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  • (07.31) Austrian drummer Kerim "Krimh" Lechner (Thorns Of Ivy) has joined Decapitated as the replacement for Witold "Vitek" Kieltyka, who died on November 2, 2007 in a Russian hospital from injuries sustained in a road collision. Go here to see a video of him performing.
  • (07.31) Go here to listen to all of Man Must Die's new album "No Tolerance For Imperfection" in streaming form.
  • (07.29) Added a review to Divine Heresy's "Bringer Of Plagues" album.
  • (07.29) Arsis has set "Starve For The Devil" as the title of its fourth studio album, tentatively due in early 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD will be recorded this fall with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Municipal Waste, Agnostic Front, Hatebreed) at Planet Z studios in Hadley, Massachusetts.
  • (07.28) Visit the Malamor myspace to listen to a new song (unmixed) called 'Infect'.
  • (07.28) Go here to see the cover artwork to Arch Enemy's new album "The Root Of All Evil".
  • (07.25) Ytsejam Records, Dream Theater's official "bootleg" store, has made the following new titles available: "The Making of Falling Into Infinity", "Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos 2003""Uncovered 2003-2005""Santiago, Chile 12/6/05".
  • (07.24) Nile's new album will be called "Those Whom The Gods Detest".
  • (07.24) To listen to 2 new Otep tracks, 'Smash The Control Machine' and 'Rise, Rebel, Resist', both off their new album, visit the band's MySpace page. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (07.23) Behemoth are streaming a brand new track, 'Shemhamforash', on their MySpace page.
  • (07.23) Man Must Die has posted a third preview track, 'Gainsayers', from their new album "No Tolerance For Imperfection", on their MySpace page.
  • (07.23) Guitarist Mårten Hagström of Meshuggah states there will probably be no new Meshuggah album till 2011.
  • (07.23) Suffocation's new album "Blood Oath" sold around 3,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 135 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 2 on the Top New Artist Albums
  • (07.23) "Pray For Villains", the fourth full-length album from Devildriver, sold around 14,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart. Devildriver's previous album, 2007's "The Last Kind Words", shifted a little more than 14,000 copies during its first week of release to debut at No. 48 — around 40 percent more than the opening-week number of 2005's "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand", which premiered at No. 177 with sales of 10,400.
  • (07.23) Arkaea's debut album "Years In The Darkness" sold 980 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The CD landed at position No. 39 on the Top New Artist Albums.
  • (07.22) Vocalist Dan Nelson has been kicked out of Anthrax. The cause seems to be "Chemistry Problems". The band has cancelled some recent shows, and has pushed back the release of their new album. Rumor has it that former singer John Bush might be asked to rejoin the band.
  • (07.21) Through The Eyes Of The Dead has entered Geller Cellar Studios in New York to begin recording its as-yet-untitled third full-length album. The band is self-producing the effort, with Eliot Geller engineering, for an early 2010 release via Prosthetic Records. The CD will be mixed by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios.
  • (07.21) Go here to listen to the new song 'King Of Nothing' from Shadows Fall.
  • (07.21) Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy's drum-cam footage from the recording sessions for the band's new album, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings", has been released on DVD. Audio options include "Full Band" and "Isolated Drums". The package also features rare audio and video outtakes. Go here for more info.
  • (07.18) Go here to listen to the new Dying Fetus song 'Your Treachery Will Die With You'.
  • (07.18) A new Despised Icon track, 'MVP', is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.
  • (07.18) Dawn Of Azazel's new album "Relentless" will be out October 13th 2009.
  • (07.16) Job For A Cowboy's new album "Ruination" has sold around 10,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 42 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • (07.15) Anthrax's new album, "Worship Music", will be released in Europe on October 23 via Nuclear Blast Records. No word on a North America date yet.
  • (07.14) Go here for more info from Raymond Herrera on the whole Fear Factory legal battle.
  • (07.10) Neuraxis has parted ways with drummer Tommy Mckinnon and bassist Yan Thiel. Tommy is going to go back to school to complete his degree, and Yan is going to further his working career and can no longer dedicate himself to the band. They are seeking replacements, so if you're interested in joining, visit here.
    (07.09) Obituary's new album "Darkest Day" sold around 1,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 32 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.
  • (07.09) Police say that Phil Fasciana from Malevolent Creation's claims of being involved in a shootout are false. Go here for more info.
  • (07.09) Suicide Silence's new album debuts at #32 On The Billboard Top 200 Chart with 14,000 units sold in their first week.
  • (07.08) The Black Dahlia Murder will release its new album, "Deflorate", on September 15 via Metal Blade Records. 'A Selection Unnatural', the first single, is now available for streaming exclusively on
  • (07.07) Go here for an updated account of the convienience store robbery that Phil Fasciana from Malevolent Creation accidently walked into.
  • (07.07) Go here to listen to Devildriver's entire new album "Pray For Villains", streaming on the Roadrunner website.
  • (07.07) A number of songs from Morbid Angel's performance Live At Rock Al Parque, Bogotá Colombia On 27/06/2009 have been posted on youtube. See 'World Of Shit (The Promised Land)', 'Where The Slime Live', 'Sworn To The Black', 'Lord Of All Fever And Plagues', 'Blood On My Hands', and 'Nevermore'. Go here to see the entire concert.
  • (07.07) Between The Buried And Me has set "The Great Misdirect" as the title of its new album, due on October 27 via Victory Records. The album contains only 6 songs, so they're pretty much guaranteed to be long.
  • (07.04) Skinlab have posted a brand new track, 'Amphetamine Gods' (Rough Cut), on their MySpace page. The song comes off the band's forthcoming album, "The Scars Between Us", which is tentatively due before the end of the year via Stand And Deliver Records.
  • (07.04) Arkaea has posted another new track, 'Awakening', on the group's MySpace page.
  • (07.04) Vader has posted another new track 'We Are The Horde' on the band's MySpace page.
  • (07.03) Goatwhore's new album, "Carving Out The Eyes Of God", sold around 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release to enter The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 190.
  • (07.02) Dream Theater's new album "Black Clouds & Silver Linings" sold 40,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, which put it at the No. 6 spot. The band's last CD, "Systematic Chaos", opened with 36,000 units in 2007 to enter The Billboard 200 chart at No. 19. 2005's "Octavarium" premiered with 27,000 copies to debut at No. 36.

    After 28 years Metal Church calls it quits.


    The Puerto Rico Thrashers SACRILEGIO will bring out their debut full-length "The ultimate abomination" soon. A new song can be heard on their Myspace site.


    The cover artwork for "Decline", the forthcoming album from reunited California-based metallers DÉTENTE — featuring vocalist Ann Boleyn (HELLION) alongside original DÉTENTE members Dennis Butler (drums), Caleb Quinn (guitar) and Steve Hochheiser (bass) — can be viewed below. The cover was painted by Michael Leone, with additional graphic work performed by Christopher Leone.

    "Hate worldwide", the second song from the upcoming album "World painted blood" can be heard here:

    Lions Lions have posted a new track from their upcoming Lp on Panic Records entitled "From What We Believe". You can check out the track "The Knitter" on their myspace at
    Richmond, Virginia's MUNICIPAL WASTE are known for their awesomely destructive live shows, and now they're showing you how to lay waste to your liver and taste buds with a sophisticated drink.

    Check out video footage of MUNICIPAL WASTE guitarist RYAN WASTE showing you how to concoct a Bloody Mary at

    MUNICIPAL WASTE are set to release their highly anticipated new album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, on August 24th in Europe and August 25th in the USA through Earache Records.
    The countdown begins! 2009's most anticipated full length from Baltimore’s TRAPPED UNDER ICE is about to be let loose on the unsuspecting ears of both the faithful and the doubters. SECRETS Of THE WORLD is the title of the 12 track album length release from Maryland’s new standard bearers. The album continues on where ‘08s STAY COLD EP left off. Pressing after pressing, the EP continues to sell to new audiences and this release and is considered by many to be the hardcore record of that year. From its packaging design—with its cover art being painted by artistic luminary and musician Daniel Higgs—to the music within, it is a must-have for anyone interested in the genre. That being said, SECRETS OF THE WORLD is poised and ready to add the next level to their still embryonic legacy. The 12 tracks contained on the album are designed for inspiration and self-reflection on a world that leaves one beaten and bleeding. Recorded in early 2009 by Dean Baltulonis at his The Wild Artic studio in Queens, NY, the album is glory-bound to be both a classic and iconic of its time. A standout for many is the lyrical choices. A super personal approach being taken by TRAPPED UNDER ICE front man Justice; using his personal experiences as allegory to the decaying society surrounding his urban environment. This uniquely autobiographical approach is what many feel completely separates TRAPPED UNDER ICE from the pack. Immediate plans for the group being constant touring of the United States of America, Europe, Asia and Australia by the years end. This will continue there tours heavy past with such heavy hitters as TERROR, BORN FROM PAIN, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, HAVE HEART, BITTER END, TRASH TALK and on and on. TRAPPED UNDER ICE will be the next REAL hit of the worldwide Hardcore/Punk community. With current 811.000 profile-views and more than 1.320.000 song-plays they are one of the biggest Hardcore bands at MySpace!  2450 Plays per day ! In May/June TRAPPED UNDER ICE supported TERROR & BORN FROM PAIN for a six weeks tour around Europe. Around the european street date the band is on tour with TERROR & POISON THE WELL throughout the USA. After that, they will start to visit asian and australian clubs. The war-mammoth is headed your way. Attack is imminent, feel the chill...

    Europe Tour 2009
    as a support for

    08.05. Essen – JUZ Papestraße (Germany)
    09.05. Bomal – Durbuy Rock Festival (Belgium)
    10.05. Hameln – Regenbogen (Germany)
    11.05. Flensburg – Roxy (Germany)
    12.05. Berlin – SO36 (Germany)
    13.05. Copenhagen – Loppen (Denmark)
    14.05. Örebro – Kulturhuset (Sweden)
    15.05. Stavanger – Punk Fest (Norway)
    16.05. Aarhus – Train (Denmark)
    17.05. Hamburg – Markthalle (Germany)
    18.05. Magdeburg – Froximun Arena (Germany)
    19.05. Kassel – K19 (Germany)
    20.05. Aachen – Musikbunker (Germany)
    21.05. Colchester – The Twist (Great Britain)
    22.05. Plymouth – White Rabbit (Great Britain)
    23.05. Peterborough – The Park (Great Britain)
    24.05. Birmingham – Eddies (Great Britain)
    25.05. London – Underworld (Great Britain)
    26.05. Leeuwarden – Romein (Netherlands)
    27.05. Schweinfurt – Alter Stattbahnhof (Germany)
    28.05. Prague – Exit Chmelnice (Czech Republic)
    29.05. Krakow – Loch Ness Club (Poland)
    30.05. Warsaw – Progresja Club (Poland)
    31.05. Bratislava – Randal (Slovakia)
    01.06. Budapest – Dürer Kert (Hungary)
    02.06. Klagenfurt – Volxhaus (Germany)
    03.06. Fürstenfeld – Kulturhaus (Austria)
    04.06. Lindau – Club Vauderville (Germany)
    05.06. Solothurn – Kofmehl (Switzerland)
    06.06. Bologna – Flame Fest 2009 (Italy)
    07.06. München – Backstage (Germany)
    09.06. Marseille – Le Garage (France)
    10.06. Badalona – Estraperlo Club (Spain)
    11.06. Madrid – Sala Live (Spain)
    12.06. Corroios – Cine-Teatro De Corroios (Portugal)
    13.06. Santiago de Compostela – Sala Capitol (Spain)
    14.06. Durango – Kafe Antzoky (Spain)
    15.05. Bordeaux – Heretic Club (France)
    16.06. Paris –Trabendo Capa (France)
    17.06. Stuttgart – LKA (Germany)
    18.06. Innsbruck – Hafen (Austria)
    19.06. Saarbrücken – Garage (Germany)
    21.06. Haarlem – Patronaat (Netherlands)
    24.06. Brügge – Entrepot (Belgium)

    US Tour Summer 2009
    10 for 10 $ Tour


    Jul 9 2009 @ Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Jul 10 2009 @ Terminal 5 New York, New York
    Jul 11 2009 @ Sonar Baltimore, Maryland
    Jul 12 2009 @ Hooligan’s Jacksonville, NC
    Jul 13 2009 @ Valarium Knoxville, Tennessee
    Jul 14 2009 @ Headliner’s Music Hall Louisville, Kentucky
    Jul 15 2009 @ The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
    Jul 16 2009 @ The Hangar New Orleans, Louisiana
    Jul 17 2009 @ Java Jazz Houston, Texas
    Jul 18 2009 @ White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
    Jul 19 2009 @ The Max Dallas, Texas
    Jul 21 2009 @ Marquee Theatre Tempe, Arizona
    Jul 22 2009 @ Glasshouse Pomona, California
    Jul 23 2009 @ Regency Center at the Grand Ballroom San Francisco, CA
    Jul 24 2009 @ House of Blues West Hollywood, California
    Jul 25 2009 @ Senator Theatre Chico, California
    Jul 26 2009 @ King Cat Theatre Seattle, Washington
    Jul 28 2009 @ Starlite Room Edmonton, Canada, Alberta
    Jul 29 2009 @ The Warehouse Calgary, Canada, Alberta
    Jul 31 2009 @ Station 4 St. Paul, Minnesota
    Aug 1 2009 @ Midland Theatre Kansas City, Missouri
    Aug 2 2009 @ Gothic Theater Englewood, Colorado
    Aug 4 2009 @ Metro Chicago, Illinois
    Aug 5 2009 @ The Intersection Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Aug 7 2009 @ Northern Lights Clifton Park, New York
    Aug 8 2009 @ Starland Ballroom Sayreville, New Jersey
    Aug 9 2009 @ The Palladium Worcester, Massachusetts
    Aug 10 2009 @ Foufounes Electriques Montreal, Canada, Quebec
    Aug 11 2009 @ Opera House Toronto, Canada, Ontario
    Aug 12 2000 @ Majestic Theatre Detroit, Michigan
    Aug 13 2009 @ Peabody’s Down Under Cleveland, Ohio
    Aug 14 2009 @ Xtreme Wheels Skatepark Buffalo, New York

    Germany, Switzerland: Intergroove -
    Austria: Rebeat -
    Sweden: Border -
    Spain: Mastertrax -
    UK & Eire: Plastic Head -
    Estonia: Jess -
    Rest of Europe: Intergroove -

    Outside Europe:

    The Gathering just launched a video impressions from our first try out gigs as well as our brand new video “All You Are” from our latest album “The West Pole”.

    You can find them both here on The Gathering web site

    The impression video clip is from our two first shows at Heerlen and Purmerend 19. and 20. June in Holland.
    First gigs impressions

    The video contains lots of live images shot from our gig at Graspop Metal Meeting 2009 festival.
    All you are video

    Snew's Week
    Snew's News You Can Use

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    Snew July Tour was AWESOME!
    Snew are back from the road. We had an amazing time out there playing for everybody at the Blooze Bar in Phoenix and The Back Bar in Janesville. We'd love to thank everybody we met out on the road. We made tons of new fans and friends. We want to give a big SNEW YOU to Tumbleweed at the Blooze Bar, Tawny from Electric Pussycat. Red and Andy from Rockin Metal Revival, Paul, Josh and Kari from 105.9 The Hog, LeeAnn from the Exclusive Company, Bob from the Back Bar, Nicci for inventing the Snew Shot and eveybody who was at the shows. You guys made us want to come back real soon. We love you all! Check out the video we made for you guys:

    Snew Start Work on Next Album
    We are excited to start working on our next album. We will be going into the studio now that we are back from the tour. We will be working once again with our producer Bobby Owsinski. We have a bunch of great new songs and we can't wait for you guys to hear 'em. The plan is to get the album finished by the end of the year. We will have more details for you later.

    SNEW in the Latest issue of Popular 1
    Check out the interview we did with Ruben Vilar in Spain's number one rock magazine Popular 1.
    It's all in Spanish so we are not quite sure what it says but if you read Spanish please translate it for us. Check out their website at

    Snew Latest Radio Adds
    Snew continues to get added to radio playlists atound the world
    90.1 WIUPFM
    Witchez Brew Radio
    JC Internet Radio
    UnHeard Radio
    Allstars Of Rock Radio
    Juniors Cave
    Bounce Radio
    The Scorpions Lair at WBCR

    Check out all the great radio stations that support independent rock!

    Get Your Copy of SNEW YOU right NOW




    Deluxe CD with cool graphics, booklet with all the lyrics and an official Snew World Order membership card included.

    Also get yourself a killer one-of-a-kind Snew T-Shirt while you're there!
    It has the band on the front and a big ol' SNEW YOU on the back.

    For more updates on Snew go to SnewYou.Com

    Pitiful Reign
    UK thrash band Pitiful Reign have just confirmed their first European appearance of this year at the Metal Disorder Festival, held in Milan, Italy between September 18-20 2009.
  • by: Bjarte - Sunday 19 July 2009 - 12:54:42
    Savage Messiah
    Savage Messiah has put up a new song over at
    The track was produced by Chris Tsangarides and mixed by Scott Atkins.
    Their record will be out later this year on Candlelight Records.
  • Ravage
    Ravage have uploaded a new track from their forthcoming album, The End Of Tomorrow, due out August 18th on Metal Blade Records. The final mastered version of the song, Grapes Of Wrath, is now available for streaming on the band's myspace:" rel="external">"> A video for the song is currently being edited by the band's videographer John "Johnny Kubrick" Koziol (who was one of the masterminds behind the recent feature-length indie action comedy LAWSON: WHITE HEAT and has worked on video projects for such diverse musical artists as AGNOSTIC FRONT and THE WU TANG CLAN).
  • New Wave of Spanish Thrash-Crossover Dentist Of Death has released a new video on youtube . The band also promises to have new tracks up on their MySpace site very soon. "The man who was death" and "IxYxFxF" !! _________________

    British thrashers EVILE have released a brand new track, called "Infected Nation", which is available now for streaming and download.

    The new track, which is the first song off the band's highly anticipated upcoming new album, INFECTED NATIONS - due on September 21st in Europe and September 22nd in the USA - is available for streaming at EVILE's official MySpace page at

    You can download a DRM-free copy of the track to keep and blast as often as you like. Get "Infected Nation", available to download as an MP3 as well as a high quality WAV file, at
    Canonical Hours Presents:

    Bloodline – Hate Procession CD (licensed for US&UK)

    6 years have passed since the release of Bloodline’s well received debut album “Werewolf Training” via Selbstmord Service. But obviously this album was only a hint of what the Band would be able to create. Several changes in the line up where made, with the recording line-up looking as follows:
    Nigris - Bass
    Wrathyr – Vocals (Naglfar/ Bewitched/Setherial)
    Dödskommendanten – Terrorelectronics /vocals
    Wredhe - Lead guitar/vocals (Shining/Ondskapt)
    Sasrof - Guitar and programming (Diabolicum)

    To cut a long story short, “Hate Procession? became a fantastic album, just as we expected after hearing the first promo recordings. So we can only recommend checking out the samples on the Band?s myspace site:

    Hate Procession - Tracklist
    Chapter one:

    1. Intro: Berzloj
    2. The Great Becoming
    3. Order of the parasite
    Chapter two:
    4. The Stampede
    5. Jerusalem Addio
    6. Day of The Vulture
    7. Total Peace

    Complete discography

    The Firestorm (demo) ? 1999
    A Pestilence Long Forgotten (7ep) ? 2001
    New Sodom (promo) ? 2002
    Werewolf Training (full length) ? 2003
    The citadel of everlasting tyranny (ep) ? 2007
    Hate Procession (full length) - 2009
    MARIONETTE To Release Enemies In Fall, Album Art And Tracklisting Available

    Gothenburg Sweden based metal sextet MARIONETTE has announced the title of
    its sophomore album: Enemies, to be released in Europe in October via
    Listenable Records. Enemies was recorded with a team of up-and-coming as
    well as established names in Swedish music including Pontus Hjelm (DEAD BY
    APRIL) and two-time Swedish Grammis award winning producer and songwriter
    Åke Parmerud. The album was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström (IN
    FLAMES, AT THE GATES, BRING ME THE HORIZON) at Studio Fredman and Peter In
    De Betu (DIMMU BORGIR, ZONARIA) at Tailor Maid respectively in May 2009.
    Tracklisting is available below:

    The Swine
    Silver Spoon
    Stench Of The Herd
    The Slaughter
    The Lie
    Your Hands
    Through Veils
    Their Knives
    The Truth

    The artwork for Enemies was created by MARIONETTE frontman Axel Widén and
    can be viewed HERE

    MARIONETTE lead guitarist and backing vocalist Aron Parmerud recently
    described Enemies as a monumental evolutionary step from the debut album
    Spite. "Unlike the recording process of Spite we recorded Enemies over a
    period of months, and we have had plenty of time to try new things in the
    studio to make the album absolutely insane. Every element that you heard on
    Spite has been taken to the extreme. At the same time, there is a clear
    evolution from Spite to Enemies. All of the live experience we have had
    while touring has made us more skillful as individual musicians and tighter
    as a band. All this will reflect itself on Enemies when it is in your hands
    this fall!"

    MARIONETTE’s debut album, Spite, was released in North America via
    Koch/Listenable Records in September 2008. The album was released
    previously in April of that year via Listenable Records across Europe.
    Spite was recorded, mixed and mastered with a team of up-and-coming and
    established producers including Simon Exner (AS YOU DROWN), Christian
    Silver (SONIC SYNDICATE, THE CROWN) and two time Swedish Grammis winning
    composer/producer Åke Parmerud. Quality video footage of MARIONETTE
    performing the songs "Legion", "Parasite" and "In Spite" from Brew House in
    Gothenburg on 08 February 2009 can be viewed at the link below:

    Marionette Myspace:
    Marionette Youtube Page:
    Marionette Official Website:
    Listenable Records:
    Live Nation Sweden:
    Pivotal Management:
    North America PR:
    Europe PR:

    Deathwish Inc. would like you to listen to these upcoming releases:

    Lewd Acts "Black Eye Blues " Out Sept 1

    Doomriders "Darkness Come Alive" Out Sept 29
    Liar Liar Cross On Fire have just finished recording their album "A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light" with Quintijn Verhoef @ Independent Recordings. Banjos on "Non Timetis Messor" and "The Roots of Doomsday Anxiety" courtesy of Demian Snel.

    We're currently talking to labels and should be releasing this record on CD/LP very soon.

    Check out two new songs on our myspace:
    Death Before Dishonor’s most accomplished album to date, Better Ways to Die, is set to be unleashed to the world next Monday – 27th July 27th (UK & Europe) & Friday 31st July (Germany). To celebrate this anticipated release, MySpace Germany has allotted DBD a feature on the music home page,, and the band has the album streaming in its entirety now on MySpace. Mass Movement said of Better Ways to Die, “…so many walls have been torn down, so many unwritten punk...
    Armored Saint is releasing a FREE demo version of a new song titled Loose Cannon. This demo (performed with a drum program) gives you all a glimpse into Armored Saint's writing process and is also a nice taste of what's to come on the band's forthcoming full-length studio release.

     The demo for Loose Cannon is available right now only at the bands MySpace page and at the Metal Blade Records website

    Sentinel Beast
    Reactivated '80s Sacramento, California thrash band SENTINEL BEAST has posted another new song, "Forbidden Territories", on the group's MySpace page. The track is expected to appear on the group's second full-length album, "Risen", tentatively due later in the year


    Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based thrashers CONNIPTION have inked a deal with Germany's Rock It Up Records. The band's debut album, "A Method To Madness", is scheduled for release this winter. The record, which was initially self-released by the band, will include two live bonus tracks, a different track listing and upgraded artwork.

    Formed in December 2007 by brothers Michael Brigham (vocals, guitar) and Andy Martin (drums), CONNIPTION's current lineup is completed by Bill House (lead guitar) and Cody Dziuk (bass).

    For more information, visit /

    Defiance The new Defiance album titled "The Prophecy" has been completed!

    The mixing and mastering of the first new music from Defiance in over 15 years was completed a few weeks ago and has been sent to Candlelight Records for pressing. Defiance is working now with Travis Smith to complete the artwork and CD booklet.

    "As above, so below", the last album by Germany`s HEADSHOT, was one of the best Thrash releases in 2008. Around the release date they had to replace the singer. Daniela Karrer (ex-Uppercut) joined the band.

    Dani now did the vocal re-recordings for some of the album`s songs. You can listen to those insane, deathy vocals, in combination with the original instrumental recordings, on the band`s myspace site. A true killer "joint venture"!


    The long-running Thrashers from Poland finally have their debut full-length ready. "Execution of Humanity" is out now.

    All songs are streamning on the band`s myspace site!

    Ratos de Porao upcoming tour dates:
    Ratos de Porao07/13/2009      Vive le Punk Festival   Callac, France
    07/15/2009      Cafe Kult       Heist-op-den-berg, Belgium
    07/16/2009      AZ      Mulheim, Germany
    07/17/2009      Back to Future Festival         Dessau, Germany
    07/18/2009      Obscene Extreme Festival        Svojsice, Cz Republic
    07/19/2009      Arena   Viena, Austria
    07/20/2009      3 Plus Club     Topolcany, Slovakia
    07/21/2009      Bazen   Kranj, Slovenija
    07/22/2009      Musikverein     Nurnberg, Germany
    07/24/2009      Puntala Rock    Lempaala, Finland
    07/24/2009      show at the boat        Suomi, Finland
    07/26/2009      Fluff Festival  Rokycani, Cz Republic
    07/28/2009      Cassiopeia      Berlin, Germany
    07/30/2009      Sala Brutal Zone        La Rioja, Euskadi
    07/31/2009      Ressurrection Festival  Viveiro, Spain
    08/01/2009      Sala Live       Madrid, Spain
    08/08/2009      Hangar 110      Sao Paulo, Brazil

    RezetGerman Thrash hopefuls REZET have signed with Iron Kodex for the worldwide release of the band‘s scorching debut album „Have gun, will travel“ in September 2009
  • Salinas, CA hardcore titans No Truce have announced that they will be breaking up after their final show together on August 14th at The Castle in Soledad, CA. It was a great pleasure to work with the band for their most recent release, the split CD with Crucified, and am very saddened to see them go.

    The band has made a lengthy statement concerning their breakup, which can be found here.

    Death Before Dishonor’s most accomplished album to date, Better Ways to Die, is available now for preorder at To celebrate the pre-order and new album release, the band has posted another track online now: “Remember”. This song is currently streaming at - check it out now!

    Virginia thrash metal legends AT WAR will release their first album in 20 years, entitled "Infidel", on August 18 via Heavy Artillery Records. The CD's stunning cover artwork comes courtesy of legendary illustrator and photographer Claudio Bergamin and can be viewed beloAt Warw.

    AT WAR entered Pyramid Sound studios in Ithaca, New York on January 4, 2009 to start recording "Infidel". Engineering the album was Alex Perialas, best known for his work during the golden age of thrash by engineering benchmark albums by such bands as ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and S.O.D., among others.

    The song "At War", taken from the upcoming CD, is now available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.


    Heathen"The Evolution Of Chaos", the long-awaited new album from reactivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers HEATHEN, has had its release date (via Holland's Mascot Records) pushed back to late 2009 from the previously announced July 20. The band, which began recording the new CD in 2008, is said to still be mixing the effort.

    "The Evolution Of Chaos" cover artwork can be viewed below. Photos from the recording sessions are available in the "Pics" section of the band's MySpace page (free registration required to view pictures).

    The band's current lineup includes Lee Altus (guitar; EXODUS), Kragen Lum (guitar; PROTOTYPE), Dave White (vocals), Jon Torres (bass; ANGELWITCH) and returning drummer Darren Minter.

    "The Evolution Of Chaos" track listing:

    01. Dying Season
    02. Control By Chaos
    03. No Stone Unturned
    04. Arrows Of Agony
    05. Fade Away
    06. A Heroe's Welcome
    07. Undone
    08. Bloodkult
    09. Red Tears Of Disgrace
    10. Silent Nothingness


    SeregonUnsigned UK Thrasher's SEREGON have been confirmed to play Portugal’s ILHA DO ERMAL Festival set to take place 28th – 30th of August 2009 at Ilha do Ermal near Porto, Portugal. This will be SEREGON’s 3rd Major Festival this year as an Unsigned Band. Formed in Bristol, UK in 2005, SEREGON have toured the UK Extensively and played many high profile gigs at home and abroad.

    AccusedTHE ACCUSED will play an impromptu, friends-and-family-style midnight live set of material at fave watering hole The Bit Saloon, located in northwest Seattle's historic Ballard neighborhood, on Sunday July 12. For this sneak-peek live set, THE ACCUSED will include brand news songs from their upcoming Southern Lord Records CD, "The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead" (scheduled for release on August 5) as well as many of their classic splatter rock favorites. Local support acts will join the band on the bill this night so early arrival is suggested. Patrons are asked to give a small donation at the door which will go directly to R.A.I.N.N. (Rape Abuse Incest National Network), an organization the band strongly supports.

    The Bit Saloon
    4818 17th Ave. NW
    Seattle, WA 98107-4723
    (206) 782-1680

    A split-label Release from Engineer Records and Pop Up Records is ready to see the light of day. It's not everyday two labels can work together to expand their power, yet in the current trivial musical climate, it makes sense. Engineer's had an efficient ethic of co-releasing albums over its lifespan and when approached about the forthcoming EXETER album, immediately accepted the partnership. Strength in numbers is the way Pop Up and Engineer will be able to combat the iTunes era.
    After working with them on the 2008 Pop Up Records release, The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute To Failure, a strong future with the band was eminent. Let it be known, the time has come to let the beast that is EXETER bring you to your knees. Combining epic space-rock with moody shoegaze, the band brings to mind nothing less than the best reference points within their own brand of moody alternative rock. Let's be clear though, this album will speak for itself, no matter who's behind it. On August 25th, 2009, the partnership will yield the "Grey Noise, White Lies" CD from Austin Texas' own EXETER.
    OVERVIEW: Exeter is four years, 30 songs and a hundred shows into its mission of leaving Earth without ever leaving the ground. A space rock/indie 4-peice from Austin, TX, delivering power and ambient texture, Exeter creates at times, a wall of sound, and at others, blissful soundscapes. By blending these elements, Exeter achieves a unique, yet vaguely familiar aural experience.
    The band teamed up with local producer and engineer Kevin Butler at his Test Tube Audio, to record their debut Intra Venus EP. Recorded in less than a month, Intra Venus was Exeter's first foray into a new sound which paid homage to several genres of music, most notably space rock and shoegaze. At first created as a tool to book more gigs, the production and strength of the six-song album led the band to opt for a full release. Near the close of 2008, Exeter ushered a track onto a tribute compilation entitled The Nurse Who Loved Me to 90's space rock pioneers, Failure, released by South Florida indie label, PopUp Records. The band returned to Test Tube Audio, producing a cover of "Smoking Umbrellas." Later that year, the band contributed a track to 2009's Exploding In Sound compilation by rabid music blogger/journalist Dan Goldin.
    . For fans of Hum, Elliott, Failure, Shiner, Sunny Day Real Estate, Year of the Rabbit, Swervedriver, Moments In Grace.
    . Produced and Engineered by Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio, Austin, TX.
    . Previously self-released "Intra Venus" EP as well as contributed a track to "The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute To Failure" CD on Pop Up Records.
    . Split-label release between Engineer Records and Pop Up Records.
    01. Bittersweet Vanity
    02. The Romantic
    03. Shadowboxing
    04. Red Dress
    05. Numb
    06. Grey Noise, White Lies
    07. Everyday Parade
    08. Window
    09. Sweet & Low
    10. Widowmaker
    11. Planet X
    Great new CD available now for review so any mags, zines, webs, radios, promoters, etc please just get in touch. Wholesale and trade stock available too.

    Also new and available now:>
    The Startover - S/T CDep (IGN127) Release Date:OUT NOW June 2009
    The Startover are a band you may not know yet. They are something new and different. They have three lead singers who can manage tight vocal harmonies whilst having a hell of a lot of fun at their seriously energetic live shows as well as in the studio. Their sing-a-long choruses and 3-part vocal harmonies stick with you like an unwanted pscyho ex. They blend some serious riffage with breakdowns and hooks more contagious than swine-flu!
    The Startover formed from the ashes of Life Sentence and 3dBs Down but merge so many different infleunces and styles to mould the individual Startover sound that they can keep even the most jaded rocker interested.
    Certainly their fan base has been growing massively and picking up over the last year - their early demos are burnt time and time again and their first batch of t-shirts sold out in the space of a week. The Startover played their first show just back in July 2008 but since then have been signed to
    Engineer Records, played The Camden Underworld with DissolvedIn & Adelaide and are playing festival slots this summer with Hundred Reasons, Ash, We Are The Ocean, Attack! Attack!, Kids In Glass Houses, Feeder and Cancer Bats.
    They are on the road constantly and should be playing live near you soon.
    These three tracks are just a taster. They have been in the recording studio working on their mini-album and it'll be out later in the year along with a music video for a single. The Startover are Scott Mallard, Daniel Mackey, Joe Cooper and Matt Oastler. You may not know these guys yet, but get ready, you will. QUICK POINTS:. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Gratitude, Hundred Reasons, Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion. . Recorded at Ranscombe Studios with Jim and Rory and Emeline Recordings with Ian Sadler of The Sketch.. Touring throughout the summer and autumn 2009. Playing the HevyFest, MingeFest, AntFest and Hoffstock as well as shows with Lights Go Blue, The Xcerts, Floors and Walls, The Sketch, Adelaide.
    Available in the USA thru Stickfigure Distribution - ; in the UK thru Shellshock Distribution -; thru CMS in Germany; Rebeat in Austria and CR Japan in Japan.
    That's it for now. Check out these great bands & releases and support the underground.
    To set up reviews, interviews, gigs, tours, etc just get in touch. To unsubscribe just drop us an email.
    Thanks and stay rock! David & Craig.
    Australia’s melodic death metal heavyweights ‘UNIVERSUM’ have announced they are to commence recording of the much anticipated follow-up to their highly successful debut album ‘LETO DESTINATUS’ in the coming months.
    Due for release in early 2010, the album tentatively titled ‘MORTUUS MACHINA’ will feature guest appearances from vocalist Christian Älvestam (ex Scar Symmetry, Miseration) as well as guest guitar solos from Nightrage axe men Marios Iliopoulos and Olof MörckJens Bogren of Sweden’s Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, Katatonia) will once again be handling both mixing and mastering duties.

    Virginia thrash metal legends AT WAR will release their first album in 20 years, entitled "Infidel", on August 18 via Heavy Artillery Records. The CD's stunning cover artwork comes courtesy of legendary illustrator and photographer Claudio Bergamin and can be viewed beloAt Warw.

    AT WAR entered Pyramid Sound studios in Ithaca, New York on January 4, 2009 to start recording "Infidel". Engineering the album was Alex Perialas, best known for his work during the golden age of thrash by engineering benchmark albums by such bands as ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and S.O.D., among others.

    The song "At War", taken from the upcoming CD, is now available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

  • ImageHeres the new Whiplash album 'Unborn Again's  cover art & tracklisting

    ...::: Tracklisting :::..

    01 Swallow The Slaughter
    02 Snuff
    03 Firewater
    04 Float Face Down
    05 Fight Or Flight
    06 Pitbulls In The Playground
    07 Parade Of Two Legs
    08 Hook In Mouth
    09 I've Got The Fire*
    10 Feeding Frenzy

    With the album cover created by the legendary master of Thrash Metal artist Ed Repka (Death, Atheist, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, etc), "Unborn Again" will be released exclusively in Digipak format.

    Former Crimson Glory vocalist Midnight (John McDonald) passed away on July 8th, morning. A memorial will be held for him on July 11th at 6:30pm on Siesta Key public beach in Sarasota, FL. The memorial will be open to the public. The band has also issued the following statement about his death:

    "Midnight was a very special soul with a beautiful heart...

    "To try to describe his many gifts through the limiting restraints of text and typeset is like trying to describe a thousand rainbows to a blind man who never learned to count. His mind was both extraordinarily beautiful and enticingly frightening, an indescribably mysterious place from which came some of the most brilliantly creative and soulfully poignant lyrics in the history of heavy metal. He was not always understood, but his talents were undeniable and transcended far beyond the bounds of our weaker imaginations.

    "As is the case with all truly great artists, Midnight was hounded by his demons...but he put them to work, using them to pull back the curtains of his cosmic wonderland and reveal the pieces and parts that made him who he was: the soft vulnerable child, the eccentric and maniacal genius, the soaring passionate believer, the charming and mischievous imp, the wistful dream weaver...discovering Midnight was like discovering a new reality for us; we knew from the moment we first heard him sing that he was something special, and we all feel honored that he shared himself not just with us, but with the rest of the world.

    "Midnight's voice was truly unique; he had such an emotional, magical, mystical quality that most singers never have or come close to achieving. That voice took all who heard it through highs and lows, through triumph and suffering; every word, every note touching, reaching deep inside and commanding response and feeling. He was a great influence for metal singers and will continue to be for many years to come.

    "Despite his personal demons we always loved him and hoped that one day he would get well. We will miss him dearly. He was one of us...our friend, our brother. Midnight was and will always be the singer for Crimson Glory. He is at peace now; he will always live in our hearts...he is forever."

    Further comments from individual band members can be found here.

    Trent Reznor on Music distribution:
    Photo of Nine Inch Nails

    Nine Inch Nails

    Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has issued the following blog post discussing how small bands can distribute their music without the help of a label:

    "I posted a message on Twitter yesterday stating I thought The Beastie Boys and TopSpin Media 'got it right' regarding how to sell music in this day and age.

    "Shortly thereafter, I got some responses from people stating the usual 'yeah, if you're an established artist - what if you're just trying to get heard?' argument. In an interview I did recently this topic came up and I'll reiterate what I said here.

    "If you are an unknown / lesser-known artist trying to get noticed / established: Establish your goals. What are you trying to do / accomplish? If you are looking for mainstream super-success (think Lady GaGa, Coldplay, U2, Justin Timberlake) - your best bet in my opinion is to look at major labels and prepare to share all revenue streams / creative control / music ownership. To reach that kind of critical mass these days your need old-school marketing muscle and that only comes from major labels. Good luck with that one.

    "If you're forging your own path, read on.

    "Forget thinking you are going to make any real money from record sales. Make your record cheaply (but great) and GIVE IT AWAY. As an artist you want as many people as possible to hear your work. Word of mouth is the only true marketing that matters.

    "To clarify: Partner with a TopSpin or similar or build your own website, but what you NEED to do is this - give your music away as high-quality DRM-free MP3s. Collect people's email info in exchange (which means having the infrastructure to do so) and start building your database of potential customers. Then, offer a variety of premium packages for sale and make them limited editions / scarce goods. Base the price and amount available on what you think you can sell. Make the packages special - make them by hand, sign them, make them unique, make them something YOU would want to have as a fan. Make a premium download available that includes high-resolution versions (for sale at a reasonable price) and include the download as something immediately available with any physical purchase. Sell T-shirts. Sell buttons, posters... whatever.

    "Don't have a TopSpin as a partner? Use Amazon for your transactions and fulfillment. Use TuneCore to get your music everywhere.

    "Have a realistic idea of what you can expect to make from these and budget your recording appropriately.
    The point is this: music IS free whether you want to believe that or not. Every piece of music you can think of is available free right now a click away. This is a fact - it sucks as the musician BUT THAT'S THE WAY IT IS (for now). So... have the public get what they want FROM YOU instead of a torrent site and garner good will in the process (plus build your database).

    "The Beastie Boys' site offers everything you could possibly want in the formats you would want it in - available right from them, right now. The prices they are charging are more than you should be charging - they are established and you are not. Think this through.

    "The database you are amassing should not be abused, but used to inform people that are interested in what you do when you have something going on - like a few shows, or a tour, or a new record, or a webcast, etc. Have your MySpace page, but get a site outside MySpace - it's dying and reads as cheap / generic. Remove all Flash from your website. Remove all stupid intros and load-times. MAKE IT SIMPLE TO NAVIGATE AND EASY TO FIND AND HEAR MUSIC (but don't autoplay). Constantly update your site with content - pictures, blogs, whatever. Give people a reason to return to your site all the time. Put up a bulletin board and start a community. Engage your fans (with caution!) Make cheap videos. Film yourself talking. Play shows. Make interesting things. Get a Twitter account. Be interesting. Be real. Submit your music to blogs that may be interested. NEVER CHASE TRENDS. Utilize the multitude of tools available to you for very little cost of any - Flicker / YouTube / Vimeo / SoundCloud / Twitter, etc.

    "If you don't know anything about new media or how people communicate these days, none of this will work. The role of an independent musician these days requires a mastery of first hand use of these tools. If you don't get it - find someone who does to do this for you. If you are waiting around for the phone to ring or that A & R guy to show up at your gig - good luck, you're going to be waiting a while.

    "Hope this helps, and I'll scour responses for intelligent comments I can respond to."


    In a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he has parted ways with long-time guitarist Zakk Wylde.

    “Well, I’m getting a new guitar player as we speak,” said Ozzy, “and everyone has been saying to me for a long time, ‘Get Johnny 5!’ And I tried him at one time and I didn’t really give him a chance. We’ll see, I don’t know. I haven’t fallen out with Zakk, but Zakk’s got his own band, and I felt like my stuff was beginning to sound like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. I just felt like I wanted a change, y’know?

    “I’ve got a guy from Greece coming in – not the musical, the country of Greece – but I’m not going to say too much about it, cos I don’t know myself at this point. I’ve got a new album, I’m working on it as we speak. I’ve got a studio at my house and I’ve got a guy called Kevin Churko, the guy that did the last album – he’s great to work with.

    "And it’s great to have your own studio. On one hand it’s great and on the other it’s not, cos when you’re at the studio you can go, ‘Sorry darling, I can’t get home for dinner, I’m stuck at the studio…’ But she can fucking come down stairs now! But I’m just enjoying my life now…"


    Former Thin Lizzy guitarist/vocalist John Sykes has issued a statement regarding his recent departure from the band. It reads as follows:

    "First, I would like to thank the fans for all the support over the years and say it has been truly a privilege and an honor to sing and play Philip's (Lynott) great songs in Thin Lizzy. After dedicating many years to the band, I feel it's time to get back to playing my own music, and I very much look forward to touring in the near future. As always, love and respect to Phil. See you all soon."

    Minor Authority's 'Punk Side Up' is available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes, as well as the band's official websites. For more information:


    Deep Purple were issued a fine in Russia last week for "illegally" playing their own songs at their show in Rostov-On-Don last October. This is because the band had failed to get a license from the NGO, which looks after the rights of foreign performers in Russia.

    Jason Decay, frontman of Canadian traditional metal band Cauldron, has been evicted from his apartment due to a dispute over Metallica's music. As Jason explained, his neighbor was playing Metallica's "S&M" at 2 a.m. He continues," When I had enough and went down to confront him about it with a copy of "Kill 'Em All" explaining that if he's got to crank Metallica at 2 a.m., they have more than that symphony shit." The neighbor was insulted and argued with Jason before slamming the door in his face. Jason retrieved a hockey stick from his apartment and "smash[ed]" the neighbor's door. The landlord gave Jason a notice of eviction.

    Jason Decay had to reside in the band's rehearsal space for a short time before moving in with a friend. He enjoys living there because it has "...way cheaper rent."

    Varg Vikernes looking for the right label to release new Burzum album.

    Gorgoroth has issued the following announcement about finishing the recording for their upcoming album:

    "The ninth Gorgoroth album, 'Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt', has now been completed. The album was recorded in Tomas Asklund's Monolith Studio, and features Infernus on guitars, Frank Watkins on bass, Pest on vocals and Tomas Asklund on drums. Since Infernus wrote all the music for the album and extensive rehearsals and a pre-recording had also been made before second guitarist Tormentor re-joined the band last year, it was decided that it would be more convenient for Infernus to record all the guitars on the album. The album is produced by Infernus and co-produced/engineered by Tomas Asklund. It will be mastered at Cutting Room Studios in Stockholm in July. It will be released in Europe by Regain Records on October 21st and in the US on November 11th."

    The tentative track listing for "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt" will be as follows:

    1. Introibo ad Alatare Satanas
    2. Aneuthanasia
    3. Building a Man
    4. Prayer
    5. Rebirth
    6. Cleansing Fire
    7. New Breed
    8. Human Sacrifice
    9. Satan-Prometheus

Mortemia sign with Napalm Records
Gothic Metal icon Morten Veland (Tristania, Sirenia) has inked a deal with Napalm Records for his new band Mortemia. Morten promises his fans a sweeping listening experience, which will follow the path of Tristania’s masterpiece “Beyond the Veil”. The first songs stay true to his promise and offer beautiful melodies and bombastic choir passages, thus creating the perfect blend of traditional Gothic Metal and modern elements.

"I am happy to have signed to Napalm Records for my new project Mortemia. I am looking forward to the cooperation with the label and to bring out more music to all the metal fans out there."

SPiT LiKE THiS sign with GMR Music Group
(Surrey, UK) Rock group SPiT LiKE THiS have signed a Worldwide record deal with the Swedish label GMR Music Group.

This is the second record deal SPiT LiKE THiS have signed in the last 12 months and follows their move from Transcend Records in April.

GMR were one of the first labels to offer a deal to SPiT LiKE THiS but events transpired against that happening at the time. Singer, Zion, takes up the story:

"I always knew from Day One that GMR would somehow play a big part in the SPiT LiKE THiS story. I got on really well with Lena, the head of GMR, and stayed in touch with her even when we ended up elsewhere. We are so excited now - we are on a great label in Sweden, a country that adores rock music and have a German manager, another territory that is vital for rock! It is now time for us to conquer Europe."

Head of GMR, Lena Graaf, adds:

"I've been following SPiT LiKE THiS and wanted to sign them for a long while. They embody everything that's good in rock n'roll. Great music, great image and a great attitude. It's fantastic that we get the chance to work together now. Onwards toward world domination!"

GMR is home to Swedish sensations Crucified Barbara. SPiT LiKE THiS first became aware of the label when they played the first Hard Rock Hell festival along with Crucified Barbara - it was shortly after that the two parties made contact.

SPiT LiKE THiS will release their debut album - now to include the Bonus Track "Sweet Transvestite" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show plus the awesome video to "Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal" - throughout Europe later this year.

Album Details
"We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)" Ultimate Edition
14 track CD (includes 1 Bonus Track)
Bonus Video
Full Colour Digipack
Poster Insert
Catalogue Number GMRCD9019

Releases in other territories will be announced soon.

Ensiferum announce album title
Finnish folk metallers ENSIFERUM have set From Afar as the title of their fourth album, slated for a US release on September 8, 2009 (September 9th for the rest of the world) via Spinefarm Records. The CD was produced by Tero Kinnunen (Nightwish, Amorphis) and Janne Joutsenniemi, who produced the band's previous offering, Victory Songs and mixed by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, Amorphis). The band will embark on a European headlining tour in support of From Afar in October with a return to the states to follow shortly thereafter.

From Afar Track Listing:
01. "By The Dividing Stream"
02. "From Afar"
03. “Twilight Tavern"
04. "Heathen Throne"
05. "Elusive Reaches"
06. "Stone Cold Metal"
07. "Smoking Ruins"
08. "Tumman Virran Taa"
09. "The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)"
10. "Vandraren" *(limited-edition bonus track; Nordman cover)

After entering the studio for the first time in the latter part of the '90s, ENSIFERUM — Latin for "Sword Bearer" — has consistently sharpened its sound, dispensing epic music heavy in both atmosphere and attack. With their most recent opus Victory Songs, which will be reissued by Spinefarm Records with US exclusive bonus material on October 13, 2009, ENSIFERUM took "Folk/Viking melodic metal" to a new level of grandeur. Metal Maniacs called Victory Songs, "the kind of metal for which the beer Steiner was invented. Catchy in spite of its heaviness, it's yet another quality offering in a genre that everyone would love if only they'd embrace the Pagan within." Earning a 4/5 rating, called the record “a distinctive and very appealing sound,” with Decibel adding "... it's pretty amazing to hear a twee little jig of an intro segue into a blast beat." ENSIFERUM had its first two albums — 2001’s Ensiferum and 2004’s Iron — officially released for the very first time in the US last spring via Spinefarm Records. Both albums contain exclusive bonus material.

The band is currently on the road on the 2009 North American edition of the Summer Slaughter Tour with Necrophagist, Suffocation and Darkest Hour, among others.

Summer Slaughter Tour 2009
7/06/2009 The Whisky - Calgary, AB
7/07/2009 The Knitting Factory - Spokane, WA
7/09/2009 First Ave - Minneapolis, MN
7/10/2009 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
7/11/2009 Dirtfest - Birch Run, MI
7/12/2009 Phantasy Concert Club - Cleveland, OH
7/13/2009 House of Blues - Chicago, IL
7/14/2009 Bogart’s - Cincinnati, OH
7/15/2009 Sound Academy - Toronto, ON
7/16/2009 Medley - Montreal, QC
7/17/2009 Northern Lights - Albany, NY
7/18/2009 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
7/19/2009 Irving Plaza - New York, NY
7/20/2009 Irving Plaza - New York, NY

Metal band pays tribute to Michael Jackson
Cypriot melodic heavy/power metal band Prodigal Earth had a small surprise for the metal crowd attending the 4th installment of the Power of the Night Metal Festival which took place in Nicosia, Cyprus last Saturday, July 4th. During their set, the band paid a special tribute to the late Michael Jackson by performing “Beat it”, commenting that “he may have had nothing to do with metal but he certainly did a lot for music.” An amateur video of their performance can be seen right below:

Cannibal Corpse graphic novel available
Death-metal icons CANNIBAL CORPSE are issuing a limited-edition 96 page comic book exclusively at the Hot Topic booth on this summer's Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour. Drawn entirely by Vince Locke, who illustrated the acclaimed graphic novel ‘A History of Violence' and each of the band's album covers, the Evisceration Plague comic graphically depicts a story for every song on the band's album of the same name—arranged in order, no less. As an added bonus, each copy comes with a copy of the album.

“Vince Locke has done an incredible job turning our lyrics into blood-soaked and vicious illustrations for the Evisceration Plague comic book. He really has captured visually what we were trying convey lyrically. His artwork has brought our macabre songs to life in truly explicit of graphic horror will not be disappointed,” comments bassist and founding member Alex Webster.

Evergreen Terrace present new single
Jacksonville, Florida's Evergreen Terrace have posted the first single from their upcoming full length, Almost Home. Enemy Sex is now available for fans to stream on the band's myspace page.

Speaking on the significance of the new album's title, James says, “We are a touring band, and it feels like we are forever saying we're ‘almost home.' Touring is something that nothing compares to, but there's a feeling of almost being home that resonates with all of us. In a way the band has come full circle back to its original home. We started this band for fun, and it lead us to success. Writing this album has brought us back to the beginning. It has been fun, crazy, frustrating, insomniatic and even with the inevitable pressure, pretty carefree.”

Almost Home is the band's 6th studio album and will be available everywhere on September 29th.

Evergreen Terrace's drummer, Kyle Mims, was recently injured in a bike accident and suffered a broken collar bone.

“On July 2nd, Kyle went back to the doctors and they told him that if he wants to continue to play drums he will have to have surgery. The surgery will cost him $10,000. They require $5,000 up front and the other $5,000 once the surgery is complete. His emergency room bills, tests, ambulance ride, etc. is estimated to be an additional $10,000. He was very close to receiving health insurance thru his work, but unfortunately this happened before it did.

Kyle's mom and stepdad (Stacy and Mark Earle) have set up a donation site if you are interested. If not, then please keep him in your thoughts.” - Evergreen Terrace

Drummer Caleb James will be filling in on drums for the upcoming “Summer Slob Tour” with The Acacia Strain, Cruel Hand and Unholy.

Tour w/ Thick As Blood, Unholy, The Word Alive, The Color Of Violence
07/10 Tallahassee, FL Big Daddy's
07/11 Valdosta, GA Vito's Rock N Roll Pizza
Tour w/ Thick As Blood, Unholy, The Word Alive
07/12 Douglasville, GA The 7 Venue
07/13 Wilmington, NC Lucky's Pub
07/14 Whitesburg, KY Whitesburg Shriners Building w/ Dethroned
07/15 Pittsburgh, PA The Irish Center Of Pittsburgh
07/16 Baltimore, MD Fletchers
Tour w/ The Acacia Strain, Cruel Hand, Unholy
07/17 Doylestown, PA Doylestown Moose Lodge w/ A Life Once Lost
07/18 Wilmington, DE Harmony Grange Hall
07/19 West Springfield, VA Jaxx
07/21 Mt. Clemens, MI Hayloft
07/22 Evansville, IN Boney Junes
07/23 Iowa City, IA The Picador
07/24 Orlando Park, IL Mojoe's Coffee House
07/25 Fort Wayne, IN Sunset Hall
07/26 Toledo, OH Headliners
07/27 Erie, PA Forward Hall
07/28 Clifton Park, NY Northern Lights
07/29 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
07/30 Manchester, NH Rocko's
07/31 Bucksport, ME The Kave
08/01 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre

Cauldron frontman speaks about eviction
Jason Decay, frontman of the Canadian traditional metal trio, CAULDRON recently underwent as surreal an experience as one can have at home. Like most touring musicians, Jason has his share of strange road stories, but he surely didn't expect one of the weirdest ones of all to happen in his very own apartment:

"A few weeks ago before the end of June, I was told by my landlord company that I have to be out of my place by the end of the month, apparently due to too many noise complaints. Funny thing is, the guy making the complaints makes more noise than me, only difference is is that I tend not to complain. Anyway, he was doing his regular 2am monday morning METALLICA S&M ritual when I had enough and went down to confront him about it with a copy of KILL EM ALL explaining that if he's got to crank METALLICA at 2am, they have more than that symphony shit. Well, he took my presentation of KILL EM ALL as an insult and it resulted in a heated argument that ended with him running back into his place and slamming the door. I then smashed his door with a hockey stick. I just received a written notice from the landlord saying I have to be out by the end of the month. Fine with me!"

With no place else to go at the time, Jason looked towards CAULDRON's jam space to keep him sheltered while his living situation got sorted out. "I had to stay in the band space temporarily;" says the talented frontman. "It's pretty warm there this time of year so I didn't really have to worry about heat, but I still wish it had a shower. Besides, the place is usually well heated anyway. Lots of losers have lived there before me." Living in a small rehearsal space can get pretty bothersome, but Jason did his best to keep himself occupied in the interim by recounting some of the best times he's had in that room. "I've banged chicks and passed out many times on that floor! It's got a new carpet, too. It got kind of greasy after a while - you know, with all the different activities going on in there - but it wasn't in there for too long. It did its job."

Finally, just in time to celebrate Canada Day, Jason moved out of the band's rehearsal space and into a friend's house. A very pleased Jason Decay boasts "It's got way cheaper rent." With a new address, lower rent and a new "lease" on life, Jason looks forward to hitting the ground running with a big European tour coming this fall.

Canadian heavy metal heroes CAULDRON are set to support Swedish heavy metal
act WOLF on a UK tour later this year.

Catch CAULDRON and WOLF at the following shows:

09 Oct 09 - London, UK - The Underworld
10 Oct 09 - Leeds, UK - Rio's
11 Oct 09 - Glasgow, UK - Ivory Blacks
13 Oct 09 - Newcastle, UK - Trillians
14 Oct 09 - Manchester, UK - Moho
15 Oct 09 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
16 Oct 09 - Dudley, UK - JB's

Armed For Apocalypse sign with Ironclad
Ironclad Recordings, founded by Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps, is pleased to announce the signing of Chico California's ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE; a band featuring the talents of former members of Will Haven, The Abominable Iron Sloth, and Ghostride. Ironclad Recordings is set to release ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE's debut full-length studio album Defeat in the US and Canada on September 15th, 2009 with SOAR releasing this behemoth of an album in Europe. Defeat was recorded during two different sessions in late 2008 at the Pus Cavern in Sacramento, CA and Heirloom Studios in Chico, CA, with Matt Pedri engineering. Mixing and mastering for Defeat was handled by Eric Stenman (Saves The Day, Will Haven, Senses Fail, Far, Forever The Sickest Kids, Dashboard Confessional, Thrice) with cover art being tackled by renowned artist Matt Loomis, who has done cover art for Abominable Iron Sloth and the Makai in addition to merch designs for Mastodon and The Red Chord.

Trevor Phipps of Ironclad Recordings comments; "these guys are just ridiculously heavy with one of the darkest and meanest sounds in metal today. Get ready to be crushed."

"We couldn't be more excited as a band to sign with Ironclad Recording. They have been loyal and honest with us from the very beginning, which is all too rare in this business. They are the only label that told us to keep getting heavier! What more can you ask for as a metal band?!" comments ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE

Derek Kerswill, drummer of Unearth, who recently played dates with ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE after his band finished their US tour with Testament, had this to say about the band; "ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE gave me this dirty, unsettling feeling…that was so emotionally dark that my insides were crawling out of me. I guess they stirred some genuine emotion in me because I FELT IT."

The musical talents of ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE, featuring former members of Will Haven, The Abominable Iron Sloth, and Ghostride, can best be described as a racket akin to the gates of hell opening; mixing the sludgy, down-tuned heavy riffs of Crowbar and Eyehategod with the white noise assault of Cursed, and the death metal groove of Entombed. Guitarist/vocalist Cayle Hunter explains; “we don't want to be faster or tougher than anybody else. We just want to make heavy music that is UNDENIABLE when you hear it."

ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE's, or A4A, monstrous new album Defeat will be released September 15th, 2009 followed by a full touring schedule so be sure to keep up with the band on MySpace and Twitter for dates and other announcements.

To get a taste of what A4A's album Defeat will sound like, check out the new song 'We Fell from the Bottom,' which is currently up on the band's MySpace page HERE

Current tour dates:
07/01 Seattle, WA The Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater w/ Heiress
07/02 Portland, OR Tony V's Garage
07/03 Eugene, OR Epic Space w/ Necryptic Jean Grey
07/25 Chico, CA The Senator 10 for $10 Tour w/ Poison the Well, Terror, Bane, and more
08/07 Chico, CA La Salles
08/22 Eugene, OR Epic Space w/ The Funeral Pyre

And so ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE could stay in constant communication with their fans, the band started up a Twitter account so make sure to follow the guys at

Kirk Williams - vocals/guitar
Cayle Hunter - guitar/vocals
Corey Vaspra - bass/vocals
Nick Harris - drums

God Dethroned banned in Romania
On July 2 local Romanian authorities decided to ban God Dethroned's show scheduled for July 5 in Oradea. Dan Octavian, spokesman for the local counsil, along with his fellow colegues named the band as a satanist promoter, thus deciding the show can not take place in their community.

This is a premiere for Romania as well as for God Dethroned. In 20 years never has such an event take place. The event was a private one, taking place in the Blue Monday Club in downtown Oradea.

God Dethroned is one of the top european death metal acts, and their last album entitled Passiontale speaks about the First World War in the Balcans and all of it's atrocities. It's the first time the band decided to play in the Balkans, meaning Croatia, Serbia, Bonsia & Hertegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary and Romania. All shows are going as scheduled.

Holy Moses to make Japan debut
The new Holy Moses Album „Agony of Death” is released now in Japan. They will also come to Japan for the very first time in Holy Moses history. Check out the tour dates:

31. October 2009 – Japan - Osaka - Brand New - Holy Moses, Manipulated Slaves, Riverge
01. November 2009 – Japan - Nagoya - Holyday, Holy Moses, Manipulated Slaves
03. November 2009- Japan – Shinjuku - Live Space MARZ - Holy Moses, Jurassic Jade, Abigeil, G.A.T.E.S, Manipulated Slaves
04. November 2009 – Japan – Tokyo - Shinjuku Live Space MARZ - Holy Moses, Youthquake, King's Evil

Ace Frehley to release new album
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley's new solo album, Anomaly is due out on September 15th. The album was produced and recorded in Westchester County, NY during Ace's downtime between 2007 and 2007 and 2009. Ace brough in Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Def Leppard) to help mix the album and put it all together.

Anomaly official tracklisting
1. Foxy & Free
2. Outer Space
3. Pain In The Neck
4. Fox On The Run
5. Genghis Khan
6. Too Many Faces
7. Change The World
8. Space Bear
9. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It's A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum
13. The Return of Space Bear (Dedicated to Tom Snyder) (iTunes exclusive)

Check out this funny video clip Ace put together to announce the album's arrival:

Andrew Liles joins Maniac's Sehnsucht
ANDREW LILES (NURSE WITH WOUND, THE VORTEX VAULT, CURRENT 93) one of the world’s most respected experimental musicians has joined forces with MANIAC (SKITLIV, BOMBEROS, ex-MAYHEM), one of the icons of Black Metal, to work together on SEHNSUCHT, the ambient/noise project set up by the vocalist following his departure from MAYHEM. Originally a three-piece, comprising MANIAC’s fiancée, GALLHAMMER’s VIVIAN SLAUGHTER, on bass and saxophone, and SKITLIV guitarist Ingvar Magnusson, LILES will be handling FX and electronics, and working together with MANIAC on the sound design.

The decision to work together came last week when MANIAC, on a month-long working holiday in the UK, went to LILES’ West Yorkshire home to master the forthcoming SKITLIV album “Skandinavisk Misantropi”, and to discuss the eventual mastering of the SEHNSUCHT album. “We were listening to the very rough SEHNSUCHT tracks and ANDREW started making suggestions, and rapidly became very involved in the whole thing. By the end of a couple of hours, I was completely blown away by what he was doing, and by the end of my stay we had laid down additional vocals and a lot more electronics, and we were both convinced that we wanted to expand this project together, and eventually take it live,” explained MANIAC. “I have long-admired ANDREW’S work and even though on the face of it, we appear to come from disparate musical disciplines, we both share the same eclectic musical tastes, and pretty much the same absurd sense of humour, so it’s not only a privilege, but also a pleasure to work with him and take SEHNSUCHT much further than I’d originally envisaged. Once VIVIAN sends more bass tracks later this week, the whole project will become much more cohesive, and all four of us are very excited about the direction SEHNSUCHT is taking”.

Unlike SEHNSUCHT, MANIAC’S SKTILIV, whose line up includes SHINING’S NIKLAS KVARFORTH on guitars and backing vocals, SEHNSUCHT’S INGVAR on guitars, and HAUST’S DAG OTTO on drums, is a band that plays Blackened-Doom. Recently signed with SEASON OF MIST, SKITLIV’S first full-length album “Skandinavisk Misantropi” is due for release this year, and includes guest vocals from DAVID TIBET (CURRENT 93), GAAHL (GOD SEED, WARDRUNA) and ATILLA (SUNN 0))), MAYHEM).

SEHNSUCHT is signed to the UK’s COLD SPRING label for the release of the first album, later in the year. More information about SEHNSUCHT, including some unfinished preview tracks can be found on the band’s MySpace page.

We Are The End sign with Metal Blade Records
Los Angeles, California's We Are The End has inked a deal with Metal Blade Records! A relatively new addition to the SoCal scene, the band came together in June of 2008 with the timely meeting of Brandyn Love and Shaun-Matthew Paramore, and the eventual addition of vocalist, Spencer Aragon, guitarist Mychal Wright, and drummer David Crough. The band has been locked away in their practice space since April writing their debut full length, which will see an early 2010 release.

We Are The End comments: "We are proud to join and contribute to the industry standard for extreme music that is Metal Blade Records. Their reputation for developing and caring for their artists has preceded them. After some time of searching we have finally found our home."

"We Are The End are the ultimate extreme in Metal! Young, aggressive and uncompromising. Over 1.3 MILLION people have already experienced their audio assault on myspace. Metal Blade Records is pleased to have this band on our label and expect to see their new album in early 2010." Metal Blade

We Are The End is:
Spencer Aragon - vocals
Brandyn Love - guitars
Mychal Wright - guitars
Shaun-Matthew Paramore - bass
David Joseph Crough - drums

The band will be recording their debut at Eck Studios, with producer Christopher Eck. The band is currently booking tours for later this year. Updates coming soon!

Drakonus sign with Painkiller Records
PAINKILLER RECORDS (a sublabel of Apollon Entertainment UN Limited) has inked a deal with US metallers DRAKONUS for the release of the band’s new, self-titled, album, which is expected to hit the streets later this year.

Originally founded by former H.P.D. guitarist JONATHAN SMITH in 2008 as a studio project, DRAKONUS quickly grew into an active band, teeming with experienced musician. The lineup includes vocalist SCOTT WEBB (formerly of SPIRITUAL WINTER and PLAGUE), JAMES MURRAY on guitars and drummer KRIS ARDOLINO (both ex DIRT), and WILLIAM GERNAND (ex DARK QUIET) on bass.

The Houston, Texas-based quintet, who are currently putting the finishing touches on the material for the new album, have all known each other for some time. As SMITH puts it “Having known the guys personally from around the scene and through other projects throughout the years, putting together this band was easy, and signing with APOLLON has meant that five old friends can bring our love of metal to the world”.

Video of In This Moment's Blondie cover
California’s hottest modern rock act IN THIS MOMENT are proud to present you their brand-new video for the radio and club hit “Call Me” (originally by Blondie) which can be seen right below. The super sexy video perfectly combines the feel-good 80’s vibe of the track with the band’s unique sense for catchy modern rock.

In 2009, the rock sensation surrounding frontlady Maria Brink already played an extremely successful European tour with Papa Roach and Filter as well as the Give It A Name festival event and Download Festival in the UK. Now, the prestigious Vans Warped US tour is the next step in IN THIS MOMENT’s already stellar career.

The “The Dream – Special Edition” including the three bonus tracks “Sailing Away”, “Dying Star” and “Call Me” is available in stores now. “Call Me” is also available as a separate digital download single on all legal download platforms, get the summer hit 2009!


Arch Enemy to release new album in September
The big news in the ARCH ENEMY camp is that Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, etc.) has completed the mixing and mastering of the new ARCH ENEMY record, “The Root Of All Evil”. This special release features a selection of completely re-recorded songs from the first three ARCH ENEMY albums, “Black Earth”, “Stigmata” and “Burning Bridges”, and will be released via Century Media Records on September 28th in Europe and October 6th in North America.

Guitarist Michael Amott comments: “This one took some time to get done, despite the fact that the actual songs were already written a good few years ago! The album was recorded at a few different locations locally here in Sweden - produced by ARCH ENEMY, with Daniel Erlandsson (Drums) handling a lot of the engineering. It was then sent to Andy Sneap in England for the mixing/mastering and I simply can’t stop listening to this since I got the final mixes!”

In the light of ARCH ENEMY finding their defining line-up and a bigger worldwide recognition with 2002’s “Wages Of Sin” album, it has been a logical decision to look into updating and upgrading the earlier compositions, to be able to present them in the splendour of a 2009 shape.

Regarding further details of the process, Michael Amott adds:
“We basically headed down to our rehearsal studio, got reacquainted with the tunes, picked out our favorites and proceeded to give a breath of new life to those early songs, with the idea to have the possibility to re-add them to the live set and follow up with some touring activity! I’m loving hearing these songs with a fresh new sound and performance, everyone in the band did a killer job on it - especially Angela’s vocal performance is astoundingly intense and brutal and it was also cool to hear Sharlee lay down some great bass tracks on the early songs! The production and mix is crushing and heavy as hell - it really makes these old songs shine – it sounds like a brand new thing!”.

More details on “The Root Of All Evil” will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, make sure to catch the band during their intense festival schedule in Europe this Summer and further worldwide activity which sees the band play previously re-scheduled dates in Mexico, appear at Japan’s massive Loud Park festival, visit countries like China, Philippines or Korea and then also do a headline run in Australia with support by Suffocation and label-mates Winds Of Plague. Here are all upcoming confirmed dates:

ARCH ENEMY – “Summer Tyranny 2009”:
29-June-2009 @ Rockwave Festival (Greece)
09-July-2009 @ Norway Rock Festival (Norway)
10-July-2009 @ Rockweekend Kilafors (Sweden)
11-July-2009 @ Rock Harz Open Air (Germany)
12-July-2009 @ Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic)
17-July-2009 @ Uni Rock Festival, Istanbul (Turkey)
18-July-2009 @ ProRock Festival - Kiev (Ukraine)
24-July-2009 @ Zwarte Cross Festival (The Netherlands)
25-July-2009 @ Lorca Rock Festival (Spain)
14-August-2009 @ Bloodstock Open Air (England)

20-August-2009 Mexico City, Mexico @ Circo Volador
22-August-2009 Monterrey, Mexico @ Café Iguana

17-October-2009 @ Loud Park 09, Tokyo (Japan)
18-October-2009 @ Liberty Square - Taipei (Taiwan)
20-October-2009 @ World Trade Center - Manila (Philippines)
21-October-2009 @ Hitec Auditorium - Kowloon (Hong Kong)
23-October-2009 @ The Star Live House - Beijing (China)
25-October-2009 @ Venue TBA - Seoul (Republic Of Korea)
28-October-2009 @ Senayan Tennis Indoor Stadium - Jakarta (Indonesia)

01-November-2009 @ Capitol, Perth*
03-November-2009 @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide*
05-November-2009 @ The Forum, Melbourne**
06-November-2009 @ The Roundhouse, Sydney**
07-November-2009 @ The Hifi, Brisbane**
* with Suffocation / ** with Suffocation & Winds Of Plague

New Clutch album postponed
The new album from veteran rockers Clutch, "Strange Cousins From The West", has moved its street date. Due to circumstances outside of the control of the band, the album will no longer be released on July 7th. The street date of the album has been moved back one week to July 14th.

Ex Deo announce touring bassist
EX DEO's Maurizio Iacono has issued the following update regarding the upcoming PaganFest Europe tour:

"EX DEO have enlisted bassist Dano Apekian from Montreal, Quebec's melodic death metal outfit ASHES OF EDEN. We knew that Francois Mongrain (MARTYR) couldn't make it on some tours with EX DEO even before we asked him to perform on the album...we needed a person that could be there when called upon for touring. Dano has good stage experience and will serve Rome's conquest proudly!

I would also like to also dismiss any claim that EX DEO is part of any Christian based band or beliefs. These are false allegations of people who have obviously not educated themselves with history. Rome was part of Polytheism beliefs, in other words, it was pagan, the belief in multiple gods, not Christianity until Emperor Constantine declared the Christian religion legal in Rome. That was the biggest mistake they ever made, it was the start of the fall of Rome and its ideals of free thinking, and for those who dismiss these things as something of the 'past,' well let me tell you that you live in the results of those past events and your way of thinking is based on it, and all the freedoms you take for granted. HAIL ROME!"

Municipal Waste streaming new track
Earache recording artists MUNICIPAL WASTE have posted a brand new track, titled "Wrong Answer", on the band's MySpace page.

The track comes off MUNICIPAL WASTE's upcoming new album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, which is set to be the most ferocious and most focused album of the band's career. The album once again features artwork by ANDREI BOUZIKOV, who created the cover for the band's 2007 album, THE ART OF PARTYING.

MUNICIPAL WASTE frontman TONY FORESTA and guitarist RYAN WASTE are set to host an exclusive listening party at the Crobar in London, UK on Tuesday, 30th June at 7:00pm, where the new album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, will be played back for the first time.

The party is open to all and is completely free, so get down to the Crobar early to make sure you get in!

MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE is due to be released by Earache Records on August 24th in Europe and August 25th in the USA. The album will be released in a variety of formats, including a special edition fan box with the album on CD, a MUNICIPAL WASTE logo sweatband, a MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE patch and three pin badges. The album will also be available on limited edition vinyl in black, white, clear, red, green (only 100 of each colour made) and ultra-limited edition purple (sold out).

MUNICIPAL WASTE will be spreading the aggression through Europe this Summer at the following shows:

16 Jul 2009 - Svojsice, Czech Republic - Obscene Festival
17 Jul 2009 - Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
18 Jul 2009 - Lottum, Netherlands - Weistock Festival
19 Jul 2009 - Frankfurt, Germany - Nachtleben
20 Jul 2009 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
21 Jul 2009 - Kranj, Slovenia - Izbruhov Kulturni Bazen
23 Jul 2009 - Pinarella Di Cervia, Italy - Rockplanet Club
24 Jul 2009 - Genzano di Roma, Italy - Palarockness Club
25 Jul 2009 - Lorca, Spain - Lorca Fest
26 Jul 2009 - Barcelona, Spain - Apollo
12 Aug 2009 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
14 Aug 2009 - Derby, UK - Bloodstock Festival
28 Aug 2009 - Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival
29 Aug 2009 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival
30 Aug 2009 - Eindhoven, Netherlands - Dynamo Outdoor Festival
31 Aug 2009 - Bielefeld, Germany - AJZ
02 Sep 2009 - Athens, Greece - An Club
03 Sep 2009 - Cologne, Germany - Werkstatt
04 Sep 2009 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
05 Sep 2009 - Bischofswerda, Germany - East Club
06 Sep 2009 - Brno, Czech Republic - Faval
08 Sep 2009 - Vienna, Austria - Chelsea
09 Sep 2009 - Budapest, Hungary - Durer Kert
10 Sep 2009 - Belgrade, Serbia - Living Room
11 Sep 2009 - Zupanja, Croatia - MKC
12 Sep 2009 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
14 Sep 2009 - Zurich, Switzerland - Dynamo
19 Sep 2009 - Lisbon, Portugal - Incrivel Almadense

Epica to headline Metal Female Voices
Dutch metallers Epica have been selected as the last headliner act for the Metal Female Voices festival in Belgium. They will present a special DVD show with decors, pyros and special guests.

In other news, the Norwegian gothic metal act Sirenia unfortunately had to cancel their appearance. Their replacement will be Krypteria from Germany.

ERADICATOR - The atomic Blast (Yonah Records / 2009)
Eradicator is a very young Thrash outfit from near my hometown. They caught my attention by their 2007 demo "Back to the Roots", on which they played some fine Retro-Thrash with cool hooklines and unique, melodic riffs.
Armed for ApocalypseIronclad Recordings Signs ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE: Set To Release Debut Album ‘Defeat' in the US & Canada!
  Los Angeles, CA – July 1, 2009 – Ironclad Recordings, founded by Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps, is pleased to announce the signing of Chico California's ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE; a band featuring the talents of former members of Will Haven, The Abominable Iron Sloth, and Ghostride. Ironclad Recordings is set to release ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE's debut full-length studio album Defeat in the US and Canada on September 15th, 2009 with SOAR releasing this behemoth of an album in Europe. Defeat was recorded during two different sessions in late 2008 at the Pus Cavern in Sacramento, CA and Heirloom Studios in Chico, CA, with Matt Pedri engineering. Mixing and mastering for Defeat was handled by Eric Stenman (Saves The Day, Will Haven, Senses Fail, Far, Forever The Sickest Kids, Dashboard Confessional, Thrice) with cover art being tackled by renowned artist Matt Loomis, who has done cover art for Abominable Iron Sloth and the Makai in addition to merch designs for Mastodon and The Red Chord.
Mercyful Fate  As many of you already know, Mercyful Fate's Evil is featured as a playable track on Guitar Hero: Metallica. Mercyful Fate re-recorded these two tracks specifically for the game because the original masters no longer exist. Now, the band is making both available to fans to purchase on iTunes! These versions were recorded at Earplug Studio in Copenhagen and Nomad Recording Studio in Dallas, Texas. They were both mastered by Andy LaRocque at his Sonic Train Studio in Sweden.
Y.O.C. has sent us this update: Y.O.C. is now recording FLOTSAM&JETSAM cover Monster. The vocals are already recorded, it's time to record the additional guitars. The band wants you to go here for more info.
Head on Collision
has posted a message on the bands MySpace site about their need for help concerning bookings on a planned wets coast tour.

Think you can help us with one of these dates? GET IN TOUCH! We'll be glad to swap shows and network with any good bands!

9.01.09 Kansas City, MO@The Riot Room w/tba
9.02.09 BOOK US!!!- Kansas
9.03.09 BOOK US! Nebraska/Kansas/Colorado
9.04.09 BOOK US! Kansas/Colorado
9.05.09 Denver, CO@Club Inferno w/TBA
9.06.09 BOOK US! Utah/Idaho

See full list at:

Reports are coming in that John Paul Jones, best known as the bass player for the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, has formed a new band with Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Probot) and Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Eagles Of Death Metal.)
Punk is not dead! It's alive and kicking with the release of Minor Authority's debut CD 'Punk Side Up'. A blistering effort by punk's newest ambassadors, Minor Authority is out to insure the survival of the punk scene. "We're not like other typical 'punk' bands today," explains lead guitarist and vocalist Nate "B.W." Harris. "Our message is mainly based around the punk rock lifestyle. It's not about fashion or how cool your new green mohawk and lip ring is. It's about staying true to yourself and never backing down to anything no matter how hard they smack you down.
Of Salt and Swine has posted a new track titled "Collateral Damage" from their forthcoming debut album "Lights Out." The track is available at

"Lights Out" will be released in late fall. For fans of The Acacia Strain, A Life Once Lost, and Emmure.

Innerstrength Records
Not Just Words records news:
- KEEP IT CLEAR - s/t 8 song 7" is OUT NOW
- BALANCE / SOUL CONTROL euro tour August 2009
- next up on NJW recs: STRIP THE THREADS - 8 song 7"

Not Just Words recs

Continuing the sound they started on the demo, KEEP IT CLEAR from Vancouver, Canada delivers 8 tracks of fast old school hardcore. This EP is out now and comes with a free digital download ticket. We hear influences of Right Brigade, Floorpunch and old American Nightmare and therefore perfectly fitting on Not Just Words records
Bad news for BORN FROM PAIN singer Rob who had to go to hospital for another eye surgery. Here´s the update straight from the band camp:

[i]"What's up everybody! Most of you might have heard about Rob's eye operation.
After a seemingly successful recovery, Rob returned to tour two weeks
ago. However, due to his eye problem returning, he had to drop off
tour last week to undergo surgery again.

Rob will not be fronting the band this weekend in Eindhoven and the upcoming July shows.

ILLS debut 7" titled "Black Dog" is officially out during the next few days through Let It Ride Records. Check the Let It Ride Records website for ordering information or except the record to hit a distro near you soon.

The whole record is up for listening for limited time only over here.

Poland’s Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the release of DEAD INFECTION’s new MCD!

After playing the Auditory Assault Fest in Brooklyn, New York, in May of 2009 with BRUTAL TRUTH, GADGET, ROTTEN SOUND, MISERY INDEX and others, DEAD INFECTION is slaughtering again with its latest offering.

Originally intended to be a split with MORTICIAN (U.S.), things didn’t work out for a variety of reasons and it was decided to release the material as a stand alone MCD/EP. This release also marks the first time since Surgical Disembowelment that the band has used actual lyrics in the songs.

The CD includes a re-recorded song from the Start Human Slaughter demo, a bonus track that is not featured on the Obliteration version (a cover of MORTICIAN’S “Bloodcraving”), and two video tracks. This amazing MCD is housed in three-panel digipak.

1. Alpinist
2. Saponification
3. Brain Hero
4. Attractive But Deformed
5. Corpses of The Universe
6. Too Scratched
7. Peritonitis 2007
8. Burglary
9. Bloodcraving

Bonus multimedia videos:
1. Burglary
2. After Accident

DEAD INFECTION will play the Obscene Festival, July 16-18 at Svojsice in the Czech Republic, with NAPALM DEATH, BLOOD DUSTER, BIRDFLESH, MACHETAZO, DESECRATION and others; and the S’thrash’ydlo Fest in Ciechanów, Poland, July 18, 2009.

In the meantime, Corspes Of The Universe MCD (digi) is available at this

TESLA guitarist Dave Rude’s solo power trio, DAVE RUDE BAND, has been recording new material at Rockolito Studios in Oakland, California.


Keyboardist Steve Williams of the U.K.’s POWER QUEST is seeking a drummer, guitarists and a vocalist for a new melodic hard rock band.



  • (06.30) Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy recently took U.K.'s Total Guitar magazine track by track through the band's newly released album, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings". Watch the six-and-a-half-minute clip here.
  • (06.30) Spawn Of Possession have added two new musicians to the band, Matthew Chalk (ex-Psycroptic) is going to handle the vocal and lyric writing, and Christian Münzner (Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) is going to do the lead guitar parts.
  • (06.28) Go here for a good interview with Donald Tardy from Obituary.
  • (06.27) Job For A Cowboy have posted a new song, 'Regurgitated Disinformation', on their MySpace page.
  • (06.26) Devin Townsend's album "Ki" has sold around 800 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The CD landed at position No. 69 on the Top New Artist Albums.
  • (06.26) Crionics have finished recording a new EP, "N.O.I.R.", at Cracow's Shindler Factory Studio and are currently mixing the effort with the Wieslawski Bros. in their Hertz Studio in Bialystok. "N.O.I.R." features three new songs plus two covers: IMMORTAL's "Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark)" and RAMMSTEIN's "Moskau".
  • (06.26) Immolation have signed a worldwide, multi-album contract with Nuclear Blast Records, who will release the band’s upcoming eighth studio album in early 2010.
  • (06.26) Go here to see a video of Pestilence performing the song 'Out Of The Body' Live at Hellfest June 21st 2009.
  • (06.24) Some Deftones news. First, their bassist Chi (who was in a bad car accident last year) is said to be "in semi-conscious state", but still has far to go in his recovery. In album news, the band has decided to put their album "Eros" aside, and instead focus on recording a brand new album. "Eros" should see the light of day at some point, but for the moment the band wants to channel all their energy into something new.
  • (06.24) Arch Enemy will release their album "The Root Of All Evil" in North America October 6th. The album is re-recorded songs from their first 3 albums, now with Angela Gossow on vocals.
  • (06.23) A new Devildriver track entitled 'Back With A Vengeance' is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.
  • (06.23) Shadows Fall have set "Retribution" as the title of their new album, tentatively due on September 15 via the band's newly created record label.
  • (06.23) Synperium are still working hard at completing the recording of "Elemental Disharmony", the bands first full length album. Go here to see some in studio video of the band at work.
  • (06.23) A new Behemoth track, "Ov Fire And The Void", is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.
  • (06.20) Go here to listen to the new song 'Saturnine' off the new Arsonists Get All The Girls album.
  • (06.18) Go here for a good interview with Morbid Angel's David Vincent.
  • (06.17) Necrophagist hopes to record a new CD later in the year for a 2010 release.
  • (06.17) There's a big legal battle going on over who owns the name Fear Factory. As previously reported, vocalist Burton C Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares have restarted the band with Byron on Bass and gene Hoglan on drums, but now the previous members Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar) and Raymond Herrera (drums) say they have equal right to the name.
  • (06.17) The re-release of Devolved's "Calculated" will include new vocalist Kyle Zemanek. I assume they mean they removed the previous vocals from all the songs and replaced them with the new vocalist, although they don't specifically say that's what they've done.
  • (06.16) Gorefest have called it quits for a second time. The band states that they are very happy with the 2 albums they released since they reformed, and really enjoyed touring. But when faced with the question "What Next?", they felt it was time to move on.
  • (06.14) The Red Chord has set "Fed Through The Teeth Machine" as the title of its fourth album, tentatively due this fall via Metal Blade Records.
  • (06.11) Vocalist Mordechai Von Renvaktar has left Spawn Of Possession. He does so to concentrate more on his other band Istapp.
  • (06.10) The Red Shore went and rerecorded a bunch of their earliest songs, and have compiled them into an EP called "Lost Verses", which should be out in June.
  • (06.10) Project: Failing Flesh will be recording vocals for their new album "Count Back From Ten" starting June 24th.
  • (06.09) Devin Townsend has finished recording the drums for his follow-up CD to "Ki", called "Addicted".
  • (06.09) Dirk Verbeuren (drummer for Scarve & Soilwork) recently announced plans to release his first instructional DVD. "Without revealing too much, I can promise you this will not be your typical, run-of-the-mill instructional DVD," he said. "To put it simply, the contents of this beast WILL please anyone into SCARVE and SOILWORK, as well as some of my other bands. The plan is to start shooting this summer."
  • (06.08) Go here to listen to Nightrage's entire new album streaming.
  • (06.06) Arch Enemy hope to have a new album out by October.
  • (06.05) Testament hope to start working on their new album late this fall for a 2010 release.
  • (06.05) Dying Fetus has set "Descend Into Depravity" as the title of the band's seventh album, due on September 15 via Relapse Records.
  • (06.05) Nile will enter the studio June 8 to record their new album, still scheduled for an October release date.
  • (06.04) Go here tro see a live performance of a new The Red Chord song.
  • (06.04) Divine Heresy is streaming a new song, 'Face Breaker', on the group's MySpace page. Go here for the cover artwork to their new album.
  • (06.04) Despised Icon have set "Day Of Mourning" as the title of their new album, due on September 22 via Century Media Records.
  • (06.04) Slayer's new album will be called "World Painted Blood".
  • (06.02) Krisiun have posted a previously unreleased bonus track from their "Southern Storm" album on their MySpace page. Check out 'Infested Waters' at this location.
  • (06.01) A new Obituary song entitled 'List Of Dead' is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.
  • (06.01) The new Nightrage song 'Wearing A Martyr's Crown' is now available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

RAVENLAND gothic metallers posted two new songs online from their forthcoming album, “...and A Crow Brings Me Back”. The tracks are "...till Death Unite Again” and "Velvet Dreams”. The last one features Tommy Lindal (ex-Theatre of Tragedy). The songs are available at the band's MySpace profile, which was recently updated with a new layout based on the album artwork.
“We decided to post two songs of “...And A Crow Brings Me Back” so the fans can listen a little bit more of our album. The CD will be available untill the end of July through Free Mind Records and in August it will be available all over Brazil and some foreign countries." comments vocalist and violinist Camilla Raven.
“Ravenland's MySpace page was relaunched based on the artwork cover and booklet so we can present its atmosphere to the fans. We are very happy with the final result and feedback that the CD is receiving even before being available for ordering. "Velvet Dreams” was one of the two songs chosen by Tommy Lindal, and his part can be checked and appreciated in the end of the song, when it has a doom metal atmosphere, beginning at 3min and 47secs of the song." added the vocalist Dewindson Wolfheart.
Official links:

Third full length. 10 hymns of deep black metal art in cruel devotion to darkness!
Onirik new CD 1 - No stars will shine (mp3)
2 - The quest of the dark lord
3 - Black paintings in the sky
4 - Oh chants make hear my splendor (mp3)
5 - Blasphemy
6 - The hideous realm
7 - After centuries of silence
8 - Before heavens fall
9 - Beyond the grave!
10 - The hunger of hell
Label: War Arts Productions
Format: CD with 8 pages booklet
Country: Portugal
Style: Black metal

Gonius Rex - All instruments

Other Onirik Discography:
Our funeral yet to come (2005 on Nightmare productions) Split with Morte Incandescente
Songs for the apocalipse (2005 on Skull Productions)
Spectre (2007 on Nightmare productions)

  • Limp Bizkit Concert at UFC Expo Cancelled
  • Bleeding Through Announces U.S. Tour Dates
  • Deicide Cancels Australian/New Zealand Tour Again
  • Sothis Tour Date Cancelled
  • Thin Lizzy Pulls Out Of AC/DC Shows
  • Periphery Posts Michael Jackson Tribute Online
  • Fear Factory Cancels Australian Tour
  • Slipknot Announces U.S. Tour Dates With Anthrax
  • Amon Amarth Announces European Tour Dates


"Dark Circus" due out July 21st


Templar - Dark Circus

Their single, "Welcome to the Show" can be viewed via the link below:

"Scribings of a Forgotten Soul" to be Released July 21st

Urn - Scribings of a Forgotten Soul


--- "Dark Circus" due out July 21st ---

Rotting Corpse Records recording artists, TEMPLAR, are ecstatic to announce their latest, Dark Circus. It is now out for pressing and will be available Tuesday, July 21st, 2009. This is the Australian Darkwave Metal band's follow-up album from 2008's licensed release, Preaching to the Perverted.

Their single, "Welcome to the Show" can be viewed via the link below:

DAN YOHAN - Vocals,Guitars
RAFAEL - Bass, Synthesizers
TOAD - Vocals, Screams
SY MON - Drums


Carlos Lichman: A new update on My Space page. Check the photos of Dominate's first gig (my band with vocals)

my first article to Cover Guitarra magazine (one of the most importants guitar magazines in Brazil) about seven string guitar. I wrote this article linking the background history - who uses nowadays, most useful ways of tunning and some licks to help you in your studies.
Check a preview with video below:

For the first time in Brazil!!!!

I° South America Guitar Concert

Workshow with:

Pablo Soler
(Argentina )  

Carlos Lichman

João Neto

Tiago De Moura

Michel Top


Date: July/09 (CAXIAS DO SUL)
Place: Vagão Bar
Schedule: 10:30 p.m. Tickets Price: R$15,00
Guest Participation: Cristian Rigon

Date: July/10 (PASSO FUNDO)
Place: Morrigans Irish Pub
Adrress: Rua Saldanha Marinho, 561
Schedule: 08:00 p.m.  Tickets Price: R$15,00

Date: July/11 (PORTO ALEGRE)
Place: Eclipse Estúdio Pub
Address: Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 272
Schedule: 3 p.m. Ticket Price: R$ 10,00

Date: July/12 (GARIBALDI)
Place: Bar Joe.
Address: Rua Buarque de Macedo, 272
Schedule: 07:00 p.m. Tickets Price: R$ 10,00
Vote for Diagonal at this years Classic Rock Awards

That's right; Brighton's, no Britain's finest Prog masters, Diagonal are nominated for the Best New Band Entry at this years Classic Rock Awards.
Please show your support for them by voting here;

Catch them live;

18th - 2000 Tees Festival, Cheltenham
25th - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
21st - Green Man Festival, Glanusk Park

Electric Wizard & Blood Ceremony dates to be announced soon

Yes, watch this space! UK and European dates for late August/early September are due to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, catch Electric Wizard in Finland;

14th Aug - Jalometalli Metal Music Fest - Oulu, Finland.

Firebird Dates and Vinyl on sale now!

Slipcase CDs of new album Grand Union are now back in stock and the Die Hard vinyl is on sale too.
Catch them live at the forthcoming shows;

19th - Underground, Barnstaple
20th - Club 22, Newtown
21st - The Garage, Swansea
22nd - Hobos, Bridgend

24th - Careys, Coventry
25th - Midlands Blues Venture, Grimsby
26th - Golden Lion, Halifax
27th - Fire Down Below, Castleford

1st  - Coalville, Leicester
2nd - The Patriot, Crumlin
3rd - Gasworks, Bradford

The Gates Of Slumber unleash Hymns Of Blood and Thunder on 14th September!

Hymns Of Blood and Thunder the third full-length and debut album for Rise Above Records from Heavy Metal Titans; The Gates Of Slumber is slated for a September 14th release date in Europe. Yes, the monster you have been waiting to hear is finally finished and it's HUGE!

Tracklisting is as follows;

1. Chaos Calling 5:31
2. Death Dealer 4:23
3. Beneath the Eyes of Mars 5:59
4. The Doom of Aceldama 8:36
5. Age of Sorrow 2:50
6. The Bringer of War 4:44
7. Descent Into Madness 10:45
8. Iron Hammer 3:48
9. The Mist in the Mourning 2:22
10. Blood and Thunder 4:34

US Dates with Zoroaster and label mates Serpentcult.

1st - Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois
2nd - Mac’s Bar Lansing, Michigan
3rd - Wreck Room, Toronto, Ontario
4th - Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa, Ontario
5th - Katacombes Montreal, Quebec
6th - Club Jerky’s Providence, Rhode Island
7th - O’Briens Pub Bridgewater, Massachusetts
8th Taking Head Club, Baltimore, Maryland
9th - The Studio at Webster Hall, New York City, New York
10th - The M Room, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11th - Howler’s Cafe, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12th - Peabody’s, Cleveland, Ohio
13th - Ravari Room, Columbus, Ohio
14 - The Emerson Theater, Indianapolis, Indiana

17th - HAMMER OF DOOM II Würzburg Posthalle Würzburg

UK dates to be announced soon!

Church Of Misery Die Hard last few up for resale.

Yes, we held some stock copies of these back from sale (50) so avoid paying $100+ to those Ebay schmucks and get one at the proper price NOW!

Astra play Spain

The Weirding
is receiving a lot of great reviews around the world, as expected. The guys will fly to Europe for a one off appearance in Spain at the Festival Del Castell ( in Guadalest. They play on July 25th alongside Eartless and Witchcraft amongst others. Hopefully they will make it over for more European dates before the end of 2009.
The stunning vinyl edition of the album is on sale now from the Rise Above Webstore. There are still a few Die Hard copies left with poster and 7" but these will go fast.
We recommend you don't miss out on this one as it will certainly become a future, if not instant collectable.

Moss - Tombs Of The Blind Drugged On Sale now!

Despite a stupendous amount of confusion over this release, Tombs Of The Blind Drugged is finally on sale. The vinyl version is a single 10" comprising of two tracks (Skeletal Keys and Tombs Of The Blind Drugged) in gatefold sleeve and insert IT IS NOT A DOUBLE 10" as some people seem to be selling it for. European CD is a digi comprising of three tracks (Skeletal Keys, Tombs Of The Blind Drugged and Eternal Return) plus a bonus track, which is a cover version of Maimed and Slaughtered by Discharge which originally appeared on the limited split 7" with Monarch. CD track Eternal Return will be released separately as a single sided 12" on SuperFi records later in the year.

Kings Of Contemporary Spacerock; Litmus unveil Aurora

Yes the super-cosmic new album Aurora is released on August 17th. Vinyl version will come as a double LP with side four etched.
It will come in Purple, Blue and Black vinyl. Purple Die Hard edition includes a woven patch and A2 poster and is available for pre-order now!

Catch them live (more dates to be added soon).

10th - Stoned From The Underground, Leipzig
8th - Yellowstock, Antwerp
12th - The Bull & Gate, London

Grand Magus Dates

30th - Wacken Open Air, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
8th - Sauzipf Rocks, Döbriach, Austria.
13th - Summer Breze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl, Germany.

Time for some more live Taint

18th - Academy 2 w/ Kylesa London
24th - Supersonic Festival 2009 Birmingham
14th - Barfly Liverpool
26th - Pays de la Loire Saint Hilaire De Loulay, France

Serpentcult dates, including US Tour!

17th - Hell’s Pleasure Open Air Fest ,Pößneck Germany.
US Tour with The Gates Of Slumber (dates already posted earlier in this newsletter).
12th -The Monochrome, Liverpool.
13th - London, Underworld.
19th - Eindhoven Metal Meeting Eindhoven, Holland.

Pistols Play.......

7th - Vans Stage - Vans/Relentless Boardmasters fest, Newquay.
4th - The Borough, Sunderland.

First Metal Blade/Rise Above titles ON SALE NOW!

Finally, we are very pleased to announce the first two releases in the US as part of our new association with the legendary Metal Blade Records! Both The Weirding by Astra and Firebird's Grand Union are on sale now. More titles to follow soon.

New Device nominated for best new band at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards‏
After 5 years of computer failure, illness, lineup-changes and countless other obstacles, Swedish progressive death metallers SKYFIRE will triumphantly return to unleash their long awaited 4th album "Esoteric" this September 8th in North America, 14th in the UK and 18th in Europe via Pivotal Rockordings.  Bassist Martin Hanner comments on the band's new album which features 10 epic new songs, some of which utilizing up to 70 individual tracks each:"For this album, we were heavily inspired by bands like SYMPHONY X and BAL-SAGOTH; bands that write epic and catchy songs at the same time. We really thought long and hard about how we can make this new record as epic as possible without it coming off as cheesy and we then carefully began writing the subtle choir and orchestra parts to accompany the already bombastic music. This took quite some time, but we are pleased with the final result. The writing and overall planning for this CD took years and we literally weren't finished writing until right after all the recording was done.

Mentally DefiledMentally defiled has made their album "The Thrash Brigade" available for free download. This Greek band
were formed in late 2001 as a cover band, and recently released their Debut album entitled The Thrash Brigade via the Russian label Thrash Massacre Records.

The album was reviewed by Thrash Never Dies in april, and received a score of 90/100.


F.K.U.F.K.Ü. new album:
Where Moshers Dwell

1. Welcome To Your Nightmare 01:23
2. Where Moshers Dwell 03:14
3. Twitch Of The Thrash Nerve 03:11
4. Faster Than The Shark 02:15
5. The Pit And The Poser 03:29
6. Dead Coroner 01:48
7. Almost Metal 00:13
8. Hate Your Guts (Love Your Brain) 03:44
9. Bedilia - Back For Cake 03:25
10. Worms 00:30
11. Sleepwalker Texas Ranger 01:55
12. He Knows The Drill 01:10
13. Six Feet Ünderwear 00:23
14. Phantom Killer Attack 02:51
15. Blairsville Blues 01:10
16. Horror Metal Moshing Machine 03:15
17. Highway To Horror


, originally the brainchild of guitarist Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad / Zimmer’s Hole), has throughout the years evolved into a monstrous extreme metal force featuring such illustrious musicians as Steve “Zetro” Souza (Legacy / Exodus) on vocals, lead guitarist Glen Alvelais (Forbidden / Testament), Byron Stroud (SYL / Fear Factory) on bass and drum-master Gene Hoglan (Death / Dark Angel / SYL).


Flotsam & JetsamFLOTSAM AND JETSAM have scheduled the following European dates:

Aug. 21 - Treibsand - Lübeck, Germany
Aug. 22 - Rock Mania - Dettelbach, Germany
Aug. 23 - Rock Temple - Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Aug. 24 - Die Halle - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug. 25 - Exit Chmelnice - Praha, Czech Republic
Aug. 26 - Heya Club - Szczecin, Poland
Aug. 27 - Wacken Rocks South - Kreuth, Germany
Aug. 28 - Turock - Essen, Germany
Aug. 29 - Wacken Rocks Seaside Aurich, Germany
Aug. 29 - Elsrock - Rijssen, The Netherlands


HeathenSan Francisco Bay Area thrashers HEATHEN will play three shows in September:

Sep. 04 - The Rock - Tucson, AZ
Sep. 05 - U.B.s - Mesa, AZ
Sep. 06 - Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA

All dates are on sale now exclusively via until July 6 at which point they will be made available through all normal ticketing systems.


Big Elf


Bigelf: ‘Cheat The Gallows’

POWERAGE RECORDS is excited to welcome cult Los Angeles progressive rock band Bigelf to its roster. The bands latest album ‘Cheat The Gallows’ is set for a pan European release September 7th 2009.

Steeped in traditional progressive rock values yet displaying a striking modernist sound, ‘Cheat The Gallows’, invites comparisons to a number of cornerstone rock acts from the Beatles to the White Stripes and all points in between. With a highly organic sound hand-crafted from vintage instruments - including Melotron and Hammond Organ – together with the inventive song writing ability of front man Damon Fox, the album pulsates with a sense of purpose that suggests a group on the brink of something very special indeed.

Spotted by former Four Non Blondes front woman Linda Perry and signed Stateside to her label Custard Records, the band have delivered one of the most creative and impressive rock records of the year.

‘Cheat The Gallows’ contains 10 tracks of dazzling musical virtuosity; ten unbelievable tales of cunning complexity made hugely accessible by virtue of simple melody and wonderfully evocative lyrics. Extraordinary music performed with pin-point accuracy and a sense of adventure that few other acts in this day and age are prepared to make the necessary sacrifice to achieve.

Says Damon Fox, leader of Bigelf: "Honestly in this day and age, getting a label to release your music is getting more difficult. But when a label specializes in classic rock, totally understand where we’re coming from, I know that's where we belong. I'm very pleased and proud to have POWERAGE making our music available in the UK and Europe."

In support of the album release you can catch Bigelf on the road throughout Europe and the UK in Sept/October as part of the inaugural Prognation tour headlined by Dream Theater.

“It's sounds cliché but the European tour with Dream Theater is a dream come true for us” admits Damon Fox. “Although we've never played any, our music is built for arenas and now I hear our destiny calling.  When I first met Mike Portnoy (Prognation instigator and Dream Theater drummer), I felt like we were cut from the same cloth, a brother from another mother. We could talk rock & roll for eons. Being added to the Progressive Nation tour feels like the planets have aligned for us and the elves have finally come home to Rivendell. The mentality of Dream Theater and Progressive Nation reminds me of a quote from the great Willy Wonka, ‘There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be...’ We eagerly await our return to Northern Europe and on a special note, we have never performed in England. This has driven us completely mad over the years. We are just brimming with passion and excitement to be able to bring our music back to the homeland which has inspired us so deeply.”

Mike Portnoy: “Los Angeles' Bigelf are my personal favourite new band to come along in many years... whilst ‘Cheat The Gallows’ is my favourite album of the year/

Pretty soon, everyone will hopefully be falling for their retro, psychedelic, progressive, hard rock, doom metal as hard as I have!”


Prognation dates are as follows:

Sep 23 – Helsinki, Finland @ Ice Hall

Sep 25 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Hovet

Sep 26 – Oslo, Norway @ Spektrum

Sep 27 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ KB Hallen

Sep 29 – Berlin, Germany @ Arena

Sep 30 – Bydgoszcz, Poland @ Luczniczka Hall

Oct 02 – Hamburg, Germany @ Sporthalle

Oct 04 – Paris, France @ Zenith

Oct 06 – Lille, France @ Zenith

Oct 07 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands @ Ahoy

Oct 09 - Apollo Manchester, UK

Oct 10 - Wembley London, UK

Oct 11 - SECC Glascow, UK

Oct 17 - Forest National Brussels, Belgium

Oct 18 – Frankfurt, Germany @ Jahhrhunderthalle

Oct 19 – Ludwigsburg, Germany @ Arena

Oct 22 – Porto, Portugal

Oct 23 - Madrid - La Cubierta

Oct 24 - Barcelona - Olympic de Badalona

Oct 26 - Milan - Mediolanumforum

Oct 27 - Rome - Palalottomatica

Oct 29 - Bologna - Future Show Station Arena

Oct 30 - Conegliano, nr Treviso – Palasport

Oct 31 – Ljubljana, Slovenia @ Tivoli

The band will also undertake their first UK headlining dates in November – Details to follow.

Bigelf ‘Cheat The Gallows’: September 7th 2009 on Powerage Records.

For on line resources please see:

--- "Scribings of a Forgotten Soul" to be Released July 21st ---

American gothic/doom metallers URN have completed work on their third album, titled "Scribings of a Forgotten Soul", for a July 21st, 2009 release via Rotting Corpse Records, the band’s second release with the label. The cover and all artwork were created by Corvis Nocturnum also who runs The Ninth Gate magazine and the layout was done by Connie Bergmann of DarkWind Studios.

"Scribings of a Forgotten Soul" was mixed and mastered by Dan Precision at Bombshelter Studios (Rise Against, Naked Raygun) in Chicago, IL whom they also collaborated with on their successful and critically-acclaimed 2006 release “Dancing with the Demigods”.

Rev. Thomas Thorn of The Electric Hellfire Club also appears as guest vocal for the upcoming album on the song "Hero Worship". URN frontman Dominic St. Charles had played guitar and did backing vocals with the Electric Hellfire Club back in late 1999 to 2000 around the "Witness of the Millennium" album and its subsequent touring and the two have remained very close over the years.

Jape Peratalo, formerly of Finland’s melancholy rock outfit, To/Die/For was also scheduled to do a guest vocal appearance, but with To/Die/For’s recent disbanding, schedules didn’t coincide and both sides have mutually agreed to re-schedule for him to appear on a future URN release.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

1. Absolution
2. Voices of Reason
3. Ambivalence
4. Hero Worship
5. Reckoning Hour
6. In My Mind’s Eye
7. Dancing on the Day of the Dead
8. Confessional
9 No Man’s Land
10. Repentance
11. Final Kiss Goodnight
12. Solemn in a Prostrate Pose

St. Charles gave insight on the band’s new album which will be a concept album based on a true story of several individuals that were in his life that were directly involved in a prison riot at state correctional facility in a nearby town from where he attended high school.

“Think of it as a “Law & Order” approach to the story we are telling here. Of course, all of the characters are completely fictitious and do not represent any person living or dead. It was a major event that shook my community at the time and my best friend’s father was the night shift supervisor. So a couple of months before it happened he took a group of me and my friends on tour of the prison at 2:30 a.m. (we thought it would be interesting to do).

The experience of seeing all that was going on from the inside from many perspectives, the prisoners, the guards, etc., ended up being highly enlightening for me. So when the riot broke out it was hitting very close to home and I had been doing a good bit of writing at the time and decided to chronicle these events. So in essence, that is what this album is about a fictional depiction of this event.

We are very excited for the release this album as it has been a work in progress for many years now and we thank Rotting Corpse Records for their continued dedication behind us."

URN recently returned from being a direct support act for Tarja (Turunen formerly of Nightwish) along with their good friends The Eternal from Australia for her North America leg of her “Storm Returns to America” tour.

Demetrio Scopelliti news update: I will release a new limited version of "Evolution", my first solo album, in September with 2 bonus tracks + a CDrom track with some "making of the record" behind the scene videos. I'll get into the studio in the middle of July.

The new songs sound heavier and with a more "progressive" appeal... I'll have a couple of shows in September regarding this "new" project...

I am artist of the month on the website together with the best guitar players from all over the world. Check that out at:

Let's change the subject: Arcadia are in the studio working on the 4th album. We think that the album will be out by the beginning of 2010, some songs are already online as preview at: In August we'll take part in the "Help Fest" in Czech Republic, we'll headline that fest.

From the production front I'll work in the studio with the progressive metal band AtomiXynergy from Turin (IT) in July for their first full length album.
Suicide War

SUICIDE WAR from New Orleans, Louisiana featuring two members of VALUME NOB — Frey Thieler on guitar and Sammy Molina on bass — alongside BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/ex-CROWBAR drummer Craig Nunenmacher and vocalist Ben Falgoust (GOATWHORE, SOILENT GREEN), has posted two teaser tracks featuring guitar, bass and drums on the band's MySpace page.

Re-united Swedish death metal masters DERANGED is confirmed for this year's GOTHENBURG DEATHFEST

Gothenburg Deathfest
Date: 2009-10-03
@ Henriksberg, Göteborg

18 år leg

195kr + förköp
Biljetter/tickets @ Pusterviks Biljetter

Confirmed bands:
Carnal Decay (Swizterland)
Chronic Torment
Covenance (USA)
Despondency (Germany)
Inhuman Deformity
Rottenness (Mexico)

SabretungAustralian thrashers Sabretung, which appears with a song on the 2007 Thrash Never Dies compilation cd, has revealed artwork for their upcomming album release. The cd, "Conquest", will be released later this year. Titles for some of the songs that are appearing:

Suicide Terror
Total Conquest
The Thing
Army of Dead
Eliminate the Weak

Swedish female fronted Thrash/Death metal band Decadence has posted the following message on their forum:"Finally it’s happening! That’s the best way to start off telling you all that we have begun recording a professional music video – the first one for us in Decadence!

It has been a long road to find the right people to help us out, the right song, the right plot, the right everything to finally put it into action.

Read the full post along with photos from the shoot here!:".
EvileEVILE frontman MATT DRAKE comments on INFECTED NATIONS:

"We can't wait for everyone to hear our new album, when we did Enter the Grave two years ago it was made up of songs we had been playing for a few years and some written in the excitement of actually getting to record an album, we were happy to just be making noise but since then we've learnt a few things and we're more interested in making music. Evile fans can expect to hear a more mature offering, an album that concentrates on all aspects of what each member can do; it's a heck of a lot more focused, more satisfying and we're really proud of what we've achieved with it. Russ Russell has helped us to push ourselves to the next level and pull us out of the '80s. The whole retro thing has been cool but we feel it's time for us to leave that behind and stand up for ourselves and show people what we can really do, but fear not, it IS a thrash metal album, it is a 2009 thrash metal album, and we're dying to blow your minds with it."
Lithuania metallers Baubas are currently working in studio to finnish the bands debut album release.
The band that was created in february of 2008, describes their music as oldschool D.A.R. music.
The bands songs are all written in Lithuanian, are currently 4 songs are availbale on their Myspace site, along with some videoclips.

Metallica's Cliff Burton's first-ever book biography
METALLICA is currently selling "To Live Is To Die: The Life And Death Of Metallica's Cliff Burton", the first-ever Burton biography, via the band's official web site. Written by U.K.-based author Joel McIver and published by Jawbone Press, the book includes a foreword by Cliff's close friend in METALLICA, Kirk Hammett.

Lazarus A.D.Lazarus A.D. confirmed for this year's Loud Park Festival in Japan!
Kenosha, WI's Lazarus A.D. have come a long way in the last year, having re-released The Onslaught through Metal Blade and touring US and Canada with the likes of Amon Amarth, Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch and most recently Testament and Unearth. Lazarus A.D. will now be taking their energetic and enthralling stage show overseas to the fans at Japan's infamous Loud Park festival! Bassist/vocalist, Jeff Paulick, describes being invited to play as “an unbelievable honor” and the band is unanimous in their excitement about doing a festival of this magnitude this early in their career. Also confirmed so
far for this year's Loud Park also are Poison The Well, Napalm Death, Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Slayer and the legendary Judas Priest! Loud Park is scheduled for October 17th and 18th - more info can be found on


The Red Chord album title revealed

25 June 2009 · Boston, Massachusetts death metal/grindcore band THE RED CHORD has set ‘Fed Through The Teeth Machine’ as the title of its fourth album, tentatively due this fall via Metal Blade Records. The CD is being recorded at Jonny Fay Backyard Studios, which is owned by the band's former guitarist Jonny Fay, and it will be mixed and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who has previously worked with HATEBREED and SHADOWS FALL, among others.

Regarding the new album title, vocalist Guy Kozowyk said, "It's from the Discovery Channel show 'How It's Made'. They were talking about this machine they feed...

Bridge Nine Summer Compilation

25 June 2009 · Bridge Nine Records is excited to announce the release of their Summer 2009 Compilation CD , featuring eight new and never-before-heard tracks as well as music from almost every active band on the B9 roster. Additionally, a one-time pressing of 1000 copies of the summer exclusive tracks will be made available on the B9store on 45rm LP format for only $9 all summer.

New Shotblockers album coming up


Shotblockers is the all star DMS band! That's right kids, all the best MC's from Los Angeles to New York are here: Danny Diablo, G Fella, CeeKay Jones, Hoya Roc, Grizz Rock, Panic, Skam Dust & Puerto Rican Myke and lots more. Production duties are handled by DJ Stress, DJ Spae & Damian Burnz. Their first full length album ever will be released by Countdown Records and Real Recognizes Real Records.

Cripple Bastards boxset coming this summer

24 June 2009 · SELFMADEGOD RECORDS is proud to announce the release of CRIPPLE BASTARDS’
Age Of Vandalism complete demos four-CD boxset this summer. This deluxe digipak boxset features remastered versions of ALL of the CRIPPLE BASTARDS’
releases from 1988 to 1993, plus an incredible amount of unreleased tunes, and draws the complete history of the Bastards on tape. This will include the four official demos, the split 7” with Violent Headache (with extra unreleased tracks!), and basically HOURS of unreleased noise including pre-CRIPPLE BASTARDS thrash from 1986/87!

Dead Infection - Corpses Of The Universe out now

24 June 2009 · Poland’s Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the release of DEAD INFECTION’s new MCD!

After playing the Auditory Assault Fest in Brooklyn, New York, in May of 2009 with BRUTAL TRUTH, GADGET, ROTTEN SOUND, MISERY INDEX and others, DEAD INFECTION is slaughtering again with its latest offering.

Originally intended to be a split with MORTICIAN (U.S.), things didn’t work out for a variety of reasons and it was decided to release the material as a stand alone MCD/EP. This release also marks the first time since Surgical Disembowelment that the band has used actual lyrics in the songs.


Slayer Delays New Album Release Date (26)
Slipknot Announces U.S. Tour Dates With Anthrax (66)
Rob Halford Starts His Own Metal God Apparel (14)
Suffocation Streaming Entire New Album Online (18)
In This Moment Posts "Call Me" Video Online (13)
Moonspell Posts New Widget Online (1)
Chosen Calls It Quits (1)
Dream Theater Updates Progressive Nation Tour (2)
Mantic Ritual Offers Tour Update (1)
Dark Funeral Cancels Unholy Fest Appearance (1)
Megadeth Reveals New Album Title (59)
3 Inches Of Blood Announces New Album Tracklisting (5)
Chthonic Streaming New Song Online (1)
Thin Lizzy Pulls Out Of AC/DC Shows (5)

Broken Melody new single date announced: The album name will be "MIRRORING IDENTITIES" and the band will publish the new single on MYSPACE and FACEBOOK on the 1st of July. EXCLUSIVE!!!!!
The track will be RETURN DENIED, one of the 10 tracks that will represent the new and powerful sound of the italian melodic metal band.
This album will be released by Copro Records UK and Alkemist Fanatix Europe all over the world.

Some additional info:
- The new graphic, artwork, cd art, merchandise will be managed by the IMAGE CULT AGENCY based in Italy.
- The band will sign a worldwide distribution deal with WARNER/CHAPPEL MUSIC for a major and professional distribution.

Remember this date: 1st of July, the new single RETURN DENIED!!!

for informations, please visit:
Velvet Revolver new singer audition...
<> (audio only),
using the Alesis Vocal Zapper <>.
ANTICHRIST issue 8 is out and ready for shipping!
40 pages A4, glossy paper, full-colored two-sided layout, English written:
+ Cuban metal scene report, Cult dead musicians article (reasons of their death) and as always – hundreds informative reviews, adverts and etc…
Price – 20 UAH (Украина) / 3 EUR (CIS, Europe) / 6 USD (Overseas)

Wholesale (price is INCLUDE postage!!!) – 5 copies = 10 EUR (CIS, Europe) / 17 USD (Overseas, will sent by AVIA post).

Also next release is out on our label DEAD CENTER prods –
DCP-01209-DVD - SLAUGHTER BRUTE (Ukraina) “Human’s Intestine Collapse” – live footage + video clips + photo gallery! DVD comes with professional printed cover and with professional animated menu. ALL REGIONS!
Price – 25 UAH (Украина) / 3 EUR (CIS, Europe) / 5 USD (Overseas)

Distributors/labels can get in touch for the deals! All interested – feel free to send stuff for the reviews and ask for advertisement places!
The address is (for money, promo-stuff, propositions and etc…):
Aleksandr Maksymov,
PO Box – 203,
The Divorcees: The love bastard love child of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash., George Jones, Hank Snow and Angus Young drinking Canadian Beer. , The soundtrack to the night before your worst hangover ever.
Influences: Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, AC/DC
++ (AOR masters).
Odum @ Official Site -
Official MySpace -

Time for the 11th edition of the most extreme fest of the world approaches...Be ready for 3 days of intense sickness !The running order is attached to this mail
obscene extreme fest poster
[soul grinding music since 1990]
c/o Fred ANTON
19 rue des paturages
 19/06/09 (Sursee / Switzerland) INHUMATE + MACHETAZO + MUMAKIL
27/06/09 Grind the Nazi Scum (Torgau / Germany) INHUMATE + TREPAN'DEAD + MINDLFAIR + more
11/07/09 Rectalzwembad Fest (Naaldwijk / Holland) INHUMATE + ROMPEPROP + DR DOOM + more
29/08/09 Fekal Party Fest (Praha / Czech Rep) INHUMATE + CBT + DEAD + more
26/09/09 (Silvange Marange / France) INHUMATE + AGON + UNTAMED + more
24/10/09 USF # 2 (Selestat / France) INHUMATE + UNTAMED + CALCIFERUM + more
31/10/09 Petrograd Fest (St Petersburg / Russia) INHUMATE + more


DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR features: SEPULTURA – Brazil, Modern Thrash; KEEP of
KALESSIN – Norway, Black; CODE – England/Norway, Nostalgic Black; SINISTER
– Netherlands, Technical Death; AZARATH – Poland, Death; BILOCATE –
Jordan, Black/Death/Doom; TRAUMA – Poland, Death; FRAILTY – Latvia,
Doom/Death; DIABOLICAL – Sweden, Death/Thrash; OBTEST – Lithuania, Pagan;
HEAVEN GREY – Latvia, Doom; LUCTUS – Lithuania, Thrashing Black; LEPROUS –
Norway, Progressive; CROCELL – Denmark, Death; STRANGER AEONS – Lithuania,
Progressive; NAHASH – Lithuania, Occult Black; SAPLES – Lithuania,
Old-school Death; ŽAS – Lithuania, Social Rock/Metal; THE PROWLERS –
Italy, Heavy/Progressive; plus sensational SPECIAL GUEST.

More info:







Press Release


Having parted ways with Parisian bass player, Blaise Merino, TRIBAZIK are
pleased to announce a new addition to the alternative three-piece. Syan (no need
for surnames here) has already injected a load of energy and creativity into the
band, arriving with an arsenal of ace riffage for the new album (due to be
recorded towards the end of the summer). Syan was former bass player with
Interlock who's album Crisis//Reinvention was released in 2005. She has since
been dabbling in all things metal and electronic and primed to take TRIBAZIK to
the next level.
To see her, and the rest of the band, tearing it up with their high-energy alt.
rock/rave/metal insanity, head down to The Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens St, Angel EC1 on Sat 8th August. Doors 7pm.
They're so excited, they might even be giving t-shirts away...

£8 Advance. Ticketweb 08700 600 100. Includes free entry to Slimelight Club after.
For more info:


Dutch Death Metallers HAIL OF BULLETS go to war again with 'Warsaw Rising', an EP featuring two brand new tracks, one cover and three live recordings!

The new songs are 'Liberators', a rumbling ode to one of the most magnificent bombers ever built, and the title track, which tells the tragic tale of the bloody 1944 Warsaw uprising. A massive cover of the Twisted Sister classic 'Destroyer' and 3 tracks from the BULLETS' earth-shattering performance at last year's Party.San Open Air complete the searing sextet! >MORE<

AMON AMARTH appeared at Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods 2009 awards this week at the 02 in London, playing a blistering 15 minute set alongside Saxon, Trivium, DevilDriver and Anvil.

Soon afterwards they walked away with an award for BEST BREAKTHROUGH ACT. Made all the more sweeter as this Golden God is one of the awards voted for by fans and readers of Metal Hammer UK. >MORE<

Germany's very own NEAERA shot a video clip for the song 'Prey To Anguish' off their new chartbreaking record 'Omnicide – Creation Unleashed' at Sputnikhalle, Münster when the band played their record release show at the end of May.

Please click on for the clip's premier on MySpace today! Stagediving moshpit action at its best! >MORE<

Just two more weeks and 'Ruination', the new album by new x-treme leaders JOB FOR A COWBOY will see the light of day!

To pre-order, to check out a new song and to share with your friends, please use the new JOB FOR A COWBOY widget! Just post the codes below to your sites! >MORE<

Boston, Massachusetts death metal/grindcore band THE RED CHORD has set 'Fed Through The Teeth Machine' as the title of its fourth album, tentatively due this fall via Metal Blade Records. The CD is being recorded at Jonny Fay Backyard Studios, which is owned by the band's former guitarist Jonny Fay, and will be mixed and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who has previously worked with Hatebreed and Shadows Fall, among others. >MORE<

Canada's AETERNAM has joined the Metal Blade roster! Formed in 2007 in Quebec City, AETERNAM has been preparing to unleash their very own brand of epic death metal upon the world. Combining classic death metal songwriting with epic melodic soloing and middle-eastern influences, AETERNAM has fine-tuned its craft and made it into a perfect blend of brutality and melody. >MORE<

Other headlines:

New Press Quotes:
GOD DETHRONED - 'Passiondale'
"….an album to appeal to those who count themselves fans of the sound of recent, real death metal." -
NEAERA - 'Omnicide – Creation Unleashed'
"'Omnicide - Creation Unleashed' was one of those albums that really reminded me of the glorious mid 90’s…" -

New Downloads:


Candlelight Records Newsletter - 09/06/2009


Anaal Nathrakh: 'More Of Fire Then Blood' Single on itunes

Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose - to be the soundtrack for armageddon, the audial essence of evil, hatred and violence, the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes. Since being founded in 1999, the band has gained a reputation for embodying precisely these things, with a history including not only the release of four albums and an EP to rapturous acclaim, but collaborations with such legendary figures as Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Shane Embury and Danny Herrera (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (Testament, Dimmu Borgir), Joe Horvath (Circle of Dead Children), Sethlans Teitan (Watain) and so on. This, alongside appearing on BBC Radio 1 at the personal behest of sadly missed icon John Peel, headlining a stage at the renowned cult Inferno Festival in Norway as their debut international live appearance, countless placings in ‘best album of the year’ polls and album of the month awards in the press and cover appearances on leading magazines such as Terrorizer… Anaal Nathrakh’s status as one of the leading lights in extreme metal is undeniable. Hallmarked by breathtaking musical ferocity, inventiveness and breadth, married with a mercurial, intensely misanthropic and sharp intelligence, Anaal Nathrakh’s sound is imbued with a palpable sense of menace that is virtually unmatched in metal. And as 2009 begins with the world apparently going to wrack and ruin, the band unveil their latest merciless, deranged, schizophrenic album ‘In The Constellation Of The Black Widow’.

'Download More Of Fire Then Blood' On Itunes

» Launch Anaal Nathrakh Ecard
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» Anaal Nathrakh on itunes
» Anaal Nathrakh MySpace



1349 Riff Lesson And Video Interview has posted a new video interview and riff lesson with 1349 guitarist Archaon.

The footage was captured on March 2, 2009, when the Norwegian black metallers 1349 came to New York City to play B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in support of their latest album, "Revelations of the Black Flame" (Candlelight Records).

In the video, filmed at Guitar World's NYC Headquarters, Archaon discusses a range of topics, including his gear, right-hand techniques and the new album, before showing how to play key riffs from 1349 classics like "Celestial Deconstruction", "Chasing Dragons" and "Sculptor of Flesh".

1349 Riff Lesson And Video Interview

» Order 'Revelations Of The Black Flame' Here
» An e-card for "Revelations Of The Black Flame", is available at this location
» 1349 on itunes
» 1349 Website
» 1349 MySpace



British doomsters Orange Goblin have issued the following update:
"Orange Goblin are happy to announce that they will co-headline this year's Rock Im Wald festival on Saturday, August 15 in Neuensee bei Lichtenfels in Germany. Other bands scheduled to appear include Backyard Babies, Eat The Gun, and many more. A little closer to home, the band will also be headlining at the Concorde II in Brighton on Saturday, November 14. This will be a chance for the band to play some of the brand new material currently being written for the next album, scheduled for release in 2010 through Candlelight Records."

» Orange Goblin MySpace



Amazing Obituary T-shirt and Limited edition CD pre-order pack. Order now to avoid disappointment!
When Obituary announcedtheir plans to record a new album in early 2007 the metal world stood up and applauded. One of death metal’s crown jewels was returning and fans could not have been more enthused. The album, Xecutioner’s Return, delivered the goods as only Obituary could. Now two years later the band are back with their new epic. Signature in every way, Darkest Day shows that this band truly gets better with age. With a headline world tour already confirmed this year, these Tampa legends continue to provethat their work ethic and credo continues unwavered, unmatched and truly inspirational.

Download 'Obituary - Blood To Give' on itunes

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Magrudergrind - Ecard online

One of the hardest working and determined bands in the underground today, Magrudergrind is primed to kick ass and take names on their sophomore full-length release. Combining elements of grind, crust, and thrash, the raw energy and violent emotion contained within the 16 tracks is overpowering

» Magrudergrind Ecard
» Magrudergrind MySpace



Imperial Vengeance Ecard online
Imperial Vengeance is a British extreme metal act formed in 2007, being a collaborative between C. Edward-Alexander and David Bryan in an attempt to explore and expand already established ideas and forms, using conceptual material firmly rooted in the glory days of the British Empire, and presenting a wide range of subjects influenced by its’ colourful social and military histories, theatre, literature and mythologies. March 2008 saw the release of the duo’s first endeavour: "Death: August & Royal" which comprised of one regular audio CD and a second multi-media DVDROM and featured the drumming talents of William Drury. Such was the enthusiastic response to the release, the English gentlemen decided to take the band a step further and alongside the new recruit to the ranks; guitarists Elle Torry (Worms of Sabnock, Everlasting Descent) and James Murray (Shotgun Affair) were invited to complete the live lineup. In June, the band inked a deal with legendary UK label Candlelight Records and spent the rest of the year writing and then recording their debut album "At The Going Down Of The Sun". Largely written by gas-light, fuelled by absinthe and cigar smoke. the songs on ATGDOTS represent an uncomfortable meander through British history principally between the dates 1873 and 1943; though on occasion, cracks in time do open doorways to other vistas. The release comprises of 10 blistering tracks of British metal, mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima and unleashed March 2009. The band are currently filming two promotional videos: "Unto That End" and "Airborne-Redux". Plans for 2009 gigs are being made with dates to be announced in the very near future.

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Onslaught: stunning live album recorded at last years Damnation Festival
Onslaught was formed in 1982 by Nige Rockett (guitar) and Steve Grice (drums). The band began life under the influence of the second generation of hard-core punk bands like Discharge, G.B.H, and The Exploited and the more metallic Motorhead. After 2 years of writing and hard gigging a deal was secured with underground label Children of the Revolution, and the band released its first album, Power From Hell, in 1985. The album was fervently received by the nascent thrash underground and contained a number of tracks that were to grow to become considered as thrash metal anthems, including the eponymous Onslaught (Power From Hell), Angels of Death and Death Metal (itself the subject of some conjecture – was this tune the first usage of the term ’Death Metal’ anywhere? In 1986, Onslaught with the addition of new vocalist Sy Keeler signed to the mighty ’Music for Nations’ records and we saw the release of the highly acclaimed ’The Force’ album, for many this is the definitive Onslaught record, containing more thrash classics like ’Let There Be Death, Metal Forces and Fight with the Beast’, the album received rave reviews across the world and catapulted Onslaught in to the higher circles of thrash metal and were seen by many as Europes hopefuls to end the American domination of the metal scene.. Touring with Motorhead, a legendary appearance at the 1st Dynamo Festival and shows with Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, simply added more firepower to Onslaughts evergrowing arsenal.

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Havok: Ecard Online
Formed in February of 2004: HAVOK is the thrash metal powerhouse reigning from Colorado that continues to win over thousands of fans from various parts of the world. Incorporating blisteringly fast guitar riffs, machine-like drumming, groovy bass lines, searing leads, and hard-hitting vocals, HAVOK is able to maintain that *punch-you-in-the-throat* style of music. Although there are many other thrash bands out there, there is one thing that sets HAVOK apart from the others. This band puts their own stamp on the genre by employing a more technical side of music, while maintaining the feel. HAVOK's live show is where the band really catches peoples' attention, with their non-stop energy level and their ability to get the audience involved. They are a must-see for any fan of live music! This Denver outfit has had their name compared to the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Pantera, Testament, Overkill, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead, etc… And for good reason! They possess a distinct approach to thrash: one that emulates the abrasive styles of classic 80s thrash metal, but with a much-needed fresh edge. HAVOK has received tons of positive feedback for their efforts to make thrash a mainstay in modern music: and they will continue to spread the intensity until they decide the job is done! Given their talent, determination, and constantly growing fan base, HAVOK is destined to become a mainstay in this scene!

» Havok Ecard
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Graphic Designer position available
We are currently looking for a graphic designer to join our busy production department as a full time member of the team.

Responsibilities include:
Design and preparation of artwork for CD, DVD, Vinyl through to prepress stage.
Design and preparation of artwork for Merchandise, including T-shirts, Caps and accesories.
Design and preparation of advertising material for print and online distribution, including press ads, ecards and promotional material.
Design and build of websites.

The successful applicant will have a thorough knowledge of the the following software packages:

Quark Xpress
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash

A strong portfolio of recent work is essential.

Salary will be based on experience and demonstration of capability.

Please note this is a full time position and as such is not suitable for freelancers.

Please send CV's / URLS with examples of recent work to:

» Plastic Head Website
» Plastic Head MySpace
» Candlelight Records Website
» Candlelight Records MySpace



16 - (ES) tallinn, Rock Cafe
17 - (FI) Helsinki,tavastia-club
18 - (FI) Joensuu, Ilosaarirock Festival
22 - (D) Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
23 - (D) Bad oeynhausen, druckerei
25 - (ES) Lorca, lorca festival
28 - (PT) Vieira do Minho, Festival da Ilha do Ermal
03 - Tucson, AZ - The Rock
04 - Mesa, AZ - U.B.’s Bar
05 - Farmington, NM - Gator’s
06 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater
08 - San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle
09 - Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
10 – San Francisco, CA - Slims
11 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
12 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
14 - Victoria, BC - Sugar
15 - Vancouver, BC - Plaza Club
17 - Calgary, AB - Warehouse
18 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
19 - Regina, SK - The Riddell
20 - Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
22 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
23 - Mokena, IL - Pearl Room
25 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
26 - Quebec City, QC - Imperial
27 - Montreal, QC - Foufounes Electriques
29 – New York, NY - The Blender Theatre at Gramercy
30 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
01 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
02 - Raleigh, NC - Volume 11
03 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
04 - Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall

04 - (ES) Hard Rock Laager Open Air Festival (Playing date TBC),
15 - (FI) Finnhits Metal Festival, Pori
27 - (UK) UK Metalfest, Dudley

09 – (US) Hawthorne Theatre, Portland OR
10 – (US) El Corazon, Seattle WA
12 – (US) The Underground, Calgary AB
13 – (US) The Exchange, Regina SK
14 – (US) Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg MT
15 – (US) Station 4, St. Paul MN
16 – (US) The Pearl Room, Mokena IL
17 – (US) Peabody’s, Cleveland OH
18 – (CDN) Wreck Room, Toronto ON
19 – (CDN) Petit Campus, Montreal QC
20 – (US) Penny Arcade, Rochester NY
21 – (US) BB Kings Blues Club, New York NY
22 – (US) Jaxx, W. Springfield VA
23 – (US) Volume 11, Raleigh NC
24 – (US) The Muse, Nashville TNs
25 – (US) The Masquerade, Atlanta GA
26 – (US) The Garage, St. Petersburg FL
27 – (US) Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale FL
29 – (US) Firewater, Dallas TX

05 - (DE) Hellflame Festival - Osnabrück - Hyde Park
03 - (DE) Devils Revenge Festival - Hamm - Alfred Fischer Halle
24 - (DE) Hellflame Festival - the south side of hell - Lichtenfels - Stadthalle

19 - (FR) Hellfest Open Air, Clisson
25 - (PL) Globaltica Festival, Gdynia
14 - (IT) Musica W Festival, Castellina Marittima,
15 - (D) Rock Im Wald Festival, Neuensee bei Lichtenfels
12 - (UK) The Camden Underworld, London
14 - (UK) Concorde II, Brighton

09 – (H) Pecs, Rockmaraton Festival
10 – (CZ) Divisov u Benesova, Blacklights Festival

14 - (US) Charleroi, PA - Club Octane
15 - (US) Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
16 - (US) Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon
17 - (US) Buffalo, NY - Xtreme Wheelz
18 - (US) Southgate, MI - Modern Exchange
19 - (US) Owensboro, KY - The Brothers
20 - (US) Fredricksburg, VA - The Refuge
21 - (US) Charlotte , NC - Casbah
22 - (US) Wilmington, NC - Soapbox
23 - (US) Birmingham, AL - The Nick
24 - (US) Atlanta , GA - Masquerade
25 - (US) Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits
26 - (US) St Petersburg, FL - The Garage
27 - (US) Raleigh, NC - Volume 11
28 - (US) Virginia Beach , VA - Peppermint Beach Club
29 - (US) Baltimore, MD - Sonar
30 - (US) Louisville, KY - Uncle Pleasants
01 - (US) Waterloo, IA - Spicoli's Bar and Grill
02 - (US) Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
03 - (US) Thunder Bay, ON - Black Pirate Pub
04 - (US) Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
05 - (US) Regina, SK - The Exchange
06 - (US) Saskatoon, SK - Walkers
07 - (US) Edmonton, AL - Starlite Room
08 - (US) Calgary, AL - The Underground
10 - (US) Victoria, BC - Sugar
11 - (US)Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore
12 - (US) Seattle, WA - El Corazon
13 - (US) Portland, OR - Satyricon
14 - (US) San Francisco, CA - Thee Parkside
15 - (US) Los Angeles, CA - Whisky a Go Go
16 - (US) San Marcos , CA - Jumping Turtle
17 - (US) Las Vegas , NV - Cheyenne Saloon
18 - (US) Farmington, NM - Gators
19 - (US) Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
20 - (US) Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
21 - (US) Nashville, TN - The Muse
22 - (US) Danville, VA - Plan B
23 - (US) New York, NY - The Blender Theatre at Gramercy
24 - (US) Springfield, VA - Jaxx
25 - (US) Hartford, CT - Webster Underground
26 - (CDN) Montreal, QC - FouFounes Electriques
27 - (CDN) Toronto, ON - Wreck Room
28 - (US) Rochester , NY - Penny Arcade
29 - (US) Cleveland, OH - Peabodys
30 - (US) Mokena , IL - Pearl Room
31 - (US) Urbana, IL - Canopy Club

03 – (NO) Oslo Live Festival

13 – (PT) Caos Emergente, Porto


Candlelight Records -
Plastic Head (mail order) -

When waiting for the release of their new album, entitled "...and a Crow Brings Me Back", which shall be available in a few weeks by Free Mind Records, brazilian goth metallers RAVENLAND released "Back" EP, which is now available on MySpace at 
"Back" was recorded in Studio Fusão/Plug in, with production and drums by Ricardo Confessori (Angra, Shaman) and it has the following track list:
01 - Soulmoon
02 - End of light
03 - Regret
Recently Ravenland has launched a new YouTube channel, where it is available a video clip for "End of Light".


Raintime is pleased to unleash some news on the long awaited new album scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2010.
After the release of the successful and the critically acclaimed second album "Flies & Lies" the new work will consists of twelve new and original songs that will be recorded during August at Remaster Studios (Italy) and will be mixed and mastered by Logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly, Medication) at Undercity Recordings in Los Angeles - CA.


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FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009 


BAD SISTER - 'Surrender'

 BAD SISTER - Take Me As I Am

 BAD SISTER - Heat Of The Night

 BAD SISTER - Carry On

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It has finally been done! 20 years after its AOR classic 'Heartbreaker' German AOR and melodic hard rock band BAD SISTER has released a new album. Because Rust Never Sleeps is the third CD of the band from Hamburg - finest classic rock, AOR and melodic rock which they play in the style of Heart, Journey, Foreigner, Giant, Survivor and others. In the 1980s the band around singer Suzie Lohmar gave already rise to much comment when they supported Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan and the Detroit rock shouter Mitch Ryder. Their first album 'Heartbreaker' (1989) is considered to be one of the classics in the international AOR-scene.

BAD SISTER – Because Rust Never Sleeps to be released on June 26th 2009 by Distinct Music (DM 803728, distributed by CMS/Sony). Videoclip of single 'Surrender' is available now – as HD-video and on BETA and IMX. Interviews, TV-shows and live shows on request.

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BAD SISTER band photo

The first single is called Surrender, a powerful eighties-style hard rock smash hit, pure and straight. The video of this song, which will be released simultaneously with the CD, has been shot on the famous Hamburg Reeperbahn. Through Zone Zero the band shows that they can combine the music of the eighties with modern sound: pure energy is created through staccato singing and a driving guitar riff. Song number three is pure AOR: Take Me As I Am pleases with its earthy guitars, melodic keyboards, harmonic voices and a chorus that stays on your mind. With Unless You Talk To Me the band adds a pop-rock-title supported by powerful mid-tempo guitar and bass riffs.

But even songs full of feelings can be found on this BAD SISTER CD: Carry On is an emotional keyboard ballad with a melodic chorus and supported by a guitar solo that gets under your skin. Pure rock´n´roll is delivered through Rocky Road with its tough guitar riffs, driving bass scales and Suzie´s voice which reminds you of Melissa Etheridge. This song helps you to imagine that this band from Hamburg is also a live performer which actually can explode on stage.

Heat Of The Night is a perfectly honest eighties rock-hammer with dramatic keyboards and massive guitars, which drummer Kai-Ove-Kessler actually started composing 20 years ago but which took its time to mature and find its way onto an appropriate CD like this. With Hard Times Shuffle and Through The Night the band delivers two earthy guitar-oriented hard rock songs dominated by the riffs of composer Sven Lange. The power-ballad Don´t Love Me Again is another example of the passion of this band: rough guitars and powerful keyboards playing emotional harmonies to support nice melodies.

The up-tempo-title Blackmailed by bass-player Jörn Saul pushes forward, driven by a rhythmical hookline. With Talk To You Later we are really back in the eighties: straight keyboard-rhythm combined with driving drums and pure guitar-energy are the character-traits of a song with a very special feature: the song is sung by Petra Degelow, the first singer of the band who has accompanied the guys for many years. The comeback-CD finishes softly: Last Train combines west-coast and folk influences and underlines again the great variety of the band.

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1980: The band is formed in the near of Hamburg. First lead singer: Petra Degelow.

1981-1988: Hundreds of gigs - in small clubs and large arenas - are following. BAD SISTER is playing the legendary ONKEL PÖS CARNEGIE HALL in Hamburg for several times.

1989: Release of first BAD SISTER-CD 'Heartbreaker' in Europe, USA and Japan. First single hit 'Catriona'.

1990: 'Heartbreaker'-tour and rock festivals. Yamaha live for Tokyo. Support act for Ian Gillan (Deep Purple).

1991: Release of the 2nd CD 'Out Of The Business'. Support act for Mitch Ryder (Detroit).

1992-1995: Petra leaves BAD SISTER, Suzie Lohmar joins the band. Tours and festivals e.g. Wacken Open Air.

2003: Reunion of the band and re-release of 1st BAD SISTER-CD 'Heartbreaker'.

2009: Release of 3rd CD 'Because Rust Never Sleeps'



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UK thrashers Nebukadnezza has announced that the title onf their new album will "There is no revolution..." Some of the songs from this forthcomming release has also been made available for the publis through the bands MySpace site. According to a short message from the band, they will hold a release party the 4th July at the Unicorn, Camden. More information is available on the bands MySpace.


XBRAINIAX has just released a 99 tracks compilation cd. According to a press release the cd consists of "high-speed A.D.D fastcore that will leave you deaf and out of breath. Mixing the time changes and speed of NO COMMENT with the all-out energy and thrash of LARM, XBRAINIAX's sheer intensity places them squarely within a lineage of the fastcore greats, and this collection - taken in its totality - clearly demonstrates that. This collects all their earlier EPs, split EPs, comp tracks, etc."

Persian thrashers Ahoora has posted the following message on their official page: "It’s more than two months now that we’ve started recording our 3rd album and we can’t wait for you to the hear the songs so far! Make sure to check back soon for few surprises off our new album which hopefully will be out late this summer."
Ahoora, was formed late 2001, in Tehran, the capital of an extreme Islamic country called Iran. The influences were shown in the early covers: Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Black Sabbath ...etc.The band recorded its first demo tape back in 2004, due to gain permission from the culture ministry of Islamic Iran: breaking the broken! Read more about the band at this location.


Athera (Pål Mathiesen), vocalist with Norwegian thrashers SUSPERIA is set to return to the stage at the Steinkjer Festival in Norway on Friday 26 June 2009. The singer, who earlier this year suffered a heart attack which resulted in major open heart surgery, has made a rapid recovery and doctors have now given him the go ahead to make his comeback.


LIVING SACRIFICE has tapped Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY) to mix its first studio album since 2002's "Conceived in Fire". The CD is currently being recorded at a studio in the group's hometown with producer Jeremiah Scott.


RAVAGE will release their new album, "The End of Tomorrow", on August 18 via Metal Blade Records.
According to a press release, RAVAGE's new album "seamlessly intertwines the sounds of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, late '80s American thrash metal and late '90s European power metal to showcase the band's signature style".

Stormspell Records has announced the re-release of ENFORCER's legendary demo from 1984, featuring Doug Trevisan of FATAL VIOLENCE fame on vocals.
For more information and sound samples, go to this location.


A new MUNICIPAL WASTE song entitled "Wrong Answer" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the Richmond, Virginia crossover leaders' new album, "Massive Aggressive", which is scheduled for release on August 25 via Earache Records.


The great underground label 625 ThrashCore has just announced the release of a new Bay Area Thrash cd. According to 625, the cd includes brand new tracks from the new breed of thrashcore bands in the Bay Area.
BEFORE/AFTER, INxDISGUST and SUBURBAN DEATH CAMP plus the long sold-out demo EP from NO DICE as bonus tracks.
all bands play high speed energetic thrash, showing that the Bay still holds its own in the fastcore front."


Woe Of Tyrants is set to unveil their latest video for the song Golgotha from their Metal Blade debut, Kingdom Of Might.
The band once again worked with Siege Media in shooting the video. The video will be posted Thursday, June 18th on at noon pacific, 3pm eastern!


Press release from 625 Thrashcore:

INFECT blasted onto the scene in the late 1990s, delivery a powerful mix of politically charged lyrics, and fast, energetic thrashcore. Part of a new wave of fastcore/thrash/hardcore bands from Sao Paolo Brazil, INFECT staked their claims in a male-dominated scene, confronting social inequality with one of the best soundtracks ever. This CD collects everything this seminal all-female Brazilian HC/thrash band ever did. Eps, comps, splits, their superb full length LP plus demos and unreleased studio tracks. A must have.


Official press release:

New York, NY: Heavy metal institution Megadeth have announced ENDGAME as the title of their twelfth studio album. The album is expected to be released in September through Roadrunner Records. It was recorded at the band’s self-built brand new studio, Vic’s Garage, located near San Diego and named after the legendary and iconic Vic Rattlehead character.
ENDGAME is being produced by Andy Sneap and Dave Mustaine, who also manned the boards for 2007’s United Abominations.

ATHEIST & Whiplash have been confirmed for the Monterrey Metal Fest IV, set to take place Wednesday, September 16, 2009 (Mexican Independence Day holiday) at the Santa Lucia Arena in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:
SAMAEL (Switzerland)
AMORPHIS (Finland)
MALIGNO (Mexico)
SPLIT HEAVEN (Mexico's "Wacken Metal Battle" winners)
More bands will be announced in the coming days. Only 3,000 VIP tickets will be made available for the new redesigned metal festival. Please note that the poster below does not reflect the most recent changes made to the festival billing. For ore information, visit


The 3rd CD from Brazil's legendary thrashers - this CD does not let up in the ferocity and anger that DISCARGA is known for. 3-piece, straight forward socio-political thrashcore played with rage, not unlike LARM and/or MANLIFTING BANNER. At times anthemic, but mostly short blasts of 1000mph thrashcore,
625 Blastcore states "DISCARGA is one of the best bands currently in Brazil. Limited quantities in the US so act fast."


UK thrashers Viroment has just added the finishing touches to the 3 track demo "Cause For Concern". The band was formed in late 2008, and are currently on the lookout for a new drummer and a potential second drummer.
The 3 track demo has been uploaded to the bands MySpace site.


Singapore-based death/thrash metallers ABSENCE OF THE SACRED has issued the following update:
"[DAATH drummer] Kevin Talley — who has previously recorded and/or toured with DYING FETUS, CHIMAIRA, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE RED CHORD, HATE ETERNAL, M.O.D., MISERY INDEX and SUFFOCATION — has finished tracking the drums in the U.S. for our third full-length album, and we will be entering Snakeweed Studios (in Singapore) late next week to begin tracking the guitars and vocals.
IMPIOUS have issued the following update:

"We've finally started to record our new album! Things are going really good right now. Usually we get all kinds of problems when we record — anything from broken soundboards to ghost attacks are regular to us. But this time everything's been great so far. But you never know. We've been working on our new songs for a pretty long time and now we are very happy with how they all sound. We can't wait for this album to be done.
The drum tracks are all done and we've started working on the guitars. We are working on 12 songs, but every song might not end up on the album. We might save a song or two for b-sides or for other releases."

The band's latest CD, entitled "Holy Murder Masquerade", was released in January 2007 via Metal Blade Records.

recently inked a deal with Lost And Found Records. The group has just released "Instruments of Death", a collection of new material and re-recorded versions of songs originally written in the mid-'80s. The set also includes recordings made in the late '80s and early '90s that never saw the light of day.  After an 18-year absence , all the original members of FAITH OR FEAR reformed in May 2008 and are currently playing live, featuring a setlist consisting of new and previously released material.

For more information, visit

Irish Thrashers Gama Bomb have announced they're booked for recording the new album in September, for a late 2009 release. Some track titles so far include:

Welcome Back To Life.

LAWNMOWER DETH, the reunited late '80s/early '90s English comedy/thrash metal band which released three-and-a-half well-regarded albums, played a headlining show at the Pitz in Milton Keynes on Friday, June 5. They were introduced by Keith Platt, who is the alter ego of H (from ACID REIGN). He did a six-minute stand-up routine before announcing LAWNMOWER DETH to the stage

Norwegian thrashers Violated has announced that theire debut album is set for a september release through Duplicate records. The band states in a message: "Its taken awhile but now every piece is in place for the release of our debut album"
3 songs from the album is up on the bands Myspace

Arkayic Revolt are currently in the state of working on songs for their first full length album. To help us through the wait, the band has uploaded some songs from the "Undead Man Walking" E.P. on the bands myspace.

According to an unconfirmed source, brazilian Thrash masters Violator is done recording 6 new tracks and a cover from Brazilian thrash metal band Executer to release as EP titled Annihilation Process. Violator got together at early 2002, and has already 5 releases on their back.
Swedish metallers AVATAR will enter the studio Monday, June 8 to begin recording their third album for a late 2009 release.
AVATAR's latest album, entitled "Schlacht", was released on October 24, 2007 via Gain Records.

Spanish thrashers Mutant Squad has uploaded 3 new songs to their MySpace site. The songs are a preview of their forthcomming debut EP release "Reset the world". The EP will feature 6 songs
Prelude to insanity
Self Image
Economic Hit Man
Toxic World

Brazilian thrashers from Disorder Of Rage out now a video from the recordings of the promo-CD "InsaneMind Creations ", released on June 2009. 
Check out the video at this link :
The promo-CD releases two brand new songs with the new line-up, formed by :
Roque - vocals & guitars
Rubens - guitars
Sandro - drums & percussion
Diego - bass
Actually the band prepares to return to the stages into the second half 2009.


Hot on the heels of the release of their critically acclaimed album “into the night”, Swedish heavy metal powerhouse ENFORCER unleash a preview of things to come with a new demo track from their upcoming album, yet unnamed and tentatively scheduled for release in mid 2010. The new track, entitled “roll the dice” will be available for preview at the band’s myspace profile starting Thursday, June 18th.

Having just completed their European tour with fellow Swedes PORTRAIT followed by performances at Sweden Rock and Muskelrock festivals, ENFORCER are scheduled to appear at Germany’s Headbangers Open Air festival before setting their sites on the USA for a full national tour alongside Canadian metal mongers Cauldron starting on September 15th. Upon returning to their home soil in late 2009, ENFORCER will once again enter the studio to lay down the tracks for their sophomore full-length album.

Summoning the classic metal sounds of IRON MAIDEN and MERCYFUL FATE, ENFORCER delivers melody, hooks and vocal range not heard since the golden days of heavy metal. Prepare to enter the world of ENFORCER where heavy metal is the law!

Listen to “Roll the Dice” visit   
US war metal legends AT WAR are pleased to announce that their new studio album, entitled Infidel, will be unleashed upon the masses on August 18th 2009. Their first new studio album in over 20 years, Infidel proves to be AT WAR’s most brutal and uncompromising work to date featuring nine tracks of pure war metal the likes of which can only be delivered by AT WAR.
Formed in 1983 by guitarist Shawn Helsel, bassist and vocalist Paul Arnold and drummer Dave Stone AT WAR went on to solidify themselves as one premier metal bands in the American underground. After the reviews and college radio play of their 1985 demo Eat Lead, AT WAR went on to release their albums Ordered to Kill (1986) and Retaliatory Strike (1987) for New Renaissance Records. A follow up to Retaliatory Strike was recorded in 1994 but ultimately scrapped which prompted AT WAR to go on an indefinite hiatus only to have the beast awaken from its slumber in 2006 to begin working the material that would become Infidel. Throughout 2007 and 2008, a series of triumphant US shows and festival appearances in Europe and Mexico showed AT WAR at the top of their game and unphased by the passage of time or musical trends. Earlier this year AT WAR once again entered Pyramid Sound to record Infidel with Alex Perialas known for not only has work on AT WAR’S seminal 1987 album Retaliatory Stike but for genre defining albums by such bands as ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, NUCLEAR ASSUALT, ETC. Infidel’s stunning cover artwork comes courtesy of legendary illustrator and photographer Claudio Bergamin.

Upcoming AT WAR shows:

July 24th @ Volume 11 in Raleigh, NC with Mobile Death Camp, Kiff, and Armored Uprising

July 25th @ Alley Katz in Richmond Va. with Beyond Fallen and guests.

Listen to AT WAR at

For more information contact Mike Andriani at Heavy Artillery  (631) 821-5284

CAGE, San Diego, California's premier internationally acclaimed heavy metal band is back with a vengeance.

CAGE's music is for fans of legendary bands such as Judas Priest - Iron Maiden - King Diamond - Savatage  Metal Church - Malice - Iced Earth - Queensryche - Halford.

Official website -

Official My Space website -

Official band Electronic Press Kit (EPK) -

CARLOS VILLENA “la foscor de les gàbies” 3"CDR | NET [Mantricum 004]Details:- Founding member of Mantricum Records.- Limited edition to 44 copies.- No repress once sold out.- Ultra transparent mini CD case.- Paper 170 grams.Price:€ 5,00 + shipping.Write for wholesale price, or possible trades. Download free here: This piece was composed specially and exclusively for the radio show Los Des-conciertos de 25 Hombres (Contrabanda FM, Barcelona). - Official homepage for Mantricum Records | Carlos Villena | Mathrem