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'Path of Salvation'

(Elektrohasch Schallplatten)

MARK: 71/100

  Six years after its foundation and the following releases of two EPs, the German six-headed combo leads to its debut-album comprising nine tracks produced by Dark Millennium's Hilton Theissen and accompanied by three official music videos.

Lyricwise and musically there is abundant roaming among disparate topics and music styles; as to the lyrics, they cover themes such as damnation, the afterlife, pain and atheism, feeling different, always young and uncapable of finding one's way, two soulmates rejoinging their relationship subsequently a long research, the band's comeback, a meeting with an angel stuck on earth, mankind's fall from grace and its isolation on a planet dominated by wars.
The music starts speaking from "Fortune", a melodic song reminding vast spaces seen from above and matched by an official video (""); here the singer displays his range of vocals, reaching lower ones pretty smoothly, while the rhythm occasionally speeds up veering towards Epic and Folk Metal. The keyboards and drums parts are the ones that definitely stand out.
"Mirrorplain" possesses a Gothic Metal intro, while the rest of the song is feisty and rugged. Dynamic drumming, Iron Maidenian central licks, Speed/Power Metal accelerations all contribute to decorating the track and making it less foreseeable and indeed one of the best arranged ones; still, it's the keyboard player to be the protagonist of the composition from beginning to end.
The almost title track "Salvation" (and its associated video "") can count on a catchy refrain, a fast axe solo, a trilling key solo and also briefly contains the most wicked vocals of the album, whereas the long "Eternal Jack" is rich in chiaroscuros, encompassing a sweet Country Rock guitar solo.

I know I might sound dislikable, but I can't help from informing you that the ballad "Reparation" ripped off Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" initial riff; thankfully, the remaining frames of the track prove to be written well, and you are bound to keep in your heads an effective long axe solo that continues in background when the vocals reappear.
Abundant energy returns with "Unsought", the record's highlight which is worth the purchase alone under every vocal and musical aspect. I needn't go into detail, just don't miss the related video at: "".
"Angel without Wings" cleverly blends mildness, class and determination, whilst ""Tower of Babel" incorporates easy-writing verses and gets elevated qualitively by a majestic and penetrating chorus.
Finally, the bonus track "Jerz off" sits miles away from the previous material, being a simple lively Porn Blues Rock track.

To sum up, Mirrorplain doesn't hold a restricted musical identity, and is a band able to write pleasant-listening tracks with sweeping time changes. Its main weapon of mass attraction remains the slick keyboardist.


  MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - March 10th, 2018

Line-up on this record:
Stefan Koglek - g., v.
Philipp Rasthofer - b.
Manfred Merwald - d.

Munich - D
Official site:


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  • Periscope LP/CD (2003 Elektrohasch Records)


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  • Live At The Himmelreich 23.03.2002 VHS (2002 Self Released)

Compilation appearances

  • "Pulse" on A Tribute to Mr. Betonohr (2002)
  • A cover of Cactus' s "One Way...Or Another" on Sucking the 70's - Back in the Saddle Again (2006 Small Stone Records)
  • The Psychedelic Avengers and the Curse of the Universe(Fünfundvierzig 2004, 148)