABBLETON’S BEACH” released earlier this year by legendary punk label DC-JAM Records, home of label mates TSOL & FISHBONE, among others.

    Described by many critics as a bizarre mixture of Dead Kennedys, FEAR, Ween, AC/DC, Mr. Bungle & Manowar, DOWNTOWN BROWN are a belligerent force of Zappa-esque madness that must be witnessed live to be fully understood.

    Official Site:

    Press release from Israhellbanger Records:


    ISRAHELLBANGER RECORDS is proud to announce our new release: The debut demo tape of the Israeli Black/Speed Metal band PROMISCUITY, titled  'Infernal Rock N' Roll' !

    PROMISCUITY is a new incarnation of what started as HELLMENTOR a couple  of years ago in IsraHell, raw Black/Speed Metal, devoted to the old  sound of the mighty VENOM, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER and the likes, yet with  PROMISCUITY’s own touch! Expect 3 unholy tracks!

    Feel free to listen to 2 songs at the band's website:
    Metal masters SKELETONWITCH have tapped drummer Tony Laureano for their upcoming spring dates and to play on their upcoming     as-yet-untitled new album, due out this fall. Laureano, who's played for acts such as 1349, Nile, Dimmu Borgir  and more, will be replacing the recently departed, Derrick "Mullet Chad" Nau, who is returning to art school and further pursuing his art career.
    Guitarist Scott Hedrick commented on the addition of Laureano and departure of Nau: "Our good friend Tony will be playing drums on our April tour, new album, and for the foreseeable future.  We're fucking stoked to have a drummer of his caliber and experience on board. He's a beast behind the kit and a great fucking guy as well.  You can't ask for more than that!"

    "After our last tour Derrick informed us that he is putting down the drum sticks and picking up the paint brush.  He is returning to art school and does not wish to be a musician anymore.  We would like to thank Derrick for his years of dedication to Skeletonwitch. Though we will miss him, there is no bad blood. We will always remain great friends and wish him the best with his new endeavor."

    You can check out some of Nau's artwork here:

    As previously announced, SKELETONWITCH will be teaming up with 3 INCHES OF BLOOD in April for a run through the Midwest and East coast, which will include a stop at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA on April 16th. The band will be selling the last copies of the "Skullsplitter" 7 inch while supplies last. SKELTONWITCH has been off the road, writing their new album, the follow-up to 2009's "Breathing the Fire," since wrapping up dates with JOB FOR A COWBOY in December.

    Sacred Oath
    SACRED OATH has released a brand new single “Revolution” as a Digital 45 in response to the revolutions in progress around the globe.
    Revolution” has been released worldwide exclusively through iTunes today as the first commercially available single from the “World On Fire” album. The ‘Digital 45’ format allows for a B-side track and so we've also included a previously unreleased bonus track “Burn Away (Loki’s Song).”

    Metal Church's Ronny Munroe
    Message from Rat Pak records:
    Ronny has completed the final vocal tracking on his second full length Rat Pak Records release (CD title TBA) As this paragraph is being written, we are listening to the new tracks, and it's safe to say that he's taken himself to the highest possible level of perfection on this one! It's very polished, very progressive and deep rooted in the classic metal sound! By far it's his best work to date. An official press release should ready at some point in late April. Add Ronny's new fan page on Facebook at!/group.php?gid=39424743110


    Fallen Blue was created as a means to provide support, both emotional and financial, for the families of police officers who are killed outside the line of duty. It is with great pride that we are honored to announce that A.J. Pero has become our National Spokesperson. Mr. Pero has spent his life entertaining rock music fans as the drummer for Twisted Sister. He has also dedicated his life to helping others less fortunate with his charity work.
  • Municipal Waste front man Tony Foresta is one of the musicians featured in "The Blood Vomits," a new animated comedy series set in a violent medieval world."The Blood Vomits" tells the tale of Mad Dog, Nails, and their friend, Father Macgregor, as they rape and pillage their way into your hearts. The voices for the three lead roles are provided by Gwar's Oderus Urungus, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, and Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta respectively.Tony Foresta comments: "I'm really excited to be a member of The Blood Vomits. I'm really thrilled to be working with these idiots."
    William DuVall (Alice In Chains, Comes With the Fall, Neon Christ) is producing a feature-length documentary film about Atlanta’s hardcore punk scene. Under the working title, "All Alone Together," the film spotlights two generations of hardcore kids- those who jump-started the scene in the early 1980s and the new generation of kids who are carrying it forward in the present day.Funding for the project is being sought via kickstarter.
    According to a post on former Manowar drummer Scott Columbus' official Facebook page by his girlfriend Nancy, he passed away on April 4th at the age of 54. The cause of death has yet to be revealed. The message reads as follows:

    "For all you to know, this is Scott Columbus's girlfriend of over 3 1/3 years... and I cannot get the words out, but he died today. Please send your thoughts and prayers. I can't believe he is gone. He was the absolute love of my life."

    Former Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss commented on the passing with the following brief message:

    "Scott Columbus R.I.P my brother. I'm gonna miss you!"

    Nu-metal outfit P.O.D. (Payable On Death) has announced that they are planning to sue their record label, INO Records. The band claims they should have been paid $400,000 when ready to record a new album last November. P.O.D says INO is in breach of contract. More information on this will be revealed as soon as it becomes available.
    Disfear bassist Henrik Frykman passes away.
    Sodom guitarist rushed to hospital.
  • Oderus Urungus has taken the unprecedented step of pledging sex with anyone who votes for GWAR to win the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods award for Best Live Performance. GWAR is up against industry mega-weights like Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth and Sevendust.
  • "Our show is reality...we don't know what you mean by live performance...we get attacked by dinosaurs while doing what we enjoy best---luring you to your death with our mutant metal--and then slaughtering you! Don't let this category be won by a band whose show is just as good as the millions they can spend on it, all for an hour and a half for the band where the show never stops! Vote for GWAR!!!!"
  • But as an added "perk" Oderus has pledged that anybody who votes for GWAR will receive a sexual act of some kind...once again it's better to let Oderus speak for himself.
  • "I pledge to have sex with anyone who votes for us. It will all be arranged thru the interweb, and on the next tour I will personally meet our supporters out behind the trash dumpsters and fuck them, suck them, whatever they want. If they don't want to do that, then I will have sex with something they own, like a dog, or a lunch-box. I will also be glad to rough-up anyone, ya know, smack ya around a bit, throw you in the garbage, hell even kick ya in the tummy....won't kill ya though...want you to be able to brag about it to your co-workers."
  • Fans can vote at this location.
  • Balsac the Jaws of Death, GWAR's steel-faced guitarist had this to say about his lead singers latest desperate attempt to get publicity:
  • "Oderus having sex with the fans behind the dumpster is nothing to brag about. It happens all the time. But please, please, don't let Sevendust beat us..."
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  • Former Devildriver bassist Jonathan Miller recently left Devildriver after nine years of service, but did not provide a concrete reason for his departure. Sources close to the musician say that he's simply "freaked out by all of the recent bassist deaths" and was growing paranoid that he was next.
  • A friend of Miller, who wished to remain anonymous, commented: "It's best for everyone that he decided to leave the band. He's become completely obsessed with the news and paranoid that he is next in the line of recent bassist deaths. He thinks it's 'his turn.' Maybe it's a good's scared him into taking action to get himself better. I hope it does anyway. He's also quit playing bass and dedicated himself to learning drums to avoid 'the curse'."
  • Last year Miller ended up in the ICU on his birthday and missed the subsequent tour with Devildriver.

  • ++


    Bootleg video has surfaced online showing the frontman of Baltimore, Maryland hardcore act Trapped Under Ice attacking a fan during a recent tour stop in Europe on the "Rebellion" tour. You can view the video footage of the incident below. More news on this story will be posted as it becomes available. The uploader of the video commented on the incident by saying:

    "Trapped Under Ice played a show and a kid who loved the band jumped over the singer (aka pile-on / stagedive) so he could sing-a-long, they both fell down the stage (absolutely no harm to the kid NOR the singer because of this), the singer then hit the kid two times in the face, the kid in defense not really knowing what was going on hit back, then chaos ensued, another member of the band left the stage and together with his singer started severly beating and stomping the kid resulting in a broken jaw that needed surgery. Back on stage the singer says: "I'm not a fucking superhero, don't jump on me, don't you fucking hit me"

    "Well this is bullshit because if you are into Hardcore you know that singers get jumped on ALL THE TIME by enthusiastic fans. and the "Don't fucking hit me" shit, well on the video you can clearly see that the singer hits the kid first!"


    "Beyond The Lighted Stage," the documentary about the iconic Canadian progressive hard rock trio Rush was honored in the "Music DVD Of The Year" category at this year's Juno gala dinner and award ceremony held on Saturday, March 26, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    This marks the second consecutive win in this Juno category for filmmakers Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen of Banger Films, who received the same award last year for "Iron Maiden: Flight 666."

    The Junos are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards and showcase Canadian bands and artists exclusively with the award ceremony being active since 1970. The full televised awards ceremony is set to take place on March 27, 2011 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

    Frankie Sparcello, the bassist of New Orleans band Exhorder, passed away on March, 26th.
    Downtown Brown
    Detroit metal/punk/freakazoid crossover act DOWNTOWN BROWN have announced a full-scale USA tour, lasting from March 25th – April 23rd. This new campaign supports the trio’s latest full length “GRABBLETON’S BEACH” released earlier this year by legendary punk label DC-JAM Records, home of label mates TSOL & FISHBONE, among others.

    Described by many critics as a bizarre mixture of Dead Kennedys, FEAR, Ween, AC/DC, Mr. Bungle & Manowar, DOWNTOWN BROWN are a belligerent force of Zappa-esque madness that must be witnessed live to be fully understood.

    Official Site:



    ISRAHELLBANGER RECORDS is proud to announce our new release: The debut demo tape of the Israeli Black/Speed Metal band PROMISCUITY, titled  'Infernal Rock N' Roll' !

    PROMISCUITY is a new incarnation of what started as HELLMENTOR a couple  of years ago in IsraHell, raw Black/Speed Metal, devoted to the old  sound of the mighty VENOM, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER and the likes, yet with  PROMISCUITY’s own touch! Expect 3 unholy tracks!

    Feel free to listen to 2 songs at the band's website:

    In a recent interview with Eric Spitznagel of, Sammy Hagar discussed topics such as his sexual escapades, doing coke until the sun comes up, and his belief that he was abducted by aliens. An excerpt from the interview follows.

    Eric: Okay, let’s just cut to the chase. I’m just going to come out and ask it. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

    Sammy: I think I have.


    Eric: What? Really? I was kidding. You seriously believe that?

    Sammy: [Laughs.] Now you’re making me sound like a crazy person.

    Eric: How is that crazy? I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened to you.

    Sammy: Remember the story in the book, where I have a dream about being contacted by aliens in the foothills above Fontana?


    Eric: Yeah, yeah, I’ve got the page right here. “I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship… And they were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection.” You’re telling me that wasn’t a dream?

    Sammy: That’s right. It was real. [Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren’t even wireless telephones. Looking back now, it was like, “Fuck, they downloaded something into me!” Or they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment. “See what this guy knows.”

    Eric: And this actually happened?

    Sammy: That happened. That friggin’ happened, I’ll tell you right now. Another thing happened when I was about four that I didn’t put into the book. One time I saw what I considered to be, well, at the time I thought it was a car with no wheels. We lived out in the country and I saw this thing floating across a field, creating this big dust storm. I threw rocks at it and shit. And I don’t know what happened after that.


    Eric: You blacked out?

    Sammy: I guess. I just have no memory of it. And that wasn’t a dream. It was during daylight.

    Eric: I can understand your apprehension. Alien abduction is a tough sell.

    Sammy: Especially back a few decades ago, when this stuff happened to me. I couldn’t talk about it because I didn’t know how to explain it. I didn’t understand the technology. But now I’m pretty sure it was a wireless situation. Either a download or upload. They were tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth. I could see them and everything while it was happening. There was a visual involved, almost like … I don’t know. [Laughs.] Don’t get me going!


    Eric: If they were downloading something from your brain, I guess the joke’s on them. Unless they were hoping for the lyrics to “Rock Candy.”

    Sammy: Oh yeah, I’m sure they were. [Laughs.] Montrose was a very special band.


    Read the full article at

    Simple Plan foundation donates $ 10,000 to Japan vicitims.
    Seattle Hardcore Thrash Punks, The Insurgence take being “pissed off about unjust issues in the world” and turn it into a musical outlet where they can possibly educate and motivate others. It’s about “the big guy stepping on the little guy”. On March 21st, BLANKTV.COM will be premiering their latest video "Images Of The Apocalypse" as a prime example of what happens when those with money and power forsake those without. Based on the events of Hurricane Katrina and the city of New Orleans.......Look for The band on tour this summer in the US and In Europe later this year.

  • British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden have announced that the money made from the sales of their Japanese event shirts will be donated to a charity assisting victims of the recent Sendai earthquake and tsunami. A message from the band's manager Rod Smallwood reads as follows:
  • "Following the cancellation of both Maiden Tokyo shows due to recent events in Japan, we will be donating the proceeds from sales of the Japanese event shirt available from the Official Iron Maiden Shop (ie. the shirt without tour dates on) to a charity assisting victims of the earthquake. Feedback from our Fanclub Forum suggests our fans fully support this proposal.
  • "We plan to do likewise with the stock of event shirts currently in Tokyo, which were due to be sold onsite at the Tokyo venue (ie. the shirt with tour dates on). Details will follow as soon as possible as to where these will be available from, once we have worked out shipping, etc.
  • "The charity we shall be coordinating sales of both events shirts through is the Japanese Red Cross. This is their website for anyone who may want to make a donation.
  • "Shirts are now available at this location."

  • ++

    Former Megadeth axeman Marty Friedman, who currently lives in Japan, has posted the following statement online announcing that he will be selling his own Megadeth-era guitars for help in the relief of Japanese earthquake vicitims.

    "Thank you all for your support and prayers. I am 100% fine, 100% healthy and in better shape than ever. However, there are many, many people here in Japan that are facing an unbelievable tragedy.

    "It's time to go to the next step. I will be auctioning ALL of my guitars from the Megadeth-era and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the earthquake relief.

    "I am going to L.A. right NOW to the climate controlled lockup where all the guitars have been in their cases since January 2000. All guitars I used on all the Megadeth recordings, tours, videos, everything WILL be auctioned off.

    "When I get to the lockup, I will do my best to sort out which was used for what (I suck at that...I'm sure many of you guys know better than I do) and notate as many details as possible. Pictures, descriptions and how to bid will all be up on my U.S. website as well as my Japanese website within 2-3 days.

    "I have NEVER sold ANY of my guitars before; this is the only way these guitars will leave my possession. I urge you to please spread the word and most of all BID HIGH. You will be putting a huge deposit in the 'karma bank' and have some pretty cool guitars to show for it. DO IT!"
    Italian metallers Midian has sent us a message regarding the release of theirhighly anticipated new release "Screaming Demon". The album will be out on april 7, 2011!!

    available on info©

    Punishment 18 Records is glad to announce the reissue of the second full length from the Italian band BROKEN GLAZZ! The band, Broken Glazzvery known to all Italian metal supporters, recorded "Withdraw From Reality" in 1992, 10 powerful tracks of Techno thrash that followed the debut album "Divine", out in 1991 (both albums originally released for Dracma Records).
    More news concerning the reissue and bonus tracks contained in the CD format will be soon announced.
    Stay tuned, keep the metal faith alive!

    - Broken Glazz -
    Official Myspace:

    Sponsored by Nuclear Blast USA, Decibel Magazine, Amoeba Music L.A. and Dean Guitars, the world’s first-ever film festival dedicated to heavy metal music will be taking place at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles, California this coming March 31st through April 3rd, 2011.
  • According to the Daily Mail, Paul Di'anno (former vocalist of such bands as Iron Maiden, Killers and Battlezone) has been jailed today after being found guilty of benefit fraud. Di'anno was sentenced to nine months for claiming over £45,000 in benefits. He was told he would serve at least four and a half months of the sentence behind bars before being released on conditional bail.
  • Di'anno claimed he suffered severe nerve damage to his back that prevented him from working, but he was caught when Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) investigators spotted a YouTube video of him jumping around on stage during a live show in 2006.
  • The footage, from his own website and video sharing site YouTube, showed the singer energetically moving across the stage, putting his claims in severe doubt.
  • He admitted the eight counts of benefit fraud at Salisbury Crown Court on February 11.

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  • According to Kyle Buchanan of, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has been cast in a new HBO TV movie entitled, "Hemingway and Gellhorn," which will also star Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen. Ulrich will play Dutch documentarian Joris Ivens in the TV movie, which chronicles the stormy marriage between Ernest Hemingway and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.
  • Metallica, along with the rest of the "Big Four" of thrash, will also be headed to Sweden in July for an upcoming live show in Gothenburg.

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    England's very own HELLBASTARD are all set to embark on their first tour of the UK/Eire since the very early 1990's.
    Support comes from the USA's very own PANZERBASTARD and the UK's thrash-darlings SUICIDE WATCH.
    Miss this if you dare.


    APRIL 2011
    Saturday 9th - DUBLIN "Fibber McGhees."
    Sunday 10th - BELFAST "Auntie Annie's Porterhouse"
    Tuesday 12th - WAKEFIELD "The Snooty Fox" (Thus show will be streamed LIVE on the internet...)
    Wednesday 13th - BIRMINGHAM "Scruffy Murphy's"
    Thursday 14th - BRADFORD "1 in 12 Club"
    Friday 15th - DERBY "The Old Bell.."
    Saturday 16th - LONDON "Elektrowerkz" ("Terrorizer" Magazine Sponsored Show...)
    Sunday 17th - BRIGHTON "Cowley Club"
    Monday 18th - BRISTOL "Area 81 Rock Club"
    Tuesday 19th - CHELTENHAM "Two Pigs"
    Thursday 21st - BURY ''Hark 2 Howler"
    Friday 22nd - NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE "Trillians"
    Saturday 23rd - EDINBURGH "Bannerman's"
    Sunday 24th - DURHAM CITY "The Fishtank"

    Hellbastard have released their newest album "The Need To Kill" and mini-album "Eco-War" on Selfmadegod Records back in 2009.


    In anticipation of the release of their upcoming new full-length, Time Is Up,  Denver thrashers HAVOK today unveil part I of their in-studio video footage. Brought to you by Metal Injection, the video takes you behind the scenes of the recording process with commentary from the members. Check it out HERE. The  follow-up to HAVOK’s fiery Burn debut, Time Is Up, which is already reaping praise from critics, features ten tracks of meticulously crafted thrash metal anthems that transcend far beyond any run-of-the-mill rethash projects.  Said Popdose of the offering: “This is easily the best thrash record of any type released since Toxic Holocaust dropped An Overdose of Death on us in 2008.” Added Metal Assault in a 9/10 review: “…Time Is Up will turn out to be one of the thrash releases of the year. A furiously energetic effort, presenting thrash metal exactly the way it should be. Get this album when it comes out and mosh to some Havok!” Rock Hospital called Time Is Up, “… a killer sophomore effort by four dudes who do justice to their musical forefathers. Cliff Burton would smile on this release,” while Metal Review agreed: Havok’s purest intention is to thrash your face into a circle-pitted-pulp, and more often than not they’re wildly successful.”

    Time Is Up will be released in North America on March 29 via Candlelight Records. For pre-order details visit Candlelight USA. HAVOK is currently ravaging the masses on tour with Florida death metallers Malevolent Creation. Remaining tour dates are below: HAVOK United Hate Across America Tour 2011 [remaining dates]: w/ Malevolent Creation, Blown Chaos, The Absence and Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
    3/04/2011  Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
    3/05/2011  Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
    3/06/2011  The Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
    3/07/2011  EBGB’s – Amarillo, TX
    3/08/2011  Reno’s Chop Shop – Dallas, TX
    3/09/2011  Emo’s – Austin, TX
    3/10/2011  Riverside Warehouse – Shreveport, LA
    Embracing progressive influences over a furious sound, combined with a solid experimental verve, Dynahead came to life in the autumn of 2004, at the Brazilian capital, Brasília.

    In their short history, Dynahead entered the brazilian Anthrax tribute plus two other international compilations, were the rookier band to play at the Porão do Rock Festival, chosen among 800 other bands from all over the Americas, and performed all over their country with relevant international acts, such as Shaaman, Anathema, Ratos de Porão, Dr. Sin and many others.

    The band finished in 2008 their awaited first album, produced by Caio Duarte with James Murphy (Testament, Death) on the mastering duties, and are now collecting support from labels and endorsers for the promotion. - Now the band has finished the works for their new full length release "Youniverse". The album is a display of progressive power and unexpected musical thrills. A review of the album will soon be available in our reviews section.

    Aussie Thrash metallers Sabretung have released their first full length album "Conquest"

    Get your copy now from

    All CD and shirt purchases receive a free digital download of the whole album.

    You can connect with the band at

    For fans of Kreator, Sepultura and Slayer

  • is reporting that former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr has died in Utah. Starr was 44 years old. According to TMZ, police found his body in a Salt Lake City, Utah home earlier today. No information on the cause of death has yet been made available.
  • ABC News 4 in Salt Lake City is reporting that Starr's body was found at 1:42 p.m. in a residence at 1986 South Richards St. The station is also reporting that Starr was busted in February in Salt Lake City for illegal prescription drug possession.
  • Tributes to Starr have already been posted on his personal website - The site also includes an undated posting from Starr which reads: "Wrote a killer song with my new band . . . We jammed last week at a small club. It was straight comedy."
  • Born in Hawaii, Starr played with AIC from the band's formation in Seattle in 1987 until he left in 1993. He also appeared on the 2010 reality TV show "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr. Drew Pinsky on VH1. Dr. Drew posted a message moments ago on his Twitter, which read: "Devastating to hear of Mike Starr succumbing to his illness. So very sad. Our prayers are with his family."
  • Additional information on this developing story will be updated as it is made available and as statements are made by family and friends.
  • Read the full article at TMZ.

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    John Lydon, the frontman of Public Image Ltd. and former vocalist of iconic punk rock legends the Sex Pistols, has hit out against Ozzy Osbourne for what he perceives to be an endorsement of drug abuse. Speaking to the Sunday Mercury while promoting his new book, "Mr Rotten’s Scrap Book," Lydon stated:

    "'Paranoid' was one of the world’s greatest ever singles, but since then, the rumours of biting pigeon heads really, really haven’t impressed me. Ozzy now acting like a senile delinquent is equally unimpressive. The sly innuendo of promoting drug abuse and catatonic stupidity offends me.

    "I’m not one for banning drugs. Quite the opposite. But I understand how to use them, and they don’t use me.

    "Ozzy is clearly a victim, and selling that loser lifestyle shit to other people equally victimises them.

    "That’s a shame. Ozzy’s a working class man, like me, yet he allows that to happen. By acting like he does all the time, he implies that we’re all stupid, the working classes. But we’re not, you know. We’re not! We’re the proper Britain, us lot."


    Read the full article at Sunday Mercury (

    Ray Davies says yes to Kinks reunion even if brother Dave is out.
    Glasvegas frontman confesses to overdose.

    Serj Tankian has spent the past decade rocking the world with his quirky, politically charged brand of prog-metal as frontman of System of a Down.


    But in recent years, the Lebanon-born musician has branched out, writing poetry, recording solo albums, working on social justice issues and composing orchestral pieces.

    His latest venture brought him to Cambridge, where he’s composed the score for American Repertory Theater’s interpretation of the ancient Greek tragedy “Prometheus Bound.”


    “Politically, I’m getting off on this project because it works with everything I’ve worked with . . . the edginess and the themes of injustice and tyranny and civilization and torture,” Tankian said during a break from rehearsals last week at the Harvard University-based theater’s space on Church Street. The production, which starts a five-week run Friday at Oberon in Harvard Square, tells the story of Prometheus, the mythical figure punished by the gods for giving fire to humans. Tony- and Grammy-winning playwright Steven Sater (“Spring Awakening”) reworked the play, bringing in Tankian and turning it into a modern rock opera.

    “I guess I felt around me such a feeling of power-lessness and voicelessness . . . and a growing sense of tyranny around the world,” Sater said. “And I thought about ‘Prometheus Bound.’ It’s perhaps the most searing indictment of tyranny ever written and it was written right at the birth of Western democracy.”


    Read the full article at Boston Herald (

    Nine Inch Nails founder and main member Trent Reznor picked up an Oscar award last night for Best Original Score thanks to his work with Atticus Ross on the acclaimed movie, The Social Network, a film about Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg. Reznor and Ross were able to win despite stiff competition from Hans Zimmer and his work on the sci-fi hit, Inception, as well as beating three other big films in, How To Train Your Dragon, The King's Speech and 127 Hours.
    It’s a proud moment when legends get their due. Following the career-defining return of Germany’s heavy metal heroes Accept in 2010 with over 130 sweat-drenched, worldwide shows to their credit in less than one year, the band have just been nominated in the “Eagle Rock Comeback of the Year” category for a Revolver Golden Gods Award.
  • Saxon has penned two tracks for the forthcoming British film "Hybrid Theory," starring Noel Clarke (Kidulthood), Martin McCann (Killing Bono), Martin Compston (Disappearance of Alice Creed), Craig Conway (Descent, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday) and directed by James Erskin (One Night in Turin). Shooting will begin in June this year.

    The tracks feature on Saxon’s new album "Call to Arms" and have been written specially for the film. "Hybrid Theory" follows a group of British soldiers who find themselves in a life or death battle with an enemy beyond their wildest nightmares in this Sci-Fi/Horror with a twist.

    "Hybrid Theory" producer Lionel Hicks sums up the collaboration: "It’s great to have a band like Saxon involved in the soundtrack to this film. These new songs really capture the mood of the film, and everyone working on it is thrilled."

    A teaser trailer for ‘Hybrid Theory’ will be available to view online at this location ( in the next few weeks. Saxon also recently announced Spanish shows with Judas Priest.

    Car Bomb vocalist Michael Dafferner will premiere his independent film "[why_you_do_this]" next week at the Queens World Film Festival. This world premiere will be on Friday, March 4th at 7:00pm EST at The Renaissance Auditorium (81st Street & 37th Ave) in Jackson Heights, NY. An event flyer can be viewed HERE and more information on the Queens World Film Festival is available at
    Bazillion Points Books has revealed the final cover artwork for "Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries", a mammoth 744-page hardcover journey into black metal, death metal, and beyond by Norway's metal godfather Jon Kristiansen. "The greatest heavy metal story ever told" will be available June 6, 2011, wherever books are sold, and is available for pre-order now with two bonus limited patches at THIS LOCATION.
    Southern California's ANTAGONIST's have announced they will partake in the "Little 2 Tour," with PICTURE IT IN RUINS. The west coast/southwestern run goes from March 18 through April 2. The band is also playing with ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS this Saturday at the Cobalt Café in Canoga Park, CA. ANTAGONIST are supporting, "World In Decline," recorded at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange, CA with producer Paul Miner (Terror, Thrice, Throwdown). The album features guest vocals from Jared Monette of ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS and John Strachan of THE FUNERAL PYRE.

    Vocalist/guitarist Carlos Garcia commented: "We're hitting the road at the end of March with our boys Picture It In Ruins. If you haven't already, PLEASE check them out on Facebook, they fucking RULE. Speaking of Facebook, we just posted 2 more songs off our current disc 'World in Decline' -- 'God on Fire' and 'Darkest Darkness.'  Check them out:


    Phil Vane, one of the two vocalists of British crust punk/grindcore legends Extreme Noise Terror, has been found dead in his home. He was 46 years old. No cause of death has yet been revealed. A short statement from the band reads as follows:

    "The rumours are true - we're sorry to announce that Phil (Vane) passed away recently. The band will make a full statement soon, but for now we need to take the time to come to terms with this terrible loss."

    Phil Vane was one of the two vocalists of Extreme Noise Terror since the group's inception in 1985 along with singer Dean Jones and spent a brief period in the 1990's as the vocalist of fellow British grinders Napalm Death.

    The title of Red Hot Chili Peppers' weird new album is inspired by an acid trip.

    Swedish symphonic metal act Therion has been immortalized in its very own board game. The game's cover can be seen here.Mainman Christofer Johnsson comments: "Paulo Vallerga from the famous game developer Scibabs approached the band at the show in Milano last year with this great idea of making a fantasy board game based upon the stage characters mixed with mythology, and we instantly thought it was the coolest thing we've heard in ages and loved the idea!"The name of the game is '011' and you will find me, Thomas, Christian, Johan, Snowy, Katarina, Lori and Nalley appearing as even more fantastic characters than we are in reality! ; -) There will be more news on this coming soon!"Additional information on the game (in Italian) is available here.
    British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden have picked up the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance this year with their song, "El Dorado," which comes from their latest studio album, "The Final Frontier." The band won the award despite competition from Slayer, Korn, Megadeth and Lamb Of God. Also bringing home an award was supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, who won the prize for Best Hard Rock Performance with their song, "New Fang," Canadian rock legend Neil Young won claimed the Best Rock Song title with, "Angry World" and Jeff Beck, who won the award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance with "Hammerhead."
    Video game publisher Activision has announced the discontinuation of the Guitar Hero series due to declining sales. The series started in 2005 and generated billions of dollars in sales, paving the way for other popular music franchises such as Rock Band and dozens of spin-offs for PCs and mobile devices. According to Activision made the decision, "due to continued declines in the music genre, the company will disband Activision Publishing's 'Guitar Hero' business unit and discontinue development on its 'Guitar Hero' game for 2011... These decisions are based on the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world's best interactive entertainment experiences."
    Switchfoot receive Grammy Award.
    Negotiations Underway to Have Guns N' Roses For Next Year's Super Bowl (with All Original Members).
    Slipknot singer set to front Velvet Revolver.
    Bret Michaels undergoes heart surgery.
    Bruno Mars will not have a conviction on his record for his Las Vegas cocaine arrest last September.
    David Gilmour's son has been charged with violent disorder and theft.

    The Pink Floyd guitarist's 21-year-old son Charlie Gilmour was one of seven people charged by the Metropolitan Police following their involvement in the protests against increased student tuition fees in London last month.
    A lawsuit between Michael Cohl, the man who has produced the Rolling Stones tours for the last two decades, and concert giant Live Nation may have let slip the fact that a Stones tour is/was in the planning stages for late-2011.

    Montreal metal band Beheading Of A King has announced vocalist Matt Paquette has passed away at the age of 20. The cause of death has not yet been released to fans so for now we all wait and mourn this great lead man. Head on over to their Facebook and show your respect.
    Danish newspaper Extrabladet have conducted an interview with Lars Ulrich (Metallica). And according to the norwegian newspaper VG, Metallica will hit the studio sometime this spring to record the bands 9th studio album.

    Even though a lot of the albums the band has released since 1990 may be a bit on the commercial side, news of an upcomming new Metallica album will always please a thrashers heart. I guess we just have to wait and see, maybe we'll see the band on the angry side again? Nevertheless, Thrash Never Dies will keep you updated on the latest news on this forthcoming release.


    AmebixAMEBIX, one of the best-loved and most influential bands in heavy music, have spent the last two years working towards this, a defining moment in heir storied career - the release of their first collection of all-new material since 1987.
    On September 20, 2011, upon the cusp of the autumnal Equinox, the new AMEBIX album will be released. Entitled Sonic Mass, these nine songs represent the past, present, and future of the band, and will enthrall and inspire longtime fans and new converts alike. As dark, crushing, and honest as anything on their classics Arise! and Monolith, but imbued with a lifetime of hardship, raw emotion, and eternal hope, Sonic Mass is the album AMEBIX have always wanted to create.
    The album was recorded at Rock Cottage in Derbyshire and The Lodge Studios in Northampton, England, and engineered, mixed and produced by AMEBIX drummer Roy Mayorga. Sonic Mass will be released digitally and on CD by Alternative Tentacles, with a deluxe 12" vinyl edition from Profane Existence.

    Press Release:
    artistic_differences_album_cover.jpgSLAVES TO FASHION is releasing a new album on February 4th 2011. The album is titled “Artistic Differences” reflecting the band members’ different musical backgrounds, raging from pop, progressive rock, black metal and modern rock. Thus the four-piece from Norway mixes metal, pop and progressive rock in a shameless way, while always focusing on their shared passion for the essential ingredient in all music: great melodies and a great sound.

    ”To quote one of my heroes: “This album is not fast food for the ears”. But it is still quite in your face”, says guitarist Torfinn Sirnes. Singer Johannes Støle adds: ”Every band wants to find that unique sound that really defines the band - and this time I really think we have come close. But you’ll still hear a lot of our different influences in there, like Queensrÿche, Peter Gabriel, A Perfect Circle and Deep Purple.”
    ”Artistic Differences” is being released by new German underground label Hands Of Blue Records and songs from the album can be heard at

    MercenaryMERCENARY have debuted the track, "In a River of Madness," from their upcoming album, "Metamorphosis," on their Facebook page. Check it out NOW. The album, produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Heaven Shall Burn, Aborted), will be released in North America on March 29 and feature the exclusive bonus track "Incorporate Your Demons." The band will be touring Europe in February and March alongside Symphony X and Nevermore.
    Through the last decade, MERCENARY have been one of the most active and successful proponents of Denmark's rising metal scene. Over the course of their previous five studio albums, which earned the band increasing critical acclaim for their distinctive blend of aggression and huge soaring melodies, the band earned a still wider international audience and dedicated fan base. MERCENARY have toured actively as support for top acts such as Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Nevermore, King Diamond, Death Angel and many more. They have also appeared on most major metal festivals, such as Wacken (twice), Tuska, Metal Camp, Earthshaker, Inferno, Graspop, Dynamo, Summer Nights, Progpower Europe, and Progpower US (twice) and many more.

    British thrashers Evile may have spent much of 2010 touring North America, but don't think they've forgotten about their fans at home!

    The young shredders are preparing to kick off a headlining tour tomorrow (Wednesday, February 9th) which will see the band tearing their way around the UK for five unmissable shows.

    Joining Evile on the road will be fellow thrashers Elimination and Mutant, plus each show will also feature a winning band from Evile's recent support slot competition in conjunction with Metal Hammer.

    Don't miss them at these shows:

    09 February 2011 - Manchester, UK - Academy 3 (+ BLUDVERA)
    10 February 2011 - Newcastle, UK - Academy (+ VORTEX)
    11 February 2011 - Glasgow, UK - Cathouse (+ CIRCLE Of TYRANTS)
    12 February 2011 - Nottingham, UK - Rescue Rooms (+ IMPALED EXISTENCE)
    13 February 2011 - London, UK - Underworld (+ BLEEDING OATH)

    Aussie thrashers Sabretung have uploaded 4 tracks from the bands forthcoming debut full length album, "Conquest". You can follow the albums progress through the bands Facebook and MySpace pages.

    Sabretung lineup:
    Doug Murray - Guitars/Vocals
    Ben Yates - Drums
    Tyler Purvis - Bass/Backing
    Daniel McInnes - Guitars

    John Barry dies of a heart attack.
    Alice Cooper slams film rumours and knocks Robert Plant.
    The Day of the beast  To Enter Studio, New Album Expected in the Summer.

    Virginia's Blackened thrash metal band The Day of the Beast have announced that they will be entering the studio on February 5 to begin recording their second studio album, titled RELENTLESS DEMONIC INTRUSION.

    The band will enter the  Sniper Studios with Vince Burke (Birds of Prey, Sourvein ,King Travolta)

    The Day of the Beast  has also posted the artwork for RELENTLESS DEMONIC INTRUSION, featuring the art of Joe Petagno.


    1. Intro
    2. Relentless Demonic Intrusion
    3. Unknown Kadath
    4. Cult of the Bloody Tongue
    5. Son of Draconis
    6. The Paralyzed Hand
    7. Static Cesspool
    8. As Steel Sharpens Steel
    9. The Day of the Beast
    10. Torch This Place
    11. Iron Fist (Motorhead Cover)

  • Dirk Strahlimeier, the former guitarist of German thrash metal legends Sodom, has passed away. Sodom frontman Tom Angelripper has posted the following statement online regarding Strahlimeier's death:

    "As I learned from a reliable source, our ex-guitarist Dirk 'Strahli' Strahlmeier died this month in a hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany. Currently we don't know the exact circumstances of his death. Strahli played on the album Masquerade In Blood which was released in 1995 on SPV. After that we had lost contact with him. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.
    RIP bro!

    Eagle Rock Entertainment have been deeply saddened by the news of the death of Gary Moore, the consummate musician acknowledged as one of the finest guitarists that the British Isles has ever produced. In a career that dates back to the 1960s, there are few musical genres that he has not turned his adroit musical hand to, and on top of his acclaimed solo work he has graced the line-ups of several notable rock bands, Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II and Skid Row to name but three.

    According to reports made on British news and celebrity site, legendary Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore passed away due to a suspected heart attack, a postmortem revealed on Monday, February 7, 2011. Moore had passed in his sleep Sunday morning, hours after checking into the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Spain. He was 58 years old. A Spanish police spokesman said today;

    "Mr. Moore died of natural causes and his death is not in any way suspicious. An investigating magistrate has opened a standard inquiry to determine the exact cause of death."


    Read the full article at Mirror UK:

  • Vocalist Steve Lee of Swiss act Gotthard passed away in October of 2010 after being involved in a motorcycle crash. Nuclear Blast has now issued the following announcement about Gotthard and Ex Libris donating record sales profits to the Roadcross Foundation:
  • "On Sunday, January 16th, Ex Libris Business Manager Daniel Röthlin and Gotthard Bassist Marc Lynn handed over a check of CHF 75'000 to the Roadcross Foundation at the Kaufleuten in Zürich. The amount of the donation is yielded from the quantity of Gotthard records sold at all Ex Libris stores between October 5th and December 31st 2010.
  • "2 CHF per sold Gotthard CD was added to the donation and given to the non-profit Roadcross Foundation. This Steve Lee Memorial action is supported by Gotthard as well as by Musikvertrieb AG who will both also additionally round off the donation. Roadcross expresses their thanks to all those who made this generous donation possible, a very much welcome and needed help and contribution to victims of road accidents.
  • "The decision to make a donation to a organization dealing with accident prevention and handling was taken, without going public by Gotthard and the Business Management of Ex Libris, only a few days after Steve Lees tragic accident. Many thanks to all the fans who contributed to this action."

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  • Tom G. Warrior (Triptykon, ex-Celtic Frost) is currently selling two different wooden Jesus dildo sculptures online. Photos and details on the pieces can be found at this location. Tom G. Warrior posted the following descriptions of the two phallic statues:
  • "Phallus I/2011; metal Jesus mounted to wooden dildo cross; wood, white metal, steel, epoxy, and black enamel. This phallus sculpture is a unique, individual piece of which only one exists world-wide, hand-made by the artist. Cross created from 3 German hand-crafted, spruce wood dildos. Crucified messiah figurine and INRI insignia in metal. Dimensions: height approx. 20 cm (7.9"), width approx. 13.5 cm (5.5"), dildo diameter approx. 2.6 cm (1"). Weight: approx. 160 g (5.5 oz). Caution: for display purposes only!
  • TomG.Warrior Jesus dildo sculpture

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    PM from Punishment 18 Records:
    Punishment 18 Records is glad to announce that the debut album from young Italian thrashers H.O.S., entitled "The Beginning", is finally available; they play old school thrash metal in the vein of German legends, but also debtor to the Bay Area style. The band is already engaged in promotional gigs, in Italy and abroad.
    Furthermore, we're pleased to welcome the thrashers LEGEN BELTZA, from the Basque Country, in our roster! The guys are already known for their previous works, and for more than ten years of live activity. The new and fourth album, entitled "Need To Suffer", was mixed and mastered during 2010 at "Stage One Studio" by Andy Classen, and self produced by the band te last May, so it's ready to be re-issued and distributed worldwide. The proposal is now more violent than before, supported by its great production!
    Stay tuned, keep the metal faith alive!

    - H.O.S. -
    Official Myspace:

    After releaseing their debut album »Ride Your Life« the guys of Toxic Heart are back with
    something special. They started their own online show »ToxicHeartTV« feat. the guys from
    Toxic Heart and everything they do in their lives. It's not just music! The guys are adrenaline
    junkies who party hard, travel around the world and never forget how to have an awesome
    time. Feel free to take a look at the trailer for their upcoming show starting on february.


    Stay tuned!

    More at

    Matt Hahn
    HQ United
    +386 (0) 31 278 062

    Omission has sent us this update:
    "2nd album by this Spanish band of aggressive and motherfucking Satanicspeed Thrash Metal. More intense and faster than their debut, an infernal whirlwind for lovers of bands like SADUS, POSSESSED, KREATOR, WHIPLASH, SODOM..."

    01. Erotic Nightmares
    02. A Field Sowed Of Coffins
    03. Northmen Wrath
    04. We Are The Dead
    05. Architects Of Fear
    06. Fuckin' Alone
    07. The Light In My Dark
    08. Here We Stand
    09. Day Of Your Death Arrives...
    10. You Can't Hide
    11. Ianus Rex Infernorum

    MySpace site

    Dubai based death-thrashers NERVECELL have set “PSYCHOGENOCIDE” as the title of their long-awaited new album, due for release late March 2011 in Europe through Lifeforce Records and Spellbind Records for the Middle East. The artwork has been a concept, which the band have been working on for quite a while they are extremely proud of how it has turned out, perfectly matching the aggression and musical direction of the new album.
    “PSYCHOGENOCIDE” is scheduled to be mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader) in Warsaw, Poland by the Wieslawscy Bros. This will mark the follow-up to NERVECELL’s first full-length “Preaching Venom” which was released on October 26th 2009 via Lifeforce Records. The new songs are sounding aggressive, fast and dark! The fans can expect a heavy dosage of old-school death metal, modern thrash metal, intertwined with a touch of Eastern melodies and brutality.
    Stay tuned for the album track list and more details to be announced very soon.

    Deadlock have revamped and updated their Myspace profile as well as the band´s homepage for the upcoming release of their highly anticipated new album “Bizarro World”.

    You can find a very nice album teaser for the new album from NOW on @,
    DEADLOCK will release a worldwide digital single for the track „State Of Decay“ on February 7th, watch out

    Here are the “Bizarro World” release dates:
    February 23rd, 2011 (JAPAN)
    February 25th, 2011 (D/ AT/ CH),
    February 28th, 2011 (UK, Benelux, F, GR, NO, PT, REST OF EUROPE)
    March 2nd, 2011 (SE, FI, HU),
    March 15th, 2011 (NORTH AMERICA)

    The Ltd. edition (digipak) of the album and the digital version will contain two remixes as bonus tracks.

    Vivid Remorse
    VIVID REMORSE has just released his debut album entitled "The Seed of Malaise". Recorded at Spanish well-known recording studios AXtudio (Aggression, Vidres a la Sang, Setge) in July 2010, the album consists of 13 short tracks, diverse, powerful and dynamic, with original riffs and aggressive but melodic voices. In this album VIVID REMORSE shows everybody why it is considered one of the most original and promising metal bands in Spain, devoloping his own and particular style, a Thrash without prejudices.

    Formed in 2006, VIVID REMORSE is an unconventional band. Based on a mixture of both classic and modern Thrash with some groove, Hardcore and even Death Metal influences, the result is a very distinctive and unique style and a particular sound, which combines the classic and the melody of bands such Metallica or Death Angel with the modernity of Machine Head and Pantera and the speed of Slayer and Sepultura, all mixed with huge personality.


    Florida thrashers Zergoth have sent us this update:

    "Hey guys, we finaly got our CD's in! Spread the word if you can ..m/ They are available for purchase at Other than that, things are going good. Already working on some new tunes for the next album already ..m/ and just having fun."

    Blood Of Martyrs
    Portland, Oregon based extreme metal band BLOOD OF MARTYRS have issued a FREE EP entitled “Even The Dead Long For Spring.” Recorded before the present lineup was formed, “Even The Dead Long For Spring” features BLOOD OF MARTYRS mastermind Markus Launsburry on Guitar and percussion madman Chris Wozniak (Lair of the Minotaur) on drums.

    “Even The Dead Long For Spring” Track List I. Blood For The Moon II. Praise Thee Duende, Boundless Sea III. Beneath a Blue and Silent Sky IV. Immortality
    BLOOD OF MARTYRS new lineup will be debuting live on January 13th 2011 @ Ash Street Saloon, PDX w/ Cemetery Lust, Aranya & Excruciator.

    FREE DOWNLOAD Now Online:

    It took over a year to finish the recordings and design for the debut album of spanish Thrash Metal newcomers BREATHLESS, but it was worth the wait!! Haling from Palma de Mallorca, BREATHLESS is decided to step firmly in the spanish Thrash scene with their first album "Thrashumancy" which is due for an imminent release through XTREEM MUSIC in January 15th, 2011.

    With a classic Thrash proposal, BREATHLESS's intentions are no other than creating an intense yet catchy style with influences that sometimes could remind bands like CORONER, KREATOR (Extreme Aggression), SABBAT (uk) and a varied range of Speed/ Thrash influences specially from the good old german scene from late 80's.

    With an excellent cover artwork created by famous artist Juanjo Castellano and a crystal-clear yet powerful production, "Thrashumancy" brings 13 songs that will for sure please every Thrasher around.

    You can listen to a few songs from the album at the band's official MySpace:


    Dave Brockie, the artist and musician known for his work under the name Oderus Urungus in shock-thrashers Gwar, has just released his debut full length novel. The book, titled "Whargoul," is being issued though Eraserhaed/Deadite Publishing.

    The story of the Whargoul came to being in the late 90's as Brockie toured Europe with GWAR. Inspired by some of history's more despicable events, Brockie began drawing and writing about the creature that called itself "Whargoul". The idea of an undying creature that found sustenance in the carnage of war began to flesh itself out in the form of several comics for the now defunct Slave Pit Funnies, and was also a stand-out track on GWAR's 1997 album "Rag-Na-Rok." Ultimately Brockie/Oderus Urungus decided the only way the story could truly be told was through a novel, and began hand-writing the book into a journal that was half-filled with pages of microscopic lettering, which he unbelievably lost, forcing him to re-write it from memory on his first lap-top. Brockie finally finished the book in 1999.

    While the book had been available for free download online for years it is now available for purchase in paperback at


    Texas modern metal/hard rock act Drowning Pool has posted a follow-up statement online in response to the recent Arizona shooting tragedy:
    "We'd like to thank our fans for all of their support yesterday, and once again offer our thoughts to the victims and their families.
    "Jared Lee Loughner is clearly a very disturbed individual.
    "The Washington Post ran an article on 'Bodies' and the Tucson shootings. But instead of telling the whole story, the writer decided to edit what we had to say in order to make it seem like we were somehow responsible for what happened last weekend. He left out some really important facts.
    "Where did the part about us performing for the troops go? Where was the mention of us helping to pass a bill in support of our soldiers?
    "If you want to let readers form their own opinions of who we are and what we support, include all of the info!
    "We find it inappropriate to imply that our song or rock music in general is to blame for this tragic event. It is premature to make this assumption without having all the facts in the case. It is just as likely that this horrible act was caused by the irresponsible and violent rhetoric used by mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post.
    "Listening to Drowning Pool music does not make you a bad person. Misleading people does."
  • On June 22nd, 2010 the "Big Four" of thrash metal - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax - performed live in Sofia, Bulgaria for a cinecast. The recording of that show was released on DVD and Blu-Ray under the title "The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria."
  • Megadeth has now announced the DVD has been RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) certified Double Platinum in the U.S. for sales in excess of 200,000 copies. For more information on the DVD/Blue-Ray release check out this location.

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    Germany's ex-Mourning Caress's guitarist Benedikt Bjarnason has passed away because of cancer.
  • Cauldron, the Canadian heavy metal band, will be releasing a limited edition "Chromium Dioxide" fanzine with limited edition copies of the CD and Vinyl versions of the new album "Burning Fortune." This issue of the fanzine will be a collectible Cauldron themed edition which will be dedicated to the band.
  • Jason Decay, front man of Cauldron, commented:
  • "Chromium Dioxide is our favourite zine out there, plus we're good friends with the creator, Phil, so when Earache suggested we include a Cauldron special edition of the magazine as a bonus with the new album, it was a no-brainer. It's really an honor to have a magazine, let alone one of the most addictive reads out there, dedicate an entire - although mini - issue to us."
  • The album is due to be released in Europe on February 14th and in North America on February 15th.

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    Phil Kennemore, the bass player of American heavy metal veterans Y&T, passed away this morning (January 7th) as a result of metastatic cancer. He was fifty seven years old.
  • Apocalyptica has experienced a couple legal hurdles recently. First, The Regional Court of Berlin has convicted Apocalyptica for trademark infringement against Rammstein. The Finnish cello metallers face a fine of 45,000 Euro. The Finnish band was sued over the album's release being promoted on stickers, magazines and posters with the words "featuring Rammstein" without the authorization of the band and their management, despite the appearance of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe on the track "Helden" (a David Bowie cover of "Heroes").
  • In other Apocalyptica news, Atlantic Records would not give clearance to promote the album version of "Not Strong Enough," which features Brent Smith of Shinedown, to radio in the US. This was due to Shinedown's "Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)" track off The Expendables soundtrack competing for radio play at the same time. Doug Robb of Hoobastank has now recorded a vocal track for the song and that is the version that will be going to radio in the U.S. on January 18, 2011. The track will be released digitally as well.

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  • The Chicago Tribune has reported that Jef Whitehead (a.k.a. Wrest of Leviathan, Krieg, and Nachtmystium) has been charged with criminal sexual assault and aggravated domestic battery. An excerpt from the report follows:
  • "Veterans of the tattoo world were trying to make sense of the allegations made against a renowned tattoo artist who Cook County prosecutors say used the tools of his trade to sexually assault his girlfriend after he slammed her head against a floor and choked her. Jef Whitehead, 42, was charged with criminal sexual assault and aggravated domestic battery Sunday and held on $350,000 bond after allegedly attacking his girlfriend.
  • "Prosecutors said an argument between the couple began about 12:30 a.m. Saturday at a home connected to a tattoo shop in the 1100 block of West Taylor Street. The woman was taken to the University of Illinois Medical Center in fair to serious condition, said Quention Curtis, a Chicago Fire Department spokesman. Her condition was not known Sunday. 'I've never known him to be violent to anyone — male or female,' Freddy Corbin said of Whitehead, whom he has known for more than 20 years.
  • "For the last three or four months, Whitehead has been traveling throughout the United States and parts of Europe on a tattooing tour, said Corbin, owner of Temple Tattoo in Oakland, Calif., where Whitehead has worked for three years."
  • No members of any of the band's Wrest is involved with have made any statements regarding the issue at this point in time. Additional details will be announced as they are made available.
  • Read the full article at Chicago Tribune.

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  • Former Emperor guitarist and solo artist Ihsahn has been nominated for a Norwegian grammy (Spellemannsprisen) for his latest album "After." Ihsahn also recently announced he has begun writing new material for an upcoming fourth solo album.
  • Additional details on the awards ceremony can be found at this location. Other metal albums nominated for the award are Enslaved - "Axioma ethica odini," Shining - "Blackjazz," and Solefald - "Norrøn livskunst."

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