Music Instruments, Amps, Mikes, Cymbals, Drumheads, Strings, Processors, Pedals, Mixing consoles, Effects, Accessories...



3 drumsticks

39 Custom guitars

A Designs Pacifica pre-amps and compressors

Acappella drumsticks

Ada amps, preamps, pedals

Adams drums and percussions

Admira guitars

Adolph Adler guitars

Advance Tube Technology valve amps, midis

AER amps

Agner Swiss drumsticks

Aguilar amps, speaker cabinets, pedals

Ahead drumsticks

AHK guitars

Airline guitars

Akai midi controllers

Alamo guitars

Alchemy cymbals

Alembic guitars and basses

Alesis keyboards, monitors, drum machines, electronic percussions, amps

Alhambra guitars

Allen amps

Allen Heath mixing consoles

Alvaro guitars

Amalio Burguet guitars

Amedia cymbals and Amedia cymbals

Amek mixers, compressors, limiters, dual mic amps

Amp clamps mic mounting systems

Amp Tweaker pedals and amps

Ampeg basses, amps and combos

AMT Electronics pedals

Anatolian cymbals

(Tom) Anderson guitars

Angel drums

Angel Guitars

Antonio Maria Lanza guitars

Antonio Sanchez guitars

Aphex processors, microphone preamps, pedals

API pre-amps

Apogee amps

Applause guitars

Aquarian Drumheads

Aria guitars, basses

Arrow guitars and mandolins

Art & Lutherie guitars

Art Processors

Arturia keyboard controllers

Asahi guitars

Ashdown guitars, basses and amps

Ashworth guitar, electronic violin pickups (RIP)

Attack Drumheads

Audio-Dyne microphones

Audio Technica mics, noise-cancelling headphones, wireless microphone systems, mixers

Audix drum mikes

Augustino Loprinzi guitars and ukuleles

AV guitars and basses

Avatar guitar and bass amps, cabs

Avid (audio/video editing with Pro Tools, etc.)

Award Design D.I. box

Axis pedals and drum accessories

Axl basses, amps and guitars

Axsys combos

Aztech guitars

Ayotte Drums

Bag End home, studio, cinema, professional speakers, subwoofers

Balbex drumsticks, brushes, rods, mallets

Barcus Berry piano, harp and guitar systems, transducers, violins

Bareknuckle pickups

Basix drums

Basso vegan straps

Basson amps and cabs

BBE sonic maximizers, preamps, graphic equalizers, d.i. solutions, stomp boxes, compressors, crossovers

BC Rich

BCS guitars

Bechstein (grand) pianos

Beckemer guitar amps

Behringer equalizers

Beyer Dynamic microphones

Bikini guitars

Black Star Toneworks pedals

Black Star amps or Black Star amps

Blade guitars, basses

Blak Hart guitars, basses, coffin and flight cases

Blue Chip midi controllers, guitar converters

Blue microphones

Blueville guitars

Bogart basses

Bogner guitar amps

Bone drums

Boogie Street guitars

Borne Tecnologia amps

Bosphorus cymbals

Boss pedal effects and voice transformer

Bradley Labs amps

Bradshaw effects

Brady drums

Brauner mics

Brian May guitars

Brian Moore Custom Guitars

Brunetti amps

Budda amps, cabinets, pedals

Bugera amps

Bullfrog cabinets, speakers, compressors

Burns guitars

Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH pianos

C & B guitars

C-Audio amplifiers

C. Ibanex drumsticks

C-Lab cables

Cad microphones

Cajon DG cajons

Cannon Adder drums

Caparison handmade guitars

Carlsbro amps, mixing desks, equalizers, elctronic pianos

Carlton guitars and amps

Carvin guitars and amps

Casio guitars, guitar synths and digital pianos

Castle Cases

Cavagnolo accordions

CB Labs amps, effects

CC percussion (see Chicago Custom percussion)

Celebrity acoustic guitars (see Ovation)

Celestion guitar, bass speakers

Cetec Vega microphones

Charles Fox guitars

Charlie Lab midi players

Charvel guitars

Chicago Custom Percussion

Cimar guitars

Citronic amps, loudspeakers, mics, mixers, stands racks and bags

Clavia digital instruments (see Nordkeyboards)

Clover basses

Coles mics, flooring products

Cooperman drums

Cort Guitars, amps and Basses

Crate Amps

Craviotto drums

Creamware midi interfaces, synths

Creation drums

Crown amps

Crush drum accessories

Cuenca guitars

CVL drums

Cympad cymbal optimizers

Czarcie Kopyto pedals

D'Addario strings

D'Angelico guitars and strings

D'Aquisto acoustic, electrical, bass and Taperlock strings

(F.lli) D'Orazio strings

Daewoo keyboards

Daion handcrafted guitars

Dana Bourgeois guitars

Danelectro guitars, basses, amps, effects, strings

Darkglass electronics

Dauz drum pads

David Eden Amplifiers

David Ladoga instrument and speaker cables

Davoli amps

DB Technologies (wireless) speakers, amps, controllers

DBX compressors, digital processors, noise reductors

DBZ guitars

DC California drums

DDA mixing consoles

Ddrum acoustic and electronic drums

De Salvo strings and amps

Dean guitars and Spire basses

Dean Markley amps and strings

Deity microphones

Demeter amps, pedals, compressors, reverbs, d.i. boxes

Di Marzio pick-ups

Diamond Tip drum sticks

Diasonic guitars

Diezel amps (1)
Diezel guitar amps (2)

Digico mixing consoles

Digidesign (now Avid, see)

Digitech pre-amps and processors

Diril cymbals

Dixon drum hardware

Dixon flutes and saxophones

Dixons guitars

DOD pedals

Doepfer synths, keys, interfaces, midi controllers

Dogal strings or Dogal strings

Douglas guitars

DPA microphones

DR bass strings

Dream cymbals

Drum Craft drums

Drum Dial triggers and tuners

Drum Tec

Drum Tech pedals, pads, drum trigger systems

Drumport drum ports

DS pickups

Duende percussions and cajons

Duesenberg gutars

Duet amplified acoustic guitars

Dunnett drums

DW (Drum Workshop) drums and accessories

Dynacord amps, mixing desks, processors

Earforce amps

East drums

Easton drumsticks

EBS bass equipment (amps, cabinets, combos, effects, pedals, speakers)

Ebtech hum eliminators and line level shifters

Echoplex effects

Eclipse guitars

Eden bass amplifiers and cabinets (ex-Nemesis bass combos)

Egnater amps

Eko basses

Eko guitars

Electro Harmonix pedals

Electrovoice mics and digital signal processors

Elites Strings

Elixir strings

Emagic midi interfaces

EMG pick-ups

Emperion guitars

Emperor cabinets

Emu synths, expanders, systems samplers

Engineered Percussion (see Axis)

Engl amps

Ensoniq samplers

Epiphone guitars and pick-ups

Ernie Ball bass strings

ES guitars and basses

Esh Basses

ESP Guitars

Esseti picks

Esteve guitars

Etek mixers

ETS bass & guitar hardware (tremolos, bridges, transmissions, tuning forks)

EV microphones, amps, speakers

Evans Drumheads

Eventide harmonizers, delays

Evertune guitar bridges

EVH guitars, amps and pick-ups

Exodus cymbals

Facus drum sticks, brushes and pads

Farfisa synths

Fatar keyboards

FBT monitors, mixing consoles, guitar and bass tube power amps

Fender guitars and strings

Fenix acoustic electric guitars and basses

Fernandes Guitars

FGN guitars

Fischer drums

Fishman guitars, pianos, harps, bouzoukis, ukulelels, banjos, violas, cuatros, cellos, violins, pedals, amps, pickups

Fleta guitars

Florencia guitars

Focusrite preamps, interfaces

Fokus guitars

Fostex speakers, monitors, headphones, mixers, DACs

Fractal Audio Systems (pedals, effects, processors, controllers)

Framus amps, basses, guitars
Framus (2)

Frank Cheval custom guitars

Friend Chip peripherics, modules

Frudua basses and amps
Frudua guitars

Fuchs amps and pedals

Furman preamps, power conditioners, sequencers

Fusion guitar cases

FVF drums

G & L guitars

Gabriel drums

Galli strings

Gallien Krueger bass amplifiers

Gatton drums

Gauger percussion isolation mounts

Gemini mixers, monitors, speakers, recorders

Gen 16 cymbals

General Music keyboards, pianos, workstations

Genz-Benz cabs

Gewa percussions and accessories

GHS strings

Giannini guitars, strings

Gibraltar drum clamps, hoops, pedals, racks, thrones, hi-hat stands

Gibson guitars and strings

Gittler guitars, basses and violins

GMS drums

Go Bags cases

Godin acoustic electric guitars

Goldstar keyboards

Gonbops cajons

Great River pre-amps, eq's, mixers

Greco guitars

Green Amps

Gretsch Drums

Gretsch guitars

Gretsch instruments

Groove Tubes amps, cabinets and valves

Grosmann guitars

Grover Jackson solid body guitars

Guild acoustic guitars

Guru drumworks

Guyatone guitar and bass effects

H. Mermet guitars

Hafler pre-amps

Hagstrom guitars and basses

Haken Audio fretless keyboards/fingerboards

Halo guitars, basses, mics

Hamer guitars and basses

Hammer Ax cymbals

Hard case drum cases


Hartman pedals

Heartfield guitars

Hello cases

Hendrix drums

Henri Selmer Paris saxophones, brasses, clarinets, bassoons

HH amps, speakers, combos

Higlander pickups

Highwood drums

Hiwatt amps

HK audio loudspaeker systems

HM drums

Hohner guitars, drums, accordions, ukuleles, harmonicas and other music instruments and accessories

Hollywood guitars, basses, amps, mandolins


Hosa mic and guitar cables

Hovercraft tube recycled amps

Hughes and Kettner guitar and bass amps

Ibanez guitars

Imperial cymbals

In Ear wireless systems

In Tune custom printed guitar pickups

Innovative drumsticks and mallets

Istanbul Cymbals

Istanbul Mehmet cymbals

Jackson Guitars

Jalapeno drums

Jarrell guitars

Jasmine guitars, basses

JBL loudspeaker systems

Jean Larrivee guitars

Jeil Media feedback processors

Jerry Jones guitars

Jim Dunlop picks and strings

Joe Barden bass and guitar pickups

Joe Meek compressors, pedals, microphones

Johnson amps

Jon Cross custom drums

Jose Ramirez guitars

Joyful Noise Drum Company

JTS microphones

Just guitars

Kahler guitar and bass tremolos

Kaman KMD ampflifiers, strings

Kasza cymbals

Kawai digital pianos and synths

Kay guitars and basses

KD drums

Ken Smith Basses

Kent Armstrong pickups

Ketron keyboards

Kickport kick drum lowerers

Kiesel customised guitars and basses

Kiiras Instruments custom electric guitars

KMD amps

Koch amps

Kohno Sakurai guitars

Koloss guitars and basses

Kopf cajons

Korg workstations, wavedrums

Krampe amps

Krank amps

Krashburn guitars

Kuan guitars

Kubicki basses

Kurzweil synths, digital pianos, digital ensembles and percussion products

Kustom amps, mixers, monitors, speakers

L Acoustics loudspeaker systems

L'arrivee acoustic electric guitars

La Patrie guitars

Laa custom pedals

Laboga tube amplifiers

Lace Music pickups

Lag Rockline guitars

Lakland basses

Landola acoustic guitars and basses

Laney Amps

Langley mixers (now Amek)

Lantec sticks and brushes

Larry Dino guitar tube amps

Laurus hand-made basses

LD Systems speakers and cabs

Le Soprano drums

Leduc guitars and basses

Lee Jackson amps and effects

Leedy drums

Legator guitars

Legend drums

Levinson guitars

Lexicon effects

Liberty drums

Lindert vintage guitars and basses

Lindy Fralin pick-ups

Line 6 amps & guitars, effects, speakers

Lipstick pickups

Los Cabos drumsticks

Love Tree amps

Low Boy bass drum beaters

Lowden amplified acoustic guitars, strings

LP Music Group

Ludwig drums

Luthier nylon guitar strings

M-Audio (ex-Midiman) preamps, microphones, monitors, keys, MIDI interfaces

M-Live midi players, expanders

Maccaferri guitars

Mackie mixing consoles

Madison Amps

Magnetics pickups

Maison guitars

Malletech mallets

Manne guitars and basses

Mantra guitars

Manuel Rodriguez guitars


Marcel DSS Digital Percussion

Mari basses and guitars

Marion Systems for synths

Mark of the Unicorn (see Motu)

Markbass bass amps

Marleaux bass guitars

Marshall Amps

Martin acoustic guitars, strings

Martin Audio PA systems

Martin Cole guitars

Masotti amps (1)
Masotti amps (2)

Masterwork Cymbals

Mastro snare drums

Matchless amplifiers

Matrix amps & cabinets

Matt Nolan cymbals

Maxima strings

Maxon guitar effects and accessories

May EA mic systems


MC guitars (Magic Circle)

MC Naught guitars

Meinl cymbals

Melody guitars

Mesa Boogie Amps

Meteoro Amplifiers

MG amps

Michael Tobias Design basses

Mick Johnson guitars

Midas mixing consoles

Miditemp MIDIs and audiotools

Miller guitars

Mitec mixing consoles

Modulus guitars and basses

Montarbo (amplified) mixers

Moog synthesizers

Morley Pedals

Moscato electric guitars and basses

Moss amps

Motu sound cards

Murat Diril cymbals

Music Man Amps

Music Man basses

Mxr pedals

Myers pickups

Nady microphones, wireless systems

NAS midis

Natal drums

National resophonic guitars

Native Instruments sequencers, effects, sound cards

Nau Engineering Amps

Nektar foot pedals, USB midis and keyboard controllers

Nemesis combos (see Eden)

Neve recording mixing consoles

Nexo loudspeaker systems

Nobels effects, midi controllers, amps

Noble & Cooley drums

Noonan drums

Nord keyboards and drum synths

Nordstrand pick-ups

Norman amplified acoustic guitars

Novation synths

NS Electric Double basses, electric cellos, electric violins, and electric violas

OBL guitar pickups

OCDP custom drums

Odery drums

Old School Audio (see OSA)

OLP guitars

Onset custom guitars

Opcode Macintosh sequencers

Optronix guitar tuners

Orange Amplifiers and cabinets

Orange County Drum

Orion cymbals aand Orion cymbals

Orla midis, organs, digital pianos, digital drums

Orx guitar straps

OSA pre-amps

Ovation guitars, basses and mandolins

P.A.F. pickups

Pacific drums
Paia effects, synths, kits

Paiste Cymbals

Palmer guitar amps, cabinets

Parker guitars

Patrick Eggle guitars

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Paulino Bernabè guitars

PDP drums (see Pacific drums)

Peace Drums

Pearl Drums

Peavey Amps, strings, guitars, synths, sample expanders

Pedulla basses

Pellwood drumsticks

Peluso mics and accessories

Percussion Plus drums

Perez guitars

Picato strings

Pignose amps

Pigtronix pedals

Pintech Electronic Percussion

Planet Waves cables, picks, straps

Plugs percussion sticks

Polytone amps

Powerclick amps and monitors

Precision drums

Premier Drums and Premier percussions

Presonus signal processors, compressors, limiters, mic preamps, de-essers, equalizers

Pro Orca sticks

Pro Tone pedals

Proel cables, cases, pedals, speakers, lighting and leds

Promark Sticks and Promark mallets

Proteus synths

PRS guitars, amps

Pyramid strings

Q drum co

Quasimidi synths

R & R road cases

Rackrider power conditioner

Radix guitars

Raimundo guitars

Ramirez guitars (see Josè Ramirez guitars)

Ran Guitars

Randall guitar amps

Randall May stands

Rath amps

Raviens guitars

RBH drums

RCI Starlite acrylic drums

Reason midi controllers, pianos

Reference cables, d.i. boxes

Regal Tip UK

Regal Tip drumsticks, brushes, mallets, pads and torques by Calato USA

Remo Drumheads and practice pads

Rexx Acoustics guitar preamps

Rhino amps

Ribbon amplified acoustic guitar

Richmo drums

Rio Grande pickups

Ritter Gig bags and cases

Rivera combos, cabinets, pedals

Riverhead headless guitars and basses

RM pickups

Rmc pickups

Rmv drums and drumheads

Robin guitars and basses

Rocket Shells drums

Rockman amps and effects

RocktroN mixers, compressors, limiters, hushes, effects and digital processors

Rode microphones

Rodenberg amps

Roland electronic drums, keyboards, guitar virtual systems, recorders, mixers and synthesizers (1)

Roland Keyboards and synthesizers (2)

Rolls pre-amps

Ross guitar amps

Roto drums

Rotosound strings and basses

Royer Labs ribbon mics

Roytek basses, guitars, violins, drums, metronomes

RSP saturator

Ruby Grip sticks

Sabian Cymbals

Sadowski electric guitars, basses, preamps, cables, DI boxes

Sae Han guitars

Saga violins, guitars, mandolins, banjos, cases and bags

Sakae drums

Samick guitars

Samson mics

Sandberg guitars and basses

Sanken microphones

Sansone guitars

Sansui mixers

Savarez strings

Savior custom drums

Schack basses

Schecter Guitars

Schon guitars

SE Electronics microphones

Seagull acoustic guitars

Sebatron pre-amps

Seiler pianos, grands

Sennheiser Mikes

Serek basses and pickups

Serpent King guitars

Seymour Duncan pickups

Sfarzo acoustic and electric bass, guitar strings

Shadow guitars and pick-ups

Shaftesbury fuzzbox

Shaw drumsticks

Shevi amps

Shine drums

Shure Mikes

Sigma acoustic guitars

Signature guitars

Signex patches, panels, optical cables

Signia drums

Silverblade guitar and PA amps

Silverfox drumsticks

Silvertone amps

Simmons acoustic drum triggers and synths

Sisme amps

Sit acoustic, electric, bass and pedal steel guitar strings

SJC drums

SKB cases for music, sports, military and industries

SKC basses

Skull strings

Slingerland drums

Slug Drums

Snarling Dogs effects and pedals

Soldano Amps, preamps, cabinets, reverbs

Solid State Logic pre-amps, mixing consoles

Solton keyboards, expanders

Sonar baquetas

Sonic Core synths, audio platforms, effects

Sonor Drums and Sonor

Sontronics mics

Soultone cymbals

Sound City amps

Sound Craft mixing consoles

Sound Engineering microphones

Sound Project amps (ex-Master Blaster)

Sound Tracs Topax mixing consoles

Soundsation instruments and amps

Sovtek cabinets

Sparflex guitar cables

Spaun drums

Spector Basses

Spirit mixers (see Sound Craft)

Spizzichino cymbals

SPL processors, compressors, preamps, amps, mixers, monitor controllers, eq's, vitalizers, channel strips

Splawn guitars, amps and cabs

Squire basses and guitars (see Fender)

SR Tech combos, amps, monitors, mixing consoles

SSL (see Solid State Logic)

Staff Drums

Stage amps

Stage Clix wireless jack systems

Stagg Music amps, cymbals and drum hardware

Starfield guitars

Starwood drumsticks

Staus graphite basses and guitars

Steavens amps, cabinets

Stedman microphones

Steinberger basses and guitars

Stepp guitar synths

Steven Slate drums

Stinger electric guitars

Stocco drums

Stonehenge guitars

Strandberg headless guitars

Stringdrum triggers, pads

Strymon pedal effects

Studio Electronics synths and filters

Studiomaster mixing consoles

Studio Spares mikes, headphones and speakers

Stunner drumsticks

Suhr guitars, pedals, effects

Supernatural cymbals

Supernova drums

Supersticks and mallets

Swan cajons

SWR amplifiers

T cymbals

Tabacco amplifiers

Tacoma acoustic guitars

Tagima guitars

Takamine acoustic electric guitars

Tama Drums

Tamburo drums

Tascam teac mixing consoles

Taurus amps

Taye drums

Taylor acoustic electric guitars

TC Electronic poly-chromatic strumming tuners

Tecamp amps and cabinets

Tech 21 guitar, bass amps and effects

Technics keyboards and digital ensembles

Technosaurus synths, midis, sequencers

Techra sticks

Telefunken mics, XLR cables, vacuum tubes, guitar picks, headphones

Telex wireless microphones, transmitters, receivers

Tempus drums

Teuffel guitars

Titan cabinets

Tobias basses and guitars

Tokai guitars and basses

Tom Oberheim synths

Torres guitars

Trace Elliot Bass Amps, combos and preamps

Traynor amps

Tree Works chimes, cases and triangles

Tregan guitars and basses

Trick drums, pedals, triggers

Trident pre-amps

Trigger Perfect

Truth drums

TRX cymbals

Tube Works amps

Tune Guitar Technology guitars and basses

Turkish cymbals

Udrum (Underground drum company)

Ufip Cymbals

Urei compressors and mixers

Vader cabinets

Valley Arts guitars

Van amps

Vase guitar and bass amps

Vater sticks amd other drum Accessories

Vaudou drums

Vesta Fire reverbs

Vester guitars and basses

VF guitar, speaker cables

VGS guitars

VHT amps

Vibe custom aluminium drums

Vic Firth Sticks

Vigier Guitars and basses

Vincent Bach trombones, trumpets, cornets, fluegelhorns

Vinci strings

Vintage guitars

Virus synths

Viscount digital pianos, organs, monitors, voice systems

Visu-lite trigger pads

Vox Amps and pedals

Wal basses

Waldorf synthesizers

Wandrè basses

Warmoth Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards

Warwick basses

Washburn Guitars

Waves compressors, equalizers

Way drums

Wechter guitars

Wells amps

Wersi keyboards, pedals

Weston guitars and basses

Whirlwind cables, mixers, guitar stands, effects, pedals, testers, adapters, pa
Wincent drumsticks and brushes

Woodstock guitars

World Max drums

Worshiper cabinets

Wunder Audio mics, pre-amps, equalizers

Wylde Audio guitars and amps

Yairi guitars

Yamaha drums

Yamaha effects, synths, pianos, guitars, basses, amps and mixing consoles

Zead pick-ups

Zeck wireless transmitters and monitors

Zendrum digital MIDI controller percussion

Zeta instrument processor interfaces, electric (double) basses and violins

Zildjian Cymbals

Zilla guitar amp cabs

Zinky amplifiers

Zion cymbals

Zion guitars

Zon Guitars

Zoom pedals

N.B. + tel. N. ok for every country, except US and Sweden, from which there's a different kind of code number.


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