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  • (04.29) The new band involving Dino Cazares (guitar), Burton C. Bell (vocals), Byron Stroud (bass) and Gene Hoglan (drums) will in fact take on the Fear Factory moniker. The band is scheduled to play a number of shows this summer as well as record a studio album as Fear Factory. For more info, read all about it here.
  • (04.29) Metal Mind Productions has set a June 8 European release date (July 14 in the USA via MVD) for "The Litanies of Satan", a live album from Hate. Recorded in February 2004, the CD features mainly songs from the band's "Awakening of the Liar" LP plus some older, classic compositions. Go here to see the cover artwork.
  • (04.28) A mid-October release date is expect for Nile's new album.
  • (04.25) Go here for a cool interview with Testament about a number of topics, including a very different view of Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, Metallica's success and dealing with band politics on the road.
  • (04.25) Go here to see the artwork for Goatwhore's new album.
  • (04.25) Go here to see the artwork for Devildriver's new album, and here for the special edition.
  • (04.25) Severe Torture plan on going into pre-production on their new album in July and have everything ready for recording in September.
  • (04.24) Suffocation's new CD "Blood Oath" will be available in three formats exclusive to the North American territory. In addition to the standard retail version, there will be a mail-order edition available exclusively through the Nuclear Blast U.S. webstore, and a digital version through iTunes. The difference in the 3 releases will be the bonus tracks. The standard edition has 'Pray For Forgiveness (instrumental version)' and 'Dismal Dream (rough mix unmastered)'. The Mail Order only edition has 'Blood Oath (instrumental version)' and 'Cataclysmic Purification (rough mix unmastered)'. And the itunes version has 'Undeserving (rough mix unmastered)' and 'Marital Decimation (instrumental version)'. You'll need to buy all 3 editions to get all 6 bonus tracks.
  • (04.23) Arch Enemy will be releasing an album of re-recorded tracks from the first three albums, this time with Angela Gossow on vocals instead of original vocalist Johan Liiva.
    The album is recorded and is being mixed right now, and contains 12 tracks.
    (04.22) Go here to listen to the new track 'Apothecary of Abhorrence' taken from Oath To Vanquish's forthcoming release "The Ruinous Fate of the Blind".
  • (04.22) Anthrax will begin mixing its first new studio album in six years, "Worship Music", the first week of May.
  • (04.22) Go here to see a video interview with Suffocation taken in Montreal on April 16th, although be warned, the number one topic is politics, not metal.
  • (04.21) Suicide Silence have posted a new song 'Lifted' on their MySpace page. The track comes off the band's new album, "No Time To Bleed", which will be out June 30 via Century Media Records.
  • (04.21) Arsonists Get All The Girls are currently in the studio working on their new album.
  • (04.20) Go here to see 2 recent video interviews with Devin Townsend about his life now and his new CDs.
    (04.18) Obituary's new album will be called "Darkest Day", and it will come out June 30 via Candlelight Records. Go here to see the cover.
  • (04.18) Slayer are still in the early stages of recording, just five weeks in, working out ideas for what will be an 11-song album, released in July.
  • (04.18) Preproduction on the new Nile album is going on right now. The band intends to enter Erik Rutan's (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel) studio in June to record. Go here for an interview with Karl Sanders
  • (04.18) Go here to see the cover artwork to Suffocation's new album, artwork by Jon Zig.
  • (04.18) Vader's new album "Necropolis" is now set for a late August release.
  • (04.18) Go here to read an interview with Devildriver frontman Dez, which includes among other things, a discussion on how, despite being friends again, he doesn't think a Coal Chamber reunion will ever happen.
  • (04.18) Drudgery has posted its version of the Nasum track "Words To Die For" originally from the album Human 2.0. The song will be featured on an upcoming Nasum tribute CD, due later this year on Germany's Power-It-Up Records. Other bands scheduled to appear on the compilation include Coldworker, Misery Index, Rotten Sound, Mumakil, Margrudergrind, Circle Of Dead Children and Putrescence.
  • (04.16) Go here to listen to Chimaira's new album streaming in its entirety, for 2 days only.
  • (04.16) Behemoth's ninth studio album will be called "Evangelion", and will be out this summer via Metal Blade in the USA and Nuclear Blast in Europe.
  • (04.14) Release of Anthrax's new album has been pushed back till October.
  • (04.14) Brutus continue to work on recording their new album.
  • (04.14) Blood Duster are writing music for a new album this year.
  • (04.14) Malignant Monster have just finished the first stretch of pre-production for their upcoming album, which they hope to record later in the year.
  • (04.14) Bloodbath will not be touring in 2009 due to the various band members being too busy with their other bands. They may return on tour in 2010.
  • (04.14) Disavowed will announce a new drummer sometime this month. The band continues to write new material.
  • (04.14) Darkwater has to part ways with bassist Karl Wassholm. They state that the chemistry between them and Karl has been less than perfect for awhile now. The band is seeking a replacement bassist. The band is also currently writing material for a new album they hope to release this year.
  • (04.14) Bury Your Dead will release its new album, "It's Nothing Personal", on May 26 via Victory Records.
  • (04.13) 7th Nemesis has added drummer Selvmord (Elvolia, Profundis Requiem, Irae) to the band. They're currently recording their second album "Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow" with Francesco (Pitbulls in the Nursery) at the Dark Wizard studios.
  • (04.13) They:Swarm have changed their name back to Whorecore.
  • (04.13) Suicide Silence will release their new album, "No Time To Bleed", on June 30 via Century Media Records.
  • (04.13) Drummer Andy C has left Wormed. Also, Migueloud (Human Mincer, Body on Sections) has replaced Charly on guitars. The band has wrtten 2 new songs, and hope to get together a Promotional CD to help look for a new label.
  • (04.13) Severe Torture are busy writing a new album. No word yet on when they plan on recording.
  • (04.10) Go here to listen to the new demo track 'Enter Bliss' off of Prophecy's new album, to be released later this year.
  • (04.10) Crionics have undergone a number of line-up changes. The band added Paul (Soul Snatcher, currently on tour as session drummer of Vader) and Brovar (Psychollywood, Immemorial) to their ranks for their Rebel Angels tour and a Russian tours. They have also changed their vocalist, W.A.R.-an has been replaced by Quazarre, the vocalist of Devilish Impressions and Asgaard. The people responsible for guitar (Yanuary) and synth (Vac-V) remain unchanged. The band continues to work on their new album, and the album should be released on a new label now that they have finished their contract with British label Candlelight Records.
  • (04.09) Vader have signed with Nuclear Blast Records.
  • (04.09) Impending Doom's new album "The Serpent Servant" sold 4,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 144 on The Billboard 200 chart.
  • (04.08) A brand new project has been formed featuring original Fear Factory members Dino Cazares (guitar) and Burton C. Bell (vocals). The band, which is rumored to also include bassist Byron Stroud and drummer Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel, etc.) will play a number of shows this summer as well as record a studio album.
  • (04.08) Divine Heresy's new album will be called "Bringer Of Plagues" and should be out July 28th on Century Media Records.
  • (04.08) Angelcorpse have decided to call it quits again. Their statement: "Due to musical differences amongst its members, it has been decided with much consideration to end Angelcorpse."
  • (04.07) Suffocation's new album will be out in the US July 7th 2009.
  • (04.07) Victory Records has signed Otep. The band will release it's new album "Smash the Control Machine" on August 18, 2009.
  • (04.06) Go here to watch Suffocation performing a new song, 'Mental Hemorrhage', which will be on their new album "Blood Oath". The video was recorded on March 29, 2009 at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, California.
  • (04.03) Daath has posted the new track 'Day Of Endless Light' on their MySpace page. The song appears on their new album.
  • (04.03) Shadows Fall have finished recording their new album, and plan to release it this September.
  • (04.02) Devin Townsend's new album will be out June 19th in the US on InsideOut Music.
    (03.31) Synthetic Breed is still working on the material for their new album. The recordings are progressing steadily and they hope to be releasing it soon.
  • (03.31) Arsis' original drummer and founding member Michael Van Dyne, who played on the band's first 2 albums, has rejoined the group.
  • (03.31) Go here for an interview with Suffocation vocalist Frank Mullen about the new record label and the new album.
  • (03.26) The family of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng has started a web site asking for donations to help pay for his medical costs. Cheng's insurance has reportedly refused to continue coverage for his ongoing treatment. Cheng remains in a coma and in a rehabilitation center following a car crash last November in Santa Clara, California. Although from recent posts it sounds like he has been improving, drifting in and out of consciousness and saying a word or two, but he still has a long way to go. The site can be found at and the initial goal is to raise $20,000.
  • The Mnemosyne Channel in Youtube (April 28th)
  • Hate - Live album in June (April 28th)
  • Lifeforce Records signs One Without (April 28th)
  • Doro - Co-driver for DTM Champ (April 28th)
  • Earth Crisis - New album out now (April 27th)
  • Relapse Records announces Tour Dates (April 27th)
  • Graves of Valor posts 2nd preview track (April 27th)
  • New Artillery album June 15th (April 21st)
  • AFM Records presents Manimal (April 21st)
  • New Danish/Italian Chaoswave video "10 years of Denial" online (April 21st)
  • God Dethroned streams new album (April 17th)
    Azrael is dealing with DM management for 2009 touring dates (April 17th)
    Norther welcomes new vocalist as a quick replacement for ex-vocalist Petri Lindroos, who had left the band recently due to his commitments to Ensiferum.(April 17th)
  • Rising Records welcomes The Morning After - check (April 17th)
  • Birds of Prey posts 2nd preview track (April 17th)
  • Royal Hunt - Upload video (April 16th)
  • Kaledon - Working on live DVD (April 15th)
  • Deadlock fills the vacant bass player position (April 14th)
  • Old Man's Child reveals cover artwork (April 14th)
  • AFM Records signs Lake of Tears (April 14th)
  • Edge of Serenity - Debut album out May 5th (April 14th)
  • W.F.A.H.M. streams entire new album (April 14th)
  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed streams album (April 14th)
  • LOCH VOSTOK will join „HELSTAR“ on their upcoming European tour coming in May
    Man Must Die - Tour Dates announced (April 10th)
  • Rebellion - New album out July 24th (April 9th)
  • Royal Hunt - New album almost done (April 9th)
  • Extrema - New album out May 8th (April 9th)
  • Brutal Truth streams entire new album (April 9th)
  • Gordeon Music Tour Dates (April 9th)
  • AFM Records signs Solution.45 (April 8th)
  • Metal Hammer UK Golden Gods Awards (April 8th)
  • Coalesce posts 2 new tracks (April 7th)
  • Compos Mentis confirmed for this year's Kløften Festival in Haderslev (April 6th)
  • Manticora confirmed @ Fun & Crust Festival (April 6th)
  • Relapse Records Tour Dates announced (April 6th)
  • Man Must Die posts second In-Studio video (April 6th)
  • Lacuna Coil launch video @ YouTube (April 3rd)
  • Tardy Brothers' new interview online
    Exivious - Album preview video (April 3rd)
  • Minsk posts preview track (April 3rd)
  • As I Lay Dying - Two DVD trailers online (April 2nd)
  • 16 - 'Pumpfake' available now (April 2nd)
  • Burnt by the Sun posts in-studio footage (April 2nd)
  • U.D.O. recording new album (April 1st)
  • Vreid and Pestilence on tour (April 1st)
  • Hoods - News album May 29th (March 31st)
  • Disbelief - Tour Dates announced (March 31st)
  • War From A Harlots Mouth - New video (March 31st)
  • Atargatis begins work on new album (March 31st)
  • Crocell - Four new songs available (March 30th)
  • My Dying Bride - Tour Dates announced (March 30th)
  • Devil's Whorehouse - Album out April 20th (March 30th)
  • Rusty Cage signs Fractal Gates (March 30th)
  • Asymmetry Festival 2009 (March 30th)
  • The Burning posts new song online (March 30th)
  • New As We Fight album out on May 18th (March 27th)
  • Maroon posts new song (March 27th)
  • Mumakil streams new album (March 27th)
  • Regain Records signs Merauder (March 26th)


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  • AVENGER OF BLOOD, HEXEN and VEKTOR are among the confirmed bands for the A Day In May-Hem festival, set to take place Saturday, May 2 at Sinister in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will help kick off a series of events (both personal and private) in celebration of Salem Rose Music founder, and former Century Media Records President, Marco's Barbieri's 40th birthday (on May 5).

    The show begins at 6:00 p.m. and will run until 2:00 a.m., with a dozen up-and-coming thrash and traditional metal bands for only $10.

    The festival billing is as follows:


    Marco Barbieri is no stranger to promoting shows or metal, in general. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Barbieri moved to California to study music business at University of the Pacific before doing publicity and A&R at Metal Blade Records from 1991 to 1995 and then overseeing all domestic affairs for Century Media Records for 12 years. After returning with his family to Las Vegas in 2007, Barbieri has kept involved by managing the band WARBRINGER, as well as promoting shows at local venues like Sinister, Cheyenne Saloon, High Maintenance, The Four Aces, JJ's and The Bunkhouse, in addition to doing publishing deals, consulting and producing.

    For more information, visit
  • NO FRIENDS, the band featuring Tony Foresta from MUNICIPAL WASTE on vocals and members of NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD "playing raging '80s-style hardcore in the vein of DAG NASTY, DESCENDENTS and GORILLA BISCUITS," has completed work on its self-titled full-length debut at Crescendo Sound Studios for a July release via No Idea Records.

    Four songs from the CD — "Never Ending Fight", "We've Got No Friends", "Set in Your Ways" and "Black Hearse" — are available for streaming on the group's MySpace page.

    MAROON - new album "Order" conquers German charts!

    Leading German metal soldiers MAROON have achieved their first ever chart entry by hitting the German album charts at #63 with their brand-new album "Order"! Supported by overwhelmingly positive media acclaim and the band's dedicated fanbase, this marks a truly outstanding event in MAROON's history...

    read more >>>

    DARK TRANQUILLITY - to release exclusive reissues & compilation of demos in May 2009!

    Swedish melodic death metal masters DARK TRANQUILLITY will re-release their classic albums "Projector", "Haven" and "Damage Done" in a luxurious slipcase packaging with bonus material as well as the rarities compilation "Yesterworlds" on May 25, 2009 in Europe via Century Media Records. All releases are available at a fan-friendly price and also feature extensive liner notes as well as new layouts and designs by guitarist Niklas Sundin...

    read more >>>

    DESPISED ICON - confirm more European festivals; new videos from the studio online!

    Montreal extreme metallers DESPISED ICON are confirmed to play at several European festivals this summer, the band comments: "Fuck yeah! We're going back to Europe this summer! The festivals we're on are sick. We'll be sharing the stage with our buddies in The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Parkway Drive and The Acacia Strain on most of the dates. Come hang out"...

    read more >>>

    HATEBREED - postpone release of Limited Edition & LP of "For The Lions"; new tracks online!

    Century Media Records regret to announce that the European release of the Limited Edition CD Digipak and LP of the much anticipated covers album by hardcore metal masters HATEBREED, entitled "For The Lions", has to be postponed due to manufacturing issues...

    read more >>>

    KANSAS CITY LIVE 09 June 26th - 27th

    For the third year in a row, Kansas City Live once again rocks Odense, and as was the case the two previous years, focus is on the mix of established names coupled with young ambitious local bands potentially ready to take on the music scene.

    (Kashmir @ Kansas City Live 08 Foto: Emil Andresen -

    Hence, Kansas City is proud once again this year to be able to highlight the growing potential of the upcoming bands and simultaneously present headliners such as The Broken Beats, Figurines and Hatebreed. The latter, Grammy nominee Hatebreed (US), exclusively present their only concert in Scandinavia at Kansas City Live 09.

    Housing more than 500 active musicians distributed in over 100 bands of different genres, Kansas City works with the main objective to create the best creatively inspiring environment for musicians in Odense. The city’s ambitious and aspiring bands have a chance at Kansas City Live to show the fruits of their labour in front of a big audience.
    Kansas City is in the middle of the process of getting this year’s program ready. As an additional novelty to this year’s concept, the two-day program is genre-divided. Thus Friday June 26th will be devoted to metal / hardcore and Saturday June 27th to pop and rock. This way, the audience is given the opportunity to choose whichever genre they like the best – if not both. One thing is certain though: Both days the audience will encounter a musical experience and a program not to be found elsewhere in the country.

    Presale price only 50 DKK plus fees per day [approx 7€]
    Door sale 100 DKK per day [approx 14€]

    For Kansas City Live 09 the following artists are confirmed:
    Friday June 26th : HATEBREED (US), AS WE FIGHT, WARBRINGER (US), and upcoming UNBELIEF, ANGRIFIED, THE SHIT BLIZZARDS and THIRD EYE. Saturday: FIGURINES and THE BROKEN BEATS, upcoming AVALYN, MUTHEN, JUDAS KISS, and LISA VEGAS. The final acts will be revealed shortly.


    Mastic Scum Newsletter 04/2009
    Live dates confirmed

    "GRIND YOUR MIND 2009"

    25.04.2009 "Gates Of Darkness" - Graz (Austria)
    Mastic Scum, Distorted Impalement, Bloodfeast, Corpse For Breakfast, All Falls Down & Forever In Decay

    01.05.2009 "In Grind We Crust" - Lucenec (Slovakia)
    Mastic Scum, Neuropathia, Stillbirth, Mizar & more

    02.05.2009 "Anaal Festival XIV" - Nitra (Slovakia)
    Mastic Scum, Neuropathia, Stillbirth, Eternal Bleeding & more

    15.05.2009 "Summer Nights Warm Up" - Pfarrkirchen (Germany)
    Mastic Scum, Outrage, Gods Of Emptiness, Extinction & Support

    16.05.2009 t.b.a. (Germany)
    Mastic Scum & more

    01.08.2009 "Escape Metalfest" Vienna - Escape (Austria)
    Mastic Scum & many more

    14.08.2009 "Next Generation Open Air" - Niederöblarn (Austria)
    Destruction, Endstille, Belphegor, Tyr, Hollenthon, JAKA, Mastic Scum, Darkfall, Goddamned-X, Ultrawurscht & many more

    15.08.2009 t.b.a. (Austria)
    Mastic Scum & more

    29.08.2009 "D.I.Y. Festival" - Cesky Tesin (Czech Rep.)
    Mastic Scum & many more

    25.09.2009 Salzburg - t.b.a. (Austria)
    Mastic Scum & more

    02.10.2009 "Noize Overdose Festival" - Zittau (Germany)
    Mastic Scum & many more

    03.10.2009 t.b.a. (Germany)
    Mastic Scum & more
    Cooperation with Catapult Promotion & Triton Style

    We are happy to announce the cooperation with Catapult Promotion & Triton Style. Catapult Promotion is responsible for all booking issues from Mastic Scum from now on, please send all booking requests to We also have a deal with Triton Style for our merchandise stuff, check out the homepage: We`re looking forward to a good collaboration!
    New line-up! New demo-track!

    There is a new shouter in Mastic Scum, we welcome "Maggo" in the band! We know us since years in a good frienship and are happy to work together now, he is the perfect match for Mastic Scum! "Maggo" is also active in Inzest (Deathcore), Tristwood (Industrial Metal) and Watch Me Bleed (Trash/Hardcore).

    Mastic Scum had to part ways with shouter "Will" due musical differences. Harry comments: "It was a hard decision for us but the best for the band. We thought about this fact a long period of time and this change was the only right step for Mastic Scum." We wish him all the best for the future.

    Check out the new demo-track "Regression" from the pre-production of our upcoming album! Mastic Scum will enter studio in march 2009 to record 12 tracks for the forthcoming CD. Find the track at the "downloads" section or at our MySpace page.

    Check out our "Online Shop" for merchandise stuff! Jackets, shirts, girlies, caps, strings, stickers... and some new stuff has just arrived. Also lot of other merchandise is available! For more details or orders check out our new online shop now! We accect PayPal and credit cards as well.
    Related Links:

    Phone: +43 650 6605507
    Fax: +43 6562 4179

    On May 8th / May 11th Metal Blade Records starts a devastating Death Metal attack by releasing the new albums of LAY DOWN ROTTEN and VOMITORY!

    It's up to you to wait until then or to get your dose of fresh meat already NOW! The only thing you have to do before you get wrecked is heading over to! There you will be able to pre-listen to five tracks each off 'Gospel Of The Wretched' and 'Carnage Euphoria'! >MORE<

    Swedish Death Metal supertalents AS YOU DROWN have announced 'Reflection' as the title of their upcoming debut album to be released July, 3rd / 6th in Europe.

    AS YOU DROWN was formed in Borås, Sweden in the winter of 2003/2004 when the average age of the band was only 17 years. Without a doubt the future belongs to AS YOU DROWN! >MORE<

    This coming fall AMON AMARTH will be heading to some unexplored territories. The Vikings will start with a Scandinavian tour, then a UK/Ireland tour, followed by a South Western tour of Europe. >MORE<

    American Godfathers of Death Metal CANNIBAL CORPSE have just announced the dates for their 'European Plague Tour' to take place in the fall.

    Direct support comes from American Death Metallers Dying Fetus. On the mainland the package will be completed by Evocation and Obscura while Trigger The Bloodshed and Annotations Of An Autopsy will support the bands in the UK. >MORE<

    German extreme metal outfit NEAERA will release their upcoming album 'Omnicide – Creation Unleashed' not only as a jewelcase CD, but also as a limited Deluxe Digipak including a cover version of the CROWBAR song 'The Lasting Dose' and a bonus DVD containing a band documentary with a playing time of approximately 60 minutes. >MORE<

    In honor of thrashing death anti-heroes THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, Metal Blade Records has selected a handful of websites to premier exclusive clips taken from the band's upcoming DVD, ‘Majesty’, out this May. Our friends over at Revolver Magazine were cool enough to kick things off so make sure to check out the first clip viewable exclusively on >MORE<

    Jacksonville, FL hardcore act EVERGREEN TERRACE is pleased to announce 'Almost Home' as the title of their upcoming release and follow up to 2007's 'Wolfbiker'. The band is now geared up to enter Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, FL with Jason Suecof (Trivium, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, JOB FOR A COWBOY) who will be recording vocals and handling mixing with the rest of the recording taking place with Stan Martell at Martell Studios in Kingsland, GA. 'Almost Home' is set for a September release. >MORE<

    Other headlines:

    New Press Quotes:
    GOD DETHRONED - 'Passiondale'
    "…nothing less that one of the strongest efforts on the part of the band thus far but also one of the best Blackened Thrash/Death Metal albums that have been released in recent years. […] Is this the birth of a true classic? I believe that the answer to that question is a resounding 'yes'!" -
    "If all those modern (death)-metalcore bands makes you wanna puke, check this out, this is the real thing." -
    POWERWOLF - 'Bible Of The Beast'
    "These five Germans are natural-born entertainers and 'Bible of the Beast' is an album capable of providing exactly that – entertainment! […] Crack up the volume, lads – it’s party time!" -
    "More bombast, […] more power, more dramatically parts, more choirs, more Powerwolf." -

    New Downloads:


    ANTHRAX will hit the road in Europe this summer with a series of festivals and headline dates as a precursor to the band's forthcoming new studio album, "Worship Music". The European dates kick off in Estonia on June 13 and continue into August, with the band returning to the U.S. for their July 9 headline appearance on the opening night of the Rocklahoma festival in Pryor, Oklahoma.

    DyNAbyte debut album “Extreme Mental Piercing" has been released under
    the Creative Commons License on Jamendo (, the
    community of free, legal and unlimited music published under CC

    It’s now free to download and share from this address:

    More info about the license here:

    Piazza Campopisano, 9 - 16128 Genova - Italy
    HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS is pleased to announce the signing of Midwest thrash metal maniacs VINDICATOR. As one of the frontrunners of what has come to be known as the "New Wave Of Thrash", Ohio based VINDICATOR laid the framework for the band during Summer of 2005 as long time friends Marshall Law and brothers Vic and Jesse Stown came together with a singular vision, drawing influences ranging from first-wave Bay Area and Teutonic thrash to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

    Following the self-release of the band's debut full-length album "There Will Be Blood” in 2008, VINDICATOR spent the next year gigging nationally in support of the album with such bands as Raven, Overkill, M.O.D., Hirax, Destruction, Exodus, and Kreator, Exmortus and many others. With the addition of lead shredder Mikey B. Lial, Vindicator once again hit the studio in late 2008 to record tracks for a split release with 80's German cult metal legends Metal Witch.  Showing the true realized power of Vindicator, the new tracks hint at what can be expected from their upcoming sophomore full-length album on Heavy Artillery Records, tentatively scheduled for early 2010. 
    Following their first two self-financed tours in 2008, VINDICATOR are back on the road for the Nationwide Ruination Tour, which includes a stop at the Thrasho De Mayo Festival on Friday, May 1st in Los Angeles. See the label’s myspace profile for a full list of dates and venues.Listen to VINDICATOR at    

    WITCHMASTER Trucizna

    Format:  jewelcase CD; limited edition (300 copies) 12\" gatefold LP

    After 5 years of silence they are back with their 4th studio album. 8 songs of decadence, hate and insanity including cover of Sepultura. Old School black thrashing rocknroll madness.

    Samples: ; 

    Order the CD: HERE ; Order the LP: HERE

    INFERNAL WAR Conflagrator

    Format:  digipack MCD; limited edition (500 copies) 12\"MLP with A2 poster

    5 new anthems of intolerance, warfear and annihilation. 25 minutes of high quality bestial supremacy. Limited edition CD available via Agonia Records exclusivelly (includes sticker and exclusive pin).


    Order the regular CD: HERE; Order the limited CD: HERE; Order the LP: HERE

    DEAD MANS HAND The Combination

    Format:  jewelcase CD

    Debut album from this ferocious thrash metal act hailing from Norway. Their debut album keep your fists up and head baning from the first to the last moment of the albums lenght!


    Order the  CD: HERE;

    coming out next:


    IMPIETY Terroreign

    Format:  CD; Gatefold 12\"LP

    New album! 8 new bestial tracks + intro and outro by Holocaust Vengeance of Beherit exclusivelly. Guitars by Rangel Arroyo of Abhorrence. High quality digipack CD with spot UV, 24 pages booklet and more.


    Order the CD: HERE

    Order the LIMITED CD: HERE

    Order the 12\" gatefold LP (BLACK VINYL - limited to 400 copies): HERE

    Order the 12\" gatefold LP (WHITE VINYL - limited to 100 copies): HERE

    Order the 12\" gatefold LP (PICTURE DISC - limited to 250 copies): HERE

    AZARATH Praise the Beast

    Format:  CD / limited CD / 12\"LP

    New album! One of the best Death Metal band coming out of Poland. Features Inferno of Behemoth on drums and ex-Damnation and Hell-Born members.

    Order the  black vinyl: HERE ; Order the red vinyl: HERE


    Order the CD: HERE

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    Order the 12\" LP (BLACK VINYL - limited to 500 copies): HERE



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    Mindead are on the road in Southern Germany Tour to promote the current album, "Abandon All Hope" together with Apron, Ear-Shot and May The Silence Fail, they deliver a unique modern Metal package! Presented by and BleedingNose.deTermine/Dates:02.05.2009 Bietigheim - Farbstrasse - w/Apron/MTSF08.05.2009

    02.05.2009 Bietigheim - Farbstrasse - w/Apron/MTSF

    08.05.2009 Stuttgart - Universum - w/MTSF/Ear-Shot/Apron

    09.05.2009 Aalen - Rock It! - w/MTSF/Ear-Shot/Apron

    14.05.2009 München - Sunny Red - w/Apron

    16.05.2009 Regensburg - Boiler Room - w/Apron

    26.06.2009 Reutlingen - Zelle - w/MTSF


    Swedish melodic death metal masters Dark Tranquillity will re-release their classic albums “Projector,” “Haven” and “Damage Done” in a slipcase packaging with bonus material, as well as the rarities compilation “Yesterworlds,” on May 25, 2009 in Europe via Century Media Records. All releases are available at a fan-friendly price and also feature extensive liner notes as well as new layouts and designs by guitarist Niklas Sundin. As a very exclusive bonus the three album reissues also contain one song each from the band’s upcoming new DVD “Where Death Is Most Alive” due later this year. The band comments as follows:“We're happy to announce that 'Projector' (1999), 'Haven' (2000) and 'Damage Done' (2002) will be re-issued with additional bonus content. As with the 'Fiction' re-issue of last year, these new editions feature all the material that was recorded during the respective studio sessions, giving the listener the full experience of what was put on tape at the time."In addition, we're releasing a limited edition album entitled 'Yesterworlds,' featuring the 'Trail Of Life Decayed' demo (1991) and the 'A Moonclad Reflection' 7" EP (1992)."The real gem, however, is that the master tape of an old promo recording that was made in March 1994 and only sent out to a handful of tape trading contacts and record labels. This is the first D.T. studio recording with Mikael Stanne on vocals and Fredrik Johansson on guitar, and it features 'Punish My Heaven,' 'The Gallery' and 'Away, Delight, Away.' Also, 'Yesterworlds' features a version of 'Punish My Heaven' taken from the semi-legendary 'W.A.R. Compilation Vol. 1' album, originally released on Wrong Again Records in 1994. This is the first recording we made in Studio Fredman, and the song itself is a bit faster and less controlled than the album version found on 'The Gallery.'"These new versions feature brand new layouts and extensive liner notes from the band members.
  • Austrian Death Machine has issued the following announcement about looking for a fan to appear on their upcoming album:"I was just searching the web for all things Arnold like I often do, and I came up with an idea based on these videos I posted below. I'd love to see some people submit their impersonations with links to videos or audio recording. Whoever has the best impersonation can do a track with me on the new Austrian Death Machine record I'm working on right now. To be honest, I don't think anyone out there can do a better impersonation than Josh Robert Thompson, so don't compare yourself to him. Just do the best you can and have fun... I mean brutal fun of course!"--
  • Sonata Arctica guitarist Elias Viljanen has announced that he will be releasing a new as-yet-untitled solo album through Spinefarm Records later this year. Marco Hietala of Nightwish and Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica will also make guest appearances on the album.
    Sweden's Death Breath has issued the following update about working on a new album:"We have added 10 songs to the player. Now there is someting from every release up there for your pleasure!"I’m touring with my other band at the moment, that’s why there have been few updates here. I will answer questions in the guestbook when possible."There is a new Death Breath album coming out. When? Wait and see!" --
  • Swedish black metal band Rev 16:8 are currently streaming the new song "Born From The Womb Of Chaos" on their MySpace page. The track is from their upcoming album "Grand Tidal Rave," which will be released on June 28th through Temple Of Darkness Records.
    Raunchy has posted a music video online for the track "Warriors," which comes from their "Wasteland Discotheque" album. The video can be viewed below.
    Lawnmower Deth has issued the following announcement about a warm up show with Gama Bomb, Virus, and Metal Messiah:"As some of you keen eyed thrash fans have noticed, we are indeed doing a warm up gig on Friday 5th June at the Pitz in Milton Keynes."Joining us to headline the night will be new thrash masters Gama Bomb which we are well chuffed about (thanks lads.. looking forward to it) Also chuffed with the fact that our old buddies from the 80'/90' Virus will also be playing."And to kick the evening off are yet another bunch of UK thrashers from times of old.. Metal Messiah "We can't wait !.. back to the Pitz, home of much fishdancing in days gone by. Tickets can be bought here."--
  • Manowar has announced that they will be headlining the Provinssirock festival in Finland on June 13th.The band's other confirmed festival appearances are as follows:6/21 – Clisson, France – Hellfest
    6/27 – Zaragoza, Spain - Metalway Festival7/5 – Bucharest, Romania – B’estfest Aftershock
    7/10 – Kvinesdal, Norway – Norway Rock
    7/18 – Loreley, Germany – Magic Circle Festival --
  • Brooklyn's Goes Cube will release their full-length debut, "Another Day Has Passed," on May 12th via The End Records. The band has announced the following US tour dates in support of the album:05/14 Thu @ The Studio at Webster Hall - New York, NY (RECORD RELEASE SHOW) *
    05/15 Fri @ The Red and The Black - Washinton, DC **
    05/17 Sun @ Nara Sushi - Richmond, VA
    05/18 Mon @ Jack Sprat - Chapel Hill, NC
    05/19 Tue @ Slim's Downtown - Raleigh, NC
    05/20 Wed @ The Whig - Columbia, SC
    05/21 Thu @ The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
    05/22 Fri @ TBA - Nashville, TN
    05/23 Sat @ The Firebird - St Louis, MO
    05/24 Sun @ TBA - Kansas City, MO
    05/26 Tue @ Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO
    05/27 Wed @ Knickerbockers - Lincoln, NE
    05/28 Thu @ The Picador - Iowa City, IA
    05/29 Fri @ Earthdiver Collective - Oshkosh, WI
    05/30 Sat @ Underground Lounge - Chicago, IL
    05/31 Sun @ Double OO Pub - Redford, MI
    06/01 Mon @ Howlers Coyote Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
    06/02 Tue @ The Talking Head Club - Baltimore, MD
    06/03 Wed @ TBA - Asbury Park, NJ
    06/04 Thu @ The Oasis - New London, CT* w/ Jones Street Station, The Austerity Program, Constants, and Red Beard
    ** w/ Constants--
  • Los Angeles, CA’s Abysmal Dawn has announced more dates leading up to and concluding the “Conquer & Curse Tour 2009” dates. Abysmal Dawn will join Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky and Abigail Williams in mid-June for a run of dates in the eastern U.S. to meet up with Goatwhore and Daath for the “Conquer & Curse” tour followed by a string of dates home to Los Angeles, CA.
    New Jersey pirate metal band, SWASHBUCKLE, has posted a brand new song from their upcoming Nuclear Blast debut "Back To The Noose." The song, "Cruise Ship Terror," is available for free streaming on the bands MySpace page. The release date of "Back To The Noose" has moved from July 30th to July 24th.In other news the band recently shot a video for "Cruise Ship Terror," which will be made available online soon.--
  • Irish folk metal band, Waylander, has issued the following statement welcoming their new guitarist, Hugh O'Neill:“We are very pleased to announce that Hugh O'Neill has come through his trial period with flying colours and will be playing guitar with us on a permanent basis. He has impressed us greatly with his undoubted talent, not to mention his extensive knowledge of Irish Folk music. May his stay be long and fruitful.”--
  • Master has signed to Pulverised Records. A&R Manager of Pulverised Records, Calvin, comments on the signing"MASTER was and is still truly an influential band and I would daringly assumed that a lot of the early Extreme Metal bands were somehow influenced by MASTER, but was probably never open and admitted widely. Paul Speckmann was really enthusiatic to join the Pulverised family and furthermore, very easy to work with. There were so many things that we have discussed and were definitely on the same page, so an album deal was struck in no time. We hope that with our support on the upcoming new album, it will be MASTER's most devastating and crushing album yet!"
    Static-X will be hammering out their heaviest, most flammable work to date as they start their trek of major European festivals June 12th in Tallinn, Estonia. Just coming off the coattails of headlining 2009’s Snocore US run, this European metal journey is in support of their new release "CULT OF STATIC," on Reprise Records.Static-X European tour dates are as follows:

    06/12 - Tallinn - Rabarock Festival
    06/13 - UK - Download Festival
    06/14 - Glasgow - - Cathouse
    06/15 - Belfast - Limelight
    06/16 - Dublin - Academy
    06/18 – Sheffield - Corporation
    06/19 - London - Islington Academy
    06/21 - Austria - Nova Rock
    06/22 - Zurich - Abart
    06/23 - Munich - 59:1
    06/25 - Koln - Underground
    06/26 – Belgium - Grasspop
    06/27 – Bielefeld - Serengeti Open Air
    06/28 - Italy - Gods of Metal
    06/30 - Aschaffenberg - Colos Saal
    07/01 - Utrecht - Tivoli
    07/03 - Germany - WWF Festival
    07/04 - Czech Republic - Rock for People--
  • Nebraska metallers The Matador have signed to Imagine It Records for the release of their upcoming debut EP titled "Bad Day For a Snake." The EP is currently set for a June 6th release. The cover artwork can also be viewed here.
    Wisconsin progressive death/thrash metal band, Luna Mortis, has added the following off dates on their tour with Edguy and Epicurean:6/26: Fort Wayne, IN
    9/03: Louisville, KY
    9/04: Detroit, MI
    9/07: Rochester, NY
    9/10: Virginia Beach, VA
    9/14: Milwaukee, WI
    9/26: Reno, NV
    9/30: Mesa, AZ
    10/1: Las Vegas, NV--
  • WINDS OF PLAGUE have now entered Sound Temple Studios in Ranch Cucamonga, CA with producer Daniel Castleman, who worked with the band on “Decimate the Weak,” to record “The Great Stone War.” WINDS OF PLAGUE is also part of the summer’s most extreme package tour, SUMMER SLAUGHTER, alongside Suffocation, Necrophagist, Darkest Hour and others. Vocalist Johnny Plague comments, “This week we lock ourselves inside Sound Temple Studios in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with the up and coming recording wizard Daniel Castleman. We will leave a month later drained and beat but with a new 12 track full length named The Great Stone War. This is the first time we have had to create an album from scratch so we took advantage of the situation and built a themed, well constructed album compared to Decimate The Weak which I feel was more of a collection of songs.” --
    St. Madness live 3-27-09 at "The Scottsdale Venue" opening for Flotsam & Jetsam.‏
    Greetings friends!!!  Here is the first video from the live concerts we played opening for Flotsam & Jetsam back on March 27th 2009 at "The Scottsdale Venue" in Scottsdale Arizona.  The song we are performing is our version of the great Pantera classic "WALK" in tribute to Dimebag Darrell.
    Hope you enjoy!!!
    Prophet/St. Madness


  • --
    US brutal death metal band, Septycal Gorge, has completed the songwriting of the new album. The band will be entering the studios soon for the recording session of their second full length album, titled “ERASE THE INSIGNIFICANT.” The album will be released via PERMEATED RECORDS in September.The “Erase the Insignificant” cover art can be seen here. The tracklisting will be as follows:1. Deformed Heretic Impalement
    2. Redneck Slanderous Mutation
    3. Aprioristic Discharge
    4. Forgotten Face Of Human Prism
    5. Lobotomia
    6. Psychotic Redemption
    7. Confronting The Dead
    8. Elegy For The Wretched
    9. Speeches Of Inadequacy--
  • AUGUST BURNS RED, the Lancaster, PA-based metal quintet who scratched and clawed their way to the top of the heap in 2008, are preparing to release their third full-length, "Constellations," via Solid State Records on July 14. After a month in the studio with lauded producer Jason Suecof (SEVENDUST, ALL THAT REMAINS, GOD FORBID, TRIVIUM)."We've been paying more attention to the dynamics of the songs," says guitarist and principle songwriter JB Brubaker of the new album. "We wanted the songs to breathe in certain places and explode in others." For anyone afraid that might mean AUGUST BURNS RED is mellowing out, Brubaker is quick to assuage fears: "I can say for sure that this record will definitely be as unrelenting as our previous ones, but at the same time it will also be more dynamically diverse." --
  • The legendary thrash metal band, ANTHRAX, will be hitting the road in Europe this summer with a series of festivals and headline dates. The dates serve as a precursor to the band's forthcoming new studio album, “Worship Music,” which will have a Fall worldwide release. The European dates kick off in Estonia on June 13 and continue into August, with the band returning to the U.S. for their July 9 headline appearance on the opening night of the Rocklahoma Festival in Pryor, OK.The band has been putting the finishing touches on "Worship Music," their first new studio album in six years. The album marks the studio debut of new singer Dan Nelson who joins longtime members Scott Ian (rhythm guitar), Frank Bello (bass), Charlie Benante (drums), and Rob Caggiano (lead guitar). A return to Anthrax's heaviest best, confirmed tracks include "Vampires," "Crawl," "The Devil You Know," "The Giant," "Fight 'em 'Til You Can't," and "Earth On Hell." The album was produced by Caggiano and Anthrax.--
  • Hardcore metal group Hatebreed has announced a headlining tour of the United States with Chimaira scheduled as the main support. The tour is entitled, "Decimation Of The Nation" and is in support of the bands new covers collection, "For The Lions."The tour dates are as follows:July 31 - Rochester, NY - Water Street
    August 2 - Traverse City, MI - The Terminal
    August 6 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Piere’s
    August 8 - Springfield, MO - Remmington’s
    August 10 - Ft. Collins, CO - Aggie Theater
    August 11 - Grand Junction, CO - Mesa Theater & Club
    August 13 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory
    August 14 - Sparks, NV - New Oasis
    August 15 - Chico, CA - Senator Theater
    August 16 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst
    August 17 - Ventura, CA - Majestic Ventura Theater
    August 18 - Pomona, CA - Glasshouse
    August 19 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theater
    August 21 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom
    August 22 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
    August 23 - Corpus Christ, TX - Concrete St. Amphitheater
    August 24 - Lafayette, LA - Grant Street Dancehall
    August 25 - Little Rock, AR - The Village
    August 26 - Jackson, MS - Fire
    August 27 - Knoxville, TN - Valarium
    August 28 - N. Myrtle, SC - House of Blues SC
    August 29 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
    August 30 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
    September 1 - Millvale, PA - Mr. Small’s Theater
    September 2 - Scranton, PA - Tink’s --
  • Swedish metallers Impious have issued the following update about preparing to record a new album:"We've been very busy the past couple of weeks writing and arranging our new songs, and they're all turning out pretty fucking sweet. This will without a doubt be the most brutal and diverse IMPIOUS album to date! It’s fast, it’s catchy, it’s heavy and it is extremely intense! We can’t wait for you guys to hear what we’ve created! During May we'll take our songs to the rehearsal room and jam out the last ideas and perfect our tunes before we start tracking June 1st!"The recording will take place in our very own Valle Adzic's Studio Deadline.This is the first album ever we'll produce and engineer by ourselves and we're pretty stoked about delivering this baby without any other people involved. This album will truly represent what the fuck IMPIOUS is all about!"We would also like to tell you that we’ve hired the awesome and wickedly talented artist Marcello Vasco to create one of the most sinister and malignant looking album covers ever! Marcello is extremely talented and we’re absolutely positive that everyone will crap their pants when they see what Marcello has created for us!--
  • Sweden's Sister Sin has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song on their MySpace page:"A rare opportunity as the song will only be availible for a short period of time at Myspace only and will not be officially released. 'Beat Em Down' serves as a tribute to Gothenburg boxing champ Ingemar 'Ingo' Johansson who passed away earlier this year."--
  • California philosophy based band Ana Kefr is currently streaming the new track "Takeover" online. The song can be heard on the band's MySpace page. "Takeover" comes from their upcoming album "Volume 1," which will be released on June 1st.--
  • German metal/metalcore band Maroon has announced a couple of live dates in Japan. Here's their latest itinerary:May 2, 2009 8:00P - Pacrock Festival Ponte-A-Celles (BE)
    May 9, 2009 8:00P - Live At Dot SLAUGHTER FEST Berlin
    Jun 6, 2009 8:00P - Club Orlandina (+KATAKLYSM) St. Petersburg (RU)
    Jun 7, 2009 8:00P - Club Tochka (+KATAKLYSM) Moscow (RU)
    Jun 20, 2009 10:00A - Summerblast Festival Trier
    Jun 22, 2009 8:00P - Stadthalle Chur (CH)
    Jun 27, 2009 8:00P - Mach 1 Festival (+TERROR, RAGE) Montabaur
    Jul 3, 2009 8:00P - With Full Force Festival (+DIMMU BORGIR, CARCASS, HATEBREED) Roitzschjora
    Jul 4, 2009 8:00P - Vainstream Rockfest (+PARKWAY DRIVE, DIMMU BORGIR) Münster
    Jul 11, 2009 8:00P - Horns Up Festival (+HOLY MOSES) Meckersheim
    Aug 7, 2009 8:00P - Sunrock Festival Knokke-Heist (BE)
    Aug 8, 2009 8:00P - Sucks’n’Summer Festival (+A.F., MADBALL) Leisnig
    Aug 21, 2009 8:00P - Rock Area Festival (+BOLT THROWER, ENDSTILLE) Loreley
    Aug 29, 2009 8:00P - BLOODAXE FESTIVAL Tokyo Club ASIA Tokyo (JP)
    Aug 30, 2009 8:00P - BLOODAXE FESTIVAL Osaka Sunhall Osaka (JP)
    Sep 18, 2009 8:00P - Metal Invasion Chapter III Ruhrstorf--
  • Chicago black metal band, Withering Soul, in conjunction with Pitch Black Productions has announced that Withering Soul will be canceling their May 2nd show in Mount Prospect, IL due to an injury to drummer, Marek. Marek’s injuries are only minor and he will return to his drum kit shortly.According to a press release, this is the first show the band has ever cancelled and Withering Soul wants their fans to know that they did not make this decision lightly and that all possible options were taken into consideration. Withering Soul has never canceled a show in the past and even finished a set back in August of 2008 alongside Finntroll (Finland) after an injury that occurred on stage at Mokena’s Pearl Room. This prior injury was not the fault of the management or staff of The Pearl Room.--
  • On May 7, you'll be able to download Chimaira's "On Broken Glass" track for Guitar Hero: World Tour for free. The song is off the band's newly released album, "The Infection."In related band news, their first video from "The Infection" will be "Destroy And Dominate," which will premiere on May 5.--
  • NY hardcore outfit, H2O, has posted the title track from their new record, "Nothing To Prove," on their MySpace page, which features Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and Danny Diablo of Skarhead as guest appearances.--
  • Ukraine's DRUDKH will release their new album, "Microcosmos," on June 22nd in Europe and on July 14th in the USA. The artwork can be seen here. The tracklisting for "Microcosmos" is as follows:1. Days That Passed
    2. Distant Cries Of Cranes
    3. Decadence
    4. Ars Poetica
    5. Everything Unsaid Before
    6. Widow's Grief--
  • Australian metal band, DESTROYER 666, has titled their fourth album "Defiance" and will be released in Europe on June 22nd and in the USA on July 14th. The band has revealed the album's artwork and tracklisting. The tracklisting is as follows:1. Weapons of Conquest
    2. I am not Deceived
    3. Blood for Blood
    4. The Barricades are breaking
    5. A Stand Defiant
    6. A Path to Conflict
    7. A Thousand Plagues
    8. Human all too Human
    9. A Sermon to the Dead --
  • Portugal metal band, Ava Inferi, has revealed their new album, "Blood of Bacchus," artwork online. The album will be released on May 25th in europe US July 14th through Season of Mist.The tracklisting for "Blood of Bacchus" is as follows:1. Truce
    2. Last Sign of Summer
    3. Colours of the Dark
    4. Black Wings
    5. Appeler les loups
    6. Be Damned
    7. Tempestade
    8. Blood of Bacchus
    9. Memoirs--
  • In the world of extreme music, Norway's Enslaved have always been a force to be reckoned with - and one that will not rest on its laurels: After almost two decades in the game, Enslaved have developed and widened their scope of pure dark music, incorporating progressive and atmospheric structures in their brand of Black Metal, giving Pink Floyd a make-over in hell, if you will.To achieve this sound between depth and brutality, Ivar Bjørnson (guitar), Grutle Kjellson (bass) and Ice Dale (guitars) have been using Gibsons for a long time - so long in fact, that’s it’s time to make this partnership official.Comments the band:"For any youngster, Gibson is a name held in great reverence; from the point you decide to become a guitarist onwards. When we saw Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Euronymous or Slash making magic happen on their Gibsons, there was no turning back: it had to be a Gibson."Sure, you could catch us red-handed buying a pair of Levi’s lookalikes to save a buck, but with the guitars and basses there’s no question. We are where we dreamed of being back then, we’re recording albums and travelling the world to play live."Loyalty surely paid off; now we have been admitted into the exclusive tribe of Gibson endorsed artists. The guitar work and sound is one of Enslaved’s most distinctive features – it can only sound like that with Gibson, as simple as that.”Enslaved’s latest opus, “Vertebrae,” was released in September 2008, the band is currently preparing for the festival season and an US tour with Opeth.--
  • U.K. folk metallers Skyclad have issued the following update about upcoming tour dates:"Just a note to say that we are awakening from our hibination to start doing some gigs in support of the new album, 'In The... All Together'. First up, we have a 'warm-up' gig at Langley Park, Durham on Sunday May 2. This is a charity gig and for those who are making the trip I said I would post the post code for the old Sat Nav (it is Front Street, Langley Park, DURHAM, DH7 9SG as far as I can guess). I've posted this info on the events page and hopefully we'll meet up there and share a jar and a chat for the forthcoming year."The band's currently confirmed live dates are as follows:5/3 Langley Park Live Langley Park, Durham, Northeast7/10 Spratton Folk Festival Spratton
    7/18 Dong Open Air Neukirchen-Vluyn, DE 11/21 Pounding Metal - Wimp Reaper Festival Live Factory Adelsheim--
  • New Jersey's Autumn Hour have posted a new music video online for the song "Fade Out," which can be viewed below. The song comes from their upcoming album "Dethroned," which will be released on May 5th.
    Vancouver's A Textbook Tragedy have released a new track, entitled "White Lightning," from their forthcoming E.P. "Rain City State Of Mind" on their MySpace page. "Rain City..." solidifies the band's reputation as a technically inclined force while adding a much more trashy and fun feel to these new songs. Guitarist and vocalist Kai Turmann goes on to add "'s our best work to date, we're so stoked!"--
  • Karnivool have released the first taste of new music of their upcoming sophomore album. A new song entitled "Set Fire To The Hive" can be heard on the band's Myspace. The track appears on the band's upcoming new album, "Sound Awake".--
  • “Razor,” the new album from Dutch blackened thrash/death metal band, ONHEIL, is set to be released on the 15th of May. This will be the first effort in 6 years will be released worldwide by German metal label Cyclone Empire.The album has been recorded in the Final Focus Studios and has been produced by Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES, BRUTUS) and Yuma van Eekelen (THE NEW DOMINION, BRUTUS). It are the first songs that are recorded in the new line-up, that was started in 2007, featuring two leadvocalists and three guitarists. Onheil's unique musicstyle is often referred to as “Black Metal Iron Maiden.” --
  • Ascendance Records has posted the following statement regarding the new album "The Clouds of Northland Thunder" from AMBERIAN DAWN:"Ascendance is proud to announce the release date of the 29th June for the new album "The Clouds of Northland Thunder" from the Finnish metal sensation Amberian Dawn!"The Clouds of Northland Thunder" sees the band taking a slightly more aggressive approach in terms of speed, but never forgetting the strong choruses and hook lines integral to the overall sound. The musicality is taken up another notch, with all musicians at the top of their craft. The band's live performances have proved that the band are more than able to hold their own against the biggest names in the scene, with Heidi Parviainen flawless soprano singing proving her to be amongst the most accomplished vocalists out there.Keyboard / guitar player Tuomas Seppälä is the musical composer and vocalist Heidi Parviainen adds the finishing touch to the songs with her lyrics. Kasperi Heikkinen plays second guitar, Tommi Kuri bass and Joonas Pykälä-aho is on the drums. Emil Pohjalainen joined Amberian Dawn on guitar after this album was recorded.This is a great album from a confident band playing at the top of their game and one sure to build on the success of the début in every respect. With shows already booked for the Sweden Rocks and Belgium's MFVF festival with much more on the way, 2009 will see the band rising ever upwards."--
  • Mastodon has announced the following UK headlining tour dates: 06/05 - Sheffield @ Corporation
    06/06 – Manchester @ Academy 2
    06/07 – Glasgow @ ABC
    06/09 – London @ Islington Academy
  • The Bloodstock Open Air webpage has posted the folliwng announcement:"The Bloodstock team are delighted to announce that industrial metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY have been added to the bill for Bloodstock Open Air 2009.Returning axeman Dino Cazares joins vocalist Burton C. Bell, bassist Byron Stroud and drum legend Gene Hoglan for a bulldozing Bloodstock performance!"This addition to the bill will add to the following acts that are already scheduled to play at the festival:AMON AMARTH, APOCALYPTICA, ARCH ENEMY, BATTLELORE, BLIND GUARDIAN, CANDLEMASS, CARCASS, CRADLE OF FILTH, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, ENSLAVED, EQUILIBRIUM, EUROPE, FEAR FACTORY, GIRLSCHOOL, GWAR, KATATONIA, KREATOR, MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD, MOONSPELL, MUNICIPAL WASTE, SATYRICON, SAXON, TURISAS, THE HAUNTED, SABATON more to be announced.To view more details about the festival, visit the official Bloodstock Open Air Festival website here--
  • Panoptic Records is proud to announce the signing of Montreal battalion WARCALL. The quartet plays a mixture of death-black and thrash metal in the style of DISSECTION, AT THE GATES and ENSIFERUM. The outfits’ debut album, "Demonarchy," presents 11 songs of pure war metal that will rally the troops with its epic leads, striking vocals and enthralling rhythms.--
  • Georgia's The Chariot has posted a new song, "Giveth," on their MySpace page. The song is off their album "Wars and Rumors of Wars," which will be released on May 5th through Solid State Records. The band has also posted the music video for "Daggers" on their MySpace page.
  • PRIMAL FEAR have scheduled the following summer dates in support of the forthcoming release of the new album “16.6. (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead):"06/13 – Mainz, Germany – Festival
    06/27 – Zaragoza, Spain - Metalway Festival
    07/18 - Debant, Austria - Night Of Rock
    07/25 – Ostrava, Czech Rep. - Unholy Festival
    08/05 - Mexico City, Mexico
    08/07 - Santiago, Chile
    08/08 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
    08/09 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
    08/20 - Bucharest, Romania - Rock City Festival
    09/07 - St. Paul, MN, USA
    09/08 - Los Angeles CA, USA
    09/09 - Springfield VA, USA
    09/10 – Atlanta, GA, USA - ProgPower X Festival
    09/12 – New York NY USA
    09/13 – Montreal, QUE Canada - Montreal
    09/26 – Dudley, UK Metalfest - JBs PRIMAL FEAR's new album, "16.6. (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)", will be released in Europe on May 22, Japan on May 29 (on King Records) and in the U.S. on June 9 via Frontiers Records.--
  • Bay Area Thrash Legends TESTAMENT has announced a METAL HAMMER-sponsored UK tour, hot off the heels of their support stint with Judas Priest and exclusive show in London where the band played their first two albums in their entirety.

    Guitarists Alex Skolnik and Eric Peterson are looking forward to the band’s return. Says Alex: “It was so nice to hear that we have a whole week of July dates in the UK, one of our favourite places with some of the best fans. In earlier years, with the exception of London, we somehow never had the opportunity to do proper tours of the region. Now, it feels we're experiencing a rebirth there and it's good to be able to make up for lost time. Looking forward to a week of great shows in the UK with good friends, witty humor and lots of curries, ales and pasties.”
    Relapse Records has issued the following announcement about signing down temp black metallers Culted:"Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Culted.Culted (Michael Klassen, Matthew Friesen, Kevin Stevenson and Daniel Jansson (KEPLERS ODD, DEADWOOD)) have recently completed work their debut album, Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep, which will see its international release this July. Demo tracks taken from Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep, “Social Control” and a sample of “Gunburn”, can be heard online now via the Culted MySpace page."Culted formed two years ago via an internet friendship between musicians with shared interests in bands like KHANATE, SUNN 0))), and ELECTRIC WIZARD. A truly collaborative effort across international lines, CULTED vocalist Daniel Jansson lives in Gothenburg, Sweden while the rest of the band resides across rural Canada. Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep was written with out all four members ever having been in the same room nor ever spoken in real time."Jansson also commented on the new project:“I really wanted to get back into metal again after only doing Industrial music for about two years, and the initial guitar tracks just blew me away. I really heard a will to experiment and create some really dark oppressive tunes."--
  • Finnish metallers Evemaster have issued the following recording update:"Hey hey!"A small update from EVE-camp."Last weekend me and Jarno went to Drop Hammer studios again and reamped the guitars I had played for the album at my own Barrow Studio. Check here for more information. I will be making another episode for the video diary about the guitar recording and re-amping soon."In the meantime enjoy the newest episode with lots of BASSism. This is Ville (from Moonsorrow) Show (can be viewed below). I also added a bit better sounding sound clip at the end of the video. Enjoy and comment!"Now everything else except synths are recorded for the album. I will transfer the material to Dan (swanö) for mixing and mastering (and for adding some clean vocal lines by The Master himself!) in mid-May. Seems that the album will be done after all... Yeah!--
  • Finnish band Amoral is currently streaming the entire new album "Show Your Colors" online. The songs can be heard on the band's MySpace page. "Show Your Colors" is set to be released on May 6th in Finland, May 11th in the UK, and June 9th in North America.
  • Metal Mind Productions has issued the following update about death metallers Hate releasing a live album:"Metal Mind Productions presents Hate - a death metal band with blackened death metal and industrial metal influences. The band, created in 1990, has a cult status on Polish death metal scene and is one of the most outstanding artists of the extreme music of today."The Litanies of Satan is their live album featuring a recording of a supreme death metal performance from February 2004. The tracklist contains mainly songs from their album 'Awakening of the Liar' plus some older, classic compositions. Metal Mind Production will release the album on 8th June in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD). Digipak edition is limited to 1000 copies."The track listing for the album will be as follows:1. Hex
    2. Immolate The Pope
    3. The Shroud
    4. The Scrolls
    5 Anti-God Extremity
    6. Demigod
    7. Close To The Nephilim
    8. The Sin Becomes
    9. The Kill
    10. Postmortem
    11. Awakening Of The Liar
    12. Spirit Of Gospa
    13. Flagellation
    14. No Life After Death
    15. Sectarian Murder--
  • Indie Recordings has issued the following announcement about signing Norwegian band Solefald:"Indie Recordings is proud to announce the signing of SOLEFALD."The Norwegian avant-garde act was formed by Lars Are ‘Lazare’ Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelln in August 1995. Lazare on vocals, keyboard/synthesizer/piano and drums, and Cornelius on vocals, guitar and bass.
    After 6 albums, they are now ready to release their 7th through Indie Recordings. Date yet to be announced Already from the get go in 1995, it was already quite evident that the band had an experimental edge, incorporating Lazare's choir like clean vocals and lush piano passages into the heavy and intense black metal formula. "Solefald is a rare breed of band that is able to successfully fuse two opposing feelings of music; beauty and ambiance, as well as intensity and rage.
    Indie Recordings is very happy to have the excellence of Solefald in our family."--
  • --
    German doom metal band, Ahab, has announced the release dates for their upcoming album, "The Divinity Of Oceans." The dates are as follows:July 22nd: Spain and Finland
    July 24th: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Sweden
    July 27th: Rest Of Europe
    July 28th: Canada and USAThe album will be released via Napalm Records.--
  • U.K. black metallers, Code, have uploaded the song "In The Privacy Of Your Own Bones" from their upcoming album, "Resplendent Grotesque," on their official MySpace page.

    Nine Inch Nails has announced a number of new European festival appearances for this summer:24 June 2009: Prague, Czech Republic [02 Arena] - pre sale 27 April, on sale 04 May
    26 June 2009: Milan, Italy [idroscalo] - pre sale/on sale TBA
    05 July 2009: Werchter, Belgium [Rock Werchter] - on sale now
    18 July 2009: Istanbul, Turkey [Rock N Coke Festival] - pre sale/on sale TBA
    24 July 2009: Budapest, Hungary [Syma Sport and Event Centre] - On sale now
    25 July 2009: Targu Mures, Romania [Peninsula Festival] - On sale: TBA
    28 July 2009: Nimes, France [Festival de Nimes] - On sale 28 April
    31 July 2009: Paredes de Coura, Portugal [Paredes de Coura Festival] - On sale now--
  • Brooklyn quintet Hull are offering an MP3 of the track "Architect" as a free download here.The song is the ninth track on the band's full-length debut album "Sole Lord," which will see a May 26th release via The End Records. The album was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. The track listing for the album is as follows:1. Innocence
    2. Transition
    3. Immortal
    4. Deliverance
    5. Wrath Of The Sands
    6. Wanderer
    7. Healer
    8. Aesthetic
    9. Architect
    10. Vessel --
  • Sweden's Disfear have announced the following upcoming European tour dates:5/7 - Stockholm, Sweden - Kafé 44
    5/20 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
    5/21 - Odense, Denmark - Kansas City
    5/22 - Kolding, Denmark - Godset
    5/23 - Aalborg, Denmark - 1000Fryd6/13 - Punk Illegal Fest - Munkedal, Sweden7/15 - Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
    7/16 - Rosswein, Germany - Juha
    7/17 - Svojsice, Czech Republic – Obscene Extreme Festival
    7/18 - Piaseczno, Poland – Open Hardcore Fest
    7/19 - Gdynia, Poland – Ucho--
  • American death metal legends Cannibal Corpse has announced a headlining run of Europe for this Autumn. Dying Fetus will support the band on all dates with Trigger The Bloodshed and Annotations Of An Autopsy as additional support in Great Britain while Evocation and Obscura as additional support in mainland Europe.The tour dates are as follows:October 2 - Oberhausen, Germany - Death Feast Ultimate
    October 3 - Lichtenfels, Germany - Way Of Darkness Festival
    October 4 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
    October 5 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage
    October 6 - Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob
    October 7 - Paris, France - La Locomotive
    October 9 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz 2
    October 10 - Madrid, Spain - Heineken
    October 11 - Bilbao, Spain - Rock Star
    October 12 - Lyon, France - Transbordeur
    October 13 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
    October 14 - Rome, Italy - Alpheus

    October 16 - Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205
    October 17 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Principal Club Theatre
    October 18 - Belgrade, Serbia - SKC
    October 19 - Bratislava, Slovakia - DK Dubravka
    October 20 - Cracow, Poland - Studio
    October 21 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
    October 23 - München, Germany - Backstage
    October 24 - Linz, Austria - Posthof
    October 25 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfabrik
    October 26 - Dordrecht, Netherlands - Bibelot
    October 27 - Zwolle, Netherlands - Hedon
    October 28 - Colchester, England - Arts Centre
    October 29 - London, England - Koko
    October 30 - Sheffield, England - Corporation
    October 31 - Glasgow, Scotland - ABC
    November 1 - Leamington, England Spa - Assembly--
  • Metal Blade Records has issued the following update about the upcoming album from Evergreen Terrace:"Jacksonville, FL hardcore act Evergreen Terrace is pleased to announce 'Almost Home' as the title of their upcoming release and follow up to 2007's Wolfbiker. The band is now geared up to enter Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, FL with Jason Suecof (Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Job for a Cowboy) who will be recording vocals and handling mixing with the rest of the recording taking place with Stan Martell at Martell Studios in Kingsland, GA. Almost Home is set for a September release."Here's what guitarist Josh James has to say: 'Crunch time has now approached us, with just 1 week before we go into the studio. As always, we've given a lot and gone through even more during this writing period. From a member of the band leaving to a death in the family: we have accepted the changes that have come and gone in our lives and it all shows in this next batch of songs. I think this record will surprise the new listeners as well as have the old ones stoked. I'd say its best described as a good mixture of Burned Alive by Time and Wolfbiker, but of course, like every band says, ‘it's the best record we've done yet!' If you already hate our band then chances are you'll hate this record, if you already love our band then be prepared to have a new favorite ET record. Regardless, we're stoked.'"Musically, EVERGREEN TERRACE takes cues from no other. The band transitions effortlessly from fast, powerful heavy hardcore to melodic punk rock. This has allowed them to tour with a diverse group since their start in late 1999 including As I Lay Dying, Strung Out, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Hatebreed, Thursday, Gwar and a spot on the coveted Vans Warped Tour (2008) where the band played with Against Me!, All That Remains, Angels and Airwaves, Cobra Starship, Reel Big Fish, Rise Against, A Day To Remember, and many more."--
  • Anaal Nathrakh has announced that their upcoming album "In The Constellation Of The Black Widow" will be released on June 29th through Candlelight Records. The band is currently streaming the two tracks "More Of Fire Than Blood" and "The Lucifer Effect" online. The songs can be heard on the band's MySpace page.

    UK black metal band Primitive Graven Image has issued the following statement about posting a live video clip online, which can be viewed below:"Hey people,"I've put up a live versions of 'The Godless Chambers', the first track from our upcoming album 'Celebrating Impending Chaos'. Its taken from our gig at Winterfest in Cork, Ireland. Expect more footage soon!"--
  • Starofash recently produce the soundtrack for the Irish film "Ulterior." A video clip from the movie featuring the song "Sophie's Theme" has been posted online, which can be viewed below. Starofash also issued the following statement about the video:"Starofash would like to share the music video for Ulterior with you. This is the main theme, and appropriately named 'Sophie’s theme.' Sophie is the main character in the movie, played by actress Marlene Marleaux, and it is her journey we follow throughout the film. This is no music video in the traditional sense, as director Jason Mehlhorn has used footage from the movie to illustrate the song." --
  • Ihshan has posted a video clip of the performance of the song "Scarab" at a show in Oslo, Norway, which can be viewed below. Mnemosyne Productions has issued the following statement about the video clip:"From the first ever Ihsahn live show, we would now like to share the song “Scarab” from angL with you. Ihsahn is using a young and very talented band, Leprous, from our hometown as backing band. This is footage taken with our own camera. It was placed on top of a box behind the sound area, a box that did not particularly like the sound waves of the bass drum, so that is why it is a bit 'shaky' at times. Apart from that it turned out okay."--
    Volbeat Posts "We" Music Video Online
    The Black Dahlia Murder Posts "Majesty" Trailer
    Dark Tranquility To Re-Issue Old Albums In May
    The Project Hate has announced that their upcoming album "The Lustrate Process" will be released on July 6th through Vic Records. The album cover artwork can be viewed here.The track listing for "The Lustrate Process" will be as follows:1. Descend into the pits of eternal possession
    2. You come to me through hell
    3. See the filth become flames in this furnace
    4. Our wrath will rain down from the sky
    5. The locust principles
    6. Arise to His world of infamy
    7. The burial of gods--
    Dutch death metallers Supreme Pain are currently streaming online the title track from their most recent album "Nemesis Enforcer." The song can be heard on the band's MySpace page.The track listing for "Nemesis Enforcer" is as follows:1. Darkening Age Rise
    2. Vengeful Wrath
    3. Legacy Of Chaos
    4. The Unholy Throne
    5. Threshold Of Immortality
    6. To Serve In Slavery
    7. Lobotomy Of The Soul
    8. Goddess Of Divine Retribution
    9. Nemesis Enforcer
    --Listenable Records has issued the following update about signing French death metal band Gorod:"French technical death metal virtuosi GOROD have inked a deal with LISTENABLE RECORDS! Their new album 'Process of a new decline' sets a landmark in the bands career and will turn many heads in the metal community, rest assured!"With this new record, Gorod have cleverly spiced their diamond-cutting technicality with supercharged pinball machine melodies and fluttering sting ray guitar solos against a backdrop of grooves and bonkers bass playing, not to mention tighter, radioactive songwriting sure to burrow its way into permanent memory. Considering how slippery and complicated Gorod sounds on paper, it's immediately refreshing to be reminded that death metal can be catchy, brainy, and fun all at the same time “Process Of A New Decline” is sure to be one of the best technical death metal albums you've heard in quite some time!"Stay tuned for updates about GOROD shortly!"--
  • New York City grinders, DEFEATIST, have lined up the following shows:05/16 - Brooklyn, NY @ Auditory Assault Festival
    05/18 - Allston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/ Sayyadina
    05/19 - Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Sayyadina
    05/20 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar w/ Sayyadina, Kill The Client
    07/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston w/ Hatred Surge
    08/15 - Baltimore, MD @ Filth City Fest--
  • Orlando's No Friends has issued the following update on their MySpace page: "So we just got our masters back today for the first No Friends record and we're happy to announce that it sounds totally badass. We're also stoked to say that our friends at No Idea Records are just as happy with it as we are and are going to be releasing it for us. We decided it was a good time to post a new song so you can come sing along when Tony gets back from tour and we can play some shows. It's called 'Never Ending Fight' and it shreds." --
  • Nahemah has posted the video clip for their song, "The Perfect Depth Of The Mermaids," taken from Nahemah's upcoming album "A New Constellation" is now to find at this location.NAHEMAH discuss their new album, "A NEW CONSTELLATION:"
    "The new album is a step ahead in our music and lifes. We have grown up as musicians and as persons, we have elevated our personalities, spirits and minds to places beyond our body and planet, they have been elevated to different atmospheres, to a new constellation…" --
  • Austrailian metal band, Karnivool, has posted a new song on their MySpace page, entitled "Set Fire To The Hive." The song comes off their upcoming record, "Sound Awake," which will be released this May.
    SYSTEM DIVIDE, the brand new extreme modern metal band featuring members of ABORTED, DISTORTED, MALIGNANCY and ANTENORA, has completed work on a new EP, entitled "The Collapse." The effort was produced and engineered by guitarist Cole Martinez and was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (ABORTED, MERCENARY, RAUNCHY, HATESPHERE, VOLBEAT). The band has posted two new songs, "(n) Ether" and "Purity In Imperfection," from their upcoming EP on their MySpace page.
    Austrian symphonic power metal band, Edenbridge, has posted the following message welcoming their new bassist, Simon Holzknecht, and guitarist, Dominik Sebastian:"Dominik Sebastian, also known from the band Thirdmoon, has already played guitar on the whole MyEarthDream Tour and has proved to be a great guy and musician and got on well with the band. Dominik of course can also be heard on Edenbridge's new live album 'LiveEarthDream.'""Simon Holzknecht, to many also known from his other band Serenity, is Edenbridge's new bass player ! Simon is Edenbridge's youngest band member with only 22 years and is absolutely smashing on his instrument!"--
  • Early reports suggested that the incredible lineup of Slayer and Megadeth on tour would happen this fall. However, the bands have just announced a short string of tour dates dubbed "Canadian Carnage" starting in June. In addition to Slayer and Megadeth performing together for the first time in more than 15 years on this co-headlining event, "Canadian Carnage" will also feature Machine Head and Suicide Silence. As co-headliners, Megadeth and Slayer will each close two of the four shows.Tickets will go on sale Saturday, May 2, and will be available at all Ticketmaster outlets and at Ticketmaster online.Attendees of "Canadian Carnage" will be treated to Slayer performing "Psychopathy Red" live on stage. Slayer plans to release the new album in July, in tandem with the Mayhem Festival tour Slayer is co-headlining with Marilyn Manson.Megadeth is currently recording their 12th studio album in Los Angeles with Andy Sneap. The disc is scheduled for release later this summer to coincide with a full scale world tour.The Canadian Carnage tour dates are as follows:June 24 GM Place, Vancouver, BC
    June 26 Rexall, Edmonton, AB
    June 27 Saddledome, Calgary, AB
    June 29 MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB--
  • Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem, has canceled their upcoming tour dates in Mexico. The band comments on the cancellation:"Mayhem are sorry to inform you that the shows we had scheduled for 1-3 of May in Mexico are unfortunately canceled.""Due to the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico the shows had to be postponed. Rest assured, we are already working on finding new dates so that we can get over there and spread OUR plague!!"--
  • Vocalist Jape Perätalo of Finnish gothic metal band, To/Die/For, has issued the following update regarding their recent break up:"Spring came to Finland and also my heart is healing a bit :) I do not know about the other ex-tdf members.I have been writing with Joonas and Josey and they're ok. i mean they do not sound like they would like to kill me:)" --
  • LA metal band, Flatline, has posted a new song on their MySpace page. The song is a cover of Cannibal Corpse's "Hammer Smashed Face." The cover was recorded and mixed by Josh Newell.The band comments on their decision to do the cover, "This is one of Cannibal Corpse’s most well known and beloved song out of all of their songs. This song was originally recorded in 1992 and is on the full-length album 'The Tomb of the Mutilated.' This song was also in the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective. We basically started messing around with it at rehearsal and thought it would be fun to record with our buddy Josh."--
  • Los Angeles heavy-hitters Big Business have just kicked off a massive US tour with friends Tweak Bird in support of their new album, "Mind The Drift," out May 12th on Hydra Head. In anticipation of the new release, Hydrahead has made the first single, "The Drift," available to purchase through iTunes.
    Nu-Metal pioners Korn are currently recording two new studio albums with producer Ross Robinson. The first of which is filled with new material and the second will be a covers album. No titles or songs have been revealed yet but stay tuned for further updates.
    --Finnish heavy metal group Children Of Bodom will be releasing a collection of covers in September entitled, "Skeletons In The Closet." No word on what songs will be on the album yet but the record will be released through Spinefarm Records.

  • A suitcase owned by guitarist Ace Frehley of Kiss in the 1970's and signed by all the members of the band has been put up for auction on eBay. The auction can be found here.Ace Frehley is also planning on releasing a new solo album by the end of the year titled "Anomaly." The track listing for the album will be as follows:1. Outer Space
    2. Foxy & Free
    3. Sister
    4. Too Many Faces
    5. It’s A Great Life
    6. Skels
    7. A Little Below The Angels
    8. Fox On The Run (Sweet Cover)
    9. Change The World
    10. Pain In the Neck
    11. Genghis Khan
    12. Fractured Quantum
    Bloodstream Parade has revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "The Apocalypse: In Retrospect," which can be viewed here. The band also issued the following statement about the art:"Well, it's taken some time, but we finally have the CD cover for our upcoming Dark Star Records debut, 'The Apocalypse: In Retrospect.' Look for it everywhere in June!!--
  • Swedish metallers This Ending have posted "making of" footage for their latest music video of the song "Dead Harvest."
    Dutch melodic metal band Edge of Serenity has issued the following update about acquiring a new bassist:"We are proud to anounce that bassist Mark Brekelmans (ex Xystus) joined EDGE OF SERENITY"With Mark aboard EDGE OF SERENITY completes its line up, and will introduce its debut album THE CHAOS THEORY on May 5th shows will follow, dates will be announced in the following months."--
  • Dutch female fronted gothic metal band, Stream of Passion, has posted three new songs on their MySpace page. The songs, "When you hurt me the most," "My Leader," and "The Art of Loss," are from their upcoming album, "The Flame Within." "The Flame Within" will be released as a normal CD as well as limited digipack edition with bonus track on the following dates:May 27 – FIN & Spain
    May 29 – GAS, Benelux, FRA, ITA, SWE
    June 01 – Rest of Europe
    June 02 – USA / CAN (RYKO)--
  • Norwegian metal band, NATTEFROST, has posted a new track, “Nekronaut II Nekro Spirituals,” on their MySpace page. The song comes off their upcoming split, entitled “Engangsgrill.”Due to receive it’s European release on Indie Recordings on 11th May, the 8-track “Engangsgrill” is a split between NATTEFROST (CARPATHIAN FOREST, NATTEFROST), and FENRIZ’ RED PLANET (DARKTHRONE). The album will be available both in CD and LP format.--
  • Portugal gothic metal band, Moonspell, has canceled their upcoming shows in Belarus. The band comments on the cancellation:"We are extremely disappointed by the fact we had to cancel the shows. The reasons on both Neopolis and COF site is accurate but Moonspell might add that the bands' buses entered Belarus territory and were meeting for possible solutions for the day. On the event that the truck with ALL of our tour equipment was held due to a bureaucratic detail in the border made all our efforts worthless." --
  • Upstate NY death metal band, Blood Obsession, has issued the following update regarding the departure of their lead guitarist:"We're releasing our 2nd full-length CD this summer and heading out on tour. Our Lead Guitarist decided Death Metal wasn't for him. We need a replacement shredder to join the band full-time, or to fill in for our tour in August.""What we can offer:
    -You be on a CD within a few months.
    -You'll be on tour within a few months.
    -We are serious and dedicated, as our eight year history would indicate.
    -We have a secured practice spot in Hudson, NY at Ripper's house." --
  • Swedish blackened death metal band, Rev 16:8, has posted a new track, “Flame Salvation,” to their MySpace page. The song comes from their upcoming full-length album, “Grand Tidal Rave,” which is set for a June 28 release date through Temple of Darkness Records.Rev 16:8 was formerly known as Bloodshed.--
  • Wisconsin death metal band, Jungle Rot, has announced the tracklisting for their upcoming album, "What Horrors Await," (cover art) which is as follows:01. Worst Case Scenerio
    02. The Unstopable
    03. Straitjacket Life
    04. State of War
    05. Two Faced Disgrace
    06. End of an Age
    07. Speak the Truth
    08. What Horrors Await
    09. Nerve Gas Catastrophe
    10. Braindead
    11. Atrocity
    12. Exit Wounds
    13. Invincible Force (Destruction cover)
    14. Black Candle Mass
  • BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE has canceled their rescheduled show in Moscow, Russia - originally moved from April 20th to June 25th - and their June 27th show at the Tuska Festival in Helsinki, Finland. The band has issued the following statement: "Bullet For My Valentine are forced to cancel their appearances at DS Luzhniki Arena in Moscow and Tuska Metal Festival in Finland in June 2009 due to recording commitments for their 3rd album."
  • Athens metal band, Sickening Horror, has posted a new song, entitled "Mirrors Reflect Only Dead Bodies," from their upcoming album, "The Dead End Experiment," on their MySpace page. The band says the song, "lyrics deal with mind transcendence and drawing a straight line."
    Daughters is heading into the studio in April to record their next full length for Hydra Head. In the meantime Sargent House has re-issued the band's selftitled EP from 2002, which has been out of print since 2003. The EP is now available on Itunes and most digital retailers to all digital retailers with old songs and new art. Here's the tracklisting to the "Daughters" EP:1. Hello Assholes
    2.Flattery Is A Bunch of Fucking Bullshit

    3. A Room Full of Hard-Ons and Nowhere To Sit Down
    4. My Stereo Has Mono and So Does My Girlfriend
  • Boston thrashers, Ravage, will be performing a special free show in New York City at The Lit Lounge on Monday May 4th.The band has also provided the following information about the show:"This special event will feature the new singer of Anthrax Dan Nelson as a metal DJ, sets by Ravage, Hull and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, a giveaway of a guitar signed by Toxic Holocaust and more! Get there early because RAVAGE PLAYS AT 8:30 PM SHARP!"
  • Southern California death metal band, Dizkord, has posted their 2005 6 song EP enititled "Divinity" on their MySpace page. Dizkord's current line-up is as follows:Nick Cook - Vocals
    Robert Elliott - Guitar
    Jason Chavez - Guitar
    Kenny Lockwood - Bass
    Chad Chavez - Drums
  • Spending the better part of two years away from the scene they helped grow in the late 1990s and early 2000s, fusion metal band Alarum has announced that they have an album on the way and will once again return to the stage in their home state of Victoria.After a one-off jaunt to Europe for ProgPower 2008 (playing alongside Cynic and Zero Hour among many others) and supporting Death Angel and Armored Saint in Melbourne earlier this year, Alarum will hit the stage with Ne Obliviscaris for two shows in Melbourne and Geelong in May.Joining them in Geelong on Friday, May 22nd will be A Fallen Theory and symphonic black metallers Veil Of Anguish at the Barwon Club.In Melbourne, Canberra's Aeon of Horus, local post-metal wizards Mushroom Giant and House of Thumbs get involved at the Esplanade Hotel's Gershwin Room on Saturday, May 23rd.Following that, in September Alarum will travel to Adelaide for the fifth instalment of the Against The Grain festival with Alchemist, Mournful Congregation, LORD, 'neath and many more at Fowlers Live.Their upcoming third album, "Natural Causes," is currently in the pre-production stage and will be recorded for a hopeful 2009 release.
  • The New York Post is reporting that Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame, DMX and Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss will will join the cast of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab on the show’s third season. Celebrity Rehab stars Dr. Drew (host of the syndicated radio show Loveline) and different celebrities each season. The show tracks the stars through 21 days of detoxification, treatment and group therapy at a residence in the Los Angeles area
  • is reporting: The daily ritual is always the same: nine guys kneeling around a pile of money in Studio B at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, shouting, cheering and moaning as a pair of dice rolls across the carpet, delivering moments of euphoria and defeat. The members of ALICE IN CHAINS are among the group, briefly distracted from their final week of sessions for the band's first album of new material in nearly 14 years. Against the wall is an impressive row of vintage electric and acoustic guitars. Incense is burning and a U.S. flag hangs over a sound partition. But for the moment, the rock will have to wait. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell looks up from his pile of cash and smiles. "Compared to how we used to have fun," he says, "this is pretty tame." The low-stakes game is Left, Center, Right, and many $5 bills change hands before it's over. The day's winner is producer Nick Raskulinecz, laughing now as drummer Sean Kinney grumbles something about the man's take of "two hundred bucks in the last two games." The real challenge is still ahead, as the three surviving members of Alice in Chains - Cantrell, Kinney and bassist Mike Inez - work to complete new songs as a band for the first time since the death of singer Layne Staley from a heroin and cocaine overdose in 2002 at the age of 34. Their album, still untitled and set for release mid-September on Virgin/EMI, will be another case study of a major group continuing after the loss of a key member. AC/DC managed the transition successfully back in 1980, while others have failed to match their earlier triumphs, including INXS (whose search for a new singer was turned into a 2005 reality TV show) and classic rock acts QUEEN and THE DOORS. "I don't think we ever intended to do anything," says Cantrell, 43, his thick, blond beard marking the months of preparation and recording that has gone into the new album. "With the passing of Layne, all possibility of that went out the window, probably in my mind and everyone else's too."-

  • --
    RAISE HELL and CONSTRUCDEAD are among the confirmed bands for the STHLM Thrashfest 2009, set to take place May 30 at Nalen in central Stockholm (Regeringsg 74), Sweden. According to a press release, "The event is arranged by the musicians themselves in order to sift through all the bullshit and give Stockholm quality metal by the pounds at an affordable price and at a better venue than thrash/death normally is given access to."

    The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


    The first band will hit the stage at 9:00 p.m.

    For more information, visit

    Germany-based modern thrashers RESPAWN will release their debut album, "The Chaos Engine", on May 13 via Nicrothal Records. The CD was recorded and mixed at Freakwave Studio by Markus Forsbauer. Mastering was done by Tom Müller at TTM. Guest musicians on the album include Rooky (ORPHAN HATE) and Vincent Laboor (SINNERS BLEED, AKRIVAL) on lead guitar, Tosten Pfundt (MORS CORDIS) on vocals and Ralf Valentin (R.V. & JAZZ FRIENDS) on piano.

    "The Chaos Engine" track listing:

    01. Chaos Engine
    02. By Foul Design
    03. Confidence
    04. Diggin' Deep
    05. Kid Suicide
    06. First Life
    07. Metamorphine
    08. Prisoner 655321
    09. Erase
    10. Return To Zero

    For more information, visit


    Kamelot will enter the studio this June 2009 to record the follow-up to the blockbust CD "Ghost Opera," which spawned 4 high incredible videos, 100+ concerts in more than 22 countries and many sold out shows. Once again enlisting producers Sascha Paeth and Miro, the band plans to use studios in Germany, Norway and the USA for this next massive production. Kamelot's final concerts of 2009 will take place this Summer, including an appearance at the Sonisphere Festival with Metallica in Nijmegen, Netherlands.Kamelot's video producers ICode have uploaded the HD versions of the videos "Ghost Opera," "The Human Stain" and "Rule the World." Click here for access.Upcoming Kamelot shows:
    May 22 Trondheim, NO - Trondheim Rock Fæst
    May 23 Elverum, NO - Norsk Skogmuseum
    Jun. 05 Sölvesborg, SE - Sweden Rock Festival
    Jun. 07 Tampere, FI - Sauna Open Air Metal Festival
    Jun. 18 Frankfurt, DE - Batschkapp
    Jun. 19 Bochum, DE - Zeche
    Jun. 20 Nijmegen, NL - Sonisphere Festival
    Mar. 26, 2010 Tilburg, NL - 013--

    US metal band, NACHTMYSTIUM, has issued the following update regarding their upcoming tour with Pentagram:"It is with much honor to announce our upcoming mini-tour with US rock/doom legends PENTAGRAM! The tour kicks off right here in our neighborhood in Chicago and will take us to the West Coast and then down to Texas for six exclusive performances with this very influential band that's been around for nearly four decades in one form or another!"
    Revolver's Full Metal Jackie recently interviewed Lifetime Achievement award-winner Ozzy Osbourne backstage at the Revolver Golden Gods. Ozzy talks about his new album, Slash, Ozzfest, and heavy music in under three minutes. You can watch the video here.

    Throne of Malediction has posted a mini-documentary of their recent show in Seattle, Washington. The video can be viewed below.

    Hydra Head Records have announced that they will be releasing the upcoming Xasthur album, titled "All Reflections Drained," on May 26th.The album's track listing will be as follows:1. Dirge Forsaken (5:42)
    2. Maze of Oppression (5:16)
    3. Achieve Emptiness Part II (4:59)
    4. Masquerade of Incisions (15:53)
    5. Damage Your Soul (4:53)
    6. Inner Sanctum Surveillance (7:03)
    7. Obfuscated in Oblivion (5:26)
    8. All Reflections Drained (7:58)
  • The Mountains of Death Festival 2009 will take place from August 21st - 22nd in Muotathal, Switzerland. The currently confirmed line-up will be as follows:Suffocation
    Misery Index
    Suicide Silence
    The Faceless
    Beneath the Massacre
    Captain Cleanoff
    Female Nose Breaker
    Human Mincer
    Texas metallers Aska have announced the following tour dates in Germany and the US:
    4/26 Die Halle - Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt, Hessen
    6/5 Warriors Of Metal Fest II - Chillicothe, Ohio
    6/6 Skillman Street Pub Dallas, Texas
    6/9 Rocklahoma III - Pryor, Oklahoma Pryor, Oklahoma

  • Herod has issued the following statement about signing to Dark Harvest Records:"Buffalo NY power/thrash metal band Herod is proud to announce that Dark Harvest Records will release the bands’ upcoming CDEP. 'Curse of the King' is the first new material from Herod in almost three years. The CDEP includes four new Herod tracks that will be exclusive to the release as well as a cover track. Expect a June 2009 release, as well as upcoming tour dates."The CD was recorded with Mike Hatalak from the band It Dies Today (Trustkill Records) @ DWS Studios in Niagara Falls NY, with assistance from former Herod vocalist Judah Nero. Hatalak previously recorded Herod’s 2004 opus 'For Whom the God’s Would Destroy.' Artwork will once again be handled by Rob Antonucci @Luchador Media. "During Herod’s down-time between records, members formed/performed/toured with bands such as Face the Panic (Reaper Records), Sons of Azrael (Ironclad Records), as well as the Red Badge."Dark Harvest also commented on the signing:"All of us here at DHR are honored to have Herod as a part of the label. We have been fans of the band ourselves for years and to have them now as one of our artists just gives us the drive to take it to another level in the industry! We are all musicians here and work with our artists as partners, friends, and brothers, we are excited to be the choice for Herod on this release and look forward to working with them."
    Trustkill has announced the worldwide signing of Italy's AWAKEN DEMONS. Hailing from Cesena, Italy, the band just recorded their brand new album, "The Mirror," which is due out this summer on Trustkill. The album is ten songs of pure aggression, and features guest vocals from Vincent Bennet (The Acacia Strain) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis).In 2007 Awaken Demons released their debut album, "From Heaven To Hell," through Seventh Dagger and subsequently invaded the US with their friends xAFBx and Rhinoceros. They spent the better part of 2008 writing their next album and hitting the stage with First Blood, Full Blown Chaos, Agnostic Front, Evergreen Terrace, Sworn Enemy, Ringworm, A Day To Remember, and more.Speaking on the signing, bassist Nicola Lelli said, "We've always been huge Trustkill fans, since the late 90s. Trustkill was a dream for us and when Josh contacted us, we couldn't believe it. Being the first Italian band on the roster is definitely a huge step for us. Thanks a lot to Josh and the Trustkill crew, we are honored be part of this family."In 2009 the band has lined up shows with Madball and will play the Open Air Festival, as well as shows in Germany, Belgium, and Holland. More shows to be announced soon.Check out the pre-production track "Coming To An End" on their Myspace page,

    California thrashers Warbringer are currently streaming online the new song "Living In a Whirlwind," which comes from their upcoming album "Waking Into Nightmares." The track can be heard on the band's MySpace page. "Waking Into Nightmares" is set to be released through Century Media Records on May 15th.

    German metallers Autumnblaze have issued the following update about the release date for their new album:"Our new album "Perdition Diaries" will see the light of the world on the 12th of June 2009!"You can listen now to the new song "Brudermord" on our profile! Also the page has a slightly new design. More features will follow!"

    Spanish one man ambient black metal band Dryden Sagoth just recently recorded and self-released his first demo "Long Dark Corridors." Samples of the demo are currently streaming on the Dryden Sagoth MySpace page. The man behind the music spoke with Metalunderground about the lyrical themes of his demo and the metal scene in Spain.

    Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt has issued the following road report about their recent tour dates:"Unbelievably enough I'm home again...for a few days. Actually leaving again tomorrow for the UK and Hammerfest which we're headlining. I have a good vibe about that one actually....a little resort in Wales turning into a metal camp of some sort. I love festivals too. Hanging out with other bands, talking metal....nothing new I guess."Melinda and Mirjam are doing fine and so is Anna. Whenever I'm home I should really relax, but it's impossible. Obviously I want to hang out with my family, but I also have lots of "maintenance" stuff to take care of. Sort receipts, fix my declaration, change tires on the car, fix the car (broken generator, I don't know shit about this fucking stuff but yeah, I'll "fix" it somehow) beloved '88 Volvo deserve the velvet hands of yours truly every once in a while. Car broke down on me as we're driving back from a Bloodbath video shoot...we're all covered in remnants of fake blood as the tow-man came along."I have to fix the fucking studio and have it properly connected too. Well might need some help for that. We have a meeting with the US embassy as well today...ugh! Hate it! Boring! I need to assemble my new bike I bought. Haven't had one since I was a kid. I have to go to the local landfill with garbage. Christian metal outfit As I Lay Dying has entered the Billboard Music DVD charts at number 2 with their first DVD, "This Is Who We Are." The DVD is also finding success north of the border as it debuted at number 3 on the Canadian music DVD charts. Reports claim that the DVD has already gone platinum.Speaking on the success of the DVD, frontman Tim Lambesis says: "I’m completely honored to have our DVD reach so many people in only its first week out. Needless to say, it’s a great achievement for our band, but it also goes to show that metal music has been opening new doors. Regardless of what mainstream media pushes, there are enough diehard fans out there to make something like this happen."

    Hellyeah, the Southern flavoured supergroup featuring former Pantera/Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul as well as members of Mudvayne and Nothingface, has announced that they will be entering the studio next month to record their second album. The band will be hitting the studio on May 15th.Speaking on label situations, Vinnie Paul states; "We don't know. We're free agents right now. We had a one-disc deal with Epic, and they're practically begging us to come back. We sold nearly 500,000 records for them, which is practically unheard of these days. That's like going platinum 10 years ago." Alice Cooper has issued the following statement about an upcoming string of Australian tour dates:"All those from the land down under, prepare for more thrills and chills from the King of THEATER ROCK, and pay homage to the Master Himself...the Alice Cooper "Theater Of Death" tour is coming to Australia and we're giving you first crack at some of the best seats to the shows!!"On Monday, April 27 at 12 am AWST, the Alice Cooper Store will be unleashing a beastly lot of tickets for Alice performances across the country; check out the chart below for all the dirty details... All presales start April 27 at 12 am AWST"The currently confirmed dates are as follows:08.18.09 WIN Entertainment Centre Wollongong, NSW
    08.19.09 Convention & Exhibition Centre Gold Coast, NSW
    08.21.09 Entertainment Centre Newcastle, NSW
    08.22.09 Convention Centre Brisbane, QLD
    08.24.09 Entertaiment Centre Sydney, NSW
    08.26.09 Royal Theatre Canberra, ACT
    08.28.09 Palais Theatre Melbourne, VIC
    08.29.09 Thebarton, Theatre Adelaide, SA
    09.01.09 Challenge Stadium Perth, WA Corrosion of Conformity founding members Mike Dean and Reed Mullin have formed a new band titled Righteous Fool. The band is currently streaming the song "Asteroid" on their MySpace page.

    Strike First Records has issued the following statement about signing a record deal with Christian deathcore band In The Midst of Lions:"We are happy to welcome In The Midst Of Lions to the Strike First Records family of bands. Their debut album “Out Of Darkness” will be out on May 26 and you can pre-order it now in our online store. Check out a new song on the bands myspace. In The Midst Of Lions will be playing at Cornerstone Festival this summer on the Anchor stage as part of the Facedown / Strike First day there, so stay posted for all the info on that and keep your eyes out for more ITMOL tour dates."In the Midst of Lions play vicious deathcore in the service of a higher power. A mixture of fast-paced tech metal and melodic worship, their music can be compared to such contemporaries as The Faceless, Meshuggah and Veil of Maya, with the addition of the fact that ITMOL packs a serious spiritual punch. Our generation is in dire need of a savior. It has become trendy to cast out our Lord, we are here to bring the truth. ITMOL's truth comes under the guise of death metal laced with explosive breakdowns and inspirational live shows." Lebanese Brutal Death Metal band OATH TO VANQUISH released a new single "APOTHECARY OF ABHORRENCE" from their upcoming EP 'The Ruinous Fate Of The Blind'. The new track can be streamed here

    Pomona, California thrash metallers BONDED BY BLOOD, who recently announced a short UK tour with Canadian labelmates CAULDRON, have now confirmed a full European tour.BONDED BY BLOOD are set to hit the road on the European Massacre 2009 tour with FUELED BY FIRE and SUICIDAL ANGELS. Montreal based avant-garde metallers Unexpect have issued the following update about finishing the drum tracks for their upcoming album:"As Alexander the Great once declared : "We're done recording the drums !" ...or did he ? Can't say I was really listening at the time...Anyways...we do...and we'll jump next with the guitars and monstrous bass."Another date has been added to the Progressive Nation tour : 26.09.09 @ Spektrum ; OSLO - NORWAY"2 other shows will be offered in the province of Quebec in June.12.06.09 @ Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda ; ROUYN-NORANDA, QC ; w/ Blinded by Faith
    27.06.09 @ Bar Chez Maurice ; SAINT-LAZARE, QC ; w/ Augury"Rouyn-Noranda and St-Lazare will probably be the last shows before the next album is released St-Lazare is only 40 minutes from Montreal to the west and not so far from Ottawa, so don't miss it !!!!"

    Nile has issued the following statement about recording a new album:"World Management would like to announce that Nile will be entering the studio for their forthcoming second Album on Nuclear Blast on June 8th at Mana Recording in Tampa Florida."The band will be working again with Neil Kernon as Producer and have added Erik Rutan to the team as Engineer at his studio. The band will record at several locations throughout June and July."A mid October 2009 release is being planed world wide on Nuclear Blast. Nile will then tour Europe in November of 2009 and January / February 2010 in North America, followed by tours in Australia, South America, Japan, Pacific Rim, Mexico, Central America and India. Stay tuned for tour news and further updates TBA."

    A Band Of Orcs has issued the following update about two members becoming endorsed by Jackson Guitars:"What do Lamb of God, Gojira, and Iron Maiden have in common with A Band of Orcs? Band members with an endorsement from Jackson Guitars! And what's more metal than a killer Jackson flying V or limited edition Kelly? Nothing. "Thus, Cretos Filthgrinder and Hulg ElfR.I.P.per have proudly accepted the endorsement of Jackson Guitars and joined the Bloodline family. "Artist Relations Manager Chris Cannella had this to say about A Band of Orcs: "I first put in the video only to be taken back by the high level of production and quality of the video. Just amazing. I then waited for the track to begin and in all honesty most bands use theatrics to cover up lack of talent. This is NOT the case here. I am currently listening to CD now and have to say this is pretty bad*ss stuff. I would love to work with you.""Thank you Chris and Jackson Guitars. Cretos and Hulg will remain brutal representatives of the best guitars in metal."

    Toronto hardcore/metal band A Distance From has inked a record deal with Misfortune Records for the release of the debut EP "Transitions." Misfortune Records founder Chris Comete issued the following statement about the signing:"I'm looking forward to exposing ADF's talents to the world, their sound and influence grabs their audience and is pushing forward the Toronto hardcore scene.""We're really excited on joining the Misfortune family, they've been a huge supporter of the underground hardcore scene in Toronto and I have so much respect for Chris Comete who has been pushing the scene further over the last few years." says ADF's front man Troy. "I can't wait to get in studio and scream my lungs out for this EP. It's going to be a jaw dropper."

    South Carolina's Graves of Valor are currently streaming online the new track "Pestilence" from their upcoming album "Salarian Gate." The song can be heard on the band's MySpace page. "Salarian Gate" is set to be released on May 26th via Relapse Records.

    Italian power metal band Trick Or Treat are currently streaming the new song "Paper Dragon" from the latest album "Tin Soldiers." The song can be heard on their MySpace page.The track listing for "Tin Soldiers" will be as follows:1. A Night in the Toyshop
    2. Paper Dragon
    3. Take Your Chance
    4. Freedom
    5. Hello Moon
    6. Elevator to the Sky
    7. Loser Song
    8. Tears Against Your Smile
    9. Final Destination
    10. Tin Soldiers Part I
    11. Tin Soldiers Part II

    California-based brutal death metal act Ossification recently inked a deal with SFC for their debut album. According to the label, "These guys play technical brutal death metal with some slam rhythms and classic solo parts." The band is currently prepearing to record the upcoming CD, planned for release in Fall of 2009.

    Pennsylvanian metallers Argus have announced that their debut album will be self-titled and will be released in May through Shadow Kingdom Records. The record label issued the following statement about the release:"With those of you familiar with Butch era PENANCE (USA Classic Doom), you already know how great his vocals are and those of you who aren’t will learn soon. ARGUS, a new and hungry band from the USA are very well versed with the Maryland Doom Metal and Epic Heavy Metal scene. They released a very well written Demo in 2007 on John Brenner’s Bland Hand Records as a download. For those of you that loved the Demo like I did, this is what you would expect their full length to sound and then some! "THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG fans are going to go absolutely nuts over this album for the sheer volume of twin axe guitar shredding alone!! There are a lot of catchy, layered riffs on top of many hooks and sing a long choruses.On top of all these well-written Epic songs, there are TROUBLE-eque Doom Metal break downs to die for feathered throughout the album. Shall I say “instant classic”? That’s for you to decide. Look for them to release a 10” EP on one of my favorite labels, The Miskatonic Foundation in the near future as well."

    Swedish death metallers Sanctification have posted a new music video online for the song "Storm," which comes from their upcoming album "Black Reign."

    Canadian metal band Heaven Ablaze has issued the following update about streaming the new song "Parhelia" on their MySpace page:"Hailz,"Well as a lot of you know we took some time off from gigin' to work on some new material and get some things in order inside the HA camp."So here is a taste of what we have been working on... here's a brand new song which we recorded at Ice House studios and a brand new layout to our web page! I think this is a good song choice to give you a taste of what’s to come... we are all really fuckin' excited to get back on the road with this new material and start shredding again!"A big thank you to Clint of The Serpent and the mother fuckin' Siren for creating our new page and Tom of Ice House studios for his fantastic work with the new tune."So crack a beer, light a joint...and check out the new site and pump that new tune loud!!"

    Chicago's blackened sludge band, Lord Mantis, has announced that they will be joining labelmates, Wetnurse, for a week of dates down the East Coast this summer.Lord Mantis features a former member of Nachtmystium and a current member of Indian. Lord Mantis' debut full length, Spawning The Nephilim, hits stores April 28 via Seventh Rule Recordings.

    Ensiferum have issued the following update about their upcoming album and tour schedule:"Ensiferum can now reveal their European tour in support of the new album! More shows will be added shortly, accompanied with tour name and detailed information. Support acts: Metsatöll (EST) & Tracedawn (FIN)"The still untitled album is in the process of being recorded as we speak. Release date for the coming album is 9th of September 2009 in most countries. The band is posting video blog from the studio at their homepage and Myspace/Facebook sites."The currently confirmed tour dates are as follows:01.10.2009 GER Hamburg Markthalle
    02.10.2009 NL Leeuwarden Romein
    03.10.2009 GER Hamm Devils Revenge Festival
    04.10.2009 GER Köln Essigfabrik
    06.10.2009 UK London Scala
    07.10.2009 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
    08.10.2009 UK Glasgow Cathouse
    09.10.2009 UK Dudley JB's
    10.10.2009 B Vosselar Biebob
    15.10.2009 ESP Bilbao Santana 27
    16.10.2009 ESP Madrid Heineken
    17.10.2009 ESP Alicante Nave 8
    18.10.2009 ESP Barcelona Salamandra 1
    20.10.2009 IT Bologna Sottotetto
    21.10.2009 GER München Backstage
    22.10.2009 AT Wien Arena
    23.10.2009 GER Jena F- Haus
    24.10.2009 GER Lichtenfels Hellflame Festival
    26.10.2009 GER Aschaffenburg Colos Saal
    28.10.2009 CH Pratteln Z7
    29.10.2009 GER Karlsruhe Substage

    Frontman Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm and Roman themed band Ex Deo issued the following update while on tour alongside Napalm Death:"We're well into the first week of tour with our old friends in Napalm Death. The shows have been good and everything is under control. We look forward to all the dates and completing the touring cycle for 'Prevail' in 2009. We will do some Euro festivals immediately after this tour is done and then go to Russia and Europe for a short headliner with DEATH ANGEL. The last thing on the agenda regarding KATAKLYSM will be a full European headliner in January 2010 to wrap things up until the next album."So after these tours are done our focus will immediately change to our new band EX DEO, which will be released by Nuclear Blast Records in June. The hype behind ‘Romulus’ is gaining massive momentum and this is such a big project! We need get things ready with the live aspect of things and to rehearse and be prepared for Paganfest Europe. Having said that we decided to decline all tour offers coming for KATAKLYSM for the rest of the year. We might also bring this epic band to the States but were not sure yet, since it has to be the right tour."We’re going to announce some cool news regarding EX DEO next week. So if you want to watch KATAKLYSM in the states one last time before the next album drops (not before 2011), this would be the tour to come visit us and party like we usually do. A big thank you to the fans for making ‘Prevail’ a very succesfull album worldwide. Now I must gather my legions and take back the throne of metal! The scene needs a kick in the ass back to rebellion and Rome is coming!"

    Swedish metal band Pain has announced the following string of summer tour dates:6/04: Sweden Rock Festival, Norje/Sweden
    6/05: Rock im Park, Nurnberg/Germany
    6/07: Rock am Ring, Nurnberg/Germany
    6/20: Hellfest, Clisson/France
    6/26: Metaltown, Gothenburg/Sweden
    6/27: Peace & Love, Borlange/Sweden7/06: Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki/Finland (supporting Korn)
    7/18: Art Mania Festival, Sibiu/Romania
    7/24: Q-Stock Festival, Oulu/Finland
    7/25: Sandels Rock, Iisalmi/Finland
    7/30: Wacken Open Air9/05: Luzhniki Hall, Moscow/Russia (supporting Nightwish)
    9/12: Raismes Festival, Raismes/France

    Norwegian black metallers Iskald have issued the following update about signing a worldwide booking deal:"We're really proud to announce our new booking partner; Redback Promotion. From now on all bookings worldwide, except Norway, will be handled by Redback Promotion exclusively.

    Swedish metallers Mustasch have issued the following updates about recording a new album and replacing their drummer:"We are currently recording the new album at the famous Bohus Sound Studios, Sweden. Tobias Lindell is once again producing, and the album is set for release in late 2009."Drummer Mats "Dojan" Hansson today decided to leave Mustasch due to his chronical muscle ruptures. The pain has made it impossible for him to keep playing drums in such an actively touring band. We are of course all sorry to have him leave, and we thank him for his ten years in the band. At the same time we sincerely welcome his replacer Danne McKenzie, who has substituted for "Dojan" several times before. Danne McKenzie is now the permanent drummer of Mustasch."

    The 2009 edition of the Madrid Is The Dark festival will take place at Ritmo y Compas in Madrid, Spain on Septemeber 11th and 12th.The currently confirmed bands for the festival are Draconian, Autumnal, Officium Triste, Proccess of Guilt, and Isole.

    Reign Supreme, Narrows, and Pulling Teeth are all on the newly released RevHQ sampler, "Sampler Fi." You can download the sampler for free here. A couple of other bands you may be familiar with are Underneath The Gun and Blackened.

    Impending Doom announced an upcoming co-headlining tour with Carnifex. Also appearing on the bill are Rise Records' Miss May I , Sumerian's Conducting from the Grave, and Ferret's Underneath the Gun.

    Pirate themed thrashers Swashbuckle have revealed the cover art for their upcoming album "Back to the Noose." The art can be viewed here. Swashbuckle also issued the following statement about the artwork:"Aye, we pirates three commissioned the likes of the finest artisan we could scour amoungst the blackhearts of digital designers for the artwork for "Back to the Noose". Adam Vehige is his name, and kicking conceptual ass is his game. We brought this legend of graphical creation our "Back to the Noose" concept of Captain Crotchrot (our recurring decaying mascot miscreant) breaking free of the gallows to join an intense cannon warfare battle upon the ocean's blue. Adam accepted our payment of stolen gold shillings and doubloons (aye, blood money, and cursed it be) and rendered us some brutal cover art. If ye be seekin' nautical nonsense and high-seas hijinx, vicious splash-n-thrash attack and malicious moshing madness, ye will certainly be needin' no more persuasion than gazin' yar weary eyes upon our album art!"

    NEM Booking has issued the following statement about signing Finnish metallers Amoral:"We are extremely proud to announce that Amoral has been added to our artist roster."Amoral started off in 1997 as a thrash metal cover band, but in the beginning of the year 2000 Amoral started writing their own songs. Amoral released their debut album, "Wound Creations" in 2004, after which they quickly changed record labels, moving to Spinefarm Records."In July 2008 their lead singer left the group and in his personal statement claimed that this was due to a lack of motivation. In November 2008, Amoral released a press-release, revealing that their new singer is bronze-medalist at the Karaoke World Championships as well as Finnish Idol winner, Ari Koivunen . Ari Koivunen is known for his amazing voice, which suites metal the best. Hi & lo, long & short."Amoral is due to release their fourth studio album on the 6th of May.

    After recently posting the entire album online for streaming, Unanimated has announced that their new album, entitled "In Light Of Darkness" will be released sometime in April/May 2009. An exact date is still in the works. The album will be released via Regain Records. You can listen to the entire album on the band's Myspace.

    Ukrainian metal act Psilocybe Larvae has just signed to Dark Harvest Records to record and release their fourth full-length album "Non-existence". The band is scheduled to release their new record worldwide once completed, and they plan to begin the Polish leg of their support tour sometime in May. An exact release date for the record is to be announced.

    In a recent radio interview, Nicko McBrain, drummer of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends Iron Maiden, has revealed that the band will be entering the studio in January to record their fifteenth studio album. McBrain states:"We have actually booked a studio and I think we’ll kick off in the second week of January with the new record…. As to touring - the end of the year, or definitely 2011. We may actually go out at the end of 2010. Once you’ve got the new album finished and packaged, and the record company’s happy with all the bits and pieces, then you want to go touring."

    Nachtmystium has revealed that their guitarist Jeff Wilson was almost killed last friday when a drive-by shooting took place in his neighbourhood. You can read the blog below:"Last Friday (April 17th, 2009) at about 5:30 - 6:00 PM, Jeff Wilson left his apartment building here in Chicago (that Blake also has an apartment in) to head two blocks away to our neighborhood grocery store. On his way out, walking back down the small side street right near our building….an SUV comes flying around the corner of a small side street just south of where he was walking, two men hung out of the window and opened fire in Jeff’s general direction (and many other people, including children…) towards someone located behind where Jeff was walking."Fortunately, Jeff’s amazing ninja-style, bullet-dodging skills kicked in, instinctively, and he some how managed to escape what became a crossfire of bullets and made it home safely with his smokes and a 2 liter of Diet Coke. Although the Diet Coke was tempting to Jeff, as he was out of breath and parched with thirst after running his ass off from the onslaught of violence, Jeff opted for a can (or twelve) of High Life that he found in the fridge….and then enjoyed one of his cigarettes, which he fought for his life to have."This, dear fans, is just one more example - smoking kills!!"

    Sheffield, England based deathcore outfit Bring Me The Horizon has posted their new music video online for the song, "Diamonds Aren't Forever." You can check it out below. The song comes from the bands second album, "Suicide Season" which is available now.

    Al Jazeera TV broadcast a two part report about metal in Middle East. The reprt featured bands such as BILOCATE from Jordan, OATH TO VANQUISH from Lebanon, NERVECELL from UAE and many more.Explore the underground world of Middle Eastern hardcore rock and heavy metal, a scene thriving in bedrooms and basements away from the periodic condemnations of governments and religious rulers.You can watch the videos from YouTube

    Two new Hacride songs, “A World of Lies” and “Lazarus,” have been posted online. The songs can be heard at this location. The songs come off their latest album, “Lazarus,” which was released on April 20th.Hacride remaining tour dates are as follows:04/25 - NOUVEAU CASINO - Paris (FR)
    05/07 - L'EMPREINTE - Savigny-le-Temple (FR)
    05/09 - DURBUY ROCK FESTIVAL - Bomal-sur-Ourthe (BE)
    05/10 - TRIX - Antwerpen (BE)

    With the June 9th, 2009 release of the “Suicide EP,” My Private Hell’s second EP in a 4 year span, fans will experience the band's latest release since 2005’s EP "Weight Of the World." Now in their fifth year together, Gian Erguiza, Blue Palacol and Eric Cuarez, My Private Hell has taken their music to new places while retaining the core values they’ve always embodied and embraced since their inception.

    “Suicide” picks up from the tighter, brash sound of My Private Hell’s previous effort, which subsequently shaped the sound and attitude of the band. The “Suicide EP” serves as a new outlook for My Private Hell with a renewed sense of purpose, as depicted by the colorful, true-to-life story of lead track “Suicide” and the melancholic lullaby of “Temptation.” In a nutshell, says Blue, “It’s a new band. We know where we come from and where we’ve been and what we’ve done. We’re headed in a new direction now. Not on purpose. It’s just where we’re headed and that’s it.”

    Gian’s latest batch of songs, with Blue and Eric co-writing, were penned over the past few years and recorded sporadically during that period. With little help from friends here and there on the producing end and recording help from the Soundmaster Recording Engineer School, these and other elements helped fine-tuned the recordings


    Austrian metallers Serenity have issued the following update about writing new material:

    "Hi everybody!

    "The show together with RAGE and our label mates MIND ODYSSEY was fantastic and we wanna thank our fans once again for their huge support although some of you missed the show due to the earlier beginning – we are very sorry for that!

    "At the moment we’re just writing new songs and the results so far are amazing. Thomas really created some great basics and right now I’m adding some new vocal lines and choirs.

    "We’re looking forward to the show in Prague on the 09.05.09 and this week there’ll be a big surprise for all our fans especially in Germany....But I can’t tell you more at the moment! So stay tuned!!"


    Darkside has issued the following update:

    "We have uploaded our legendary demo tape 'Herbst' from 1993 on our Reverbnation account for free download and/or listening pleasure. Find also provided a link where you can download the cover of the demo including lyrics, pics and the original cover artwork."

    "Herbst" was DARKSIDE’s second demo tape, recorded at Studio Past in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, in the spring of 1993. This was also the first recording of DARKSIDE as a five member band. The line-up for the recording was as follows:

    Peter Durst - guitars, vox
    Herbert Knöchel - guitars
    Peter Böhm - bass
    Wolfgang Süssenbeck - keys, back. vox
    Robert Grögler – drums


    NJ black metal band, Mortum, has issued the following update regarding their upcoming album and EP:

    “Revenge is just about done completing the front cover artwork for our new EP that is going to be titled ‘Prophecizing The Fall of Mankind.’ All that there is left is to edit the front cover and complete a back cover and the artwork total will be complete.”

    ”As of now were hoping to have this out and released by early July. We have a little ways to go financing for the album but it will get done shortly. We hope to get about 1,000 copies of the EP out, we'll most likely crate pay-pal for worldwide purchasing for those intrested.”


    The organizers of Britains Download Festival has announced a string of new confirmations for this years event. The festival will now also see performances from the likes of Hatebreed, Voivod, God Forbid, Suicide Silence, Sylosis, Therapy?, Tim "Ripper" Owens, In This Moment, We Are The Ocean, Turbo Wolf, A Day To Remember, Backyard Babies, Hostile, Esoterica, Man Raze, Middle Class Rut and No Americana.

    The lineup for the event is now as follows:

    Faith No More
    Def Leppard
    Limp Bizkit
    ZZ Top
    Marilyn Manson
    The Prodigy
    Motley Crue
    Chris Cornell
    Black Stone Cherry
    Lacuna Coil
    Dream Theater
    Killswitch Engage
    Tim "Ripper" Owens
    Papa Roach
    In This Moment
    The Answer
    Suicide Silence
    Bring Me The Horizon
    Five Finger Death Punch
    Duff McKagen's Loaded
    You Me At Six
    Parkway Drive
    Dir En Grey
    The Blackout
    Billy Talent
    Lawnmower Deth
    Backyard Babies
    A Day To Remember
    We Are The Ocean
    Auger Bane
    Man Raze
    Karma To Burn
    Middle Class Rut
    Turbo Wolf
    No Americana

    Underoath has just released on their MySpace page the world premiere of their new video for "Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear." The song is off their album "Lost In The Sound of Separation" which is currently available in stores and online.

    Texas metallers The Destro have just entered the studio with Unearth's Ken Susi to record their yet-to-be-titled sophomore album on Ironclad Recordings. Says the press release from The Destro,

    "The last 6 months have been filled with personal loss and other life changing experiences in many of our lives. We were able to direct all of our energy from anger, stress, sadness and frustration focus it into a very personal record. After many ups and downs in the last 2 years through touring, our perception has solidified our determination to deliver an indestructible sound that is our own."

    The album is slated to come out sometime this August.

  • After the legal dispute over the rights to the band name Gorgoroth former members Gaahl and King ov Hell are now continuing on their own band under the name God Seed. King spoke with me about the story behind the name, the recording of their upcoming as-yet-untitled album, and how God Seed's music will differ from the previous Gorgoroth material.
  • Finnish hardcore/thrash metal band Nailed Coil recently released their new music video for "Hands Of A Killer" online. You can check it out below and check out more of the band's music on their MySpace page.

    London metallers De Profundis have issued the following update about the recording of their new album:


    "Following a long weekend of setting up microphones and mixing consoles, laptop wizardry and Logic plug-ins we have completed the pre-production demos for all the tracks. This time we tried yet another production approach, recording everything live in a single room to get a much more organic and raw sound. There's more groove and this approach certainly worked immensely well with the more aggressive sections. Nick, our drummer, is an absolute machine! However, you'll have to take my word for this as there are no plans at present to release these demos...

    "We made the decision to remove the two promo tracks from our profile, as with the recording sessions for the new album only a few weeks away, we want people to hear the new tracks with a fresh set of ears. However, I can reveal the names of all the tracks that will appear on the second album. Here they are, in the order that the songs were composed:

    Ablaze in Autumn's Fire
    Cease to Be
    Nocturnal Splendour
    Cold as a Grave
    The Mourner

  • California's Suicide Silence are currently streaming a new track online titled "Lifted," which can be heard on their MySpace page. "Lifted" comes from their upcoming album "No Time To Bleed." The album will be released through Century Media Records on June 29th in Europe and June 30th in North America.
  • Metal Church vocalist Ronny Munroe has issued the following update about posting promotional pictures and a new teaser video for his solo album "The Fire Within:"

    "Hey everyone,

    "I've posted some pictures of my recent promotional trek down to Puerto Rico. I spent some time pimping out "The Fire Within" and having some fun along the way. I even played a charity softball game for a local cancer victim and sat in with a band performing Iron Maiden's "The Trooper. Things are going great with the CD and you can still get all the cool pre order packages, up until this Friday the 24th! I will be calling some of you this Saturday (that purchased pre order packages "option 5") and I am looking forward to chatting with you! So check it out, spread the word, and stay metal!"

  • French symphonic metal band Fairyland has announced a release party for their upcoming album "Score to a New Beginning," which will be out on April 30th via Napalm Records. The release party will take place on Wednesday, May 6th in Arles, France at Paddy Mullins.

    Napalm Records issued the following statement about the release party:

    "Phil Giordana (Fairyland mastermind) will be there as the Godfather of the event, and he'll promote the new Fairyland album Metal setlist from 8.30pm till 00.00am - The entire new Fairyland album will be played. A lot of gift to win (cds, vinyls, concert tickets etc...)"

  • Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky has posted a new song from their album “The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry,” titled "The Tamagotchi Gesture" on their Myspace page.

    "The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry" releases in the US on 5/5/2009.


    Six Reasons To Kill have just released a new video for the track "Bleeding Stereo" which is taken from their latest album "Another Horizon." A Tribunal Records press release says about "Another Horizon,"

    "The new album, Another Horizon, follows the same destructive path of its predecessor, but with more vocal melody infused into their now distinct “sledgehammer to your face” approach. Along with the unabashedly “metal worship” also comes a socially conscious album dealing with such topics as discrimination, environmental exploitation, racism, war and human rights. SIX REASONS TO KILL not only want to impress you sonically, but they hope to challenge you mentally and open doors you may have kept closed up until right now. Another Horizon is a monumental moment in German hardcore, but most importantly a relevant human commentary on our civilization’s current dilemmas."

  • Black Market Activities band Animosity is holding a contest to see who can scream three consecutive lyrics from a song off their album "Animal." Winners will receive either free merch or will gain free passes to the next show they play around your town. All you have to do is go to to their video on YouTube and post a video response for your entry. Animosity reminds you, "You must sing the riff perfectly (rhythmically) without missing any beats. You will be judged by the band! Do it!"
    The debut demo from the avantgarde/black metal project, Blackdrone Inc., is now available as a free download on the band's official MySpace page. The band features Lord Fraktal (Alien Syndrome 777, Emrevoid), Nihil (Joey hopkins Midget Factory, Alien Syndrome 777), and Mr. Graviton (Mister, Vesperian Construct), with a sample contribution from Svein Egil Hatlevik (ex-DHG, Fleurety, Zweizz).The demo, which was recorded between 2005 and 2007 in Italy and the United States, is in memory of the bandmate Joey "Nihil" Hopkins, who tragically died last year.--
  • BICLOPS (ex-Postman Syndrome, current East Of The Wall) is currently in the studio at The Machine Shop (King Crimson, Clutch, Lamb Of God) with producer Will Putney, completing their debut full-length for a to-be-determined label. Demos for three of the nine songs can be heard here.Immediately following the completion of the recording, the band will hit the road with tourmates Knife The Glitter for a short east coast run. Several dates are as yet unconfirmed, so the band is looking for help finalizing some of the openings. They can be reached at Band {at} Biclops {dot} net, or via Earsplit PR.The tour routing is underway as follows:6/05/2009 *TBA - Brooklyn, NY
    6/06/2009 Nara Sushi - Richmond, VA
    6/07/2009 The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
    6/08/2009 *TBA - GA
    6/09/2009 JJ's Bohemia - Chattanooga, TN
    6/10/2009 *TBA - AL
    6/11/2009 *TBA - FL/LA/GA
    6/12/2009 Head On The Door - Montgomery, AL
    6/13/2009 *TBA - SC
    6/14/2009 *TBA - NC/DC/VA/MD
    6/15/2009 *TBA - PA

    Yes, we are still alive and kicking. And the best thing: we have two great new releases lined up for May! One of them comes from one of Germany’s finest young bands from Berlin. Their brand new album is titled “The So Called” and is their second release on Go-Kart. What started out as Indie Punk influenced by the Yardbirds, the Beatles and the Stooges has now developed into something entirely independent from any comparisons. With “The So Called” have managed to squeeze the energy, restlessness and charm that are so typical for their amazing live performances onto one little CD – an unique driving power for the 11 new songs.
    The other release we are very proud of comes from Oakland-based Olehole – the new band of the former lead singer of The Ghost Brian Moss. Together with his new band mates Ian (Dead To Me), Dan and Jackson (both former Burial Year) he does what he was always best at: contemporary Post Punk with razor-sharp, partly sociocritical lyrics, great melodies, monstrous guitar walls and hook lines. Inspired by the likes of Fugazi, Hot Water Music and Quicksand, Olehole are ready to move into their footsteps. The ten tracks on their debut album “Holemole” impressively authenticate that great songs don’t need more than 2-3 minutes to work their way up to your brain. Olehole will be touring Europe very soon. We will keep you posted!
    Both albums will be officially on May 8th. MP3s will be up any day now and we will certainly let you know as soon as that happens!
    Pre-ordering is already possible, just visit our online store at

    Dutch brutal death metallers, SEVERE TORTURE, have started the writing process for their next album, the follow-up to 2007's "SWORN VENGEANCE."

    SEVERE TORTURE bassist PATRICK BOLEIJ discusses the band's recent activities:

    "Here's a short update to let you all know what's been going on in the Severe Torture camp over the last couple of months. We've actually been working our asses off, writing the finest death metal tunes possible. We have about 6 songs down and riffs and ideas for 4 or 5 more. We'll be finishing those in the next 2 months. Musically it's gonna be one of the fastest, sickest and most brutal Severe Torture records ever! This stuff is gonna be fuelled by the sheer disgust of all the whimpy, lame-ass, fashion-crap that's been polluting the music industry for years. And it made us realize all the more what we love most... Playing brutal fuckin' death metal. The plan is to start pre-production in July and have everything ready for recording in September." More...


    Devildriver Reveals "Pray For Villains" Artwork


    Devildriver has revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "Pray For Villains," which can be viewed here.

    Dez Fafara issued the following statement about the artwork:

    "The "Pray For Villains" Artwork is based on the title track on the record. The chorus goes " They Pray For Villains when their heroes let them down." The concept of the Villain saving the day - when all else fails you turn your eyes towards the badass that gets the job done. Not the clean cut guy - often big talking, slow acting, lacking in spirit and conviction! I needed something graphic to tie into the hero/villain idea.

    "I personally have been collecting Owls for some time and the Owl in many different cultures is seen as both the hero and villain. In Ireland an Owl that enters a house must be killed at once, for if it flies away it will takes the luck of the house with it. In Australia, Aborigines believe bats represent the souls of men and Owls the souls of woman. Owls are therefore sacred in their culture because your sister is an Owl and the Owl is your sister.

    "For the Aztecs, one of their evil gods wore a screech Owl on his head and in the Celtic culture, the Owl is the sign of the Underworld. So, the OWL was the obvious choice as I wanted to feel as connected to the artwork as I do to the music and also give DevilDriver another icon to work with and even further define us a band!

    "So we bring you PRAY FOR VILLAINS"


    Lineup Announced For American Waste Fest 2009


    The American Waste Festival 2009 will take place on June 6 - 7 at the Beaumont Club in Kansas, City, Missouri.

    The currently confirmed bands include Skeletonwitch, Testament, Lazarus A.D., Unearth, Hammerlord, Snake Eater, Coalesce, Battlefields, At the Left Hand of God, and Daleria.


    Bands Confirmed For Croatia's INMusic Festival


    The T-Mobile INMusic Festival is schedule to take place from June 24 - 25 at Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia. The festival will have musicians from a variety of genres, but the currently confirmed metal bands are Hatebreed, Dimmu Borgir, and Anthrax.


    Rockstar Mayhem Tour Promo Video Posted Online


    The 2009 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour will start July 10th in Sacramento, CA and then continue through 26 more U.S. and Canadian cities. Slayer and Marilyn Manson are currently set to headline the tour. A promotional video for the tour has been posted online, which can be viewed below. More...


    Exila Announces Acoustic In Store Appearances


    Italy's Exilia has announced the following acoustic shows:

    05/07 - FNAC - Torino, Italy
    05/08 - FNAC - Verona, Italy
    05/09 - FNAC - Genova, Italy
    05/14 - FNAC - Milano, Italy


    Korpiklaani Reveals New Album Tracklisting


    Finnish folk metal band, Korpiklaani, has issued the following update:

    "Time to reveal the track list of our upcoming album 'Karkelo' (release date June 26th)! But before we do, we have some other hot news for you."

    "On May 25th we will release a single titled Vodka, on which will be two songs that will absolutely boost every party: Vodka and Juodaan Viinaa!! And even better, this single will also appear as picture vinyl!" More...


    Ashes to Ashes Posts New Music Online


    Norway's ASHES TO ASHES have posted four new songs from their forthcoming album on their official MySpace page. They were mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill (RATT, WARRANT, EUROPE, WINGER, ALICE COOPER). Go to this location to check out 'Semi-Padded Room', 'Neverending', 'Carolanne' and 'Wavelength'.


    Naltron Signs To Metal Age Productions


    Italy's Naltron has issued the following update:

    "We're glad to announce that we have inked a 2 albums deal with the Slovakia-based Metal Age Productions, currently home of some of the most interesting and long running european death metal bands like Avulsed, Desecration, Fleshless, Abbadon Incarnated, Putrefy and more."

    "We think MAP will be the proper support for Natron cos' it's growing, motivated and one of the most active indipendent labels in the underground world scene." More...


    Astral Doors Begins Work On New Album


    Swedish metal band, Astral Doors, has issued the following update:

    "It's about time that we give you all a real update of what's happening in the Astral Kingdom at the moment. We've received many mails from worried fans asking us where we are and why it's so quiet from us right now. Well, the answer is: we're working harder than ever before, but not public. We have actually moved into the studio; writing and recording songs for the upcoming album. We have written 20 songs ot something at the moment and more will come. The creativity has never been at this level before, so we will continue the work a few more months before we go to mixing. What more to say? Well, our new management Flying Dolphin, with Mr. Chris Boltendahl in the lead, does a great job for us and we feel that the future looks very, very promising. In August we'll come up with a big surprise for you and then a new album and a great tour all across Europe."


    The Chariot Posts New Song, "Never I," Online


    The Chariot has posted a new song called "Never I" on their MySpace page. The song is off their upcoming album "Wars and Rumors of Wars," which will be released in stores and online May 5th.


    Ragnarok Announces New Album Tracklisting


    Norwegian black metal band, Ragnarok, has revealed the tracklist of upcoming album, "Collectors Of The King," which is as follows:

    01. Introduction
    02. Stabbed by the horns
    03. Burning the earth
    04. In honour of satan
    05. Collectors of the king
    06. Eternal Damnation
    07. The ancient crown of glory
    08. May madness hunt you down
    09. Wisdom of perfection
    10. Maze of the abyss (bonus track on vinyl version)

    Seneca Announces US Tour Dates


    Seneca has announced the following tour dates with Within The Ruins (Victory Records):

    w/ And Hell Followed With (Satatik factory Records):
    05/22 - Bloomsburg PA @ Phillips Emporium
    05/25 - Aurora IL @ Dougs Rockhouse

    w/ Martyrdom (Mediaskare records):
    05/28 - Twin Falls ID @ DAV Hall

    Other Seneca tour dates are as follows:

    05/29 - Richland WA @ Rays Golden Lion
    05/30 - Spokane WA @ The Empryian
    05/31 - Portland OR @ MT Tabor Legacy
    06/01 - SeattleWA @ Studio Seven
    06/02 - Klamath Falls OR @ Yesterdays Plaza
    06/03 - Medford OR @ MusicHead
    06/04 - Los Banos CA @ The Building
    06/05 - Palmdale CA @ The Crossing
    06/06 - Canoga Park CA @ Cobalt Cafe
    06/07 - Las Vegas NV @ The Farm
    06/08 - Mesa AZ @ Badlands Music Venue
    06/10 - El Paso TX @ Chic's
    06/11 - San Antonio TX @ White Rabbit
    06/12 - Waco TX @ Art Ambush
    06/13 - Claremore OK @ The Tree Venue
    06/14 - Springfield MO @ Billards Blue Room
    06/15 - New Market TN @ New Market Gym
    06/17 - Wheeling WV @ Yesterday's
    06/19 - Rochester PA @ Blue Violet Cafe
    06/20 - Clarks NJ @ Clark KOCh


    Isis Posts New Studio Footage Online


    New footage of Boston's Isis in the studio working on their new album "Wavering Radiant" has been made available online. The album itself is scheduled for a May 05th release date via Ipecac. It will be preceded by a 2xLP vinyl release via Ipecac on April 21st. Watch the video at this location. More...


    These Are They Announces Debut EP Release Date


    Formed in May of 2008, THESE ARE THEY, a Chicago-based death metal band featuring vocalist Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom), guitarist Steve Nicholson (ex-Novembers Doom), bassist Wiley Wells (Earthen) and drummer Sasha Horn (Trials), recorded their debut EP, 'Who Manifest.' Recorded, mixed and mastered at Belle City Sound with Chris Wisco. The EP will be released on May 12th via The End Records. THESE ARE THEY, are currently in the studio recording their debut full length, which will see a fall 2009 release also through THE END RECORDS. More...


    Believer Posts New Music Online


    Believer has posted two new songs from their latest album, "Gabriel," online. The songs, "Redshift" and "Medwton" are now streaming on their MySpace page. The band has also issued the following comments on the songs:

    "Medwton was the first track to be heard from 'Gabriel' after an early, unmastered version was 'leaked' on Bam Margera's radio show." More...


    Anew Revolution Begins Writing New Album


    Texan hard rock band, Anew Revolution, has issued the following update regarding the closing of their tour and beginning of writing their new album:

    "So we end this final run for 'Rise' on high note with a writing/recording session with Producer Skidd Mills in Memphis, TN and it was an enlightening and eye-opening experience to say the least. Throughout this last headline tour we were anxious to start writing and recording the new album but ironically once we hit Memphis, we actually had a little writers block but with the help of Skidd he got the ball rolling on solid note. We wrote a song called 'Head against the wall' and let's just say it kills! Now we get to focus our time and energy this summer to continue what we started and write a killer record!! Expect a darker, more aggressive & intense album, and we will have alot more to say about everything going around us today. We also intend to include all of you in the process leading all the way to the release of album 2 (which we don't know when it will be released yet ;) we will reach out to you for feedback, suggestions and even through be attentive!" More...


    Arkaea Reveals New Album Details


    Arkaea, the band featuring Fear Factory members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera, has completed worh on their debut album, "Years In Darkness" and plan to release the record on July 14th through E1 Music.

    "We are truly proud of this record,” states Olde Wolbers. “Ironically half of the ARKAEA album consists of songs that were intended to be the next Fear Factory record."

    The tracklisting is as follows:

    1. Locust
    2. Beneath the Shades of Grey
    3. Years in the Darkness
    4. Gone Tomorrow
    5. Awakening
    6. Black Ocean
    7. Break the Silence
    8. Lucid Dreams
    9. My Redemption
    10. War Within
    11. The World As One
    12. Rise Today
    13. Away From the Sun


    Judas Priest Announces More Tour Dates


    British heavy metal legends Judas Priest has announced some more shows for their tour of North America. The tour will be a special treat for fans as they will be performing their classic album, "British Steel" in full. Joining them on the bill will be Whitesnake.

    The tour dates are as follows:

    June 29 - Murat Centre - Indianapolis, IN
    July 1 - The Family Arena - St. Charles, MO
    July 2 - Summerfest, Harley Davidson Stage - Milwaukee, WI
    July 3 - Taste Of Minnesota at Harriet Island - St. Paul, MN
    July 7 - Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
    July 8 - CMAC - Canandaigua, NY
    July 9 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, ON
    July 11 - PNC Banks Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ
    July 12 - Nikon At Jones Beach Theater - Wantagh, NY
    July 14 - Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre - Cleveland, OH
    July 15 - DTE Eneryg Music Theater - Clarkston, MI
    July 17 - Moondance Jam 18 - Walker, MN
    July 18 - Rockfest/Chippewa Valley Music - Cadott, WI
    July 19 - Charter One Pavilion - Chicago, IL
    July 21 - PNC Pavilion (Riverbend Music) - Cincinnati, OH
    July 22 - Nashville Municipal Auditorium - Nashville, TN
    July 24 - Verizon Wireless Theatre - Houston, TX
    July 25 - Freeman Coliseum - San Antonio, TX
    July 26 - Concrete Street Amphitheatre - Corpus Christi, TX
    July 29 - California Mid-State Fair - Paso Robles, CA
    July 31 - Sleep Train Pavilion - Concord, CA
    August 1 - Sleep Train Amphitheatre - Marysville, CA
    August 2 - Gibson Amphitheatre - Universal City, CA
    August4 - SDSU OPen Air Theatre - San Diego, CA
    August 5 - Pacific Amphitheatre - Oc Fair - Costa Mesa, CA
    August 7 - Dodge Theater - Phoenix, AZ
    August 8 - Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, NV
    August 10 Sandia casino - Albuquerque, NM
    August 11 - Red Rock Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
    August 13 - Nokia Live Theater - Grand Prairie, TX
    August 15 - St Augustine Amphitheatre - St. Augustine, FL
    August 16 - St. Pete Times Forum - Tampa, FL
    August 17 - Seminole Hard Rock Arena - Hollywood, FL
    August 19 - Germain Arena - Estero, FL
    August 20 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park - Alpharetta, GA
    August 22 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD


    Another Edition By India's RSJ Magazine On Sale


    Rock Street Journal magazine, India, has released it's latest edition and has been made available at all major book stalls.

    Free posters of India's Another Vertigo Rush and Them Clones are included along with the issue, which also includes features on bands such as Napalm Death, D.R.I., Bhayanak Maut.

    Rock Street Journal (or RSJ) is a monthly magazine from India that has been covering the country's Rock Scene for the past 15 years.


    Melechesh To Headline Sandstorm Festival 2009


    Sumerian Black Metallers Melechesh are billed to headline Sandstorm Festival 2009 which will be held at the Chi Club, Dubai. This is also the first time ever the oriental Black Metallers will appearing for a performance in the Middle East.

    Joining Melechesh on the 2nd of May, 2009 for the performance at the Chi Club will be extreme metallers, Bilocate from Jordan and Kaoteon from Lebanon.

    For more information please visit the respective bands' official Myspace pages.


    Chimaira Featured On

    . just ran a feature with CHIMAIRA’s Frontman MARK HUNTER which went live on April 21, the same day as the band released their new album, "The Infection."

    Hunter speaks about his passion for mixed martial arts, how it helps his on stage presence and his confidence. You can read the interview here.

    CHIMAIRA is currently on the Music as a Weapon tour, alongside Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Spineshank and more. The remaining dates on the tour can be seen below. More...




    RAVENLAND - New album with collaboration of Moonspell producer and writer
     - Brazilian goth metallers RAVENLAND will have its new album, "...and A Crow Brings Me Back" released in Brazil in the next few weeks by Free Mind Records. The album was produced by Ricardo Confessori (Angra, Shaman) and features guitar parts by Tommy Lindal (ex-Theatre of Tragedy). The band also revealed two other known names involved in the production process of the album, which are:
    - Waldemar Sorychta - After the recording and mixing sessions, the album was mastered in Germany by Waldemar, which was chosen because "he produced the best gothic metal albums which I have ever heard", according to Dewindson Wolfheart (Ravenland's vocalist). Waldemar produced albums of bands like Moonspell, Tiamat, Therion, Samael, Lacuna Coil and others.
    - José Luiz Peixoto - One of the most promising young fictionists from Europe. He got known in metal scene because of his collaboration with Moonspell on their "The Antidote" album. José wrote some texts inspired by Ravenland's band name and album title, which will be available on the booklet. José met Ravenland' vocalists when he came to Brazil to promote his "Cemitério de Pianos" book.
    More information will be available soon at



    New Orleans, Louisiana's sons of American no-frills Black Metal, GOATWHORE, have just announced that the title of their fourth full-length album, and second for Metal Blade, will be 'Carving Out the Eyes of God'. For the follow up to 2006's 'A Haunting Curse', GOATWHORE headed back to St. Petersburg, FL to record with producer Erik Rutan at Manna Studios with mastering being handled by Alan Douches of West West Side. >MORE<

    Thrashing Death anti-heroes THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are set to release their first ever DVD, 'Majesty', this May. This side splitting peek into the hard working band's humor laced brand of daily life will have you smelling the funk of the van from coast to coast and keep you coming back for more. Stay tuned to the band's MySpace page or Metal Blade's site/MySpace page as we will be releasing teaser clips taken from the DVD up through the release of 'Majesty'. >MORE<

    Please check out a live version of the song 'The Warcult' on! The song is taken off the bonus live CD that is included in the limited first edition of GOD DETHRONED’s new blasting Death Metal beast 'Passiondale'. >MORE<

    Please click on to check out a live clip of 'We Take It From The Living' taken from 'The Wacken Worship – Live At Wacken Open Air 2008', the bonus DVD that is included in the limited edition of POWERWOLF’s new masterpiece 'Bible Of The Beast'! >MORE<

    Click on to watch the fifth part of LAY DOWN ROTTEN’s studio diary. This time you can see the guys shredding some solos for their new Death Metal tank 'Gospel Of The Wretched'. >MORE<

    Click here to check out a tour movie about the Metal Blade Assault tour where THE ROTTED, MALEFICE and ANTERIOR laid the UK to ashes: >MORE<

    New Press Quotes:
    BELIEVER - 'Gabriel'
    "…a highly impressive album…" -
    GOD DETHRONED - 'Passiondale'
    "God Dethroned managed once more to fulfill their fans exigencies by releasing a record well structured that shows a consistency of the band on to following what can be called a well determined style…" -
    POWERWOLF - 'Bible Of The Beast'
    "Metal Is Religion and the chief priests are Powerwolf." -

    New Downloads:


    BLOOD TSUNAMI, the Oslo, Norway-based thrash metal band featuring drummer Bård G. Eithun (a.k.a. Faust; SCUM, ABORYM, ex-EMPEROR), has issued the "Castle Of Skulls" EP via iTunes, containing a mixture of new and previously unreleased material.

    01. Castle Of Skulls
    02. Killing Spree
    03. Evil Unleashed
    03. Suicide Anthem

    Click here to check it out.


    Artillery - 2 new samples available
    As announced earlier this week Artillery, one of the best thrash metal bands around, returns with a brand new studio album. New material entitled “When Death Comes” will be their first studio release since the 1999’s album “B.A.C.K”! And today you can hear two preview tracks (“When Death Comes” and “10.000 Devils”) on MMP’s profile on Myspace:
    “When Death Comes” will be released as a jewel case CD and as a limited digipak CD including 2 bonus tracks. Japanese edition of the album will include an exclusive bonus track which won’t be available elsewhere. Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 15th June in Europe, 23rd July in Japan (via King Records) and 11th August in USA (via MVD).

    Artillery AD 2009: Søren Adamsen, Morten Stützer, Carsten N. Nielsen, Michael Stützer, Peter Thorslund

    Denmark’s Artillery is one of Europe’s earliest exponents of thrash metal and the band’s contribution to the bourgeoning genre is difficult to ignore. The Danish quartet successfully managed to fuse an abrasive brutality with technicality and good melodies, with the noteworthy guitar leads of the Stützer brothers as well as the remarkable vocals from Flemming Rønsdorf serving as highlights. Due to Artillery’s demos being well distributed, the band gained worldwide recognition even before the release of their first official album; and the band’s first three studio albums, “Fear of Tomorrow”, “Terror Squad” and “By Inheritance”, all assumed the status of classics in the thrash genre. However, due to lack of support from labels and internal band disputes, Artillery never really achieved their big breakthrough and thus split up in 1991. In late 1999, Artillery reunited and released the critically acclaimed album “B.A.C.K.”, but they never really took off as a band again. A few live appearances came in the wake of the release, only to be followed by silence. However, in 2008 the classic core of Artillery, consisting of Morten and Michael Stützer as well as Peter Thorslund (bass) and Carsten N. Nielsen (drums) rejoined forces and subsequently employed new vocalist Søren Adamsen, who provided the band with a rejuvenated energy and a musical prowess that was soon witnessed on the live DVD “One Foot in the Grave, The Other One in the Trash”, containing updated versions of classic material.
    A new chapter in the life of Artillery has now begun with their brand new studio album, “When Death Comes”, which contains 10 blistering tracks that fill the void between past glory and future splendour. New material was recorded between March and April 2009 at Medley Studios in Denmark with Søren Andersen as the producer. The band will promote the new album on a massive tour, which will be confirmed soon.



    DYING FETUS: Begin Work On New Album

    Longstanding death metal heavyweights DYING FETUS have entered Wright Way Studios in Baltimore, MD to begin work on a new full-length album. The follow-up to 2007’s War Of Attrition is being recorded with producer Steve Wright and will see a September 2009 release.

    DYING FETUS founder / guitarist John Gallagher commented on the new album; “We’re stoked about starting the recording for the new Dying Fetus album. Sean, Trey, and I have put more time and energy into writing this record than any of our previous records, and it will show when we deliver the most brutal Dying Fetus album ever recorded this fall. This record will be devastating.”


    Indie Recordings presents Engangsgrill


    Indie Recordings is proud to present the signing of Nattefrost (Nattefrost, Carpathian Forest) and Fenriz’ Red Planet (Darkthrone) for the release of the split album “ENGANGSGRILL”.

    These two legendary musicians team up for a rock`n roll experience, exploring the borderline between black metal, stoner and classic rock. 

    Fenriz is best known as the drummer and lyricist of the mighty Darkthrone, and together with Nocturno Culto they’ve been a driving force in the global metal underground for over 20 years!

    As well as releasing albums with Darkthrone, Fenriz has performed solo and been involved with a number of bands spanning a variety of musical genres the last years.

    For the ENGANGSGRILL album Fenriz contributes with 3 tracks “Side Nebulah”.

    Fenriz comments on the signing:

    if the people at Indie Recordings made a metal band, it should be called DEDICATOR! - they're THAT dedicated.
    - Fenriz

    Nattefrost is one of the most recognisable and longest serving figures on the Black Metal scene, Nattefrost has never shied away from controversy -  but at the same time he has never sacrificed quality for mere sensationalism.

    With “Engangsgrill” he is able to show yet another facet of his musical skills, merging unexpected genres and adding his own, unique stamp. 

    You would never have been able to predict “Engangsgrill”, and yet, here it is, because, after all, if there is anything at all predictable about Nattefrost, it’s his ability to surprise.

    Nattefrost recorded 5 tracks “Side Lustmord” featuring:

    The “Engangsgrill” split release contains all together 8 tracks from these iconic figures. The album is available on CD and 180G LP


    Side Nebulah
    1: My ship Sailed Without Me
    2: Jon Carter, Man On Mars
    3: Temple Of The Red Dawn Rising 

    Side Lustmord
    4: Nekronaut II
    5: Uskyldighet
    6: Sin Goddammit
    7: Lustmord
    8: Humiliated And Pissed Upon 



    MISERATION album and tour news
    Christian Älvestam from Swedish Death Metal monsters MISERATION checking in:
    We are set to enter the Panic-Room studios late June, once again with producer Tomas "Plec" Johansson at the helm, to record the follow-up to our debut album "Your Demons - Their Angels". The new album, entitled "The Mirroring Shadow", will most likely include eight to ten songs of hard-hitting, non-compromising death metal. It will once again be released through Lifeforce Records, later this year!

    In the meantime, we will embark on a mini-tour in May, throughout Europe, alongside our good friends in INEVITABLE END (who recently released their debut album "The Severed Inception", through Relapse Records) and with an appearance at LEGACY FESTIVAL on May 23rd in Dessau/ Germany.

    For more info about the tour, please check the "upcoming shows"-section, here on the website!

    More news as it happens!



    Warpath have pulled out of the forthcoming tour with Evile and Mutant, after the lead guitarist was injured in a motorbike accident. Evile are currently searching for a replacement band for the tour. MTUK wish Pete Hawthorne a speedy recovery.

    This tour also coincides with the release of Mutant’s long-awaited debut E.P. ‘Laserdrome’ which will be available at all dates. Check out samples at


    Crank up your dials to 11, lock up your daughters and dust off your spandex – Spoof rock giants Spinal Tap are back for one night only at Wembley Arena, London on 30th June. Tickets go on sale 09/04/09 at 9AM, priced £42-£50 (+ booking fee) at


    Skitliv will release their first studio album, “Skandinavisk Misantropi” on Season Of Mist records. “I had never lost touch with the guys at Season of Mist after I left Mayhem, and when they said they were interested in releasing my new album, it seemed very natural to continue working with them”.

    The band having previously released the live “Amfetamin” CD; a one-off collaboration with the Cold Spring label, that has Maniac’s ambient/noise project SEHNSUCHT in it’s roster.


    Swedish rockers Europe will play an exclusive UK show at Bloodstock Open Air festival, along with Cradle Of Filth and Blind Guardian. The festival is set to take place at Catton Hall, Derby from 14 – 16th August 2009. To purchase tickets click here


    Brian Wilson and Motorhead have been confirmed as this years' headliners for Guilfest, which takes place from 10th - 12th July at Stoke Park, Guildford. They play alongside The Charlatans and Happy Mondays. Visit for more.


    777, the industrial black metal project featuring Blut Aus Nord band members are to release their debut album this spring via Debemur Morti Productions. The band will unleash a putrescent and monochromatic aural universe composed of bleak pessimism, disharmony and human failure.


    Tristania have announced the addition of new bassist Ole, following the departure of Rune Osterhus. Rune was unable to tour often during his time with the band, and after he became a father the band agreed it was time to replace him. Ole has been a touring member of the band for the past year



    Nevada based technical death metal band I BUILT THE CROSS has announced the name of their debut album as, "BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN HEART AND MIND". The album is scheduled for a spring release via OPEN GRAVE RECORDS.

    The cover art was designed by Fernando Catipillán.

    I BUILT THE CROSS has also filled their line-up with the addition of members:
    Jason Ortiz (2nd guitar)
    Steven Castillo (drums)
    Zak Campbell (Bass)

    A summer tour is being scheduled, which includes a stop at the CORNERSTONE MUSIC FESTIVAL in Bushnell, IL.

    I BUILT THE CROSS was formed during the summer of '08 by two long timetime friends and ex-members of the popular death metal band DISFIGURING THE GODDESS. As friends, Reed and Gare have been closer than brothers since before either of them can remember, and as musicians, they've been working together for the last several years. Although they have been involved in musical projects spanning various different genres all across the board, they claim that death metal is the only form of musical expression that can truly make their hearts, minds, and desires most tangible.

    I BUILT THE CROSS is a Christ-centered, spirit-led technical death metal band with a driven and distinguishable purpose: spread Jesus' name to an audience of people in a music scene that is generally stereotyped as "evil." To them, musicians aren't defined by the music they play, rather, it is the other way around. As a whole, I BUILT THE CROSS is ultimately concerned with clarifying the unconditional love of Jesus - the Savior, the Friend, the Father.

    For more information on I BUILT THE CROSS visit their myspace:


    Alex Carpani is pleased to announce ALEX CARPANI BAND's 2009 International Tour that will reach six countries in Europe and Asia: England, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain, Poland and China.

    The band will perform Alex Carpani's successful debut album "Waterline" (c2007) plus several unedited songs and three hits of the 70s rock by E.L.P., Genesis and Led Zeppelin.

    The lineup features Alex Carpani on keyboards, vocals and visuals, Ettore Salati on guitars and bass pedals, Marco Fabbri on drums and percussion, Fabiano Spiga on bass, acoustic guitar and vocals.

    June 21st - The Robin 2, Bilston (UK)
    July 16th - City Park, Lidköping (Sweden)
    July 25th - Baltic Prog Fest, Vilnius (Lithuania)
    September 5th - Audio Dénia Festival, Valencia (Spain)
    September 12th - Progresja Klub, Warsaw (Poland)
    December 4th - China Live Bar, Shanghai (China)

    December 5th - t.b.a. (China)
    December 6th - t.b.a. (China)



    Although their recently released debut Vicious Circle is still warm, Polish thrashers CHAIN REACTION are glad to announce that their next full-length is taking its final shape! 

    Bassist Michal Michalski says: “The album will be tentatively entitled Cutthroat Melodies; most of the music is already composed and we still have to work on some vocals, but we hope to have everything ready before June, when we’re beginning recording at Zed's.”


    CRIMINAL frontman Anton Reisenegger signs endorsement deal with Fernandes Guitars!

    Anton Reisenegger, guitarist/vocalist for Anglo-Chilean thrash masters CRIMINAL, has signed an exclusive endorsement deal with Fernandes Guitars. His weapons of choice are the Fernandes Monterey Deluxe and the Fernandes Vortex Deluxe.

    "I am extremely excited and proud I was chosen by Fernandes Guitars to represent them. Fernandes guitars are beautifully crafted instruments, and the pick-up configuration on the Deluxe series leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. I can't wait to play these babies on stage!"

    Comments Reisenegger.

    "CRIMINAL is an iconic band in the history of South American metal, world class thrash at it's best. We are very proud to welcome them onboard ," adds Fernandes spokesperson Alfonso Pinzon.

    CRIMINAL's latest album "White Hell" is out now on Massacre Records.


    Hole in the Sky presents: Enslaved

    Enslaved and Hole in the Sky presents A Blaze in the Northern Sky – Hole in the Sky 10 year anniversary 

    ENSLAVED will host the Hole In The Sky 10th Anniversary birthday bash during HITS 2009, with special guests from DARKTHRONE, EMPEROR AND MAYHEM. More guests to be revealed… to be continued. 

    Promoter Torgrim Øyre comments: 

    Wow, it’s been 10 years already. Who would have though that when we first started planning the first festival in 1999 as a tribute to our late friend Erik «Grim» Brødreskift. It’s been a phenomenal ride, with lots of great memories to cherish, fantastic concerts and an incredible audience that shows up in numbers each year. This calls for celebration. We’ve always paid much attention to tradition, but we’ve also tried to look ahead at the same time. With the 2009 edition having the strongest focus on the local scene since the inception of this event, it feels like we’ve come full circle. To prove that Bergen scene is as vital as ever, we’ve invited Enslaved to host the birthday bash of the century. A band that helped set the bench mark for what Norwegian extreme metal was all about and what it has grown to become. «A Blaze in the Northern Sky» will be a perfect reflection of just that, cutting edge and progressive together with a dive into the historic vaults of what defined the Norwegian scene together with prominent guests from (among others) Darkthrone, Emperor and Mayhem.

    Having a good part of the Norwegian black metal royalty sharing stage with Enslaved in a historic lection of Norwegian black metal history must be the ultimate celebration for ourselves and the fans. I’m sure the band will elaborate about the content, but we’re confident that it will be more than spectacular. 

    Grutle Kjellson, Enslaved comments: 

    «2009 is indeed a special year. This year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary for, in my humble opinion, the greatest metal festival in the world. It is not the biggest festival in size, not even in Norway, but definitely in atmosphere. Just ask the metal heads travelling from all over the world once a year to a small town on the west banks of the pile of rocks called Norway, just to absorb the atmosphere of this unique event. I think most of them will agree.

    Since this is a big event for both of us, we figured that we wanted it to be more than a conventional Enslaved gig (if that is considered conventional?). Therefore we decided to ask some great friends to join in on the celebration. We have asked legends in the extreme metal scene, that has supported us, inspired us and have been partying with us over the years. Every single one of them had just as little doubts as we had and are honored to play theirs parts on this very special evening.» 

    HOLE IN THE SKY presents: Enslaved – A Blaze in the Northern Sky
    Event: Hole in the Sky – Bergen Metal Fest X
    Date: 26.08. – 29.08
    Location: Bergen, Norway 

    Also confirmed for 2009:
    PORTRAITTickets on sale via


    SHADOWSIDE: Dare to Dream MySpace Premiere Announced

    Full album will be available for preview on MySpace music this Thursday (16)

    Shadowside together with MySpace Brazil will feature all tracks from the upcoming record on their official MySpace profile. From noon on, Rock/Metal fans all over the world can check out, from April 16th to May 16th, the full Dare to Dream album before its release, set for the first week of May through LCM/Radar Records.

    After four tours through the USA and Spain, following the successful debut album Theatre of Shadows, this new material was produced and mixed by Dave Schiffman (System of a Down, Audioslave, Avenged Sevenfold) at LCM Studio, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In charge of the mastering was Howie Weinberg (Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and several others) at Masterdisk Studio, in New York.

    Dare to Dream tracklist is as follows:
    - Nation Hollow Mind
    - In The Night
    - Last Thoughts
    - Hideaway
    - Baby in the Dark
    - Ready or Not
    - Memories
    - Wings of Freedom
    - Time to Say Goodbye
    - Life Denied
    - Dare to Dream

    The band, consisting of front woman Dani Nolden (vocals), Raphael Mattos (guitars), Edu Simões (bass) and Fabio Buitvidas (drums), is launching its brand-new website, developed
    by graphic designer Jobert Mello (Sabaton, Grave Digger, Viper, Heavenwood, Stuck Mojo, Iron Fire and others). He was also in charge of the Dare to Dream artwork and MySpace layout.
    The Shadowside portal will feature information, news, pictures, videos and more. 

    Visit  and check out tracks from the album Dare to Dream at


    7TH REIGN, the Canadian power metal band featuring former EIDOLON vocalist Brian Soulard, EIDOLON bassist Adrian Robichaud and guitarist Marios Panayiotis, has set "Fallen Empires" as the title of its sophomore album, tentatively due later in the year. The CD is currently in post-production, with the layout being done by graphic designer Hugues Laflamme.

    According to a press release, "Fallen Empires" is "a stunning example of the roots of metal, mixed with classical orchestration and a theatrical sound. The theme of the album is based on the corruption of major corporations, the sin of mankind and the search for the truth in this confused and mislead world. For too long we have been the servants of the lost. It is time that the empires fall!"

    The Law

    THE LAW, the Swedish San Francisco Bay Area thrash-influenced metal band, has parted ways with bassist Jimmie "Ninja" Frödin and has replaced him with Kristian "Anti-Kristian" Karlsson from INFERIOR. The group says in a statement, "We are positive that Anti-Kristian will contribute with fresh ideas, and his whole presence equals fresh metal blood in the camp."


    Demetrio Scopelliti:

    Every week there will be a clip out on my website in the section "download" video!!

    On that video i played some songs coming from my brand new album "Evolution", some Arcadia songs and also some new songs from the upcoming album of Arcadia..

    Peavey electronics just sent me a new amplifier (Vypyr) and a new guitar (PXD TOMB II)..
    I played some tracks of the video with that guitar..

    About the new amplifier...
    If you want to see that:

    That's a digital amplifier and it simulates all the major amplifiers of Peavey..(I'll play a video using that in a couple of months)..

    About the Guitar i got...It's a really really metal guitar... :-)

    Nice shape, nice color, great sound, EMG pick ups and a booster on the bridge pick up of + 20 db!!!

    The new Promo Of Arcadia is out, check that out at:
    Check that out and let us know what you think about that..

    About the production side, I am mixing the band "Stonecutters", they play a kind of tecnical hardcore in the style od dilliger escape plan and meshuggah.

    Soon news about the "Evolution" project...

    Take care..


    Manowar makes Metal history again
    MANOWAR Launches The Ultimate Fan Contest!

    This is your chance to prove that YOU are the ULTIMATE MANOWAR FAN! We want to reward the best of the best with a Grand Prize of 2 Ultimate Fan Packages for Magic Circle Festival III on July 18, 2009 at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany!!!

    It's a MANOWARD (MANOWAR Award) worth over 700 Euros for... THE ULTIMATE MANOWAR FAN!!

    Submit proof of your dedication and devotion to the band that loves its fans! Express the reasons why you are the Ultimate Fan via a written essay, photos, video footage, or any media that can be sent via email.

    In your own words... Tell us your story! Show us your photos! Or... get up close and personal... Show us YOU on video! Any way you choose... JUST DON'T CHOOSE TO LOSE! Send your entries now! Lots of prizes available to win in addition to the Grand Prize.

    For more information and instructions on how to enter, click on the Ultimate Fan Contest at


    Striving to create innovative ways for metal fans worldwide to enjoy heavy metal at its finest, MANOWAR is currently recording a song from their upcoming concept album with multi-lingual vocals. To date, they have recorded 15 different languages and plan to be back in the studio with more.

    Never before has a project of this scope been attempted by any other metal band. MANOWAR's lead singer, Eric Adams, explained, "It was an extremely difficult process. But this project was a way to reach our fans in their own languages. In fact, many of the fans assisted in the translations of the song and were on hand via tele-conferencing to correct my pronunciation! I am not a linguist, but the passion that inspired us to attempt this in the first place is definitely present in every language. I am really proud of the outcome. I view it as a gift from MANOWAR to the world."

    Video clips of the project in progress and snippets from the song in each language will be posted on MANOWAR's website.

    The song in its entirety will debut on Saturday, July 18,

    2009 at Magic Circle Festival III scheduled to take place at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany. This will be the ultimate opportunity to witness metal history. Tickets are now available online via


    The only cure for metal madness is more MANOWAR!! The undisputed kings of metal are in demand now more than ever! However, metal madness can sometimes cause hallucinatory rumors to spin out of control and the only way to cure and confirm is via the OFFICIAL MANOWAR and MAGIC CIRCLE websites!!

    Get tour info for 2009, all the new and exciting developments for appearances and special events, as well as announcements on new releases AND updates on MANOWAR's collaboration with Wolfgang Hohlbein at,,

    SPECIAL NOTE: There is no truth to the rumors that MANOWAR will be appearing at Bloodstock Open Air or Download in the UK, Wacken in Germany or at the Evolution Festival in Italy! Simply not true!

    So, remember to rock on and lock the rumors out by consulting official sources for MANOWAR. Hail and Kill!!

    MANOWAR Reunites With Original Member!Donnie Hamzik, the original drummer for MANOWAR, will be on tour with the band in 2009! MANOWAR and special guests HolyHell will be headlining some of Europe's major metal festivals, including their very own Magic Circle Festival III at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany on Saturday, July 18, 2009.

    Look for official news and tour dates as they develop on MANOWAR appearances and events via official sites and sources:,, Hail and Kill!!

    MANOWAR to headline Metalway Festival 2009 in SpainHola Brothers and Sisters of Steel! MANOWAR will now be headlining the MetalWay Festival in Zaragoza on June 27, 2009 along with special guests HolyHell! After MANOWAR'S metal madness takes control, Spain will never be the same!In fact, neither will Europe as a whole! This summer Europe will experience metal madness in epidemic proportions as MANOWAR headlines HELLFEST in Clisson, France on June 21, 2009. Then on to Spain as MANOWAR appears at the METALWAY FESTICAL in Zaragoza on June 27, 2009. They will also be rocking Romania at the B'ESTFEST AFTERSHOCK in Bucharest on July 5th, 2009. The Nordic gods in Kvindesal hail MANOWAR as the headliner for the NORWAY ROCK FESTIVAL on July 10, 2009.

    Then MANOWAR's tribute to the fans, Magic Circle Festival III, awakens the wrath of the siren at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany. HolyHell, Metalforce, Crystal Viper and a multitude of bands, yet to be announced, will give fans the audio orgasm of their lives, once again proving that the only cure for metal madness is more metal! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW... Online sales info available via

    The Magic Circle Festival, soon to be dubbed the united nations of metal, has just released the line-up of hard rocking, ass kicking bands ready to unleash their mega wattage on the Loreley in July!! Magic Circle Festival III, scheduled for July 18, 2009 at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany, is shaping up to be the ultimate metal experience of the year.

    Bands scheduled to appear are Crystal Viper from Poland, Ulytau from Kazakhstan, Jack Starr's Burning Starr from the USA, Van Canto from Germany, Metalforce from Germany, Domain from Germany and headliners, MANOWAR with special guests HolyHell from the USA. Guaranteed to be a unique event, with many firsts, the festival will debut the collaboration of MANOWAR and Wolfgang Hohlbein, Germany's bestselling fantasy author AND new music from MANOWAR, HolyHell and Jack Starr from new releases scheduled for 2009! That is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more details as they develop. This festival is metal history in the making, a FANtasy come to life!! So don't miss it!

    Tickets are now available online at

    IN THIS MOMENT - "The Dream (Special Edition)" incl. Blondie-cover version out now; touring Europe/UK this month!

    California's hottest modern hard rock export IN THIS MOMENT has finally set foot on European soil again to rock the stages in UK & mainland Europe in April 2009. The band surrounding sexy front lady Maria Brink embarked on the "Give It A Name Introduces Tour 2009" last week, consisting of several UK dates (incl. the main festival events in London and Manchester), followed by continental European shows as support of Papa Roach and Filter. See below for the exact dates of both tours...

    read more >>>

    MAROON - premiere new video for "Stay Brutal" @ MySpace; exclusive live show stream; new album "Order" out soon!

    Driven by its steadfast dedication to honest, vigorous and timeless metal sounds, German modern metal act MAROON is about to return with its heaviest, most diverse and visionary opus to date - "Order"...

    read more >>>

    HEAVEN SHALL BURN - new video for "Black Tears" at YouTube available!

    After an exclusive and extremely successful premiere at MySpace, Germany's most successful modern metal outfit HEAVEN SHALL BURN present their brand-new video clip on the band's Edge Of Sanity-cover "Black Tears" in HD quality at YouTube...

    read more >>>

        gys005 The Fifth Season
    INHUMATE new album is finally available ! INHUMATE is back with its 5th full length album. Following "Internal Life" (1996), "Ex-Pulsion" (1997), "Growth" (2000) and "Life" (2004), "The Fifth Season" represents the 5th step (wisdom, serenity and knowledge...) of the heptalogy (7 albums concept) started in 1996. 
    Be ready for 19 intense death/grind tracks (wisdom, serenity and knowledge ???) with a cristal clear sound ; more than 30 minutes of music (without bullshit intro, outro or stupid samples). It comes with a slipcase and 20 pages full color booklet.
    More information clicking HERE

    -> (sign the grindbook).
    -> (2 new tracks)
    -> forum (in English)
    -> forum (in French)
    Distro / merch :
    Promo : (Caution ! No promo CD for myspace webzines)
    ----- ----- ----- -----
    I N H U M A T E
    [soul grinding music since 1990]
    c/o Fred ANTON
    19 rue des paturages
    67310 ZEINHEIM
    ----- ----- ----- -----








    APR 16 - Equal Vision Records is proud to welcome Detroit, MI's We Came As Romans to its roster!  The band was recently featured in Alternative Press' "Hometown Heroes" special (AP #247), having been voted #1 by the magazine's readers.

    The band -- vocalists David Stephens and Kyle Pavone, guitarists Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton, bassist Andrew Glass, and drummer Eric Choi -- have been extremely active since the release of their breakout EP, Dreams, on tours with the likes of Our Last Night, Gwen Stacy, and The Number 12 Looks Like You.  The sextet is continuing their busy streak, hitting the road with A Plea For Purging and Burden Of A Day on April 24th.  The forthcoming full US trek will conclude May 22nd in Minnesota, just before the band heads to the studio to record their debut LP.

    After his work on Dreams, We Came As Romans has decided to once again record with producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa, Before Their Eyes) at his Foundation Recording Studio in Connersville, IN this June.  Currently putting the final touches on the new material, Cotton promises "the full length will be similar to the EP but with a new edge to it."  The album is planned a Fall 2009 release on Equal Vision Records.

    To coincide with the signing announcement, the band has prepared a video:

    w/A Plea For Purging, Burden Of A Day

    4/24 Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue
    4/25 Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theatre
    4/26 Winter Park, FL @ Island Oasis
    4/27 Ft. Myers, FL @ The Garage South
    4/28 Sarasota, FL @ The Players Theatre
    4/29 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
    4/30 Madison, AL @ The Vault
    5/01 Shreveport, LA @ 516 Soundstage
    5/02 Bryan, TX @ Stafford Main St
    5/03 Dallas, TX @ The Max
    5/04 San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
    5/05 Albuquerque, NM @ Telos House
    5/06 Phoenix, AZ @ The PHIX
    5/07 Whittier, CA @ The Green Turtle
    5/08 Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry's Pizza
    5/09 Rosamond, CA @ The Moose Lodge
    5/10 Canoga Park, CA @ The Cobalt Cafe
    5/11 Fresno, CA @ The Exit
    5/12 Livermore, CA @ The Burnin Burro
    5/14 Twin Falls, ID @ Dav Hall
    5/15 Salt Lake City, UT @ Studio 600
    5/16 Riverton, WY @ F.E.O.
    5/17 Wichita, KS @ The Eagles Lodge
    5/19 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
    5/20 Papillion, NE @ T.O. Garcias
    5/21 Jefferson, SD @ Jefferson Community Center
    5/22 Buffalo, MN @ The Vault


    For more information or to request an interview with the band, contact Francesca Caldara ( / 518.458.8250 x209) or Laura Kyprie ( / 518.458.8250 x219)

    Equal Vision Records  P.O. Box 38202, Albany NY 12203  ph. 518-458-8250 x209  fx. 518-458-8250  Bane | Chiodos | Cinematic Sunrise | Closure In Moscow | The Color Fred | Damiera | Davenport Cabinet | Dear And The Headlights | The Fall Of Troy | Fear Before | KING | Pierce The Veil | Portugal. The Man | Sky Eats Airplane | The Snake The Cross The Crown | Therefore I Am | This Time Next Year 


    Here is final info about Antichrist issue 8, full line-up and layout.
    Will be out SOON. Pro-printed on glossy paper, English written,
    distributed worldwide, 3.000 copies on paper + special PDF version for
    So, inside the issue 8 will be interviews with:
    Final lay-out you can see here (in att for this e-mail).
    Here is some time also if you need advertisement in the issue – write
    back for prices fast please! Except of standard advertisement we can
    also print posters, special inserts and many more, as well as add your
    compilation Cds with magazine and so on… just ask what you need!

    Well, also some reviews from upcoming issue were uploaded at our
    website. So you can check out them here –
    There are:
    AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Agorapocalypse” 2009 CD | Relapse Records
    BIRDS OF PREY “The Hell Preacher” 2009 CD | Relapse Records
    WINTERBORN “Farewell To Saints” 2009 CD | Massacre Records
    WOLFCHANT “Determined Damnation” 2009 CD | Massacre Records
    DISBELIEF “Protected Hell” 2009 CD | Massacre Records
    ICON IN ME “Human Museum” 2009 CD | Massacre Records
    NEBIROS “Kommando666” 2008 CD | Fallen Angel Productions
    UNTERGANG “Of Pure Blood & Evil Pride” CD | Satans Millennium Productions
    COMMUNION “Demo I” 2008
    MORKHGAST Promo 2008
    PROSELYTISM Compilation CD-R | Proselytism
    MALEBOLGIA “Requiem For The Inexorable” 2009 CD | Comatose Music
    VOMITOUS “Devoid Of Divinity” 2008 Demo
    DIATHRA “My Endless Sorrow” 2008 CD | Stygian Crypt Productions
    FOLKEARTH “Fatherland” 2008 CD | Stygian Crypt
    INFESTED BLOOD “Tribute To Apocalypse” CD | Gormageddon Productions
    DISORDER “Wolvenstein”
    SHADOWS GROUND “In Eternal Coldness Of The Night” 2009 CD | Black Hate
    CRISTALYS “Quintessence Celtique” 2005 CD
    CRISTALYS “Sureminence” 2009 CD | Pagan Pride Productions
    ARCANA COELESTIA “Le Mirage De I’ideal” 2009 CD | ATMF Productions
    MALICE “Symphony Of Darkness” 2000/2009 CD | Metal Scrap Productions
    EVERSOR “My Consciousness Was Burnt In Madness” 2008 Demo
    CROPMENT “Deadsoil” 2009 CD | Fastbeast Entertainment
    MOR “Hram Krvi I Praznine” 2009 CD | Forgotten Wisdom Productions
    AUSTERE “To Lay Like Old Ashes” 2009 CD | Eisenwald Productions
    KRATORNAS “The Corroding Age Of Wounds” CD | Kneel Before Master’s
    Throne Records

    If you want your release to be reviewed in our magazine – send your packs to:
    Aleksandr Maksymov,
    PO Box – 203,

    That’s all,
    Thx for your attention.
    Aleksandr Maksymov


    DAYDREAM XI - New band name and EP soon to be released
    OSMIUM, a brazilian prog/power metal band, was formed in 2005, only playing covers on that time. In the next few years the group composed their first own songs, and with the development of their musical identity, in the end of 2008 they presented themselves as DAYDREAM XI.
    With this new name the quintet formed by Tiago Masseti (vocals), Marcelo Pereira (guitars), Cássio de Assis (guitars), Tomás Gonzaga (bass) and Maurício Goldstein (drums) will release soon their first EP, which is being produced by the guitarist Renato Osorio (Magician, Scelerata, Fighterlord). More information will be available in the next days.

    Daydream XI


    Echo Us signs with Musea Records - The Tide Decides / July 2009‏

    ph: 541-968-0575 

    email:  web:

    Echo Us Electronic Press Kit-


     138 rue de Vallières

     57070 Metz - France


    Echo Us is pleased to announce a partnership with Musea Records for the release of the conceptual album "The Tide Decides" this July, 2009. The album will be released under the imprint Musea Parallèle, Musea's arm for 'fusion' releases. It is with pleasure to be working once again with Musea, who also distributed Greyhaven's debut (Angular Records) and has such a strong history in progressive music.
    The Tide Decides Synopsis:

    " The Tide Decides brings forth a life, living as if it moved in tandem and perfectly parallel with the entirety of human existence. From birth through evolution, to perish or reincarnate The Tide Decides concept is of a fantastic nature, and loosely ties to philosophical ideas and ideals of a new (meta) physics, new age, and the falling away of chronological human consciousness. "

    Sound samples-    




    tt: 69:12


    Pedal and Lever Harp: Raelyn Olson

    Drums: Andrew Greene

    Viola: Teri Untalan

    Bass: Aaron Bell

    All else: Ethan

    the tide decides               

    < echo us >


    1. From Snow To Sea...
    2. We Surfaced
    3. Trans-Atlantic
    4. State Of Expectation
    5. The Tide Decides
    6. Fantastic Elevation
    7. Descending From The Dream
    8. Shooting Scenes
    9. Out at The Edge Of The World
    10. ...And Sea To Sky [Bon Voyage]









    Galy records news:

    AVAILABLE NOW:  VATICAN - Shotgun Evangelium 

     Hailing from the Metal capital of Montreal; Vatican is best described as "Dirty Black & Roll Music". This brand new effort, from veterans

    of the scene (having both strong live and recording experiences), is as diverse as it is concise in its approach… to broaden and furthermore

    bring together extreme branches of the underground, into one very concrete manifestation. Vatican is comprised of members from:

    (ex) Ion Dissonance (Gab-vocals), The Last Felony, Nefastus Dies, Unquintessence & Dopethrone. “Shotgun Evangelium”,

    Vatican’s first sacrilegious offering, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jef Fortin (Anonymus, Neuraxis, The Last Felony).

    Free Agents of Khaos, under no rigid banner shall we stand.

    For fans of Motorhead, Nachtmystium, Khold, Satyricon.




    Provenant de la capitale du Métal, Montréal; Vatican nous offre une vision unique, mieux décrite sous l’appellation de « Black & Roll »

    sal et vicieux. Ce tout récent projet, de vétérans de la scène, est aussi divers que concis dans son approche… dans le but d’élargir et

    davantage rapproché certains courants musicaux « underground » en une seule et même puissante entité. Vatican comprends des membres

    de; (ex) Ion Dissonance (Gab.357 – voix), The Last Felony, Nefastus Dies, Unquintessence et Dopethrone. « Shotgun Evangelium »,

    le premier sacrilège offert par Vatican, fut enregistré et mixé par Jef Fortin (Anonymus, Neuraxis, The Last Felony).

    Agents libre du Khaos, Vatican annonce une nouvelle ère sans limites, sans contraintes et sans pitié.

     Pour les fans de Motorhead, Nachtmystium, Khold, Satyricon.

    Eric sXe Galy / Galy Records:

    The Last Felony - Aeon Of Suffering
    Ghoulunatics - The Beast of
    Martyr - Havoc in Quebec City DVD
    Neuraxis - Live Progression
    REANIMATOR - Ignorance is no Excuse (JUNE)
    VATICAN - Shotgun Evangelium (MAY 5th)

    Nocturnal Brights Productions updates

    ::Mindplagues' project (beatless evil industrial ambient noise) is available on 13 limited tape copies. Horror soundtracks, real exorcisms-based::

    Added one of the best songs of first Swastika's demo, no more available

    :: Order NOW 8mm death-noise album, from now on available, experience a travel into pity and confusion ::

    :The latest work of Swastika, LO SCOGLIO DEGLI UCCISI, was released in March 2009. Funereal sounds, cold brasses of death and dissociative despair. No hope ::

    Russian freezing and hypnotical black metal. The work is divided into two acts, which answer to two different frames of mind. Including Baba Yaga M.P. Musorgsky cover. CD support and rough artwork.

    Catarsi work comes with a rotten deviant edition artwork of sick pictures and contents. Advisable to take some time to listen to a sampler of this Black Noise gem featuring cynical, cold, cruel atmospheres.


    Split album featuring cult swedish band Blodulv (previously released by Total Holocaust Records, Eerie Art Records) The True Endless, Malignance and Sigma Draconis. Floods of evil spiritism black metal and the typical Blodulv crushing sound.



    Available latest album by Sigma Draconis, blasting black metal masterpiece.

    With Armata di Carona Fearbringer leads the listener to an obscure and visionary atmosphere, freezing and morbid black metal begotten by one of the masters of Italian black metal before undertaking more epic sounds.



    Valparaiso´s metal band VELATTORE is at their final lap to finish its first LP called ANSWERS, containing10 tracks recorded by Elías Martínez at Black Sun studios and mixed by Jorge "gato" Esteban at Miau studios (La Ley, Los Tres, Los Prisioneros).
    Pictures, Bios, and more information at








    DARSOMBRA news: Hey friends,

    I'm playing a bunch of shows in various bands within the next couple of months, including a U.S. tour of darsombra opening for Stinking Lizaveta and the debut of my newest musical endeavor Ambuvega. I hope to see you out there.


    Tuesday April 21

    Karma to Burn (reunion)
    The Expotentials

    The Ottobar
    2549 N. Howard St.
    Baltimore, MD
    doors: 8pm
    show: 9pm

    - Kicking off this show at 9pm sharp will be the debut of my new band Ambuvega, so get there early. 2nd on the bill is the infamous Baltimore stupor-group Soaphammer, of which I am also a member.

    Darsombra tour opening for Stinking Lizaveta:

    May 4 - Baltimore, MD @ Talking Head w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Isthmus
    May 5 - Washington, DC @ DC9 w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 6 - Richmond, VA @ Nara Sushi w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Suzukiton
    May 7 - Hickory, NC @ Drips Coffee House w/ Stinking Lizaveta, Dark Castle & US Christmas
    May 8 - Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 9 - Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 10 - Nashville, TN @ The End w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 11 - Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/ Stinking Lizaveta, Hot Breath & The Dumps
    May 12 - Birmingham, AL @ The Nick w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 13 - New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Mountain of Wizard
    May 15 - Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Baron Grod
    May 16 - Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Intronaut
    May 17 - Memphis, TN @ Buccaneer w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 18 - St. Louis, MO @ Firebird w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 19 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Lone Wolf and Cub
    May 20 - Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Sexual Pantalones
    May 21 - Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Ganon
    May 22 - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Beast in the Field
    May 23 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ Stinking Lizaveta, Jucifer & Own Weather
    May 24 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 29 - Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Stinking Lizaveta
    May 30 - New York, NY @ Cake Shop w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Kylesa

    June 5 - New York, NY @ Lit Lounge - Darsombra & Ala Muerte
    June 6 - tba - Darsombra & Ala Muerte

    Darsombra now on Facebook
    Hey all you Facebookers out there! Darsombra now has a Facebook profile at

    Now available: Darsombra - limited edition Nymphaea remix compilation cdr

    "Nymphaea" has been a staple of the darsombra set for the last 2+ years. Always a crowd favorite, the track was only released on the "untitled" 55 artist, 3CD compilation that Public Guilt co-curated in 2007. Now, darsombra has decided to retire the song from the live set. In lieu of a memorial, PG asked 12 remixers to have a crack at reinterpreting the track. What better way to lay something to rest than to rip it apart and let other people put it back together? From children's toys-based pop songs to blissed-out ambience, throbbing electronica to vocal interpretations sung in Latin, the resulting tracks on Nymphaea are an eclectic and varied bunch. CD includes original darsombra version.

    Remixers include:
    Japanese Noise Terrorist Guilty Connector
    Blood Fountains (solo project of visual artist Stephen Kasner)
    London, UK artists Max Bondi & Bleeding Heart Narrative
    Swiss experimental turntablist Strotter Inst. (who cut dubplates for his remix)
    NYC drone guitarist Destructo Swarmbots
    Heirs of Rockefeller (side project of Dark Water Transit's Paul Joyce)
    France's Le Knell (with releases on Utech Records)
    Perfekt Teeth (which features Crucial Blast Records head honcho Adam  
    Astoria, NY female experimental songwriter Ala Muerte
    Baltimore electronica artist Pulsoc
    Decimation Blvd. (Cream Abdul Babar member Tradd Sanderson) & Darla Hood
    Magicicada (aka Atlanta based musician/photographer Christopher White)

    This limited release for Public Guilt is a one time pressing of 250 copies and features artwork by Chase Middaugh (Suishou No Fune, Aidan Baker & Beta Cloud, Heavy Winged, etc.).

    Check out the Nymphaea myspace page where you can listen to the CD, plus an exclusive remix by Jon Smulyan not available on the CD.

    Purchase at



    Old Temple records news:

    Blasphemers from INFERIS (Chile) are back. The band has just finished recording their new material for the new MCD in SONIC BOX ( studios. Surrendering Honors To The Black Arts is over 20 minutes of infernal death metal. This CD will also include a cover song DOMINUS from Denmark. That material will be released by OLD TEMPLE, with the exception of South America where it will be available from SSPREADING THE PEST.

    By the end of April, NORTH will enter EVP studio  ( to record their fifth album. The band will play at UNHOLY FEST in Ostrava (23-25 July 2009)..

    Band have finished recording two special songs for the vinyl edition of Infernal Revelation. The recordings and mixing of the material were done in METAL SOUND STUDIO under Poland's command. The material will be released by newly founded REX DIABOLI. One of the bonus tracks will be
    Orthodox a song of a legendary Czech death metal band KRABATHOR.

    OLD 4.
    OBSCURE/PANDEMIC GENOCIDE split CD is sold out.

    VOCIFEROUS have joined Old Temple. Their debut album will be released soon. Their music is definitely for fans of old school black/thrash metal. Harsh, raw sound from the best years of Scandinavian music. Satan, blasphemy, chains, alcohol...

    OLD .32. CINIS "The Last Days Of Ouroboros"
    OLD 33. VOCIFEROUS "Vociferous"

    Old Temple
    Po Box 48
    86-307 Grudziadz 9


    The New G3 Lineup is:

    Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and...John Petrucci of Dream Theater(?). That's right, John will be accompanied onstage by Mike Portnoy on drums and Dave LaRue of the Dixie Dregs on play bass. We have no idea what they'll play, but we do know that it'll sound amazing. Tour dates can be found at

    In related News, Joe Satriani is slated to release a double-live CD recorded at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco, CA in December 2000. Also scheduled for release (date not yet determined) is a double-disc DVD of the same performance, plus non-performance bonus footage (backstage, etc).

    Eddie speaks out about Cancer

    "I'm sorry for having waited so long to address this issue personally. But, cancer can be a very unique and private matter to deal with. So, I think it's about time to tell you where I'm at. I was examined by three oncologists and three head and neck surgeons at Cedars Sinai just before spring break and I was told that I'm healthier than ever and beating cancer. Although it's hard to say when, there's a good chance I will be cancer free in the near future. I just want to thank all of you for your concern and support. Love, Eddie"

    Guitarist Steve Vai ' 79 honored at Berklee's Fall Convocation

    Boston, Sept. 12, 2000 - Rock guitar hero and Berklee alumnus Steve Vai '79 received honorary doctor of music degrees during Berklee College of Music's 2000 Entering Student Convocation on September 8.

    In accepting his doctorate, the honoree addressed students and helped welcome the Class of 2004, Berklee's largest-ever entering class, with over 900 students from 75 countries. Steve Vai's acceptance speachSome of the college's most outstanding current students also welcomed new students with a concert featuring the music of the honorary doctorate recipient, including a medley of Vai's "The Attitude Song" and "For the Love of God".

    President Lee Eliot Berk recounted many of Vai's impressive accomplishments as he presented him with his honorary doctor of music degree.

    Vai's astonishing technical wizardry and hard-rock sensibilities have propelled him to hero status in the world of rock guitar. Shortly after leaving Berklee in 1979, he began his distinguished career as a guitarist for the legendary Frank Zappa. From this auspicious beginning, he went on to perform with David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Joe Jackson and others. He also released a series of solo albums, including "Alien Love Secrets" and "Passion and Warfare," that have become both critical and cult favorites, inspiring legions of devoted fans around the world.

    Vai addressed students after accepting his honorary degree, fondly recalling his time at the college. "My years at Berklee are probably the most cherished memories I have," Vai said. "You've got so much here. It really gives you the opportunity to create a community of musicianship that you won't find out there in the world." Vai said the friends he made at Berklee (notable among them is bassist Stu Hamm '80) have remained with him his entire life.

    Vai also thanked his parents for their longtime support of his musical career, starting with their ignoring neighbors' requests to turn down the volume on young Steve's amplifier. As Vai grew up, his parents continued to encourage his musical pursuits. "My father actually sold his life insurance policy so that I could come to this school," Vai told students.

    Immediately following the Convocation ceremony, Berklee students and faculty paid tribute to Vai by performing some of the songs that have played a pivotal role in their career. Faculty member Jon Finn and student guitarist Daisuke Kunita of Sapporo, Japan did justice to Vai's blazing guitar opus "The Attitude Song/For the Love of God."

    Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music has been advancing careers in contemporary music for more than 50 years. The world's largest independent college of music, Berklee has a multi-cultural enrollment of more than 3,500 students, 40 percent of whom are international. The college's alumni include some of the most respected figures in contemporary music, including many multi-Grammy award winners. Press Release

    Satriani nominated for Grammy

    Until We Say Goodbye from Joe Satriani's 'Engines of Creation' has been nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" category. Joe is up against Peter Frampton, Metallica, Phish, and Kenny Wayne Shepard. The 43rd Grammy Awards show is Feb 21. Best of luck to Joe!

    Eric Johnson releases Alien Love Child

    Grammy Award-winning guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson has always recognized that creativity is a sudden spark that needs to be cherished. Though chance provides the opportunity, it is care that preserves the special moment. Eric's new release, Alien Love Child - Live and Beyond, embodies the artist's belief in this, as it captures Eric's veritable rainbow of sounds as they were conceived before a concert audience. Along with Bill Maddox and Chris Maresh, collectively known as Alien Love Child, Eric Johnson takes a bold new musical step forward with a live record of all fresh material that displays the guitarist at his most inspired.

    As a recording artist and performer, Eric Johnson's body of work holds an important place in contemporary music. Fans and music journalists discovered his unmistakable technique and tone long before Eric became known to the world. Guitar Player magazine even went as far as featuring the then obscure musician with a cover story, with the byline "Who is Eric Johnson and Why is He on Our Cover?" He has gone on to grace the cover of every major guitar magazine, several times, and won too many Reader Poll Awards to list. To several generations of musicians and music lovers, there is no one in the world like Eric Johnson.


    Los Angeles thrashers BONDED BY BLOOD will return to the U.K. in May for a short string of dates with support from labelmates and Canadian heavy metal heroes CAULDRON.
    BONDED BY BLOOD frontman Jose "Aladdin" Barrales comments: "We can't wait to be back in the U.K. Last time we were there it was amazing. This time around should be even better!"
    Catch BONDED BY BLOOD and CAULDRON at the following shows:

    May 08 - Glasgow, UK - The Classic Grand
    May 10 - London, UK - Purple Turtle
    May 11 - Leeds, UK - Rio's
    May 12 - Nottingham, UK - Seven



    Lazarus A.D. has recently shot their first ever video for the second track from The Onslaught. Shot in the storied and (supposedly) haunted Eagle's Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI, the video will give you a good idea of the band's powerful and engaging live performance. The video will premiere on-line at on the 16th and on Headbanger's Ball on MTV2 during the morning of Sunday the 19th, 2am-3am eastern.


    Following recent trials and tribulations, Norwegian metallers SUSPERIA have confirmed the release of their fifth full length album 'Attitude' via Candlelight Records on 18th May in Europe and 19th May in USA /Canada. An E-Card for the album is available at this location.

    Footage from Thrash With Power Fest featuring Ravage has been posted!

    On Sunday March 29th, 2009, a mass of crazy metal maniacs from all over New England descended on Everett, MA for the first ever THRASH WITH POWER FESTIVAL. This special, invite-only event was reserved for only the truest underground metal brethren and was held at the infamous "Metal Hall" where beer-soaked fans were treated to a line-up featuring some of the best young underground thrash and traditional heavy metal bands on the scene today. The bands included: Ravage (Metal Blade Records, from Boston MA) Bonded By Blood (Earache Records, from CA) ExMortus (Heavy Artillery Records, from CA) Razormaze (Hold True Records, from Boston MA) Witchaven (CA) & Silent Violence (NH)

    Pictures from the show have been posted on

    A video retrospective of the show, featuring a song from Ravage's performance has been posted at this location

    MOLOTOV SOLUTION releases track listing and artwork for The Harbinger

    Los Angeles, CA – April 3, 2009 – In preparation for their upcoming release The Harbinger, Las Vegas metal act MOLOTOV SOLUTION has just released the track listing and album artwork to the Metal Blade Records debut. The Harbinger will contain 11 blistering tracks, which were recorded with Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying), Daniel Castleman, and Kelly Cairns at Lambesis studios in San Diego, CA (Sworn Enemy, Impending Doom, War of Ages).

    "Working with people like Kelly and Daniel at Lambesis Studio allowed our CD to really come out the way we intended it to simply because the mass amount of time they put into it for us. Jeremy managed to shell out all 11 tracks in about 9 hours which allowed us to focus greatly on vocals and guitars! With at least 12 hours a day for about 3 weeks of constant performing, we honestly feel that the songs could not get any tighter.

    In The Harbinger we focused more on structured songs rather than part after part as well as changing up the moods from song to song so it doesn't all sound the same. It's definitely the heaviest collection of songs we have written and the most proud we could be about a release!

    Canadian metal legends VOIVOD have set set "Infini" as the title of their final album, due in North America on June 16 via The End Records and Germany on June 12 through Nuclear Blast (the rest of Europe is expected to receive the CD on June 15).

    Regarding the album title, Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin said, "There were many titles thrown around, but I thought of 'Infini' and everyone liked it. Also, it looks great in sci-fi fonts."

    HIRAX is Getting ready to go into the recording studio to record the final tracks for their upcoming new release CD:
    "El Rostro de la Muerte" ("the Face of Death")
    Release date: June 2009

    New Mexico based ULTIMATUM have announced that they will head into the studio immediately to begin recording an album of covers titled, “Lex Metali” which translates to “Metal is Law”. The band will be recording the album in Albuquerque’s Site 16 Studios.

    ULTIMATUM is scheduled to record METALLICA’s “Creeping Death”, MOTORHEAD’s “Iron Fist”, VENGEANCE RISING’s “Can’t Get Out”, MOSHKETEER’s “Locked in Chains”, JUDAS PRIEST’s “Steeler”, MORTIFICATION's "Gut Wrench" along with 6 other songs.

    LEX METALI is scheduled for release in 2009 via RETROACTIVE RECORDS

    Canadian death/thrash metallers DEEPLY CONFUSED have inked a deal with the French label Great Dane Records. The band's first CD, "Isolated", will be repackaged with the 2006 demo added as a bonus, and will be available at the end of May.

    Great Dane Records is distributed in France by Season Of Mist and in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg by COD&S.


    Gabrielle Morin - Drums
    Stephan Filion - Guitars
    Fred Bergeron - Guitars
    Marco Baril - Vocals
    Phil Chown - Bass

    For more information, visit

    Karnak Seti have just uploaded 2 new songs from their upcoming studio album "Scars of your decay". The songs are available on the bands MySpace site.
    The thrashers from the exotic Madeira Island in Portugal are also on the look out for a new label.

    "To The Nines", the new album from Danish thrashers HATESPHERE, has entered the official chart in the band's home country at position No. 36. The CD was recorded over a nine-day period at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, MOONSPELL, DARK TRANQUILLITY, GOREFEST).

    Massacre sign ILLDISPOSED!

    Massacre Records proudly announce the signing of Danish death/thrash originals ILLDISPOSED to the label - the band already started works on a new album following this years's smasher "The prestige".


    Italian/Danish power-thrash metal act CHAOSWAVE has issued the following update:

    "As many of you know, for some time now our good friend Michele Mura has been the session bass player of CHAOSWAVE. After many months together with many shows and smaller tours, we all figured it was about time that Michele joined the band. So here's a big warm welcome to Michele from the rest of CHAOSWAVE."


    Sao Paolo thrashers Madhouser are in the process of making a brand new cd. In October last year the band released the demo "Mind your own Business". The demo has received great reviews from all over the world and the band has been recognized as a force to be reckoned with. Check their MySpace site for tunes from their demo, and stay tuned here for more info.


    POCCOLUS "Ragana" CD available now! :: Pagan Black Metal from Lithuania. 1994 demo/promo re-released on CD format with two never published live tracks. Re-mastered by POCCOLUS frontman Munis (Nahash, Zpoan Vtenz, Ha Lela) :: *Pro printed CD, 12 pages booklet. *Price: 13 euros including priority shipping worldwide. *Payment details: PayPal, bank transfer, well hidden cash. *Wholesale prices: 10 CD's including shipping worldwide 60 euros. *Selected trades are available.  *For more info and samples: // (NEW) //   ALSO AVAILABLE: NAHASH - Nocticula Hecate splicase CD (Last copies!)
    FUCK OFF AND DIE! - Anti All CD
    MERESSIN - The Baphomet's Call CD (Last copies!)
    ENCLAVE - Paradise of Putrefaction CD
    SVARTTHRON - Bearer of the Crimson Flame CD/Digi CD (Last copies!)
    SLAGMAUR - Domfeldt Digi CD
    DODSFERD - Denying with Arrogance your Pathetic Existence (Years of Pure Hatred and Disgust) CD
    POCCOLUS - Ragana CD


    This month MAD SIN are embarking on a tour of NORTH AMERICA in support of their latest release “20 Years In Sin Sin” on HEP CAT RECORDS:

    Mad Sin were born in 1987 out the hard rockin’, street fighting, hard drinking, seedy gutter of the Psychobilly/Rockabilly/Punk underworld that festered in a Berlin still entombed by the Eastern Bloc. Not even the Iron Curtain could stop the spread of the sickness that spewed from the first incarnation of the band, Koefte, Stein and Holly when they blasted headlong into the thriving European Psychobilly scene with their first full length album “Chills and Thrills”. “20 Years In Sin Sin” is a celebration of the lifetime of musical depravity that has epitomized the career of the band. This collection spans the years since their inception back in those squat dwelling days of two decades ago as well as old favorites and rare B-Sides this new album boasts six brand new studio tracks, five which emanate from the poison pen of Koefte De Ville as well as a barnstorming live performance recorded on their triumphant tour of America last year which climaxed at this Hollywood show and was recorded by Moses Schneider. Bad taste never sounded so good and no band does it better than the original wild men of German Psychobilly: Mad Sin.

    North American Tour Dates:

    04/23/09 BROOKLYN, NY @ CLUB EUROPA      

    04/24/09 ASBURY PARK, NY @ ASBURY LANES          

    04/25/09 NEW LONDON, CT @ EL-N-GEE        

    04/26/09 SOUTHBRIDGE, MA @ MILL STREET BREWS           

    04/27/09 BOSTON, MA @ MIDDLE EAST          

    04/28/09 OFF     


    04/30/09 LONDON, ON @ CALL THE OFFICE  

    05/01/09 TORONTO, ON @ BIG BOP CONCERT HALL             

    05/02/09 DETROIT, MI @ SMALLS        

    05/03/09 CLEVELAND, OH @ BEACHLAND BALLROOM            

    05/04/09 CHICAGO, IL @ BOTTOM LOUNGE    

    05/05/09 OFF     

    05/06/09 DALLAS, TX @ HOUSE OF BLUES      

    05/07/09 HOUSTON, TX @ THE MERIDIAN      

    05/08/09 SAN ANTONIO, TX @ ROCK BOTTOM           

    05/09/09 SEATTLE, WA @ STUDIO 7    

    05/10/09 VANCOUVER, BC @ RED ROOM        

    05/11/09 OFF     

    05/12/09 PORTLAND, OR @ SATYRICON         


    05/14/09 SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ SLIM'S         

    05/15/09 FRESNO, CA @ AUDIE'S OLYMPIC    

    05/16/09 VICTORVILLE, CA @ KARMA              



    Band Links:

    As you may know I work for TKO Records but I’m currently doing some side work for HEP CAT RECORDS so do not confuse this with a TKO release. You can contact me for any interviews, features, etc. concerning MAD SIN

    Josh Barnes
    TKO Records
    8941 Atlanta Ave #505
    Huntington Beach, CA 92646
    AOL IM: Barnesey74
    Ph# 619-804-9523
    Fax# 714-962-0550

    New Releases:
    COCK SPARRER - "True To Yourself" 7"
    the TEMPLARS - "Out Of The Darkness 7"
    ANTiSEEN - "The Best Of" CD
    CHANNEL 3 - "One For All My True Friends" CD/DVD
    the FORGOTTEN - "S/T" CD
    GLASS HEROES - "Get Out Alive/Kick Down The Doors" 7"
    BROKEN BOTTLES - “Hospital” CD
    the CROWD - “Letter Bomb” CD

    New retail TKO Record Store Open!
    18948 Brookhurst St.
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7306




Manzana to tour Europe with For Selena And Sin and Unshine!



Text Box: Tour dates:      22. April  Hamburg/ Headbangers Ballroom Germany ( + A Million Miles, DE )   23. April  Braunschweig/ Egal Germany ( + A Million Miles, DE)   24. April  Uster/ Rock City Switzerland  25. April  Lübbenau/ Kulturhof Lübbenau Germany  26. April  Frankfurt (Oder)/ Gewölbe Germany  27. April  Berlin/ Knaack Germany ( + A Million Miles, DE )  28. April  Prague/ Rock Club Bunkr Czech Republic  29. April  Warsova/ Progresja Poland  30. April  Klaipeda/ Bliuzbaris Lithuania  01. May  Pärnu/ Mai Keskuse Rockiklubi Estonia  02. May  Tampere/ Sputnik Finland      



PRESS RELEASE – 1st of April 2009 | RELEASE FREE

Manzana to tour Europe with For Selena And Sin and Unshine!



Finnish rock-metal band Manzana has released the dates for European tour on April and May 2009. The tour will start on April 22nd in Hamburg, Germany, and will stop in 7 countries. The tour is called "Finnish Female Fronted Rock-Metal Tour 2009", as Manzana will be on the road with two other Finnish female fronted metal bands, For Selena And Sin and Unshine. German rockband A Million Miles will also join the tour for Berlin, Braunchweig and Hamburg shows.


Manzana released their second album "Babies Of Revolution" in Finland on September 2008, and it went on chart number 28. Manzana's debut "Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart" was released in Finland on December 2007, and it went on album chart 24th, single "Falling To Pieces" number 2 the highest. The debut was released by Playground International in 24 countries, and on 2007 Manzana toured all Finland with bands like Apulanta, Teräsbetoni and Entwine, and Germany and Switzerland with Lovex, and visited several TV shows including MTV´s Headbangers Ball. On 2008 Manzana also toured some Baltic countries.


For Selena And Sin, a gothic pop-metal band, have released their debut "Overdose On You" by Dutch Mascot Records on 2007, and it was selected as an album of the month on Finnish metal magazine Inferno. Positive feedback from all over Europe made the band to tour more passionately than ever. Band made a lot of gigs in Europe and Russia. Touring included sold-out finnish tour with Volbeat.

Selena performed at The Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki this year, and their second album is ready to be released by Mascot Records, later on 2009.


Unshine, a symphonic druid metal band, has also released two albums, "Earth Magick" on 2005, and "The Enigma Of Immortals" on 2008. The both albums have been released in Europe and also in the U.S. and in Russia. After the release of TEOI, band gained official chart positions in Finland and the album songs received airplay even in Bruce Dickinson's BBC Friday Rock Show. Previously band has performed e.g. in Bilborock (European-wide pop-contest in Bilbao, Spain) and in Finnish Tuska-festival.


Reservations for interviews and more info please contact :



tel. + 358 40 5444878 Henri Virsell



tel. +358 44 2919513 Pasi Kolari



tel. +358 40 7386499 Harri Hautala

CLASSIX METAL # 2 out at last!
After the great success of issue n. 1, featuring classic bands, the early 1975-1979 Iron Maiden years, Bay Area thrash metal bands and other legends with rare photos, info and intelligent questions for not boring interviews, here comes the second issue, even improved!

Classix Metal is the first magazine dedicated to the True Metal of the past. Issue # 2 features:
Before the legend was born in the very early 80s.

Kevin Heybourne's unlucky story! Yet the witch is still here...

A chat with Andy Sneap and Martin Walkyier.


Not only Grunge. Seattle gave birth to Queensryche, Metal Church, Nevermore and many other Classic metal bands (as well as Charles Manson).

One of the few female metal bands that was really able to play!

Peavy celebrates 25 years


Not always understood; a pretty mysterious band!

Punk and NWOBHM from Rome.

The 20 best records ever!

Dawn Crosby tells his sad-but-true career

And also…
10 forgotten masterpieces of THRASH, LAMB OF GOD, SAXON, MANTIC 



NOCTURNAL album details!

Nocturnal's new album "Violent revenge" will contain old school German thrash (of course!). Just like "Arrival of the carnivore" it turned our to be a very catchy and
addictive thrash album. Nocturnal are by far the leaders in this genre judging only by the music.

Release date: June 15th 2009



1. Hellhunt
2. Atomic warfare
3. Slaughter command
4. Death is the answer
5. Beast of Hades
6. Disgracer
7. Dark rat eyes
8. Swarm of insects
9. Creation of the possessed
10. Hells forces

Videoclip "Temple of Sin" from Nocturnal's debut album.


Collection of souls CD D-00193
Perceiving the world with hate CD
Sacred Reich
American way CD/DIGI D-00198
Dead Head
Depression tank CD D-00183
Agathocles Grind is protest CD D-00191
Striborg Black desolate winter + Depressive hibernation CD D-00186
Striborg In the heart of the rainforest + Misanthropic isolation CD D-00187
Deathrow Satan's gift aka Riders of doom CD D-00168
Deathrow Raging steel CD D-00169

Final conflict: Last days of God CD/LTD
D-00190 / 8712666019020

Await a mesmerizing masterpiece
of Satanic Death Metal!
Nullify CD
D-00180 / 8712666018023

And now the mammoth once more
has arisen from it's frozenthundra to crush, kill and destroy all weak doom!
Violent revenge CD
D-00199 / 8712666019921

Old school German thrash,
again a masterpiece!

Syzygial miscreancy CD
D-00195 / 8712666019525

Including all pre-album
demos as bonus!
Shades of night descending CD
D-00196 / 8712666019624

Includes promo '96 and
promo '97 as bonus!
Officium Triste
Charcoal hearts CD
D-00200 / 8712666020026

Brand new song, My charcoal heart acoustic, Killing Joke cover and remixed versions of the split MCD '98 and the Mountains of Depressiveness EP '96!

Again shall be CD
D-00201 / 8712666020125

Reissue of this classic
viking black metal debut
Dawn of the dying sun CD
D-00202 / 8712666020224

Reissue of Hades' best
viking black metal album!

If you do not wish to receive release info from Displeased Records and
 From Beyond Productions, send an email to


NEWSFLASH !Firebird FREE gig tomorrow at The Crobar NEWSFLASH!

To celebrate the release of forthcoming album Grand Union, Bill Steer's Firebird will be playing a free show at London's infamous Crobar, Manet St, Soho on Monday 7th April. Be there for 7pm to be guaranteed admission.
For a list of all their forthcoming dates, go here;

Gates Of Slumber sign to Rise Above Records!

We are delighted to announce the signing of Indianapolis Doom Metal Masters; The Gates Of Slumber. We will be releasing their highly anticipated new album and follow up to 2008’s celebrated Conqueror in the Autumn of 2009.

Catch them with Angel Witch at The Underworld, Camden Friday 30th April.

Church Of Misery & Firebird Albums and Tour!

That's right new albums from both bands are released on April 20th. Church Of Misery's Houses Of The Unholy is a heavy as hell Sabbath infested Doom monster, whilst Firebird's Grand Union is by far their best set yet.

Special vinyl editions of both albums are available for pre-order now.

Church Of Misery European Dates:

23 Tilburg, Roadburn Festival
26 Hamburg, Hafenklang
27Jena, Rosenkeller
28 Osnabrück, Bastard Club
29 Köln, Underground
30 Luzern, Sedel
1 Caselle Dal Tivole (Treviso), Centro Ricreativo
2 Genova, Milk Club
3 Milano, Dautaun c/o C.S. Leoncavallo
4 Rijeka, Palach
5 Ljubljana, Channel Zero
6 Wien Arena + Solace/Doomraiser
7 Nürnberg, K4 - Komm Kino
8 Rostock, Mau Club
9 Halle, Hafenstr
10 Berlin, Wild At Heart
12 Copenhagen, Loppen
14 Manchester, Star & Garter + Firebird
15.Birmingham, Edwards + Firebird
16 London, Underworld + Firebird
17 Gateshead, The Three Tuns + Firebird
18 Bristol The Croft + Firebird

Astra unveil The Weirding.

San Diego based cosmic prog masters Astra, release their stunning debut album, 'The Weirding', through Rise Above on May 25th. Special double vinyl edition with extra 7" and poster will be availble through the site only. Killer artwork is done by the legendary Arik.

Moss - Drugged Up!

Tombs Of The Blind Drugged finally sees its release on May 25th. It will come as a limited two track long play 10" gatefold and four track limited Digi Cd.

Grand Magus Festival Time

11 Inferno Metal Festival ,Oslo
25 Hammerfest, Pontins Holiday Village - Prestatyn
30 Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen Germany.
4 Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg
20 Hellfest Clisson, France
13 Summer Breze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl Germany

Litmus album Coming
To celebrate the completion of the third Litmus album "Aurora", we will be playing a free gig at the Standard, Walthamstow on Friday May 8th. We will be playing the whole of the new album live, as well as a DJ set by the band, and another live set of older favourites.
8pm Start

12 Cosmic Puffin Festival, Essex
8 The Standard Music Venue, London
20 Sonic Rock Solstice Builth Wells, Wales
10 Stoned From The Underground, Leipzig
8 Yellowstock, Antwerp
12 The Bull & Gate, London

Time for some Taint

18 Sin City, Swansea
14 The Globe, Cardiff
16 The Croft, Bristol
24 Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Serpentcult Dates, including US Tour

The belgian skullcrushers are delighted to announce details of their debut US tour with Zoroaster and label mates The Gates Of Slumber.

4 Trix ,Antwerp
5 Willemeen, Arnhem
16 Stoned Hand Of Doom Festival, Rome
26 MTC, Köln
17 Hell’s Pleasure Open Air Fest ,Pößneck (D)

August + Zoroaster and The Gates Of Slumber

1 The Metal Shaker, Chicago
2 Mac’s Bar, Lansing
3 Wreck Room, Toronto
4 Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa
5 Katacombes, Montreal
6 Billy Baloney’s, Danbury
7 O’Briens Pub, Boston
8 Talking Head Club, Baltimore
9 Webster Hall (The Studio), New York
10 The M Room, Philadelphia
11 Howler’s Cafe, Pittsburgh
12 Peabody’s, Cleveland
13 Ravari Room, Columbus
14 Emerson Theater, Indianapolis

Electric Wizard Dates

8 All Tommorows Parties Butlins, Minehead, Somerset
15 Academy 3, Manchester
19 Hellfest Clisson, France
14 Jalometalli Metal Music Fest, Oulu, Finland

Witchcraft UK Dates

Yeah, the guys have lined a few UK shows with friends Graveyard.

16 Barfly, Cardiff
17 Rainbow Bar, Birmingham
18 ULU, London

Pistols Play.......

6 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
4 T.B.C, Dublin
5 Spring & Airbrake, Belfast
6 Fred Zep’s, Cork
7 Bakers Place, Limerick

Diagonal Dates

9 Fabric, London
17 Club Valhalla-Zanzibar, Liverpool
2 The Library, Leeds
23 Firegathering Festival Near Horsham, Surrey
18 2000 Tees Festival, Cheltenham
25 Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

New stuff

We have new T-Shirt designs on sale at the store from Angel Witch, Cathedral, Moss and the Classic Rise Above Logo
Shirt is finally back in stock. We have also been recently delivered new vinyl pressings for Moss - Sub Templum, Blood Ceremony -
Iron Will and Witchcraft - The Alcemist.



Hot off the heels of a successful European tour in support of their critically acclaimed debut album Into the Night, Swedish metal powerhouse ENFORCER are pleased on unveil their music video for the track “Black Angel”. 

Summoning the classic metal sounds of IRON MAIDEN and MERCYFUL FATE, ENFORCER delivers melody, hooks and vocal range not heard since the golden days of heavy metal. Prepare to enter the world of ENFORCER where heavy metal is the law!

Additionally ENFORCER will be announcing full US tour dates shortly.

Watch the video for “Black Angel”

Or at the Heavy Artillery myspace profile

Listen to ENFORCER at   

For more information contact Mike Andriani at Heavy Artillery  (631) 821-5284

Mike Andriani
Publicity and Advertising
PO Box 916
Middle Island, NY 11953
PH: 631 821 5284
FX: 631 821 5285


Floridian deathrashers HELLWITCH have finished mastering their new album, "Omnipotent Convocation", for a summer release via Xtreem Music. The band says, "[The CD] was six months in the making and we are all thrilled with the quality of this recording."

According to a press release, the album will contain "10 songs of sheer insanity in the classic HELLWITCH tradition!" The effort will also feature a guest vocal performance from Antti Boman of classic Finnish death metallers DEMILICH.

God Dethroned upload first new song from upcoming album, Passiondale”!

Dutch death metal vets God Dethroned have uploaded the first new song from their upcoming new album Passiondale. Check the bands MySpace site to check out the album opener Under A Darkening Sky'!


Guardians Of Asgaard, AMON AMARTH\'s new video clip is premiering now on Myspace! Click HERE to watch the awesome Viking movie full of action, mythology, battle, fire and snow and a special guest appearance from LG Petrov of ENTOMBED!

Guardians Of Asgaard comes off AMON AMARTH\'s seventh full-length album, Twilight of the Thunder God, which sold more than 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 48 on The Billboard 200 chart. In Germany it entered official album charts at position No. 6!

German thrash metal veterans SODOM have lined up the following dates:

Apr. 03 - (D) Leer @ Zollhaus
Apr. 11 - (D) Oberhausen @ Turbinenhalle
May 02 - (P) Barroselas @ SWR Barroselas Metalfest XII
May 16 - (D) Losheim @ Eisenbahnhalle
May 21 - (D) Dessau @ Legacy Fest
May 22 - (A) Mining @ Summer Nights
May 23 - (CH) Pratteln @ Metal Days
Jun. 26 - (D) Balingen @ Bang Your Head
Jul. 04 - (SLO) Tolmin @ Metalcamp
Jul. 18 - (UA) Kiev @ ProRock Festival 2009
Aug. 22 - (D) Kolmberg @ Moshclub Kolmberg
Aug. 29 - (NL) Rijssen @ Elsrock
Sep. 12 - (SRB) Belgrade @ Youth Cultural Centar
Sep. 26 - (D) Meiningen @ Raw LiveClub
Nov. 14 - (D) Würzburg @ Posthalle

Guitars instead of weapons!

"Welcome To Europe" of Gallery - Song for the Guitar World Record 2009

On 10/5/2009 live at the ZDF

Gitarrenweltrekord 2009

Gitarrenweltrekord 2009 CD

On Sunday, the 10th May, at 13:00 clock, it's done: More than 1803 guitar players want to get on the Mainzer Lerchenberg the biggest rock band in the world. And millions of viewers of the ZDF broadcast "TV Garden" can be there live when guitarist Andreas Vockrodt together with his band Gallery and the visiting professional and amateur guitarists and many "Artists for Europe" to the Guinness Book of World Records: "Welcome To Europe " is in the style of a Queen anthem. Join it! Any guitar player can join! The required tabs, tips and information for registration can found at:

We are looking for more than 1803 guitar players and well-known supporters!





After two successful editions with headliners ANCIENT RITES (2007) and CRUACHAN (2008), NEPHEREX is proud to present the Latvian pride SKYFORGER as headliner of the 2009’ edition.

The concert, known for it's great atmosphere and interaction between bands and crowd, will take place at 11 April 2009 at JH Zenith in Sint-Gillis, Dendermonde (Belgium), which is only 30 km's from Brussels, Antwerp, Gent and about 80km's from Bruges.  For train-travellers, Dendermonde is easy reachable via Gent, Mechelen, Brussels, Kortrijk and Bruges. JH Zenith is only 3 minutes walking from the station. There is a rock pub (The American Poolbar) at the station where you can stay, rock & drink until the first train arrives the day after. ;-) We have to close the venue at 3am.

You can order your ticket by e-mail (reply). Tickets are also available at Metalzone-Aalst, Leuven, Kortrijk (Pop Center), Antwerp & Gent (Heavy Sound). Foreign visitors can order tickets via international banktransfer or Paypal. Price is only 10EUR per ticket. We have a limited capacity of 400 visitors, so order fast if you don't want to miss this edition! 

The following bands are scheduled to perform:

have been crafting their music in the smithy of the Thundergod since 1995. For the last decade, the band has been fighting under the flag of Latvian Pagan Metal; an extreme blend of traditional Baltic Folk music and various Metal influences ranging from Norwegian inspired Black Metal through to 80s-rooted Heavy Metal. The band's unique combination of ancient and modern influences has given them a wide appeal throughout both the Metal and Folk scenes, and has brought great variety to their song writing over the course of the five SKYFORGER albums.

Inspired by the last remaining stretches of European wilderness in northern and western Europe, THEUDHO seek to immortalize these diverse daunting primeval landscapes. Lyrical inspiration is drawn from the myths, legends and lore that spring from these very same lands. After two albums on NEPHEREX, THEUDHO signed to Germany’s DET GERMANSKE FOLKET for their third album “CULT OF WUOTAN”.

NATAN formed in January 2002 and recorded an 8 track demo CD 'Akeldama'. In 2004 and 2005, the status of the band got boosted by their memorable gigs in Germany, Switzerland and Holland and by the release of the 'Nevel' EP. After that, they began to write songs for the debut album, which they recorded early 2008, right before their first mini tour in Spain. After returning from Spain, NATAN were signed by Iron Age Records from London for the debut album 'Het Zicht Van De Dood', released in September 2008.

HEIMAT was founded in 1999 by Strop and Twissak. The band has his heathen themes rooted in the own cultural heritage. Musically Heimat was influenced by STORM, ENSLAVED and KAMPFAR. The name “Heimat” stands for Fatherland in a lot of indo-german countries. With their latest album “SIBBEVADER”, out on NEPHEREX, HEIMAT is back to claim his place!



There will be (new) merchandise available of all bands + NephereX-distro, specialised in pagan and black metal, a lot of drinks and some food.
Also the new NephereX-release GRIMM 'Ter Galge' will be available! Have a sneak preview at

Heathen regards,

Bert /
Any questions, fire at will!



Metal Blade News, 04/2009

Nach dem erfolgreichen Re-Issue des AMON AMARTH Debutalbums 'Once Sent From The Golden Hall' ist es an der Zeit, den zweiten Re-Issue des Jahres anzukündigen. Dementsprechend handelt es sich natürlich um das zweite Album in der Discography AMON AMARTHs, und das ist 'The Avenger', welches als 2-Disc-Deluxe-Re-Issue am 22. bzw. 25. Mai in Europa erscheinen wird! >WEITER<

Die aus Las Vegas stammenden Metaller von MOLOTOV SOLUTION haben soeben das Tracklisting und Frontartwork ihres anstehenden neuen Albums 'The Harbinger' publiziert. 'The Harbinger' enhält 11 wütende Tracks, welche mit Tim Lambesis (AS I LAY DYING), Daniel Castleman und Kelly Cairns in den Lambesis Studios in San Diego, Kalifornien (Sworn Enemy, Impending Doom, War of Ages) aufgenommen wurden. >WEITER<

Die schwedischen Black Metaller von VALKYRJA haben das neue Frontcover ihres anstehenden Re-Issues des Debütalbums 'The Invocation Of Demise' enthüllt! Das gesamte Booklet wurde neu gestaltet und entspricht jetzt endlich den hohen Ansprüchen, welche die Band an sich selbst, aber auch an andere stellt! >WEITER<

Die neue französische Metalsensation DARKNESS DYNAMITE hat soeben das Frontcover für das anstehende Debütalbum 'The Astonishing Fury Of Mankind' enthüllt!

Das Album wird als hübsches 6-seitiges Digipack mit Golddruck erscheinen! >WEITER<

Die deutschen Extremmetaller NEAERA haben den ersten Song ihres anstehenden neuen Albums 'Omnicide – Creation Unleashed' online gestellt!

Klickt auf oder und checkt den Albumopener 'I Loathe' an! >WEITER<

Die schwedischen Death Metal Monster VOMITORY haben den ersten neuen Song ihres anstehenden Albums 'Carnage Euphoria' hochgeladen!

Klickt auf oder und checkt 'Serpents' an! >WEITER<

Die deutschen Death Metal Schwergewichte LAY DOWN ROTTEN haben den ersten neuen Song ihres anstehen Albums 'Gospel Of The Wretched' online gepostet!

Klickt auf or und checkt 'He Who Sows Hate' an! >WEITER<
Innovative French metallers ERYN NON DAE. have set 'Hydra Lernaia' as the title for their debut album due June 19/22 in Europe.

'Hydra Lernaia' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mobo at ConKrete Studio in Bordeaux, France. >MORE<

In honor of AS I LAY DYING's upcoming triple DVD release 'This is Who We Are' Metal Blade has created a handful of exclusive clips and given them to different sites to offer fans a sneak peak of the upcoming DVD. >MORE<

Swedish Death Metal machine AS YOU DROWN has uploaded two audio samples of their upcoming debut album on MySpace. Click here to check out the wall of sound coming from the North: >MORE<

German Death Metal heavyweights LAY DOWN ROTTEN have uploaded a second video blog from the studio. Click here and watch guitarists Daniel Jakobi and Nils Förster laying down their brutal tunes for the new LAY DOWN ROTTEN album 'Gospel Of The Wretched': >MORE<

New Press Quotes:
LAZARUS A.D. - 'The Onslaught'
"If you’re a thrash maniac and if you want your metal delivered fast, brutal, aggressive and filled with solos, breakdowns and high speed then this is a must listen for you." -
MALEFICE - 'Dawn Of Reprisal'
"Highly recommended for any fan of death/thrash metal…" -
RAZOR OF OCCAM - 'Homage To Martyrs'
"Fucking excellent, to put it simple. […] There’s absolutely no reason not to order this album right now." -

New Downloads:



- Everything Is Fire  - Out Now 
Scheduled for an early 2009 release, Ulcerate's second full-length album further refines and expands their work on 2007's 'Of Fracture and Failure'. Punishing, churning dissonance mixed with their trademarked sense of melody and textured rhythm work, coupled with a greater foray into mood and atmosphere. An entirely bleaker effort than anything ever realised by the band, guitar lines swirl and evolve into one another, percussive patterns work in and around the melody lines while the band further develops the linear style of writing they've come to be known for. Frantic, desolate and emotive, 'Everything is Fire' straddles the divide between pure chaotic density and raw, natural tones, marking a breath of fresh air in the climate of over-produced, stagnant and clinical metal.

'Everything is Fire' represents a band with a wholly unified musical and aesthetic direction.

Order Ulcerate - Everything is Fire here

» Ulcerate on itunes
» Ulcerate MySpace



Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles
   - Out Now 
Fleshgod Apocalypse is born in April 2007. The band features members of Hour Of Penance, Promaetheus Unbound and T.E.R. After the release of “Promo ‘07” recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar Studio by the producer Stefano “Saul” Morabito the band signs to Neurotic Records. The two tracks contained in the promo are also included in the 4-way split “Da Vinci Death Code” distributed via Spew Rec. In early 2008 the band performs some live dates to spread his name in the Italian and European underground scene supporting bands like Behemoth, Origin, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Napalm Death and many more. In May 2008 the band enters again 16th Cellar Studio to record its first full-length album, “Oracles”. In December 2008 the band decides to part ways with Neurotic Records and ink a deal with Willowtip Records that will release the debut “Oracles”.

Order Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles here

» Fleshgod Apocalypse on itunes
» Fleshgod Apocalypse MySpace



Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar
  - Out Now  
Afgrund is a Swedish band started in 2006 by Andreas Baier and Olle Ferner and Patrik Howe (from bands such as 21 Lucifers, Mareridden, Vi (ex-Clean Shade of Dirty), Penile Suffocation, Avsmak)). 1½ month later the 5-track demo CD Hjärtslag och Djupa Andetag (Heartbeats and Deep Breaths) was recorded. The demo CD received a lot of good response and 1½ month later they got contacted by polish label Lifestage Productions to sign for an album. In autumn 2006 drummer Olle Ferner decided to quit the band due to a lack of interest. After completing the Grind Tour de Pologne VI in Poland with 17-year-old stand-in drummer Panu Posti from Finnish hc-grind band Büfo the band decided to keep him.

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Glorior Belli New Song Available For Streaming

Paris, France-based black metallers GLORIOR BELLI are streaming a new song, "In Every Grief-Stricken Blues", at The track comes off the band's third full-length album, "Meet Us Of The Southern Sign", which will be released in North America on June 2 via Candlelight Records. The CD, which was recorded over a three-week period, will contain the following tracks:

01. Once In A Blood Red Moon
02. The Forbidden Words
03. Swamp That Shame
04. There Is But One Light
05. My True Essence
06. In Every Grief-Stricken Blues
07. Nox Illuminatio Mea
08. The Blazing Darkness (Of Luciferian Skies)
09. Fivefold Thought
10. Fires Of The Sitra Ahra
11. Meet Us at the Southern Sign

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Insomnium enter the studio

Insomnium has entered the renowned Fantom Studio to record their fourth album. If you want to know what is going on behind the serene facade be sure to check the studio blog regularly at

The forthcoming album will contain nine songs of melodic and progressive death metal - much in the vein of the highly acclaimed Above the Weeping World album. Yet you may expect to hear some new elements in the songs as well.

The album will be released worldwide in the autumn by Candlelight Records.

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Brand new album of Dirty, filthy, guttural cult Swedish Black/Thrash Metal.

IXXI was formed early 2006, in Stockholm, Sweden by Acerbus and Nattdal. Some pre-recordings where made and Totalscorn joined. Some months passed and Avsky and Selin was recruited to the squadron, and the line-up was complete. In July 2006 IXXI entered Endarker Studio to record the first self-titled album. In October a video for the track "Ancient Spirits Are" where recorded. Almost a year after the recording of the IXXI album it was finally released by Total Holocaust Records in June 2007. The very same month, June 2007, IXXI entered Endarker studio once again to record the second opus Assorted Armament. Selin left the band pre to the recording and was replaced by Smoker. The album was released in December 2007 by Sigilla Malae, and about that time IXXI was joined by Talon. In April, 2008, IXXI signed a contract with Candlelight Records UK, whom will release the next album, entitled Elect Darkness. The album was recorded this summer. Smoker and Talon left the band after the recording.

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Anaal Nathrakh classic albums remastered and available on itunes

Remastered versions of the classsic Anaal Nathrakh titles 'The Codex Necro', 'Total Fucking Necro' and 'When Fire Rains Down...' are now available from itunes.

Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose - to be the soundtrack for armageddon, the audial essence of evil, hatred and violence, the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes. Since being founded in 1999, the band has gained a reputation for embodying precisely these things, with a history including not only the release of four albums and an EP to rapturous acclaim, but collaborations with such legendary figures as Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Shane Embury and Danny Herrera (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (Testament, Dimmu Borgir), Joe Horvath (Circle of Dead Children), Sethlans Teitan (Watain) and so on. This, alongside appearing on BBC Radio 1 at the personal behest of sadly missed icon John Peel, headlining a stage at the renowned cult Inferno Festival in Norway as their debut international live appearance, countless placings in ‘best album of the year’ polls and album of the month awards in the press and cover appearances on leading magazines such as Terrorizer… Anaal Nathrakh’s status as one of the leading lights in extreme metal is undeniable.

Hallmarked by breathtaking musical ferocity, inventiveness and breadth, married with a mercurial, intensely misanthropic and sharp intelligence, Anaal Nathrakh’s sound is imbued with a palpable sense of menace that is virtually unmatched in metal.

And as 2009 begins with the world apparently going to wrack and ruin, the band unveil their latest merciless, deranged, schizophrenic album ‘In The Constellation Of The Black Widow’.

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03 - Tucson, AZ - The Rock
04 - Mesa, AZ - U.B.’s Bar
05 - Farmington, NM - Gator’s
06 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater
08 - San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle
09 - Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
10 – San Francisco, CA - Slims
11 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
12 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
14 - Victoria, BC - Sugar
15 - Vancouver, BC - Plaza Club
17 - Calgary, AB - Warehouse
18 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
19 - Regina, SK - The Riddell
20 - Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
22 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
23 - Mokena, IL - Pearl Room
25 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
26 - Quebec City, QC - Imperial
27 - Montreal, QC - Foufounes Electriques
29 – New York, NY - The Blender Theatre at Gramercy
30 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
01 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
02 - Raleigh, NC - Volume 11
03 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
04 - Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall

25 - (FI) Heavy Metal Weekend, Porvoo
02 - (D) Metal Bash Open Air Festival, Neu-Wulmsturf
09 - (FI) Lutakko, Jyväskylä
15 - (FI) Kairo, Kotka
16 - (FI) Teatria, Oulu
22 - (RU) Russian Rock & Metal Expo, Moscow
23 - (FI) Nosturi, Helsinki
06 - (FI) Sauna Open Air Festival (playing date tbc), Tampere
04 - (ES) Hard Rock Laager Open Air Festival (Playing date TBC),
15 - (FI) Finnhits Metal Festival, Pori
27 - (UK) UK Metalfest, Dudleyy


After many months of delay I can finally inform, that the new issue of Forgotten Path Magazine is finally out. And it was worth waiting for it... This time the magazine is much thicker – 132 b/w pages of pure black metal – and is of much better quality – glossy paper, laminated cover, and professional layout.

This time you will find 25 interviews, more than 300 reviews, reports, etc. The interviewed bands are as follows: Skyforger [Lat], 1349 [Nor], Impiety [Sng], Krater [Ger], Hekel [Ned], Livsnekad [Nor], Niroth [UK], Blood Stained Dusk [Usa], Argharus [Ltu], Pagan Heritage [Ned], Thyrgrim [Ger], Berserk [Esp], Besatt [Pol], Elhaz [Fra], Argus Megere [Rom], Abigor [Aut], Black Messiah [Ger], Bloodthirst [Pol], Fearbringer [Ita], Hellbox [Fin], Chthonic [Tai], Novembre [Ita], Paroxysmal Descent [Aus], Angantyr [Den], Har Shatan [Ger].

You can order your copy through email The price for one copy – 7 Euros + shipping.

We offer absolutely flexible prices for the wholesalers:
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More than 15 copies – 3,5 Euros (less than cost price!)

One copy of the magazine weights ~400 grammes. I do not ship more than 5 copies in one packet, cause in that way I reduce your shipping costs. The shipping costs are as follows:

1 copy – 2 Euros (in EU) and 3,5 Euros (worldwide)
Up to 5 copies – 4,5 Euros (in EU) and 7 Euros (ground mail, worldwide), 12 Euros (air mail, worldwide).

If you wish your parcel to be registered, please, and 2,5 Euros for each package. Do not hesitate to contact us forgotten.pathmag@gmail, and we will arrange as low shipping costs as possible.

Our website www.forgotten-pathlt is under construction at the moment, but should be online some time later. As for now, get in contact through email: forgotten.path.mag@gmail

Looking to hear from you. Support underground!



AHOORA's debut CD out at least! New Prog metal from Iran, banned in their country.
The album:
Front Cover:




"CHOOSE YOUR SIDE", Com participação da ex-vocalista Natália Ferlin






16/05/2009- Opera 1, Curitiba-PR - SELETIVA WACKEN OPEN AIR
11/07/2009- Campo Grande-MS






D.O.A. Canada’s legendary punks are jetting off on a European tour!

The European tour starts Tuesday March 31st in Paris. It’s a grueling marathon of 20 shows in 20 days, but The Men of Action are ready! Starting Thursday April 2nd D.O.A. will be posting a daily video blog. Follow Canada’s best punk band as they blast their way through eight countries over the next three weeks.

Check into and hit the link to catch up on the shows and the action. D.O.A. will also compile a ton of footage which will be part of their next release: D.O.A. 30th Anniversary DVD.

Keep up the fight sisters and brothers!

D.O.A. Euro Tour 2009
March 31   Pena Festayre, Paris, France
April 1        Mistral Palace, Valence, France
April 2        Estraperlo Club Del Ritmo, Badalona (Barcelona) Spain
April 3        Sala Reset, Zaragoza, Spain
April 4        Sala 360(Mondragon) Arrasate, Spain
April 5        CCM John Lennon, Limoges, France
April 6        Crazy House Club, Fano, Italy
April 7        United Club, Torino, Italy
April 8        Cox 18, Milano, Italy
April 9        Skaletta Rock Club, La Spezia, Italy
April 10       INIT, Roma, Italy
April 11       CSA Ex Emerson, Firenze, Italy
April 12       CSA Dordoni, Cremona, Italy
April 13       Pieffe Factory, Gorizia, Italy
April 14       Pauk, Zagreb, Croatia
April 15       Arena, Vienna, Austria
April 16       Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe, Germany
April 17       The Rock Temple, Kerkade, Netherlands
April 18       Muziek Club 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium
April 19       Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany

For more info:


French metallers Fractal Gates sign with Rusty Cage Records

Fractal Gates
Rusty Cage Records is proud to announce the latest member of our family: FRACTAL GATES. Put together atmospheric Doom Metal, Scandinavian Death Metal and groovy, catchy Rock. Place it on French soil and what do you get?

Fractal Gates isn’t your average metal band. You won’t hear their atmospheric riffs on a regular Death Metal album. Their faster riffs aren’t your every day Gothic Doom Metal and we have never heard a rock album with such a brutal grunt.

Fractal Gates’ debut album ‘Altered State Of Consciousness’ has it all for you in one explosive mix and will be available June 2009! Check out some of their upcoming songs with our mp3 player at the Rusty Cage Records homepage or at the Fractal Gates Myspace page.

To satisfy all curious metal freaks we've made the track "Immersion" download of the month April.


Download of the month

Free download of the month: Fractal Gates
This month the downloadable track will be "Immersion" from Fractal Gates' debut album "Altered State Of Consciousness".

So don't wait and check out the download section here!

Magnacult news

Magnacult to support Mastodon
Dutch metallers MAGNACULT will support MASTODON on their only headlining date in Europe at the Le Trabendo in Paris (France) on July 6th.

The band is currently writing material for its as-yet-untitled sophomore album. They will enter the studio in April to start the pre-production. "We are very excited to enter the studio again and record our new material. We just played at two festivals in Holland this past weekend and already unleashed two new songs and the reactions from the crowd were great," says drummer Bionic.

Jesusmartyr news

Jesusmartyr featuring at EMG website
Sebastiaan can be seen in an advertisement at the homepage of US pickup manufacturer EMG. Check out at the personal page of Sebastiaan and Bruno

Another nice fact is that Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) played in a Jesusmartyr T-shirt in front of 42.000 fans during their Iron Maiden support. Check out some pictures at the Jesusmartyr section.

Chiraw news

Chiraw looking for new keyboardplayer
Chiraw has parted with Keyboardplayer Thomas Busschers. He couldn't combine his personal life with the increasing number of gigs.

Due to this fact the band is looking for a new key wizard! If you think you have what it takes to play in an upcoming metal band check out the Chiraw website!

Obsidian news

Studio Report 3 + 4: Bass and Vocals
Obsidian proudly present to you this very special two episode edition of the Obsidian Studioreports! You'll see how the band has been working on the bass and vocal tracks.

Check out their Myspace blog

Rusty Cage Records
Stay heavy,
The Rusty Cage Records Team
Rusty Cage Records website

Ex-Theatre of Tragedy guitarist comments on working with RAVENLAND
 - Tommy Lindal, ex-Theatre of Tragedy guitarist, who is living now in Brazil, recorded guitar parts for Ravenland's debut, entitled "...and A Crow Brings Me Back", being the second guest to be featured on the album, along with Ricardo Confessori (Angra, Shaman), who recorded the drums, besides of producing the album. About the cooperation, Tommy Lindal comments: "I got the invitation from Dewindson to appear on their new upcomming "And a Crow Brings me Back" some time back, he also sent me some songs of the recording for me to choose for what to work on. I really liked the music they made, the sound was quite different and original from the sound I'm used to in Europe. I accepted and went to record in Natal, RN in December.
During the wait for Richardo [Confessori - Angra' and Shaman's drummer] recording, adding and deleting stuff to give me a final mix to relate with, especially on one song, where I play somekind of lead-melody, I was depending a lot on the background-music they already had made, so it was frustrating at times, but I resolved the issue buy recording a 2nd guitar, so it came out well. I had a very close contact with Dewindson and Camilla. They are both very comunicative people and soon we became very close friends. I had my own work aswell (forming my new band called Deviltry, here in Brazil) but I still found space for my passion which is playing and composing.
We still have a great friendship, and now I am only waiting to listen the final result  This cd is really worked through really carefully, nice producer, great mixer and with a great arrangement both musically and productively, so I am very excited about this!"
 The band's debut will be released soon and will feature 14 new tracks and two multimedia videos. Samples of Ravenland's music are available at  

LION'S SHARE – “Judas Must Die” Video
The promo video for "Judas Must Die", by Swedish melodic heavy metal masters LION'S SHARE is up on along with another track by track vignette for "Demon In Your Mind”. The official MySpace has also been updated with a new song.

"Judas Must Die" comes off LION'S SHARE's sixth album, Dark Hours, which is scheduled for release on April 22 via King Records in Japan and out now on Blistering Records in Europe and North America . The CD was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street in Örebro, Sweden by Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with OPETH, SYMPHONY X, PARADISE LOST, AMON AMARTH etc. The new album features a guest appearance by Michael Romeo of SYMPHONY X.

Upcoming Shows:             

2/4 - Brandgaraget, Hudiksvall

4/4 - Zaragon, Jönköping

25/4 - Droskan, Umeå

2/5 - RockNight, Ljusdal

9/5 - Våningen, Sundsvall

29/5 - Metal Mayhem Festival/Arenan, Falun


A new one-minute teaser for "The Ones I Condemn", the much-anticipated new album from reunited Canadian thrashers SACRIFICE, is available below. Tentatively due this spring via Brazil's Marquee Records, the CD was recorded at Rouge Valley Studio in Toronto, Ontario with engineer Darius Szczepaniak, who has previously worked with I MOTHER EARTH, SUM 41 and EDWIN, among many others.


Norwegian extreme metallers Sworn has uploaded two new songs to their myspace site. The songs are from the bands forthcomming new album "BASTARDS & CONQUERORS"

Malus Rex

Las Vegas thrashers Malus Rex has uploaded their new demo to their Myspace site

French death metal masters THE SEVEN GATES will have their debut album Angel of Suffering unleashed on the masses in the United States on May 12th and in Europe on June 2nd 2009. As a primer, HEAVY ARTILLERY is offering a preview of the album’s title track “Angel of Suffering” as well as “The Serpent’s Wheel” on both the label and band’s myspace profiles.

 Born from the ashes of revered French underground metal acts Daemonium, Akhenaton and late 80’s French death metal pioneers Mutilated, THE SEVEN GATES began their assault in 2006 with the release of their “All is In All” demo. In 2007 the band followed up with a self-released EP entitled Gehenna’s Sword, gaining THE SEVEN GATES praise from the European metal press and earning them a spot on several “Best of 2007” lists in many of the Europe’s leading metal publications. That same year, the bands’ first tour evoked frenzied interest from fans and further praise from the press, rousing the attention of New York’s HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS who quickly offered the band a place on their roster.

Mastered by renown French engineer Jean-Pierre Bouquet, Angel of Suffering delivers 10 tracks of old-school death metal with an endless supply of hooks, masterful musicianship and a sufficient dose of pure fucking evil, sure to please fans of early Deicide, Morbid Angel, Autopsy and early death metal in general.

Listen to THE SEVEN GATES tracks at

For more info on THE SEVEN GATES visit 

For more information contact Mike Andriani at Heavy Artillery

PO Box 916
Middle Island, NY 11953
PH: 631 821 5284
FX: 631 821 5285

Antichrist zine news:

1)      We are proud to announce the launch of the new DEAD SHOP, totally professional shop with all necessary things like registration, basket, pics and so on… The prices of the CDs are very low! Just 5,85 USD – 4,59 Euros!!!! Vynils – 5,33 USD – 4,18 EUROS!!!! Check out here – (then click ENTER SHOP link).

2)      ANTICHRIST magazine issue 8 didn’t out last month due to some technical reason. At the moment all in working and it’ll be released SOON! There in the issue will be:



You can book advertisement space still! And send stuff for reviews (in next issue).


3)      Also some new reviews from upcoming Antichrist #8 added to our site, feel free to check out.

There are next reviews:

MYSTERIA “Temple Of The Scorn” 2008 CD | Pagan Records

STRANDHOGG “Ritualistic Plague” 2009 CD | Pagan Records

GRINDED NIG “Freezer Full Of Nigger Heads” CD | Micetrap Records

TENGEREKEN “Verszerzodes” CD | Micetrap Records

WAR BUTCHER “Bulldozer of Semitic Destruction” CD | Micetrap Records

DISDAINED “We All Reek” 2008 CD | Filthy Records

MERZBOW “Somei” 2009 Digi-CD | Low Impedance Recordings

ABSENTIA LUNAE “Historia Nobis Assentietvr” 2009 CD | ATMF Records

URNA “Iter Ad Lucem” 2009 CD | ATMF Records

KRV / FOSCOR “The Burial’s Flavours” CD | Diachell Musik

SATANOCHIO “From Beyond” 2008 CD | Diachell Musik

ALCOHOLOKAUST “Satan Inside” 2008 CD | Ablaze Productions

EVILENTOURAGE “Dominion” CD | Ablaze Productions

END1 promo

HUMAN HEAD “Bipolar Disorder” 2008 M-CD | Solitude Records

PLEROMS GATE “Pass The Gate Of Pleroma” Demo

ALTAR OF SIN “Praising Evil” CD | Hecatombe Records

BRAINWASH “The Three Headed Psychogoat” CD | Hecatombe Records

DIE YOU “Antagonist” CD | Hecatombe Records

GOREGAST “La Revancha” 2007 CD | Hecatombe Records

INFECTED FLESH “The Ascension Of The Abysmal Aberration” CD | Hecatombe Records

AGATHODAIMON “Phoenix” 2009 CD | Massacre Records

BRUTAL TRUTH “Evolution Through Revolution” 2009 CD | Relapse Records

FETO IN FETUS “Far From The Truth” 2008 CD | Redrum666 Records

NACHTGESCHREI “Am Rande Der Welt” 2009 CD | Massacre Records


VEDONIST “The World Of Reversed Decalogue” 2008 CD | Metalbolic Records

MORDHELL “Grim, Old And Evil” 2008 CD | Fallen Angel Productions

MORITURUS “Symbole Czasow Minionych” 2009 CD | Fallen Angel Productions

KHORS “Mysticism” 2008 DigiCD | Paragon Records

SKALDIC CURSE “World Suicide Machine” 2009 CD | Dark Essence Records

TYRANN “Shadows Of Leng” 2009 CD | Dark Essence Records

FURIA “Plon” 2009 M-CD | Pagan Records

SATHANAS “Nightrealm Apocalypse” 2009 CD | Pagan Records

Any questions and propositions write please to ONLY!!!!

Aleksandr Maksymov